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All Credit goes to RJ, I basically copied and pasted everything that he has done and just neatly formatted it, if he has any issues with this I would happily remove it, but at the time of creation he has not updated his guide for formatting in quite some time.




==About Alchemy==

Personally I dont know, I just picked up the skill and am leveling based on RJ's Guide I will let you know how this goes.

==Complimentry Skills==

Epic Flying Mount
Cold Weather Flying
Level 80

==Vendor List==

{| cellpadding="10"
|+ Alliance Trainers & Vendors
! NPC Name !! Vendor or Trainer !! Location
| Test NPC1
| TestTrainer1
| TestStormwind1
| TestNPC2
| TestTrainer2
| TestStormwind2

==Apprentice (1-75)==
Purchase Apprentice Alchemist from a Alchemy Trainer.

'''Shopping List'''

Silverleaf x 60 via []Herbalism[/url] or Auction House

Peacebloom x 60 via []Herbalism[/url] or Auction House

Briarthorn x 15 via Herbalismor Auction House

[url=]Empty Vial] x 60 via Vendor

{| cellpadding="10"
|+ Crafting
! Level
! Craft
! Materials
| 1-60
| Create 60 [url=|Minor Healing Potion]
| *60 [url=|Silverleaf] * 60 [url=|Peacebloom] * 60 [url=|Empty Vial]
| 60-75
| Create 15 [url=|Lesser Healing Potion]
| *15 [url=|Briarthorn] * 15 [url=|Minor Healing Potion]


Very good guide, nice and

Very good guide, nice and clean looking, easy on the eyes and levels my alchemy.
Please continue writing the guide. Much appreciated. Smiling

Obviously its not completely

Obviously its not completely finished, I want to get a chance to get feedback to make sure my formatting is perfect before I go throughout the rest of it.

Also I would like to give a chance for the original author to say yay or nay, before I finish this.

And would like to get input of my Vendor List section, do you think it would be useful, not so much? Yay or Nay.

Thanks and please be nice Sad first guide written

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Good start!

Hi Toriad!

First of all, thanks for putting so much effort into working on this guide. Asking for feedback as you go is a great way to make your guide the best it can be.

I don't know much about leveling alchemy so I can only comment on the organization of the guide. I think the vendor list might be useful but should probably be last, since the main reason someone is going to click on this guide is to see the leveling part Smiling Alternatively, you could simply provide a link to a WoWhead search for alchemy trainers and vendors.

Honestly everything looks pretty good, looks like you are using WoWhead links for the items which is great. I think I prefer the way you have the table set up for the vendors/trainers to the line-less, centered style of the leveling section, but that's a pretty minor stylistic difference so it's really up to you Eye

Overall it's looking great, keep up the good work! Laughing out loud

PS: I added in a break tag so that the guide appears properly on the front page. I think if you edit it you'll figure out easily enough how it works - it just tells the front page where to stop when displaying text. It was breaking up your color coding on the disclaimer before.

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your feedback, quick question regarding the "I think I prefer the way you have the table set up for the vendors/trainers to the line-less, centered style of the leveling section," part of your feedback. What do you think would be the best way to do it, I was using your leatherworking guide as my formatting template but I couldn't quite figure out how to make it look as good as yours.

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If you like I can send you

If you like I can send you the source code for mine, but I think the way you have it now works fine. Basically before the lack of lines combined with a large spacing between columns and center justification made it a little hard to read. My LW guide gets away with the lack of lines okay, I think because the columns were left justified rather than centered.

Honestly I think the way you have it set up now looks fine, but again, if you'd like me to send you the source code for the LW guide tables, I can Smiling

that would be perfect if you

that would be perfect if you would Smiling