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As you all know, the next World of Warcraft expansion pack: Cataclysm, is going to be released by the end of the year 2010.

And wow-pro intends to publish Cataclysm Leveling guides before the release date, so that all of you crazy speed levelers can get to level 85 in the blink of an eye while also exploring each zone fully and getting the zone quest achievements.

We almost managed that in Wrath of the Lich King, but not as much as I would have liked to, I couldn't finish all the zones before the expansion went live. The problem is that I worked entirely by myself on the WotLK leveling guides, which was a bad idea.

But now that the wow-pro community has developped so much and got so many great guide writers in its ranks, I think it's time to take this to the next level...

More Cataclysm Leveling Guide information after the break

Therefore, I will be gathering a team of motivated guide writers and guide testers which will help me write the Cataclysm Leveling Guides during the beta. Everything will be coordinated by me and the wow-pro moderators. And we will need help.

Here is what we will need:

  • Cataclysm Beta Keys - We'll need several of them and as soon as possible. The sooner we can access the Cataclysm beta, the sooner we can start working on the Cataclysm leveling guides. So if you're a fan of wow-pro and want to help with the release of the guides, finding extra beta keys for the wow-pro guide writing team will be HUGE. We're counting on you.
  • Guide writers - Under my guidance, a few other wow-pro members will work on specific zones and write the leveling guides, which I will then test and adapt to my standards (if necessary).
  • Addon writers - Each part of the guide we'll have ready will need to be converted into our addon format.
  • Guide testers - We'll need people to try the guide, find bugs or things which need clarification, and report them to us. Both for the paper version and the addon version.

If we get enough help in every of the above fields, we'll be able to release a full Cataclysm guide, covering all the zones, both in written and addon format, and already bug free and thoroughly tested, before the release of the expansion!

Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Want to be part of this projet? Think you can fit in one of the above categories and will have some time to spare during the Cataclysm beta (which should be somewhere in the middle of this year)?

Sign up here. Reply with a comment and say which category you'd like to help us with (Guide Tester, Guide Writer, etc.)

NOTE: We'll try to get as many beta keys as we can, but make sure you go to your's account management page and opt in to their beta program. That way you have a chance of getting a beta key on your own!


I would love to be a guide

I would love to be a guide tester. I am a long time wow-pro user, and am currently leveling up my fourth toon using your guides. I'll test anything, but I would need a beta key, if that's alright.

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Jame may not have many (if

Jame may not have many (if any) beta keys to hand out. So make sure you "opt in" from your account page! That way you have a chance of getting one on your own. Of course, we can only hope we'll get a bunch of keys to give to our active community members!

Thanks so much for your

Thanks so much for your help. I didn't even know of the option of opt in, I thought you had to attend Blizzcon or something like that!

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Hmmm good point. I'll add

Hmmm good point. I'll add that to Jame's post.

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You know you have my

You know you have my support, Jame Smiling I would love to work on Goblin starting guides, in particular. I plan to make a spunky little goblin shaman named Gaaki!'s picture

I would like to do both

Although i have not written any guides before i have been playing WoW and using wow-pro guides for 2+ years,i have used the guides on here to lvl two 80's and 4 60's, so i understand how to make the guides fairly well, i also play WoW about 2-5 hours a day and would be more then happy using that time to test/write any guides

when you relize that life is just a joke, being the comedian is the only thing that makes sense.

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I was wondering...

I was wondering if I can do both Guide Writing & Guide Testing.

I want to write the Worgen starting guide. And test it & test some other ones.

I have time thru June thru August sometimes between Sept until the release date.

I've been using your guides for my toons. Especially Jame's Leveling Guides I found this site on Google when WotLK was released. I never really joined until last week.

And I'm a big fan of Wow-pro and Jame's guides. So let me know if you choose me to write the Worgen Leveling Guide.

I'd really like to help with

I'd really like to help with this, as I've been a big fan for a really long time. I haven't written any guides, but I do have 4+ years of WoW experience. Another thing, I will have a lot of free time between June and August, if this is when the beta will take place (no college). So I could probably help with guide writing, and I could definitely help with guide testing, addon or written. I could also write other guides for the wow-pro community before then, to see if I can really take place in the guide writing part.
Thanks, and let me know when it starts!

I doubt i would be any help

I doubt i would be any help for the writing but i could certainly help test if i can.

me too.

Guide Tester

Hello Jame, please put me in the list as Add-on Guide Tester, I'll be very glad to help. Eye

Tester for the leveling guide.


I got the beta access and would love to run from 80 to 85 as many times as I can with the guide to make it smooth and flawless for the release.

Guide Tester

I also have the beta and would like to be a guide tester.