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As you all know, the next World of Warcraft expansion pack: Cataclysm, is going to be released by the end of the year 2010.

And wow-pro intends to publish Cataclysm Leveling guides before the release date, so that all of you crazy speed levelers can get to level 85 in the blink of an eye while also exploring each zone fully and getting the zone quest achievements.

We almost managed that in Wrath of the Lich King, but not as much as I would have liked to, I couldn't finish all the zones before the expansion went live. The problem is that I worked entirely by myself on the WotLK leveling guides, which was a bad idea.

But now that the wow-pro community has developped so much and got so many great guide writers in its ranks, I think it's time to take this to the next level...

More Cataclysm Leveling Guide information after the break

Therefore, I will be gathering a team of motivated guide writers and guide testers which will help me write the Cataclysm Leveling Guides during the beta. Everything will be coordinated by me and the wow-pro moderators. And we will need help.

Here is what we will need:

  • Cataclysm Beta Keys - We'll need several of them and as soon as possible. The sooner we can access the Cataclysm beta, the sooner we can start working on the Cataclysm leveling guides. So if you're a fan of wow-pro and want to help with the release of the guides, finding extra beta keys for the wow-pro guide writing team will be HUGE. We're counting on you.
  • Guide writers - Under my guidance, a few other wow-pro members will work on specific zones and write the leveling guides, which I will then test and adapt to my standards (if necessary).
  • Addon writers - Each part of the guide we'll have ready will need to be converted into our addon format.
  • Guide testers - We'll need people to try the guide, find bugs or things which need clarification, and report them to us. Both for the paper version and the addon version.

If we get enough help in every of the above fields, we'll be able to release a full Cataclysm guide, covering all the zones, both in written and addon format, and already bug free and thoroughly tested, before the release of the expansion!

Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Want to be part of this projet? Think you can fit in one of the above categories and will have some time to spare during the Cataclysm beta (which should be somewhere in the middle of this year)?

Sign up here. Reply with a comment and say which category you'd like to help us with (Guide Tester, Guide Writer, etc.)

NOTE: We'll try to get as many beta keys as we can, but make sure you go to your's account management page and opt in to their beta program. That way you have a chance of getting a beta key on your own!


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Can I sign up?

I am still yet to receive a beta invite. If I do I will quite happily do some guide writing. Laughing out loud

The grammar and spell checker.

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Official: Beta is ACTIVE!

Hi everyone. Yes the beta is active. No, Jame and I don't have keys just yet, but we are working on it!

I will be posting updates here, and I will be creating a forum for us to use later today. I'd do it right now but I have to rush off to work for a few hours.

If you DO have an active beta account already, right now, please let us know Smiling We'll know who to look for then for news, information, and who might be starting on guides!

Beta in the PTR or regular account

If you get an invite, is it then on the Public Test Realm, or separate server or what? Can you register only one of your computers on the beta application? We put the laptop on the application, but wasn't sure if the desktop could also be registered (it in't much better than the laptop as it has an Intel inegrated graphics where the laptop has a decent ATI set, and looks a bit better).

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I've created a forum where

I've created a forum where all cataclysm guide writing discussion can take place. You can find it here:

Please sign up there if you have a beta key and want to write (or help write) one of the official WoW-Pro Cataclysm guides. Or if, you know, you want to donate it Laughing out loud

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Beta "keys"

Just thought I'd mention they're tied to the persons account, you can't donate a key to anyone unfortunately.

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I'm going to assume that the

I'm going to assume that the beta for Cataclysm will be similar to that of Starcraft II, in that most beta accounts are handled in this way, BUT - Starcraft's beta had several instances in which "friend invites" were given out to beta testers so they could invite their friends to the beta. Also, there were keys available as promotions to fan sites, stores that were giving them out with preorders, etc. So I would not give up hope on this just yet.

Beta within 24 hrs

Well, as you know by now, the beta has started!

that means that all the Alpha stuff is getting leaked & servers reset.
That means that they'll prolly start throwing out beta invites within the next 24hrs, so sit tight. Eye

As unfortunate as it is, i'm leaving for Italy tomorrow (not unfortunate that i'm going there, rather the timing Sticking out tongue) which means i will miss the "start-up" phase on the forum here.

i'm partly writing this, to assure you lads don't think i bailed on you all. Eye

GL all with getting a key & see you 2 weeks. <3


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No beta invitation yet. Sad *cry*

pro·gram·mer: a device to convert coffee into software

pro·gram·mer: a device to convert coffee into software

Supposedly the Cataclysm

Supposedly the Cataclysm BETA has now been released.
QQ no beta key Sad

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I shat brix Anyhow, have

I shat brix Sticking out tongue Anyhow, have the invites been sent out yet? If they have...sadface Sad I'd love to start working on some guides Smiling

The beta has started.

The beta has started. Source: MMO-Champion

Yup, it's official. So how

Yup, it's official.

So how is this going to be organised? A subforum for working on Cata guides?

I hate to break it to you,

I hate to break it to you, but, there aren't going to be Beta keys anymore.

You need to specifically be chosen by Blizzard for the beta, and then it gets added to your account.

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beta keys

I've got my beta key by pre-ordering SCII from an online gamestore (not Blizzard).

I guess this will work for cataclysm too...
*I hope*

pro·gram·mer: a device to convert coffee into software

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Actually, you are incorrect.

Actually, you are incorrect. Yes that is the *first* way to get a beta account. However, during the Starcraft beta, there were friend invites that most beta testers got to use to invite friends to the beta test. My friend sent me one of these, and there definitely WAS a beta "key" in it. I can only assume they will have similar things in the Cataclysm beta.


Heya... I'd be glad to be an addon/guide tester for you.

I'm also a culinary student living in West Seattle (2 blocks South of Alaska Junction) so I could always cook some food for you during a marathon programming session or something. Smiling Anyway, I've never met anyone from WoW; would be kinda neat!

Ok, let me know if/how I can help!

aka: Pretzl

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That would be awesome! Too

That would be awesome! Too bad I'm not anywhere close to Seattle (currently living in Cannes, France). But hey, if you ever make a trip over here, we'd be glad to have you cooking for us! ^^

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Hah, that could be fun! I've

Hah, that could be fun! I've been lucky enough to meet up with a few guild mates since we used to live close to eachother, and it's a fun experience Eye Never met anyone from WoW-Pro though.

If you'd like to test the addon right now, in it's alpha stages, shoot me a PM.

Thanks for the interest!

Here to help.

Vyndrian here. I plan on leveling a goblin shaman come Cataclysm so I'm more than happy to offer my help. I'm willing to either write a guide, test a guide, or test an add-on. Unfortunately, I'd be absolutely useless in helping write an add-on, no technical skill in that area.

As you can see from my armory in my profile, I have nearly maxed this toon out. I am meticulous with my work and pay attention to small details. I've also opted-in for my own Beta Key.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm super relieved that you, Jame, and the other great guide authors here are taking on this endeavor. I was worried I'd be forced to wander around the landscapes of Cataclysm without your guidance! Shocked

I'd also like to extend any proofreading (seeing as I doubt I'll get in the beta) or copy editing that you need. I've authored a children's book and would like to help maintain the level of excellence that I feel sets these guides apart from so many of the poorly-worded and rambling guides out there.

Let me know if I can be of any help in the writing process.

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I'd rather give my beta key

I'd rather give my beta key to you guys, if I get one Laughing out loud Plus it will be more surprising for me to play Cataclysm when it is officially released, rather then in beta Smiling

I'll be a tester

Happy to be a guide/addon tester, been a fan of Jame's guides for a long time now!


I'll be happy to give my feedback as a tester, sign me up. I've been playing for 4+ years, and love your guides. I've used it many times for different toons, both ally and horde.


I'll help with addon writing. I'm pretty good with the code.

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Guide Testers

I would like to be considerd as a Cataclysm Guide Tester.



Guide Tester please!

HI Jame and the WoW-Pro Team,
I would love to help test the guide. I have used the guides to level many a character and would love to do my part to help you out in return.
Many thanks!!

Akillease, DK

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Addon Tester

I'd love to help with the addon testing, if I'm lucky enough to get a beta key so I can test. I'm a huge fan of the site and the addon, and have recommended both to all my guildies and friends. I love both Horde and Alliance and am happy to test either, or both. I've played the game for over 5 years now, and have many 80s just because I love leveling that much. Smiling

I'd love to help

I'd enjoy Guide/Add-on Testing, or whichever you prefer me to do if not both.

Bloodstealer - Level 80 Paladin

I would Like to Help

Hi im Sweney,I have been playing wow for about 6 years, i have 4 main toons, Zaruk (resto shaman lvl 80), Vontair (Lvl 80 Ret Paladin), Sweney (lvl 71 currently but expect to get him to lvl 80 by the end of april, troll hunter), and Bäyne (Lvl 80 Death Knight), and when the expantion comes out, first thing to do is lvl a goblin to lvl 85, then the rest of the toons

I am willing to do Guide Testers, Guide Writers, Beta Keys Providers.
I will offer my Beta Key and Write a extensive guide on how to level a goblin and the journey from lvl 80 - 85, with all the instances included. I am also willing to test out guides, with all my toons except 1, thats going to be my control

my help

Here all.
I'd like to help test written / addon guide and might be able to help with one or two beta key. Good luck

Hi there I really liked how

Hi there

I really liked how the wotlk guide turned and would like to be on the testing team

Hey there, I'd like to help

Hey there,
I'd like to help testing the addon as well as helping writing the guides Smiling

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The list doesn't stop

The list doesn't stop growing!

And the beta will probably start soon, I can't wait to start on this big project.

Meanwhile, we're working hard on securing a few beta keys for the beginning of the Cataclysm beta.

I would be happy to test the add-on and guides

I have just finished leveling my mage to 80 thanks to your previous guides. That makes my 6th 80 along with my pally, druid, rogue, shaman, DK and my level 70 warlock. (I also helped my brother grind out the last 10 levels on his warrior and priest, so I have had extensive experience with every class, except a hunter.) Besides doing BGs I enjoy leveling because I don't have to sit down for 4 hours to devout to raiding and by doing quests you can get more of the amazing story lines Blizzard created. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a beta key for Lich King, but I read blogs from people who got the keys religiously checking websites for coverage (and spoilers). I would be happy to write or test (guides or add-ons) for the upcoming expansion and provide as much feedback as I can. I know James really struggled to get every single quest in Northrend (an awesome effort lol) I'm glad to see he has a team going this time. Thanks for the awesome FREE guides, I have recommended your guides to everyone in all the guilds I look forward to see some awesome Cata guides so I can brag about beating everyone else to 85 Smiling

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Jawdropping! Go to and click on the Wow Cataclysm blog and they said that the Cata beta has been released and that we can download it now!

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I believe that's exactly

I believe that's exactly what they DIDN'T say. They said that the CLOSED ALPHA (friends/family of Blizzard employees only) is still under the NDA and not available to the public.

I can most likely help with

I can most likely help with the addon writing. I know that when I helped import the Azuremyst guide into addon format it was mostly working, so count me in (hopefully!).

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F&F Alpha testing has

F&F Alpha testing has begun.
Perhaps beta isn't far off? Laughing out loud



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

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That is the hope/assumption

That is the hope/assumption Smiling

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Well, NDA lift off... So...

Well, NDA lift off... So... Alpha wont stay so long and according to screenshots they've done a lot already.

I'll help where I can

I doubt I'll have a key, but I can help convert written guides to the new plugin format (which I believe is going to be near the same). I don't know much Lua, but I have LuaEdit 2010 for when I do need to edit a Lua file.

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I'll beta test the guide

I'll beta test the guide (play through it). I'm not the fastest leveler in the world (Thus my needing of this guide), but I've used your other guides from level 49 - 80. I know when your guide works, so I think I'll be able to help.

Cataclysm Beta Tester

Beta Key

Hey there, I'm just wondering about the Beta Keys, is it just as simple to get one as opt-ing in then waiting? Do you get a mail with it or some kind of notification in the manage account page?

Thanks in advance

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Yup, you just opt in and

Yup, you just opt in and wait, and if you are selected they send you an email to the email address attached to your account.

There is no guarantee you will get one though, it's chosen based on the computer specs you submit - they want to get a wide range of computers into the beta to make sure there are no bugs with specific systems.

Thank you Maybe I have a

Thank you Laughing out loud

Maybe I have a better chance then since I play on a (lol)mac Sticking out tongue

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Heh, actually this may be

Heh, actually this may be true, since WoW already has a Mac client. I know several of my guild mates use macs, though, and they were unable to participate in the SC2 beta even though they had keys, because there was no Mac client. But they did participate in the Wrath beta so you are probably fine Smiling

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Hey, huge fan, used your guides for multiple toons and would love to test your guide if you let me.

Also, if I should get any extra keys, I'll be happy to share.

Application for Guide tester

If there is any room left for testing your guide, I would do them and evaluate them.

Thanks for the guide s

i would like to thank you and the other guide Writers for making these guides especially the addon version because i realy like them Laughing out loud
i have also used it several times for my alts and now i want to level a gnome because there so cute !! Eye
and i will also just pick a random server so it has no help or heirlooms and im gonna look how long 1-80 will take with your guides so with all this i also wanted to say that i have experience and i want to be a guide tester for the cata beta Cool

Guide Writing?

Hey again. Sticking out tongue

I guess i'll let you know that by testing i also plan on giving feedback on how to improve the lvling aka. doing a bit of writing.
as it is now, i have no idea how to work the addon, so my contribution will be paperwork only..

I rly hope we get alot of Beta-keys. Smiling