I Return! Maybe?

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So, I've not been around much to work on anything. Last I remember I think we were in the works of starting a WoW-Pro guild on Borean Tundra or somewhere, but anywho. Been a rough few months of which one good thing has come of the snowball that is my life. My son was born 8 weeks premature November 20th, 2009. He's home and healthy and at only 2 months old likes to sit in my lap and stare at me while I play and occasionally watch the game itself. My wife also had to have surgery which thankfully went well and she is recovering nicely, but got sick again soon after with a cold or some annoying cough. Which is more an annoyance than anything. I hope to return soon to work on my profession guides again and possibly a few other odd and end things that might come up. I did see a request for a profession addon, a little out of my scope but I have wanted to try my hand at creating one. This might be the opportunity I need.

I hope all is well with everyone and theirs, and that you succeed in all your endeavors.