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Hello, my name is Hairbo. This guide is a continuation of Manovan's Night Elf Leveling Guide (1-13), and it assumes that you have completed this guide. This guide is designed for Night Elf's but all races can use this guide. This guide is a great alternative to the normal Westfall/Redridge/Duskwood type of guides you see from 12-20.

Why you should use this guide:

  • This guide is a great alternative to the typical human zone based leveling guides you see around this level.
  • This guide provides the fastest most optimal circuits in these zones, and grinding is a rarity.
  • This guide goes into great detail for every quest, which most guides expect you to figure out what you should be doing

If you have any concerns, tips, comments, or anything useful to say; please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. I am relatively new at writing guides, so anything is helpful! Thanks and enjoy the guide.

Recommended Addons

Addons can come in handy, and I will recommend a few that make my game play easier, faster, and better. Some of these mods might not come in direct use within the guide, but it can help.
  • Postal: this addon is great for collecting mail instantly, and mailing between characters easier.
  • Koordinator: This mod is if you need coordinates, and its definitely the best on the web.
  • Questhelper: This is probably the best mod to keep track of quest objectives. This mod doesn't have great quest circuits, but it can be useful in finding a quest.

Color Code

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* Quest objectives to kill
* NPCs
* Locs

The Guide

If you followed Manovan's Night Elf Leveling Guide (1-13) You should have the quest [11] Grove of the Ancients, if you do not don't worry about it. You should also be in Darnassus, if you are not in Darnassus head over there.

Level 13

Go to Rut'theran Village (use the portal behind the bank) and take the flight to Auberdine.

Set your hearthstone to Auberdine.

Get all the quests here except:

  • [17] Cave Mushrooms
  • [18] WANTED: Murkdeep!
  • [14] The Family and the Fishing Pole

Your quest log should look like this:

Start walking south along the beach while killing Pygmy Tide Crawlers

1. Keep walking until you see the Beached Sea Creature (36,51), it should be surrounded by murlocs. Clear the murlocs and loot the Sea Creatures Bones from it.

2. After you have collected the bones, head slightly southeast to the Furbolg Camp (40,53) and fight your way to the center untill you get a complete message for [14] How Big a Threat?

3. Directly south of the camp look for a Rabid Thistle Bear and use your Tharnariun's Hope near it. Make sure that you get a completion for [14] Plagued Lands before heading back.

4. Now head back to Auberdine make sure to collect the rest of your Crawler Legs that you need for [10] Buzzbox 827

In Auberdine turn in:

  • [10] Buzzbox 827
  • [14] Plagued Lands
  • [14] How Big a Threat?
  • [13] Washed Ashore

Get all the follow ups, and also get:

  • [15] Thundris Windweaver
  • [17] Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
  • [15] Cave Mushrooms

Turn in [15] Thundris Windweaver and get the follow up.

----MAP HERE----
From now on slay Darkshore Thresher and Rabid Thistle Bears on sight until both [12] Buzzbox 411 and [16] Cleansing of the Infected are complete.

1. Leave Auberdine to the west into the ocean, swim to (32,46) where you should find a Skeletal Sea Turtle on the sea floor. Click its skull and loot the Sea Turtle Remains.

2. Swim back to Auberdine and turn in [14] Washed Ashore

3. Get back into the ocean, this time swim north killing all the Darkshore Thresher you see until [10] Buzzbox 411 is completed.

4. Keep swimming north until you run into two have submerged boats (39,29). In the first boat go into the following window (careful these murlocs can be tough):

Swim to the bottom of the ship and loot the Silver Dawning's Lockbox.

Go back up for some air, then go to the next ship and swim through this hole:

Swim to the far end of the ship and loot the Mist Veils's Lockbox.

5. Swim up to the beach and turn in [13] Buzzbox 411, get the follow up.

Go slightly south of here along the beach and get the quest [13] Beached Sea Creature

6. Head northeast and slay Rabid Thistle Bears and Moonstalkers, stay here until you complete the following objectives:

  • Kill 20 Rabid Thistle Bears
  • Collect 6 Moonstalker Fangs

This should level you to 14.

Level 14

7. Go to Cliffspring River Waterfall (51,25) and use your Empty Sampling Tube. Also turn in [14] Buzzbox 323 and get the follow up.

8. Go north along the coast once again, and you'll find another turtle (53,18). Take its quest [15] Beached Sea Turtle.

9. Follow the coast east and you'll run into another turtle (53,18). Clear the murlocs out and take its quest [15] Beached Sea Turtle.

Hearth to Auberdine turn in:

  • [15] Beached Sea Turtle (x2)
  • [13] Beached Sea Creature
  • [17] Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
  • [16] Cleansing of the Infected
  • [15] The Cliffspring River


  • [18] Tharnariun's Hope

Fly to Rut'theran Village and go into Darnassus.

Once your in Darnassus go to The Temple of the Moon except don't go inside. Take the right path around the building and you'll run into a dwarf. Take his quest [14] Trouble in Darkshore?

Go train your level 14 spells and get back to Auberdine.

Restock, sell, repair, etc.

Go across the bridge to Archaeologist Hollee and turn in [14] Trouble in Darkshore? Don't worry about getting the follow up, we aren't a high enough level yet.


Thanks for the guide

Just wanted to also say thanks for the guide. Darkshore does make more sense it seems to me than Bloodmist, Goldshire or wherever. I am attempting to convert this guide for use in the new Wow-pro leveling addon, more for experience editing guides... and to make my own progress there easier so I don't have to Windows key in and out. Smiling . So far so good. The area seems like it would be tricky without a good guide, so thank you.

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Missing Images

Looking at your guide, the last two images (the path in Stormwind and the path to Redridge Mountain) are missing. Also, you say "Red Redridge Mountain" in the last line. However, the rest of the guide looks just fine. Thank you for writing a guide to this zone- its evil if one doesn't quest stack right Sticking out tongue .