When did Jame decide to abandon this site?

seeing that he never comes here anymore and is too lazy to finish his guide while he laughs his ass of at you guys for making content for this site while he sucks up all the ad money.


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Rant... Sorry.

Ok, I may suffer for this rant, but I feel it's needed. And I know this post is old, but it's meanings and responses are still valid.

Jame has alot of his time occupied by commitments in the real world, and this is not his job. It's a hobby. But this hobby can be abit straining on both time and a persons mentallity. So, imagine you've had a long day in work, you come home to a baby and family which is also hard work in terms of 'maintainance' or whatever you would like to decribe it as. Looking after a baby and keeping your family well is time consuming, physically and mentally demanding, it's almost a job in itself, though yes it is a great thing to be a part of. But imagine you have that, and imagine you also run a website as a hobby, and also play a bunch of games as another hobby. I know that to chill out for an hour I'd rather log into WoW and go bash up some BGs or raidbosses, or chill out with a glass of wine, rather than to mentally drain myself further.

Yes, Jame started this... He wanted to share his information with people who would use and appriciate it. And he wanted it to remain free. He managed this, and managed it well. Look at what he has created here... This site is full of helpful subjects and information, full of great community members and content contributors. This, is outstanding, and to keep it running so long and so well is a massive achievement. Jame physically doesn't have the time to be on the site or contribute 24/7, but the site has eveolved beyond just Jame's contributions. It is a great resouce and has established an amazing community, who are now contributing to your gaming.

We do what we do for free, this is a hobby as much as playing WoW is a hobby. It';s exactly the same for Jame. I know the costs of running a website like this, and beleive me the money from advertising can barely cover that. If it does without other contributions, then it's more than highly successful. Jame set this wonderful thing up, now if he has other priorities and commitments he should follow them. He has kept the site going though, for you, for me, for the rest of the community. He could have quite easliy said "Right I'm shutting the site down as I won't be as active any more" and he would have been well within his rights to do so. He has NO obligations to us, we are not paying for anythng we have here, and for what we have it is very remarkable!

This site is a wonderful resource and has a great community, which you are getting the whole lot for free. If you don't like it, go and waste your money on guides for lousy support and generally bollocks content.


if you Unbreakabl dont have

if you Unbreakabl dont have time to wait for a Free levelling guide, why you dont buy one.There is a lot of guides on internet if you need one.If you dont whant to buy,well,wait or do it one Smiling.

Take a life man.

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My job is a retail management consultant...

The golden rule of being a good manager is being able to train your subordinates to do your job for you.

This may seem lazy, but it isn't. If you do this, in times of absence the business will carry on efficiently.

Snowflake and Jiyambi are examples of Jame inspiring people to be as able as he is; no one here is paid, so for his trusted admins to keep the site top quality is saying something for Jame too!


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It's already been said, but I'll say it again. This site is FREE. Yes, I'm sad that Jame hasn't been around much and I'm a little worried that the site will slowly die without him and more of his awesome guides. But you know what? If he needs to be away from the site to get his life in gear, that's the way it is. Last I heard from him, he had lots of personal life issues going on and was starting a new business with his brother. Lazy? Sorry sir, but that doesn't sound like lazy to me. That sounds pretty damn busy. And if you think Jame is laughing at people or taking advantage of them, you clearly have never read any of the comments from him. He's a very sincere and kind person. Ads from a site like this simply balance out the bandwidth the site needs to run. Did you consider that a site with so much content and so many visitors would need funding somehow?

Try thinking before you post next time, you may look like less of a fool.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I'm not chewing this user out for the subject of his post, simply for his rude manner of presenting it. Open discussion, as long as it is respectful, will not be discouraged on this site as long as I'm the "ranking official", so to speak.

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Here here!

Well said! I appreciate Jame and thanks to him have leveled many toons in WoW. I myself haven't been playing for over a year since the death of my daughter and just recently in the past few weeks re-activated my account and started playing again. Thank goodness the site is still here! Over a year of not playing and I've FORGOTTEN how to play. Not to mention all my talents were re-set and there are whole new areas and low and behold there is a boat that leaves from Stormwind! I say thank goodness for Jame. You have my undying and heart-felt thanks, appreciation and devotion. And thank YOU for defending him. Go handle your life mate. We'll take it from here til you return. Cheers!

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So True

I agree,
and even if it where so that the site gets him more money with the ads then the cost to cover em ?
So what ?
I still dont have to pay for the great information here, the user content is also great for me, and i am happy with the site.
If he would become rich of it ? Cudo's to him.

Tough i guess he would be happy if it even just covered the bandwith / hosting.

And just bashing in the wild like this ? i tink Jiyambi has sayd it in a way nicer way then i would have put it.

Back Off

Not sure what your problem is, but Jame HAS a life. If you don't like the information on the site, or the fact that Jame has something else to do besides making guides for you, just GO AWAY, you won't be missed.

It really burns me when people (like you) rip on someone (Jame) when you have absolutely no idea what is going on in his life. Until you start paying his salary, or sponsoring adds on his site, where he is or what he is doing is none of your business! BACK OFF OR GO AWAY!

Oh, by the way Jame, congrats on the baby! Enjoy your family and get back when you can. You are missed.

Re Nitenight

First off I would like to thank James for all his hard work he has put towards this site and all the others guide creators that helped um. Keep up the good work  P.S.  congrats on the new member to your family James .

Sorry to post in this thread

Sorry to post in this thread but I didn't see another way.  For some reason I cannot start a new thread here.  I need to ask a question about the leveling addon but I don't know where else to do so but here.





Ok so jame hasn't been around for a while. Thats not a bad thing. Yes its sad that you don't see him around anymore, BUT. Who know's someone else might take up his mantle and start writing new guides like he does, or maybe write better. I love his guides and have been reading them for a long time, but that doesnt mean that I am just gonna get mad sence he's gone. Buck up. If you have problems then its ok we all understand. But as everyone said its a FREE site. therefor you can't expect everything to be updated on a daily basis. I plan on rewriting a few guides myself (preferrably the out of date PvP, Mining, Money Making, All the rogue guides, and alot of others), So please don't complain. Its not like the world is over.

Necroing because I cannot create a new thread

I wanted to help write guides, especially since I will be rolling and leveling one of the new allied races sooner or later. However, when I installed the guide recorder, it throws errors, and I don't know where or how to report them.

Again, I'd just create a new thread but I don't have the Karma for it yet. Also, as an addon author, I looked at the recorder's code and can see a few ways to optimize or improve the code, nevermind fixing bugs.Suggestions on how to proceed?

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Re: Necroing because I cannot create a new thread


Just  drop me a note and I can get you set up to edit or write new guides.

If you are also willing to help out with addon coding, I would welcome the assist!