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I will not post any pictres because I do not know how to. I'm just going to share my idea with you.
I am alliance. On Norgannon server. My name is Deltashate and i'm a level 80 priest.

This is not my quick gold making guide. Some might know this already and some might not.

Things You Will Be Doing

1. Dailies - of course - The best way to make money.
2. 4 Heroic Dungeon - Why 4? I will explain in the guide.
3. Tips/ways from other members of WoW-pro that have wrote comments.


Argent Tournament -
Try doing about 20 dailies per day... I will tell you where to do them but not how to do them, because you got quest helper and a lot of other add-ons that tell you how to completethem, and by now you should know where to get the dailies. If not , don't worry I will put a list of them.

8 quests in Argent Tournament, you must be a champion to do these.
4 quests near mord'rethar 2 in the ship above and 2 on the ground.

Grizzly Hills -
I know you hate doing these, but these 8 dailies give 10 gold each and 80 gold for spending 15-20 minutes doing this is worth the time used.
1 quest right below you where you land in Amber Pine Lodge.
4 quests at the brown colored place at Blue Sky Logging Grounds.
3 quests at venture bay.

Heroic Farming

I don't care what istance you do to farm but these are the best ones to do, in my opinion.
CoS timed - 5 badges if you make it
VH - 3 Badges
Nexus - 5 Badges
OK - 5 Badges

These 4 instances take you about 2 hours or less if you have the right roup. Buy a runed orb with the 18 badges of conquest and sell it on the Auction House. The prices may be different but for people on my realm narganon because the Runed Orb are 550-600g each.

You may want to do the daily dungeon and heroic also, they are found in Dalaran. They give you 45-50 gold plus 1 emblem of conquest and 2 emblems of triumph. Make sure you do the dungeon in heroic difficulty because you can get the emblems of conquest and it can save you time on doing one of the big ones like Old Kngdom which everyone hates.

The Math

Lets say 200 gold from dailies you do for 2 weeks you get 2.8k gold
The runed orb from heroics and you can get 7700 - 8400 gold
Total - you get up to 10500 - 11200 gold in 2 weeks
Week - 5250 - 5600
Month - 21000 - 22400
2 months - 42000 - 44800
4 months - 84000 - 89600
8 months - 168000 - 179200
1 Year - 252000 - 268800

Good amount of money...
Good luck making money.
This guide was made by a 16 year old boy who spent 20 minutes think about a away to make money and actually made it work. It got me my regular and epic flying mount in a week.


- Submitted by Andre on Sat, 2009-08-22 15:20.
If you're into pvp you can buy epic gems for 10 000 honor in stormwind at the jewelcrafting vendor (for ally) that sell for 200-300g and 10 000 honor you will easily get if you do Daily PvP quest and Wintergrasp once.