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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Tinkerwiz


Well, I've seen a lot of people requesting "guides" on which specialization in Engineering they should go (either Goblin or Gnomish) and since recently leveling Engineering on my second character, I decided I'd fulfill that plea by creating this guide on choosing your path. Also this is my first time writing a guide, so bare with me.

Now without further ado, let's get started.


This is Tinkerwiz.

As his name suggests he is...well a wiz of tinkering. When you reach 200 Engineering you can visit this guy in Ratchet and receive



Per the 3.2 patch notes, it's now possible to switch specializations.

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Yup, you no longer need to re-train for Engineering all over again. A simple, but quite big price is only required to switch specs with ease. Laughing out loud

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Thanks guys for the positive feedback Laughing out loud

I'll see what I can do to make this guide a little better,too. Sticking out tongue

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Great guide!

Very nice, simple guide. Overall, the formatting is also very nice.

A few things that I think would make this guide better:

  • Don't center all the text - people are used to seeing text that is left-justified. Make most of your text that way, it will seem more natural to people. You can still keep titles and pictures centered, but centering all the text just seems weird.
  • Uncheck "list" next to your attached pictures - all new guide writers make this mistake. Edit your guide, scroll to the bottom, and find your attachment list. If you uncheck the "list" box next to it, it won't be listed at the end of your guide but will still show up as the picture in your guide.
  • Why should we pick one or the other? - This guide does a great job of showing us HOW to pick one side or the other, and has a little bit of information on each side. But I feel like it could be fleshed out. Perhaps a list of all recipes that are specific to either gnomish or goblin engineering? I don't have any characters with engineering so I can't give specific advice, it just seems like you could elaborate a little bit on this.
  • You want to be really freaking sure - Stress the fact that its extremely bad to change professions before the reader chooses one. This wowhead comment outlines the awful and very stupid disadvantages brought on by switching engineering specs. Basically, it sucks. Make sure the readers know what they are getting into ahead of time.

That said, this is still a very nice guide, ESPECIALLY considering it is your first guide on the site. Great job and keep up the good work! I'm giving you a 4/5 for now, but if you address the things I pointed out, this is easily a 5/5 guide.

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Good points, as always. I

Good points, as always.
I tend to disagree with you on the don't center all the text.
I kind of like it this way, and I think it looks better this way than the other way around. It looks really neat in a way Sticking out tongue

I really agree with you on the Why should we pick one or the other? point.
My warlock is at 300/450 Engineering at the moment, and I haven't chosen yet. I think I'll go for Goblin though, assuming I'll get a pet + the helmet.

Don't see anything of use in Gnomish Engineering (not counting in the Jumper Cables)

Nevertheless, great guide and thumbs up! Eye

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No, Jiyambi is right, don't

No, Jiyambi is right, don't center all the text.

Oh, and you are right that there isn't really much useful about Gnomish Engineering anymore. In Pre-TBC, however, Gnomish Engineering was a major boost to some classes. I still remember exploiting the various Gnomish gadgets to the limits in PvP encounters with my mage and hunter, always getting the upper hand because of the profession.

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De-centered all the text for

De-centered all the text for a moment, to show you how it looks.
I don't like it, really Sticking out tongue

Of course, I will get it back in it's original state, this is the Author's choice!

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Haha, alright I agree it

Haha, alright I agree it doesn't look awesome like this, but I still think that centering it isn't the answer. I would suggest using [ list ] tags to break up the text a little, but that's just what I do Eye As you say, it's entirely the author's choice and a purely stylistic argument anyway - it doesn't look hideous either way and is perfectly readable.

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Changed it back, it's for

Changed it back, it's for the author to decide now.