Congratulations Jahwo! WoW-Pro's 3rd moderator!

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February is a great month. Not only did we get our very first moderator, but we now got 3!

Please give your warm congratulations to Jahwo , our 3rd Moderator. He just reached 200 Karma Points this afternoon.

His promotion was long overdue. We owe him the leveling addon after all, or at least it's fair to say that the whole addon project would have started much later without him.

We also owe him a bunch of high quality guides, dozens of insightful comments and more recently a beautiful wiki page which will help us keep track of the progress made on the leveling addon.

And now with his newly attained rank of Moderator, he'll be able to help this community even more!

The race is still open for next moderator promotion. It's hard to tell who it will be! Check the Karma Rankings and find out Eye


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grats, you deserve it!

zyzx - Orc Warrior - Wildhammer - Pink n Pwning
Diskspace - Troll Priest - Wildhammer (guide test char)

Gratz. I must admit I

I must admit I thought you were one of the team already. Smiling

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Congratulations Jahwo !

Congratulations Jahwo !

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W00t, about time! Congrats

W00t, about time! Congrats Jahwo!

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Thank you so much I don't

Thank you so much Smiling

I don't know if the whole AddOn thing is that positive, because I believe I was kind of destroying your plans for that and disrupted your work on the Zul'Drak guides Laughing out loud But I'm happy that it all worked out well and as a strong community we'll have a perfect AddOn in no time. Smiling

Thanks again and I'll definitely give my best to cope with my new job as mod. Smiling


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Congratulations!!! And welcome Smiling