In the case of End-Game PvE Raiding in WotLK, what do YOU think is the best DPSing class?

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I just thought I

I just thought I should mention seeing that many people voted for DKs, that DKs ARE NOT a dps class ... they are a main tanking class, dps are class that do damage to help the tank but do not do most of the damage like a hero class would be doing.

Not a DPS class?

DK's are a DPS class OR a tank. Most of the tank builds are Ice based, but not all. Unholy does amazing AoE damage and has a fullt time pet. Blood does less DPS on raids than Unholy in general, but when it comes to bosses, one target, not AoE, Blood surpasses Unholy.

Saying a Death Knight isn't a DPS class is like saying a Druid isn't a tank. It all depends on how it is built and equipped. Several classes can fulfill several roles, DPS, Tank, Healer, CC. In your opinion one might be better at a role than another (ie Death Knights being tanks like you said) but any class can DPS, a fire specced Mage, Boomkins or Feral cat Druids, Retadins, Arms and Fury Warriors, Rogues, Hunters, Warlocks, even Priests have Shadow for DPS. Some surpass others obviously, but any class in the game can DPS, and Death knights do it very well

Heroe's have flaws, it is overcoming those flaws that makes them heroes. Me? Im not a hero

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Maybe you should add frost

Maybe you should add frost to the DPS section of death knights. They deal out powerful DPS (I'm currently playing frost DPS)
Yesterday i managed to reach 11k DPS. (During AoE fight) (against spiders in Naxxramas 25m)
And 4k DPS. (during boss encounters) (during Anub'Rekhan)

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Very Good counter point

Very Good counter point I guess I wasn't think straight at the time seeing as I didn't see that.

Feral druid

I would say feral druids is the best dps for End-game I've seen they do up to 6500-7000 dps.

And of course a mage if it's me playing it x)

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Its either Hunter or Warlock

Its either Hunter or Warlock both are equal i think but they are deffo better than the others is anyone wishes to argue im happy to prove them wrong Laughing out loud

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