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Hey guys, just a quick news post to inform you on what are the short term goals for me and for wow-pro.

I'm going to focus my efforts on the addon for now before I resume my work on the WotLK Leveling Guides. The reason is simple: having a perfect leveling addon from level 1 to 77 will be useful to a much larger portion of the wow population than my last 3 chapters in paper version.

Do not worry, I WILL write those guides in paper version, and then we will code them in addon format. It's just not as urgent as finishing the addon right now, in my opinion.

Accordingly, I've updated the Release Dates . As you can see, I'll be on a tight schedule, but I intend to respect those deadlines, and better, I'm actually pretty sure I can do it faster.

What can you do to help? There are many ways:

  • Help me write and revamp the addons until they meet my standards. The closer each chapter is to my standards, the less revamping I'll need to do, the faster I'll get back to writing the WotLK Leveling Guides.
  • Keep on writing guides, posting useful comments, just like we've been doing over the past years. This community is by far the most helpful wow community ever, let's keep it that way Smiling
  • And of course, keep on supporting the site by spreading the word and by taking a look at the advertise running on it, but only when it interests you.

If you have any questions or observations, please comment.


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Not to be dense, But I am confused. On your blog you said you are abandoning the wow-pro addon but continueing with the Tourguide one because it was better. just to clarify - will YOUR guides be IN the Tourguide you are continueing?

By the way - This is my first post so I just wanted to say that I have used your paper guides for almost 2 years now and have gotten 5 toons to 70 with them... They are AWESOME Jame, Thank you very much for all you do!!!

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Yes, Jame's guides are in

Yes, Jame's guides are in the WoW-Pro Touguide files. The other addon was custom-written for our guides. Tourguide is sort of a framework for guides that was written by Tekkub - it allows the guides to be viewed and used in an efficient way. We just put our guides into that format.

But yes, Jame is writing and refining his guides, focusing for now on the Alliance side. I'm planning on helping him out by doing the same for the Horde side.

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Which basically makes you a

Which basically makes you a superhero of our times!

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ooh, bummer AND oooh, kool

Drats, dont really know how i feel about this.
I wish to level some alts, so jay, faster in having the new revamped guides.
However, ooh bummer as in auch, i might need the new levels before you get the paper versions done.
Also, pretty many people are working on revamping the tourguide files, so let them help there would be an abvious choise.
But dang, the way you work so precise and being a complete perfectionist, the guides might very much benefit from you doing the guides.

Ill do my best to finish the online editor asap, tough i am working on some very big business projects wich take me a bit to much time....

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Well, I have no qualms about

Well, I have no qualms about this, though I'm sure some will be disappointed. Looking forward to when I will have more time and can help with the addon Smiling

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Thanks for the news I was

Thanks for the news Smiling I was eager to know what was going on and I'm happy to see that you are working hard on the addon. I'm not in a hurry to level my characters, so I think that the release dates you have posted are pretty much good.