Best free online games you've played

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It happens to everyone to get a little tired of playing WoW, so let's use this forum to make a list of free online games we've played and to sort out which one are worth playing and which are not.

Let me start with a couple of examples:

Adventure Quest

Type: Web based free RPG

It's a fairly simple web based RPG, it's rather repetitive and easy but it's still a little addictive because you can always improve your character and buy before equipment.

You can also buy spells, pets and do some quests and scenarios.

The best part is that you can really play it even if you just got 5 minutes, you can still make some XP and progress.

Rating: 5/10

Despite the rating, I still recommend trying this RPG because it's quite simple, relaxing and easy-going.

Naruto Arena

Type: Web based turn by turn fight game

It's a very well done fighting browser game. You can basically form a 3-Ninja team and fight other players team. It's not as simple as Adventure Quest, and the interface can require a couple of games before you get used to it, but it's very addictive and there's actually quite a bit of strategy involved.

You can gain rankings and also take on missions to unlock other ninjas.

I recommend this game especially if you are a fan of Naruto (it's an anime, in case you wonder).

Cons: There is of course a lot of luck involved in this game and sometimes it's really frustrating to lose against opponents who obviously got a very bad team composition but still beat you because they get very lucky with the chakra distribution.

Rating: 8/10 if you're a naruto fan. 6/10 if you aren't.

A very nice web based RPG with a nice amount of strategy involved, can play it even if you only have 5-10 minutes to spare.

Ragnarok Online

Type: Free MMORPG

Ragnarok Online is a very cute MMORPG. It's rather simple yet very addictive. It's in my opinion one of the best free MMORPGs still available today, even though it's been there for many years.

The game uses a double level system. One is your personal level and the other is your job level.

As you progress you can specialize in various classes, such as Knight, Wizard, Falconeer, Paladin, etc.


Very cute graphics
The community is friendly


A lot of grinding needed
The game has been out for a very long time and it's not easy to catch up to the end-game
The gameplay could be improved a lot

Rating: 7.5/10

Despite all its flaws, Ragnarok Online is still a very decent and addictive free MMORPG. If you've never played it before, you'll probably have some fun with it. If you're into "cute" characters, I definitely recommend trying it.

That's it for today, there are a lot of other good free MMORPGS I tried but I just don't have the time to list them all right now. I'll add some to the list when I find new ones.

Now it's your turn to share your experience with free MMOs!


I know Naruto Arena is a nice

I know Naruto Arena is a nice game. I have my own experience with it. NIce reviews for the others. Do you have any reviews for Moshi Monster? 


I personnaly liked Gunz and i used to like runescape

"less talk more loot"

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Gunz as in Gunz or some other Gunz? Because I play that game and I like it. Smiling (It does take some fast fingerwork, though)

The bad part is that a lot of the gameplay is based on glitches that were unintentional at the time of its release, but nobody who is affiliated with Gunz cares anymore.

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic, anyone tried it? It's one of the new advertises running on the site and I haven't had the time to try it yet, but it looks nice and fluffy at first glance.

And yes, I try every Free MMO advertise whenever I see one ^^

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I tried it. It's a wonderful

I tried it. It's a wonderful game to play if you are very bored of WoW. The game is almost the same, some of the spells are the same name even!!

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Great, I'll try it when I

Great, I'll try it when I get the time, sometimes this year ^^

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Heh, I remember playing

Heh, I remember playing Maple Story. Extremely fun game.

Another free game I've played is puzzle pirates. The skill based aspects of the game, as well as the merchant mechanics always interested me.

Basically, the game works on an actual economic system, rather than the sort of... Put it together and hope that it works style of WoW.

Ships with players on them go on 'pillages' attacking CPU brigands in a turn based (although each ship takes 4 turns, at the same time) strategy puzzle played by the officer of the ship, shooting cannonballs and grappling to initiate a swordfight. While this goes on, players on the ship are loading the cannons, emptying the 'bilge' and doing carpentry to fix holes in the side of the ship. While this goes on, sailors are doing ANOTHER puzzle to give the ship 'tokens' to allow the ship to move in the way the 'Captain' desires.

Pillages require rum and cannonballs, which are boughht from islands (which are acquired with a large team of big ships fighting another large team of player ships, the team with the most points wins the island) and created in shops, using (yet more) puzzles. The materials used to make the items in the shops are spawned. Players can use the Pieces of Eigh (poe) they get from their shop/selling/pillaging to buy stuff, including swords for the swordfighting puzzle, (used in Sea battle and in player tournaments) or wager it in various 'parlour games' including texas hold 'em, hearts, spades, and another puzzle called drinking. They can also buy clothes to outfit their pirate doll, pets to follow them around, a larger ship to pillage and get more money in, or a house.

The interesting thing about the game is it is what you make it. You can play it like the Sims, you can play it like Civilisation, you can play it like really any form of game you choose.

It's a fascinating game, give it a go next time you're bored. Just make sure to pick one of the 'dubloon' (free) oceans. On the free oceans, you have the option to buy in game 'dubloons' which are used in most transactions and have a sale value in PoE. You can happily waltz through the game ignoring them, though. The other option is a subscription based model that does not require dubloons to make purchases.

This is a very brief summary, missing out many important bits of the game (like Atlantis) but ah well.

Give it a go, it's quite good Smiling

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Very nice review. It made me

Very nice review. It made me feel like trying it again Eye

Funny thing is, I actually discovered that game through an advertise here on wow-pro ^^

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Heh, thanks. That would be

Heh, thanks.

That would be quite funny, if it were not for the fact that it's 4:20 in the morning, my throat feels like it's on fire and I've run out of strepsils. Jawdropping!

Ah well, such is life.

Of all the free MMOs that

Of all the free MMOs that are out there, I really like the offerings from Aeria Games. They seem to embody the philosophy espoused in an interview I read last year (Raph Koster or someone, I can't recall, and I can't find it). "I'd rather make 10 four-million dollar MMOs than 1 forty-million dollar MMO"

All of the games are...decent, and the low budgets allow them to take chances on niche games, personal favorite - Project Torque. If you're taking a break from High-Fantasy WoW, why play another High Fantasy game - and one that probably comes with a LOT more grinding, to boot?

Hooray for a free Racing MMO with decent physics, plenty of content to mess around with, and actual licensed cars (Toyota: MR2, 2000GT, Hilux Surf, '85 Corolla GTS, Mazda: RX-7, RX-8, Hummer H3, Chevy Camaro (2009), C6 Corvette Z06, Subaru WRX, Mitusbishi Lancer EVO IX) alongside 18 "original designs" that are similar to cars you know and love (from a Honda Civic Hatchback to a NASCAR racer), and it looks really good, too.

Highly recommended!

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Here's a list of alot of

Here's a list of alot of free RPG games.

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I used to, and still do, play a Worms-style shooter game called Gunbound. It is a fun game where you select your mobile, each with different abilities and statistics. It is a game I totally reccomend to anyone, should redirect you, if not, just google it.

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Combat Arms Europe. Still

Combat Arms Europe.

Still play it, still like it.

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Hmmm, Well, when I was


Well, when I was young it was Runescape, awesome game.. Now, i hate it, bad graphics, no real point in playing, you lose your gear when you die (Oh... i hated that!)

After that, it was Guild wars, you only buy it in the store, but no monthly fee. Awesome graphics, sometimes even better then WoW. Though, Guild wars is way more focused on OR casual/social, OR you have to PvP. There's no real PvE/raiding similarity like in WoW.

And now ofcourse WoW, but that's not free Smiling

- Magekíd

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I used to be obsessed with a

I used to be obsessed with a cute 2D sidescroll MMORPG called Maple Story. Lots of grinding there as well and also a ton of 10 year olds. Still, it was insanely cute and surprisingly addictive. I could just zone out and destroy cute little monsters with my cute little character all day long.

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Haha... "A lot of grinding

Haha... "A lot of grinding needed" for RO is an understatement. Going level 98 to 99 in that (on a normal second class, not a transcendent) took longer in gameplay hours than going 70-80 in WoW. Still, I love that silly game and I wish WoW took a cue from RO's many cute hats you can wear. I want to wear a cake on my head in WoW.

Ironically, I still play the

Ironically, I still play the first two free RPG online games I ever tried. Some would tie them to next gen MUDS but some argue that they are MMORPGS in their own right. The third is the latest version of e-crack which many of you have probably already seen links of spammed everywheres Sticking out tongue

Your essential sword and board dragon hunting RPG

Essentially a spin off or sequel to Fallen Sword, but set in a futuristic post apocalyptic setting.

One-on-one arena style fighting, challenge your friends/coworkers