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Here is a guide on how to level the Rogues' Lockpicking skill to 400.

You can use your Pick Pocket skill to get different Junkboxes. You can train your lockpicking skill by lockpicking these. This is only one way of skilling up the lockpicking skill, and you will only do this at the end of this guide. The other way of skilling up, is to lockpick doors and footlockers. This is a guide for both Alliance and Horde.

==In some cases you may have to wait for the footlockers to spawn, but bear with it==

1 - 100
-Buccaneer's Strongbox
-Burial Chest - These are great to use if you're leveling up as a Blood Elf. Loacted in the catacombs in Ghostlands around 62,27
-Practice Lockboxes- At Alther's Mill in Redrige Mountains

100 - 170
-Gallywix's Lockbox
-Duskwood Chest

170 - 225
-Battered Footlocker - Upstairs
-Dented Footlocker - Downstairs (Requires 175 skill to open, open Battered Footlocker until you can open these too)

225 - 250
Pick Pocket mobs for Sturdy Junkbox (you can save these if you have some extra, they doesn't turn grey before 275)
-Dented Footlocker - Here are two kind of footlockers with the same name, one of them turns green at 250, the other at 275.

250 - 300
Pick Pocket mobs here for Heavy Junkbox, along with lockpicking:
-Scarlet Footlockers

300 - 325
Pick Pocket the mobs here for Strong Junkbox, along with lockpicking:
-Wicker Chest

325 - 375
Dented Footlocker

Pickpocket any Humanoid mobs at Northrend to get Reinforced Junkboxes


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Can anyone tell me if this

Can anyone tell me if this guide is still accurate? I'm thinking it is but I'm so out of date rogue-wise, I don't know what changes have been added in.

Assuming it's still accurate, it's staying where it is. In Cataclysm it will need an update for levels 80-85 and to include lock-picking areas in the newly revamped zones, so if anyone wants to do that, please let me know - as far as I know, Maw is no longer playing WoW.

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The places it recommends for

The places it recommends for pickpocketing are all still around and are generally the best places to level it still.

The main thing it's missing is that it does not comment on minor glyphs that help with pickpocketing and lockpicking. Also, it doesn't mention that in dalaran we have a handy door we can train lockpicking off every couple of hours (Violet Hold, requires LP 350).

Yes, I'm slumming through old guides. Don't judge me.

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Haha, well I sort of am too.

Haha, well I sort of am too. I'm theoretically just organizing them, but I keep getting distracted and reading entire guides and pages of comments...

I have to take my boyfriend to the airport at 5 in the morning (two hours from now) - I just decided to stay up until then, so I'm killing time Laughing out loud

Great guide so far. I"m up

Great guide so far. I"m up to 240 right now, and it's been smooth.

One thing to note though, is the chest in the Barrens is attached to the "Mission: Possible..." quest. As of sometime in 3.3, you need to be on the quest, and need to dump the mixture each time you loot the chest. Still easy to do, as by the time you delete the item, the chest is just re-spawning.

Boxes in Lake Everstill

Found that yes, 1 - 80 was achieved (easily) at Alther's Mill, that the boxes *in* the lake are still orange. So, while you do have to monitor your air levels, watch out for murlocs, as well as that elite thresher roaming about, each box gives an immediate skill up point.

Great guide! First time trying a rogue and finding these guides have helped ENORMOUSLY with each class I've taken on...

Thanks for all the hard work!! "A blessing on your head! Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov!" - Fiddler On the Roof

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A good glyph to get at lvl

A good glyph to get at lvl 15 is the glyph of lock picking because it give lock picking an instant cast instead of a 5 or 3 second cast.

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Lookin' good, Maw! Nice

Lookin' good, Maw! Nice revamp.

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The revamp is very good,

The revamp is very good, good to see that people are updating their guides Sticking out tongue .

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For Alliance 1-100

There are a lot of boxes on the bottom of the Lake Everstill. Get some waterbreathing potions, or a spell from a lock and you can work with them down there. I can't remember how high you can get, but I know it's higher than 100.

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I'm aware of this, and you

I'm aware of this, and you can level up down in that lake, but it's way slower than in the mill.


Eye Excellent guide. but i found that leveling my picklocking skill was much faster in BRD. Pick open a few doors and the lever. Then i would pickpocket a whole bunch of mobs in there for heavy lockboxes, stealth out, reset and repeat. I got spotted on the last time i was leaving, but it was much easier than dodging/killing the Scarlet at Tyer's Hand.

Edit:- and its much closer to the 225-250 section of this guild then flying all the way up to Tyer's Hand.

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Does pickpocket still open a

Does pickpocket still open a loot window? If so it's probably necessary to activate auto loot for the macros to work properly?! If I'm not wrong you should add that. If I am wrong, sorry Smiling


Not wrong, but he does

Not wrong, but he does mention it's wise to have autoloot on. Come to think of it, I've never been able to come up with a good reason to not have it on. I turn it off when grouping, but if I'm solo, it's on.

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Wow, I didn't realise there

Wow, I didn't realise there was this much trouble for rogues levelling lockpicking Sticking out tongue

Good guide.

I spotted one little typo, at the beginning, Horde 1-100 you've got loacted instead of located Smiling

EDIT: Ah, and Pick Pocet in the menu, instead of Pick Pocket and a tiny one, requires should be require in the Dented Footlocker instructions (for Badlands.

EDIT2: Oh, and just below the beginning of the 225-250 section, it says 'doesn't' where it should say 'don't'. One of your pictures says Sacrlet not Scarlet, but I'm not cruel enough to ask you to redo that one Sticking out tongue

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I hate typos I'll fix

I hate typos Sticking out tongue

I'll fix everything (including "Sacrlet") Eye

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The guide has been revamped

The guide has been revamped at 22/1/09.

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I approve of this revamp!

I approve of this revamp!

Just to remind you, as of a

Just to remind you, as of a recent patch. the poison quest chest cannot be used to level up LP as it has been changed to requiring a key, and can only be used once...

Alliance 1 - 100

I was wondering...while I was searching for that blasted toolbox, I came across several locked boxes on underwater shelves in the Redridge Lake Area. Are these for about the same skill level as the ones in the mill? I almost got ate by Nessie a few times, and could not open them (I am a priest).

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To be is to do - Voltaire
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Firstly, if you have found

Firstly, if you have found boxes under water that can be picklocked, I do not recommend you to use them because you will have to swim to the surface to breath every now and then. This is very time consuming. Just do as said in the guide, and you'll skill up your picklocking skill.

Secondly, as a priest, you cannot lockpick chests that require the Rogue's skill Pick Lock.

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Pick Lock is the only

Pick Lock is the only ability to pick locks, but not the only option.

Engineers/Blacksmiths can make keys to open chests, you know Smiling

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Very nice, and it was much

Very nice, and it was much needed Eye

Moved the guide to the rogue guides section.

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Good, but some suggestions

My rogue was my first character, and since I leveled mylcokpicking when I was a total newb, I know this guide is a useful one Smiling. However there are definitely some things that should be added to improve it:

  1. A pickpocket macro. This is the single most useful thing that helped me level my lockpicking. You can use a macro to automatically pickpocket when you ambush/garote/sap. It makes getting those junkboxes a breaze.
  2. The area where the footlockers can be found. Yeah, I can click on the link and go to Wowhead - but it would be so much more convenient to do something like:

      • Burial Chest - Located in the troll catacombs in northwest Ghostlands

  3. A little bit more text formatting, such as using indented lists as shown above.
  4. Please list the level of mobs that drop the junkbox you describe, and good places to farm them. This will make the guide much more valuable, in my opinion.

Hope you find these suggestions useful!

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Great improvements!

This is looking really good, I really like the way you show the map along with a shot of the footlocker and the area around it. The only thing I might add is a little circle around the arrow on the map - it's sometimes hard to see where it is, and a brightly colored circle or something would help. You can do this with MS paint. But the guide is still great as-is Smiling Thanks very much for making it!

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Lol, i did exactley what

Lol, i did exactley what said in your post, but before I read it. We think alike Sticking out tongue
And that might come in handy, considering how your guides are Smiling

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Still hard to see the

Still hard to see the circles in the maps. Do you have any professional photo editing program like Photoshop ?

If not, you should use a thicker line to create the circle Smiling

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I'm fully aware of this, and I know it's not wise to put out a guide before it's finished, but I know there are alot of guys that really needs some pointers about this, so I put this guide out now, with few details. I'm going to put more details in it the first thing tomorrow. The same goes for my brand new First Aid guide.
Thanks anyway, I'll take your advises in consideration Smiling

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I know how that is, I have

I know how that is, I have done similar things for my guides. I do suggest you put a note in the guide that it is a work in progress - you could even note what you are planning on adding if you want to. Then people like me won't come along suggesting things you already thought of Eye

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Looking good! Could use an

Looking good!

Could use an image here and there, though Smiling