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Leveling Inscription from 1 - 375

With WoTLK coming, many new features have been added since patch 3.0.2. The new profession Inscription is one of them.


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Patch 3.3.3 changes

Heya, Shikamaru. As of patch 3.3.3, several of the glyphs have had their inks dropped form 2 to 1. You'd have to go through them all to check which ones exactly. Just thought I'd mention it.

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Herb locations

Hey, Shikamaru,

I really like this guide, it really helped me. So just as a suggestion maybe you could add in which area(s) you can farm the herbs the best.

The guide is really good and keep on making such great guides Smiling

Just got here, will stay long...


From 290-300 Scroll of Stamina VI is only 1 Shimmering Ink and 2 Heavy Parchment each, and is orange till 300. MUCH more efficient than making 35 or so glyphs for the same skillups.

Couple of things

Hey Shikamaru,

Great guide, I'm glad you found it for us to follow and edited it ^^ Couple of things I've noticed:

1. Celestial Ink requires x2 Violet Pigment not x1 (possibly changed in a patch after you pasted this here)

2. In comparing guides from the web (and because I just love this site and hate having to leave off of it) I noticed there are a few other guides out there that have more steps. Reason: (example) 120-125 Glyph of XXX 125-135 Glyph of XXX instead of going straight 120-135. Possibly might want to change it up if you get some free time on your hands?

So like A) 120-125 Glyph of XXX B) Train new Glyph's C) Glyph of XXX 125-135... I've noticed that doing this, changing up the glyph you skill from as soon as new ones are available even if every 5 levels will help save on loads of materials.

Just some thoughts ^.^ Otherwise, is perfect! I'm at 205 skill now, if I notice any other changes like the Celestial Inks, I'll post back!

Alliance - Gnomeregan
Tovya - 71 NE Rogue
Tovyard - 65 Dwarf Hunter
Aledris - 64 Draenei DK

Alliance - Gnomeregan
Tovya - 71 NE Rogue
Tovyard - 65 Dwarf Hunter
Aledris - 64 Draenei DK

Following your guide

Following your guide currently to level my inscription. All good so far, except i have noticed near the start:

20 to ~38
Scroll of XXXX (1 Ivory Ink, 1 Common Parchment) x20

Those particular scrolls use Light Parchment.


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Thanks fixed

Thanks fixed Smiling

I'm pretty sure Bleached

I'm pretty sure Bleached Vellum doesn't exist in the game at the moment. All that is orange to me at 58 are Scroll of Recall and Armor Vellum. Scroll of Recall is probably the better choice since it only requires one parchment and one ink.

Might Want to Give Credit to the Original Writers? funny since they have a leveling guide as well...

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I'm not seeing the funny

I'm not seeing the funny part in that since I didn't get my guide there Eye

And before flaming on me please note this:

1. ''Note that I did not write this guide, I just edited it. I did the Text Formatting, removed some things, added some things like images, etcetra.''

2. They are NOT the original writers, all credits go to 2 players on the WoW-US forums for making this.

Please do proper research before flaming.


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Glad you cleared that up

Glad you cleared that up Eye

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I'm sure shikmaru will make

I'm sure shikamaru will make the necessary modifications as soon as possible. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Where you have the notes on

Where you have the notes on the guide part you have one small typo.
"Leveling Inscription

Notes on the Guide

Scroll of XXXX = Scroll of Agility/Intellect/Spirit/Stamina/Strenght"

I couldn't think of a signature =(

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Editing it right away,

Editing it right away, thanks for the notice Eye

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can i say..

I noticed in the opening paragraph:
no Glyph is "better" then another (then should be than)
both could equally desirable. (could *be)

-- This guide is wonderful, so easy on the eyes to read and gave me great info Laughing out loud
Im all ready to go farming for herbs now to get my inscription lvl up

Thanks for providing it, this page is going to be my reference from now on ^_^

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Done with the WoWhead itemization.

Anything else to add Smiling ?

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Awesome, can't think of

Awesome, can't think of anything else right now Sticking out tongue

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Fire away your questions / useful information that I should add to this guide Eye

Thanks in advance,


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Looks great Here's my first

Looks great Smiling Here are my suggestions:

1. Add wowhead links for each item. I know it's a lot of work, but it makes the guide so much better. I've done it for the Ivory Ink to show you how it looks Sticking out tongue

2. For headlines and titles, I recommend not using underline and italics. Keep it simple like this:

Types of Ink and How to Obtain Them

It's just easier for the eyes to read, and it just looks neater overall Sticking out tongue

Size=15 / 16 / 17 / 18 is fine. More is too much.

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I'd love to, but how

I'd love to do that!

But, the thing is.. I don't know how to do it.

Could you please explain it?

Has it something to do with ''Add code to format text as a link'' ?


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Oh, it's really easy. It's

Oh, it's really easy. It's like a normal link, besides you use the wowhead url.

First write the name of the item (it doesn't even have to be the accurate name), like for example:

Arcanite Reaper

Then go to wowhead and search for Arcanite Reaper, copy the url. In this case, the url is

If you're using the text formatting toolbar, simply select the text, click on the "Add Code to format text as link" button, a window will pop up, paste the wowhead url in there.


Arcanite Reaper

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Allright, I got it Smiling

If you don't mind, I'll start editing the guide and writing new ones on Friday, since I have school / football training tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks for the information.

Edit: I tried it, and it worked out Sticking out tongue

This will make it even better Smiling

Lots of suffering saved

at 290 now you can mill outland herbs and make them into the ethereal ink. This might not make a difference for those who are using this guide after leveling up an herbing toon from level 1 but on my dk I farmed up all the other levels of herb and this one I was doing in hellfire for the dreamfoil etc, and making ethereal inks for the last 10 levels to 300 seems easier then having to stockpile all those simmering inks for 10 levels.

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Cheers Smiling

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Edited Primal Farming Guide

I edited my Primal Farming Guide with the wowhead items.

If you could take a look at that, and tell me if it is done correctly, then I am sure I will do it correct with this one too! Eye