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Revisions for [35-42] Aphid's Guide to the Razorfen Downs.

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2010-10-21 02:39 by Jiyambi
2007-04-04 18:05 by Aphid

Added color to two items which weren't colored yet.

2007-04-04 18:02 by Aphid
2007-04-04 17:59 by Aphid

Added the drop chance for Carapace of Tuten'Kash

2007-04-04 17:54 by Aphid

Just corrected a typo I just noticed, nothing special. Also added the names of pots.

2007-04-02 06:09 by Aphid

Added a bit of stuff about glutton, and reformatted the paragraph about Amnennar

2007-04-01 22:01 by Aphid

I edited it to view the locations of the questgivers

2007-04-01 18:13 by Aphid

I added a picture of the instance to the guide :D

2007-04-01 17:51 by Aphid

I edited the name of the guide to be more in correlation with the existing names, i.e. changing the short-written RFD for the long written 'the razorfen downs'

2007-04-01 17:46 by Aphid
2007-04-01 17:46 by Aphid
2007-04-01 17:43 by Aphid

Some of the emoticons were not appearing in the correct fashion. In this new version, they are.

2007-04-01 17:41 by Aphid
2007-04-01 17:40 by Aphid

I have just recently started on this guide, so if you feel anything's missing, feel free to comment and i'll include it. Version 1.0 Motivation: There weren't much other guides on this particular instance here were there?