Snowflake's Bloodelf Starting Guide (1-12)

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This is a guide for players who start out as Blood Elves. It will guide you from level 1 to 12. If you need guides for any other level range (or race) please check out this page. Attention: Other races can't get quests described in this guide until Aiding the Outrunners on up. The quests before that point are only available to Blood Elves but any other race wishing to use this guide can level to 5 in their own starting area then continue on with this guide from that point.

Suggestion on how to use this guide (from PraterR)

I found that playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

The guide will be open in an internet window.
You then Alt-Tab to your WOW game. (Log in and enter game world)
Press escape and access your Video options. Near the top there is a checkbox with "Windowed Mode" inscribed next to it.
Check the Box [x] and press okay.

You will notice that you can move and stretch your WOW window in such a way as to see the internet guide above or below it.

When you need to click the internet window and scroll down or up (depending on how you want to view it) to the next paragraph of the guide.

General Tips/Remarks:

  • Always log out in an inn
  • Get bags as early as possible
  • Do not waste your time searching a group for quests mentioned in this guide unless you really can't kill something
  • In general, this guide does not guide you towards class quests or tradeskills
  • Spend your talent points to do the most damage
  • This guide can be finished in a few hours /played, should you see that you take several hours to complete one level, you are doing something wrong
  • Quests that aren't mentioned have been left out intentionally
  • This guide does not take into account PvP

Useful Addons:

Something that's amazingly useful is the Ace2 updater. Download and install it and the program will present you with a list of addons which all use the same library (hence they consume very few ressources). From that list you can choose addons that interest you (I downloaded Fubar quest mod, Fubar location, Cartographer, Bartender and a mod to make my UI look better) and the program will install all the addons for you. Furthermore you can run the program every time before you launch WoW and choose to update all installed modules for you.

Color Code:

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs
  • Locs

Level 1

Get [1] Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle from Magistrix Erona (who is in front of the big gazeebo building). Go down the big stairs and you should see plenty of Mana Wyrms. Kill 8 of them.

Level 2

Turn in [1] Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle at Magistrix Erona. Get the follow ups:

[1] Training
[3] Unfortunate Measures

Enter the big gazeebo building in front of you. Turn in [1] Training at your respective trainer. Train your skills (if you want). Get the follow up: [2] Well Watcher Solanian. Go up the ramp inside the building to Well Watcher Solanian and turn in [2] Well Watcher Solanian. Take both quests from him:

[4] Solanian's Belongings
[4] The Shrine of Dath'Remar

Jump down to the left. Get [4] A Fistful of Slivers from Arcanist Ithanas. Go through the gazeebo in front of you and get [3] Thirst Unending from Arcanist Helion. Sell junk if needed.

Go down the big stairs. Kill any Springpaw Lynx you come across. While down there, find a Mana Wyrm and use Arcane Torrent close to it. This will complete your quest.

Kill things in this area until you have:

  • 8 Lynx Collars
  • 6 Arcane Silver

Turn in all the finished quests. You should ding level 3 from turning them in. Get the follow up [3] Report to Lanthan Perilon from Magistrix Erona. Sell junk.

Level 3

Go south to (37.7, 24.9). Pick up Solanian's Journal.

You'll find Lanthan Perilon to the west at (35.4, 22.5). Turn in [3] Report to Lanthan Perilon and get the follow up: [4] Aggression.
**From now on kill every Tender and Feral Tender you find**.

Go south to (35.1, 28.9). Pick up Solanian's Scrying Orb.

Go northwest to (31.4, 22.8 ). Pick up Scroll of Scourge Magic.

Go west to (28.9, 19.5). You should get the "Shrine of Dath'Remar discovered" message. Read the tablet on the shrine.

Return to the quest givers while finishing [4] Aggression, then turn in all quests. You should ding level 4 from this if you aren't level 4 already.. Sell junk, repair and train your new abilities.

Level 4

Go back to Lanthan Perilon and turn in [4] Aggression. Get the follow up [5] Felendren the Banished.
Go southwest to (32.7, 25.6). Go up the ramp and kill the Arcane Wraiths. Go left and clear your way. Continue straight up the ramp and kill the Tainted Arcane Wraith aswell as the Arcane Wraith. One of these mobs on your way should drop Tainted Arcane Silver. Right click it and start the quest. Go up all the way to the top and kill whatever is in your way. Until you see Felendren the Banished in the middle of a big platform.

Personally, I first pulled the two Tainted Arcane Wraiths (can single pull them) and then I pulled Felendren. He is a shadow priest and casts mind flay so Arcane Torrent might help. I was level 5 when I arrived at his platform so the fight was particularly easy but you shouldn't have any problems killing him. Loot his head.

Once done, use your hearthstone. Turn in [4] Tainted Arcane Sliver at Arcanist Helion and sell junk. You should be level 5 by now.

Level 5

Return to Lanthan Perilon and turn in [5] Felendren the Banished. Get the follow up [5] Aiding the Outrunners. Go south east over the bridge towards the Ruins of Silvermoon. At (40,32) you should find Outrunner Alarion. Turn in [5] Aiding the Outrunners and get the follow up [5] Slain by the Wretched. Continue southeast towards the Ruins of Silvermoon. At (42,35) you should find Slain Outrunner. Turn in [5] Slain by the Wretched and get the follow up. Go back to Outrunner Alarion, turn in the quest and get the follow up. Now follow the main road southeast until you reach Falconwing Square.

Turn in [5] Completing the Delivery at the innkeeper.

Bind at the inn, train first aid and/or cooking (on top floor of the inn) if you want. Sell junk, restock arrows and food and buy bags if you can (General Goods Vendor is inside the inn).

Get the following quests:

[5] Major Malfunction
[5] Unstable Mana Crystals
[6] Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer
from the wanted poster.

Now go back to the main road which led you here, however instead of following it, jump off to the right side. Go to (45,37) and kill every Arcane Patroller on your way. Also loot every Unstable Mana Crystal Crate you find.

When you arrive at the location you should see a big run down building. It's called Commons Hall. Inside it you'll find Thaelis the Hungerer. Be careful to pull all the Wretched Urchins around him first before attacking Thaelis. Loot his head and make your way back towards Falconwing Square. Be sure to loot 6 Unstable Mana Crystals and 6 Arcane Cores (from the Arcane Patrollers) on your way. You should have dinged level 6 by now.

Level 6

At Falconwing Square turn in all your finished quests and get all follow ups. Train, repair and sell junk.

1. Exit Falconwing Square to the south. Go to (44,53) where you'll find the North Sanctum. Turn in [6] Delivery to the North Sanctum and get the follow up.

2. Go west to (36, 57). Turn in [5] Malfunction at the West Sanctum at Ley-Keeper Velania and get the follow up.

3. Kill 5 Mana Wraiths and Mana Stalkers around the West Sanctum. At the same time look for Darnassian Scout who lurks around at (36, 61). Kill him and loot Incriminating Documents from him. Right click the item to start a quest.

Once done, turn in [6] Arcane Instability and [6] Darnassian Intrusions at Ley-Keeper Velania. This should make you ding 7.

Level 7

4. Go behind the sanctum to (29,58). There you should find Hathvelion Sungaze. Get his quest.

5. Jump down the cliff and kill murlocs close-by until you've got 8 heads. While you kill murlocs it might be that you find Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters. Right click it for a quest (we'll turn that one in later). Go back to Sungaze and turn in the quest, get the follow up.

Hearthstone back to Falconwing Square. (Or walk if HS isn't up) Turn in [6] Incriminating Documents at Aeldon Sunbrand and get the follow up.

1. Go back to the North Sanctum. Be sure to be full health and buffed before you talk to Prospector Anvilward. Once you speak to him, follow his dialogue. He'll take you inside the building where he'll become attackable. Even though you can kill him at that point, he won't attack you right away. So if you are a hunter for example (at level 7 this might be difficult) take good distance and shoot him with your bow first. Loot his head.

NOTE: At the end of this section I'm adding an optional quest circuit. Don't bother doing it if your goal is to level asap (the quest path involves a lot of running around). However if you care for some additional faction/exp/gold, skip the rest of this note, continue right away with paragraph 2 and follow the steps marked as "optional".
For those who DON'T do the additional quests: just go back to Falconwing Square now, turn in [7] The Dwarven Spy and get the follow up [7] Fairbreeze Village (train and sell junk). From there head south towards the Fairbreeze Village, continue with steps 2 & 3 and skip the paragraphs marked as "optional".

2. At (45,56) you should see Apprentice Ralen, get his quest.

3. Further south at (44,60) you should find Apprentice Meledor. Turn in [6] Roadside Ambush. Get the follow up. Dive under the bridge just in front of you. There should be a book under water looking like this:

Loot it and return to Apprentice Meledor. Turn in the quest and don't get the follow up UNLESS you want to do the optional part. If you don't want to do it, continue straight to Fairbreeze Village (*) and skip the following two paragraphs.

OPTIONAL: Go to (55, 54) and turn in [6] Taking the Fall at Instructor Antheol (O-1), get the follow up. Now go to (50,50) where you should see Ranger Jaela (O-2). Accept her quest. Now return to both apprentices (Ralen and Meledor) target them and right-click the rod from your inventory that Anetheol gave you.

OPTIONAL: Go back to Instructor Anetheol, however on the way through the Dead Scar kill 8 Plaguebone Pillagers. Turn in [6] Swift Discipline and go back to Ranger Saela. Turn in.
Return to Falconwing Square, turn in [7] The Dwarven Spy and get the follow up [7] Fairbreeze Village. Train and sell junk. Then go south to the Fairbreeze Village (*).

Level 8

Set Fairbreeze Village as your new home point.

Turn in [7] Fairbreeze Village at Ranger Degolien and get the follow up. Get the following quests:

  • [7] Pelt Collection
  • [7] Situation at Sunsail Anchorage
  • [9] Ranger Sareyn
  • [9] The Wayward Apprentice
  • [9] Saltheril's Haven
  • [10] The Scorched Grove

Turn in [9] Ranger Sareyn just up the hill southeast, next to the ballistas. Get the follow up.

**From now on kill every Springpaw Stalker or Elder Springpaw on your way**

1. First go southwest to (38,73) where you should be able to hand in [9] Saltheril's Haven. Get the follow up [9] The Party Never Ends. Go north to (36,66) where you'll find a camp of NPCs. Get both quests there. Also turn in [8] Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters if you got the item earlier. Now follow the green line marked on the map.

2. First stop at the big white gazeebo and run circles around it while killing Wretched Thugs and Wretched Hooligans and looting Weapon Containers.

3. Continue to the murlocs and kill them until you have 6 Captain Kelisendra's Cargo. (You can loot those as well from barrels close to the murlocs)
Watch out for Mmmrrrggglll (named murloc), who roams along the beach. Kill him and loot his head. While killing murlocs it might happen that you get Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters. If you get it, loot it and right click it for an extra quest.

4. At Hathvelion Sungaze (30,58), turn in [9] The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll. Go south east and swim over the sea to (36,66). Turn in all your quests. This should make you ding level 9 if you didn't already ding.

Level 9

Get the follow up from Velendris Whitemorn: [8] Wretched Ringleader.

5. Go back to the big white tower-like building and fight your way up. At the top you'll find Aldaron the Reckless with two guards. If you are careful you can probably pull the guards solo before you kill Aldras. If you don't manage you'll have to fight him + a guard. Once done, loot his head, jump down the building and run back to Velendris Whitemorn. Turn the quest in and go back to Fairbreeze Village while killing the rest of the Springpaw Stalker you might still need.

Turn in [7] Situation at Sunsail Anchorage and get the follow up [10]Farstrider Retreat.

Turn in [7] Pelt Collection.

Sell junk. Also while here, talk to the vendor outside the inn and get Bundle of Fireworks.

1. Follow the road southeast until you hit the Dead Scar and you should see Darkwraiths. Kill 4 of them while going north and also killing 4 Rotlimb Marauders.

2. Once you arrive at the East Sanctum go to (54,71). There you should find Apprentice Mirvenda. Turn in [9] The Wayward Apprentice and get the follow up.

3. Collect 8 Tainted Soil Samples and turn the quest in at Apprentice Mirvenda.

4. Get to full HP/Mana and take the follow up. Protect Mivenda from the Scourge Attack. Three level 8/7 mobs wills spawn and attack her. Kill them one by one as fast as possible. Mirvenda can tank a little but don't leave the mobs on her too long. Once they are dead, turn in the quest and get the follow up [9] Research Notes.

You should be level 10.

Level 10

5. Go northeast to Farstrider Retreat (60,62).

Turn in [10] Farstrider Retreat and get the following quests:

  • [10] Amani Encroachment
  • [10] The Magister's Apprentice
  • [10] The Spearcrafter's Hammer

Also talk to the lady near the bonfire in the middleroom and pick up Springpaw Appetizers.

6. Go northeast to (67,56) where you should find Apprentice Loralthalis.

Turn in [10] The Magister's Apprentice and get:

[10] Deactivating the Spire
[10] Where's Wyllithen?

7. Now fight your way north to (68,47) where you should find Groundskeeper Wyllithen. Turn in [10] Where's Wyllithen? and get the follow up [10] Cleaning up the Grounds.

8. Now fight your way from Groundkeeper Wyllithen, to Silvermoon. Enter Silvermoon, train/buy food/visit AH/etc. Either once you are done with that or on your way, go to murder row and search for the innkeeper there. Next to him you should find Vinemaster Suntouched, get Suntouched Special Reserve from him. Also while you are here, don't forget to grab your class quest from you class trainer (instructions for class quests won't be included, you'll have to do them on your own).

Once you are done, exit Silvermoon and go back to Wyllithen while making sure to have killed 6 Mana Serpents and Ether Fiends. Turn in [10] Cleaning up the Grounds.

9. Now go to (68,52) and use the orb of translocation. Fight your way to the floating green crystal in front of you and click to deactivate it.
Go to the next floor, clear everything and deactivate the second crystal. On the second floor you'll also find Magister Duskwither's Journal. Loot and right click to start the quest [10] Abandoned Investigations. Go to the next floor. Clear everything and deactivate the last crystal. Then right click the orb of translocation.

10. Fight your way back to Apprentice Loralthanis and turn in [10] Deactivating the Spire, take the follow up.

Go back to Farstrider Retreat. Go to Magister Duskwither and turn in:

[10] Word from the Spire
[10] Abandoned Investigations

Sell junk etc.

You should be level 11 by now.

Level 11

1. Go to Tor Watha. Kill every Amani Axethrower and Berserker on your way. Go to (70,72) where you should find Ven'Jashi, get his quest.

2. Search and kill Spearcrafter Otembe (he should be close-by). Loot his hammer.

3. Go to (61,80) where you should see a big troll house. Fight your way to the second floor and kill Chieftain Zul'Marosh. Loot his head and the invasion plans. Right click the invasion plans for a quest. Go back to Ven'Jashi. Turn in [11] Zul'Marosh. Make sure you killed 5 Amani Berserkers and 5 Amani Axe Throwers.

Go back to Farstrider Retreat, turn in all quests. Get the follow up [11] Warning Fairbreeze Village which you can turn in right after Hearthstoning to Fairbreeze Village.

From the Fairbreeze Village go southwest to Saltheril's Haven (38,73) and turn in [9] The Party Never Ends.

If you are not level 12 yet, here's one more circuit.

Go to (34,80) and turn in [10] The Scorched Grove at Larianna Riverwind. Take the follow up: [9] A Somber Task. Now while searching for Old Whitebark around (34,84) kill 10 Withered Green Keepers. Once you kill Old Whitebark, loot his pendant and right click it for a quest. Turn in both quests at Larianna Riverwind. Get the follow up. Go to the big bluish runestone in the Scorched Grove (37,86). Right click the Old Whitebark's Pendant from your inventory there. Fight the Whitebark's Spirit that spawns and turn in [10] Whitebarks Memory.

You should be level 12 now. Congratulations Smiling

This is the end of my guide, you can continue with this guide now. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave feedback!



I don't know  if it was following your guide or not but i leveled a lot faster than you said.

This isnt a bad thing but when on your guid lvl 9 i was lvl 14.

O think you should check that out.

Other than that it was awesome.

Great Guide

Really good guide that's easy to follow. I did all of the optional quests and I found myself being one level ahead of the guide but it just made everything a lot easier then they would have already been.

Omerta's picture

Thank you


Your Guide Was Great had no trouble at all with it and helped me start off my first char ever and only died once (i was AFK) so thanks alot Smiling

Stay (sic) any maggots

\m/-(^_^)-\m/ Stay (sic) Maggots

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I signed up to this site just so I could make this comment Sticking out tongue

I enjoyed following the guide and found it really accurate and just perfect really. No mistakes, except for the Ring of Mmmmrrrgggglll thingy, but just a simple mistake doesnt matter.

So yeah great guide 5 stars, look foward to using your other ones.

The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll

Let me start off by saying that you have made a wonderful guide. It is easy to read and follow. Laughing out loud

But the real reason on this comment was to point out a mistake so you may fix it.

Under Level 8 at number 3 you say to "Watch out for Mmmrrrggglll (named murloc), who roams along the beach. Kill him and loot his head." but instead of picking up his head you would be picking up the ring. Sticking out tongue
Just figured you'd like to know Smiling

at Hathvelion Sungaze (30,58)

[9] The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll quest was never started in the guide.

I can't find where the quest is started anywhere in the guide.

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I think you are wrong. If you look at the first step of level 7 section, you see that the guide says to turn in a quest at Hathvelion Sungaze AND get the follow up. The follow up is the quest you are talking about Smiling. By the way this way of spotting quests is kinda confusing for some players, in fact in the Northrend leveling guides Jame always says the quest name, not just "get the follow up". In this way players won't be in confusion.


Smiling Hey i just wanted to say this guide is great i breezed through it with no problems and got halfway to lvl 13 by the end (i did all optional quests) but yea i wasnt confused with anything and completed the whole guide in one quick night of playing THX

Found a mistake:

"1. First go southwest to (38,73) where you should be able to hand in [9] Saltheril's Haven."

The direction should be "North West" not south west.

Jame's picture

Fixed, thanks!

Fixed, thanks!

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Actually, southwest was

Actually, southwest was correct. The previous location is just a tiny bit further north than this location. The direction is almost due west, but it tends south slightly. You do have to go north to go through Fairbreeze village, but the building itself is more south than north overall.

Jame's picture

Ah, shucks. Well, look what

Ah, shucks.

Well, look what you made me do, Draknoth! -35 Karma for you!

j/k }:)

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Love the guide BUT...


Yeah something confuses me, After killing Prospector Anvilward and looting his head, i cant figure out if i gotta turn in that Quest After or Before i do Optional Part Puzzled ( ofc i wanna do the Optional part Sticking out tongue )

Thats pretty much it Eye Oh yeah btw LOVE YOUR GUIDE =) gives fast elveling
hope you can use my Comment Smiling

Main: Studmuffin,Hunter,
Death-Kngihts is Op but I Love them Eye

Main: Studmuffin,Hunter
Death-Knights are OP But i still Love Blizz for giving them to us Eye

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One Error

Hey there Snowflake, great guide. Of course, I found one thing that was somewhat misaccurate. It was in the level 2 section, and with 3.0.1 it was changed.

Go down the big stairs. Kill any Springpaw Lynx you come across. Kill and MANA TAP (your racial ability) Mana Wyrms. To mana tap, just put the ability on a hotkey and use it during fight. You can also pull with it. However there is a 30 seconds cooldown on it.

I think it should be something like:

Go down the big stairs. Kill any Springpaw Lynx you come across. While down there, find a Mana Wyrm and use Arcane Torrent by it. This will complete your quest.

Or something like that.

Great guide! Smiling


Comment me on my blog.

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I also noticed that change (and In my opinion the new arcane torrent is just awesome) but if you pull with that you won't complete the quest; you need to use it in melee-range to complete the quest.


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Thanks a lot, you made it

Thanks a lot, you made it easy for me to fix this Smiling

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Great Guide, Excellent work Snowflake

The guide works well, everything is nicely compact and the optional quest circuit at the end is a great addition to have.

Great guide for priests

I've levelled 2 priests on different realms using your guide and just wanted to add a small update.

For the optional part at level 7 you should do it if you are a priest as you get the priest quest from top floor of inn at falconwing square at level 6 which requires you to go to Ranger Jaela (O-2) anyway so you might as well accept the quest while you are there.

Furthermore I didn't see any priest quest at 10 when I went to the priest for training.

Great guide though although I'm at level 8 at 3 hours in dunno how the hunter did it in 1.5 hours Sad

Non Blood Elf

As has been stated in a comment, the first quest non blood elves can take is "Slain by the Wretched" and not "Aiding the Outrunners" as the guide suggests.

One question, are all quests in the area accounted for in this and the next part?

Apart from wanting to get to lvl 21 and doing an area I have never done before I am very interested in the reputation so I want to pick up every available quest in eversong and ghostlands.

Also, as always, amazing work guys!

Jame's picture

Thanks for pointing this

Thanks for pointing this out, I'll edit it.

As for the other question, I'm not 100% sure, we'd have to ask Snowflake. From my experience, I'd say the guide uses 99% of the quests available in both zones.


Thorough, concise...awesome guide!
Having drudged slowly (without guides for my first two lvl 70's) to progress, I've been very anti-guide. But this has been extremely helpful. Snowflake IS FTW!

Hey man, new member here,

Hey man, new member here, jsut wanted to let you know i started a new character with your guide and it is awesome, hit level 10 on my hunter with 1 1/2 played. hit 12 with 2 hours 24 mins played. thanks for the great guide.

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Great guide Snowflake.


Great guide Snowflake.

Very easy to follow and saves lots of running around time. Dinged lvl 13 in less than 6 hours played including doing the hunter pet training, running to UC, Org and TB for flightpaths and to pick up two pets for my hunter!


"A diamond is just a lump of coal that did well under pressure!"

Blog -
Twitter - Ziboo subject really..just cant think of 1

i dinged lvl 13 before i went to ghostlands yay!


Thank you very much! Laughing out loud

The whole entire guide worked for me except one part. Sticking out tongue
Before you get the follow up [8] Wretched Ringleader you need to do one more quest... can't recall what it was, but you had to collect some weapon crates (there at the same place the thugs and hooligans hang out.)

Great Guide!
I got to lvl 12 in no time

lol bruv

lol bruv,it is there its called sin'dori arnaments and its clearly stated twice that its to be done at the same time as the 1 were you need to kill the wretched hooligans+thugs

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Hmm strange I tried the way you did it with Mmmrrrggglll but I still couldent do it before i had tried 4 times Puzzled only reason I was able to do it was that a Paladin came and healed me to full hp

Main: Studmuffin,Hunter Sticking out tongue

Main: Studmuffin,Hunter
Death-Knights are OP But i still Love Blizz for giving them to us Eye

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Mmmrrrggglll howto

I saw Mr. Mmmrrrggglll pass me by at lvl 8. Got to full health and mana and started with

Auto - Concussive Shot - Auto - Arcane Shot - Auto - Serpent Sting

he healed, but I stopped it with an Arcane Torrent and finished him with a Raptor Strike.

I still had full health to deal with the add...

Just keep distance and remember you can strafe away inbetween auto shots while you can still use the the instant cast shots.

Hope it helps

zyzx - orc warrior - wildhammer - Pink n Pwning
drzyzx - tauren druid - wildhammer - Pink n Pwning
pazyzx - belf mage - wildhammer
shyzx - troll shaman - wildhammer
zynter - belf hunter - wildhammer

zyzx - Orc Warrior - Wildhammer - Pink n Pwning
Diskspace - Troll Priest - Wildhammer (guide test char)

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I Love your Guide

I Love your Guide it worked with my Rogue, Warlock, Paladin can't wait until im done with your 12-21 guide=)I think it's the best guide I have tried, haven't tried that many yet=)

admin's note: fixed spelling, please be more careful in the future

Main: Studmuffin,Hunter
Death-Knights are OP But i still Love Blizz for giving them to us Eye

Printer Friendly version

Dear Snowflake, Jame

I'm afraid there's a small problem with the printer friendly version of your guides (perhaps even the whole website). I've tested it on a couple of guides and it seems that more than one guide appears in the printer friendly version. E.g. in this guide also Blake's blood elf guide a nemeless one and Dreadheaths appears.

Thank you for great guides.


Jame's picture

Hmm, that's weird. I'll look

Hmm, that's weird. I'll look into it, thank you for pointing it out.

Great guide :-)

Great guide snowflake, really nice.
I've levelled (for testing purposes) a paladin, priest and rogue with this guide, and haven't had trouble with anything.

Gonna go to the 12-21 portion now Sticking out tongue

I'll keep you updated there

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Not every class...

Yeah as a priest for example you get class quest at lvl 6. Thanks for this guide btw, i got trought it really fast. ^^

Great guide snowflake, I've

Great guide snowflake, I've managed to get to level 12 (and higher) painlessly now knowing what to do with all these quests in my log. One problem though, at level 10, shouldn't you mention while in Silvermoon to go to your trainer and get the level ten quest? You don't really need any specific details but some people would like the reminder. Thanks! Smiling

Snowflake's picture

Thank you for the feedback

Thank you for the feedback Aelerissa. I wonder about the level 10 quests though, does every class have one? I mean even warriors and say mages for example? (Been a long time so I don't remember)

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Hello Snowflake. Thanks for

Hello Snowflake. Thanks for the wonderful guide. Indeed, I think that all classes have a special quest available only to them at level 10. I just picked up the mage one from Instructor Antheol (loc: 55.7, 54.4, right south of Silvermoon). I also recall doing one on my Warrior and my Priest... actually all classes at level 10. However, I can't say for sure, my memory's not the best Eye.

But still, many thanks for this guide.

Snowflake's picture

Thanks, added it

Thanks, added it Smiling

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Boston's picture

Paladins, I believe, are the

Paladins, I believe, are the only class that does not get a level 10 quest. They get their resurrection quest at level 12.

No not the town. The rock band!

No not the town. The rock band!

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Great guide!

Loved the guide, used it on my new blood elf mage and it works great! Just one thing - at the end of the guide, before hearthstoning to Fairbreeze Village, it would be nice to pick up the quest "Warning Fairbreeze Village" from Lieutenant Dawnrunner (same NPC you turn one of the quests in). You turn it in at Fairbreeze Village for a few extra xp, plus some cash and gear Eye

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How could I possibly forget

How could I possibly forget that, thanks Smiling

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Awsome Guide

Hey snowflake really good guide did it in like 3 hours and also go to level 13.5... so i am stoked to start next one thanks alot

tnx mate

Jawdropping! dude its just awsome only thing i can say about it .. good work!! Sticking out tongue

Love the guide

Made finding it around a new place a very enjoyable and easy experience Smiling Thanks for the guide.

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Simply awesome

My Bloodelf Paladin dinged 12 in 4 hours 25 minutes.
Considering this is my first Horde char I was really surprised how quick it went.
I even have the last circuit left (the small one in the end) but I'm gonna do it anyway Eye after that the followup guide will come in to play.

Greetz J

Very helpful

Thank you for the guide, my wife and I both hit 10 in less than 4hrs played, and we're both up to 20 now after about 12 hrs played

I mostly wanted to skip the boring low level stuff and this was the best way to do it.

1-12 Bloodelf Guide

Nice fast efficient guide for Blood elfs for lvl 1=12. Took me just a few hours total. Thanks guys for a fast detailed walk through.


I have just finished to follow the guide.
Very nice, easy to follow and with no mistakes. Tomorrow I will start the other guide for BEs, then i'll go with James all the way to 70.

Gratz! Great work! Keep it up Smiling

Great Guide :D

This is a great guide Laughing out loud
I actually had a few murloc quest I didn't knew excist xD
lvl'ed up faster then usually, but I was around 1lvl ahead each time xD
I don't think people mind that, then they lvl up a little bit faster ;p

Keep up the good work, will soon start on following guide Smiling

Great guide!

Really great guide, have been really helpful to me since I usually don't have much time to play WoW and want to lvl up my characters pretty fast.
But, I always seemed to be around 1 level ahead of the guide =P not a big problem though.
Flawless guide man, gj!

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Excellent guide. I'm currently leveling a mage on a pvp server (God knows why...) so this has helped =] I plan to follow your Ghostlands guide, then Jame's to 70. You've mentioned quests I've never knew existed:P So thanks for your effort. The only trouble Ive had so far is the murlocs, but I guess thats because Im a mage and I pull about 2-3 Laughing out loud Im a level ahead of the guide for some reason so great work! Keep it up Smiling



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