Jame's Horde Leveling Guide

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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range (or race) please check out this page.


If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper version of the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


Is leveling guides effective anymore?

Me and my brother purchased Cataclysm a few months back and we played for about 2 months and then we quit, (not enough time to play). But my question is whether these leveling guides is effective anymore? I mean Blizzard have made it much more easier to do quests, its almost like they built in a leveling guide in the game.

I remembered a few years back where leveling guides such as Dugi's, and even the very popular at the time Joana's were very effective and made a huge difference in leveling time. Is the difference really that big nowadays? 

Note: References to hop.clickbank.net were edited out by LM.

I have used both guides, the

I have used both guides, the main difference i see between the two is what zygors guide calls dynamic leveling (or something), which basically means the guide checks what level you are, checks the level of the quest, if its a chain that would result in quests your level, etc and then decides whether its worth you taking or skipping the quests.  Whilst good in theory, there have been a few times that it has cocked up and skipped quests that are vital for other quests, or sent me all round the houses to get 1 quest that wasnt really worth it or i was unable to get as i skipped a prequest.

The long and short of it is, both guides are VERY good, I have used Wow-Pro's guides for a long time and have recommended them to several friends.  If you have the money to spare, give Zygors a go, but there isnt a HUGE difference, and personally I would rather save the money and get something that does the same job.. but for free.


This is obv a 'zygor review' but hope you leave this post here as everyone is entitled to know what is out there (Plus.. i still say yours is better as its free :D )

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Ty.  Your post was very

Ty.  Your post was very helpful.

Horde leveling and dailies guide

I was having some trouble finding a good horde lvling guide till i came across this horde leveling and dalies guide . I took a risk and purchased it and it really paid off. Its a very easy to understand horde leveling and dalies guide. I would recomend u think about getting this guide as it has worked wonders for me and helped improve my gaming experience.



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Really?? Seriously?? Zygor's

Really?? Seriously?? Zygor's guide the cheapest.....urm $60 vs ours $0. I think it worked wonders for you because you're being paid to say that.

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A question?

What is the difference besides price from Zygor's guide and your guides? 

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Some Links

Hello all,

Since this site has helped me greatly troughout many years, let me try to return the favor.

I'll put some links to the Horde levelling guide in this post, I hope this tread is the right one,I chose it because everyone seems to end up here.

Well here we go.












This is all that I could find (in 20 min.)I'm not going to put other guide links in this post, becouse i feel this one is way too long already.

Hope it helps in some way,


Their fighting skill isn´t the thing that bothers me. The thing that bothers me, is their lack of staying dead.

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Thanks very much! Hopefully

Thanks very much! Hopefully we'll get the normal navigation system restored ASAP!

Can't find the leveling guide.

Hi there. I can't find the Horde Guide by james either.
I've tried searching for it, but the only result, even if I select the two mains results is this page :S

Thanks guys.

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That's very strange. When I

That's very strange. When I search "Jame's Horde Leveling Guide", all of his guides show on the search result.

Unfortunately the guide categories are very broken right now and I can't really give you a link with all of his guides on them - we're working to fix that ASAP.

For now, let me know what level range you need and I'll find it for you and link it.

Leveling guides

Could use the horde 70-80 Dragonblight , Grizzly hills ,Zul"drak , sholazar Basin & Icecrown .

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James Horde guides should now

James Horde guides should now all be listed in the above post. Hope that helps.

Can't find the guide?


I can't find your guide, can you give me a link or help?

Thanks for your really good work!

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Right now, the site is having

Right now, the site is having some growing pains. Use the search function in the upper right to find the actual guides - try "Jame's Horde Leveling Guide" and you should get a list of them.

Sorry! We're doing our best to fix it ASAP!

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Sorry but I can't find where

Sorry but I can't find where to click to have the guide in itself ? Smiling

Help please Smiling

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Right now, the site is having

Right now, the site is having some growing pains. Use the search function in the upper right to find the actual guides - try "Jame's Horde Leveling Guide" and you should get a list of them.

Sorry! We're doing our best to fix it ASAP!

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I can finally enjoy soloing through WoW and make excellent progress doing so! Your guide is what the key to enjoying this game and not feeling like your stuck. Laughing out loud

Love these guides

Barf! I love these guides i have got like 7 80s using these guides.


Hey there! This guide owns it makes lvling funner but pls make there be two paths in certain areas where u can choose a zone to do a quest circuit In or do an alternate one in another zone. Then u don't have to suffer in a zone u hate! Jawdropping! exept then I wouldn't have went to desolace and have you shown me that tower with the argent Dawn guy, who would've known one if azeroths most beautiful locations Is in desolace?

Thrall owns. Cairne owns. Vol'jin owns. Slyvannas owns. Garrosh owns... Joke he's gay. The belf guy... Who cares bout him?

Thrall owns. Cairne owns. Vol'jin owns. Slyvannas owns. Garrosh owns... Joke he's gay. The belf guy... Who cares bout him?

What can I expect?

I have full heirloom gear and doing only instances from 15 lvl on will take me 3 days played time to reach lvl 60.

If I follow this guide can I expect better result ( also with heirloom items )? Smiling

Well, it takes me just a

Well, it takes me just a little above 3 days to go from 1 to 80 by doing nothing but solo questing with heirlooms. (between 1.5 and 2 days for level 60). I'm pretty sure though, that I am amongst the fastest solo levelers out there (as far as I know, nobody has challenged my old time (http://jamewowpro.blogspot.com/2010/02/1-80-in-3-days-played-with-no-rested.html), which I have undercut by 6 or 7 hours by now (: )

So I guess, you'll have to try for yourself. If speed leveling is your cup of tea, you'll certainly see better times from solo questing... if not: just spamming dungeons has become pretty competive, so I suggest you'll just do what seems most appealing to you for now
Note: jumping in and out the guide becomes a lot easier when you hit the burning crusade content. Simply doing one zone and then the next with a generous level range is pretty nice. (In the old world you gotta stay close to the recommended level since otherwise there'll be some grey quests to you / some that are of annoying difficulty and quite a few quests require you to visit a different zone, which is fine if you want to do it anyways, but if you didn't want to is probably a waste of time. BC / wotlk content is far more streamlined. Pick a zone, and you can simply quest in it, or stop it halfway through and still be able to progress to the next one without skipping a single quest in that one (should you chose to that is... Hellfire penisula is probably fair game till level 65 or sth Laughing out loud )
Pretty stupid design, if you ask me... From bc content onwards quest rewards are always there, and you get pretty decent gear anyways, while my warlock for example replaced his green level 20 pants no earlier then level 60. Plus by level 60 all classes are pretty fast destroyers of mobs anyways (yay for exciting ultimate talents at the bottom of the talent tree):x
But whatever... NOW you can comfortably run dungeons without figuring out which parts of the zone you can safely skip without leaving out pre quests for later :x

Uhm... after rereading i got to say this comes off a lot harsher then intended. The old world quests are pretty cool, too. And it is entirely possible to run a few dungeons here and there if one feels like it (I tried it, it works! Laughing out loud ).

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I think that really depends.

I think that really depends. At the moment the guides are not optimized for heirloom leveling.

What I do is simply hop into the guide whenever I get bored with instances, and vice versa. It may not be quite as fast as straight up instance grinding, but it's more enjoyable for me.

Incorrect cords

I am going through the new guide for the horde and have noticed quite a few things not working the same as the old one. Some steps seem 'skipped' i.e. hearth to ______. Also, quite a few different steps have the posted cords way off from where they should be. One i remember is for the quest 'Further Instructions' i needed to turn it in at Rachet and it gave Camp T cords. No QH installed, Have TomTom, the leveling guide, and lightheaded. Please help.

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Unfortunately, the version

Unfortunately, the version of the leveling guide you are using is no longer being supported. We are in transit to a new leveling guide fully coded by WoW-Pro members. It's in it's baby alpha stages right now and I won't recommend it to you yet since it probably has about an equal number of things not working, but soon it will be available to the general WoW-Pro public and should be a big improvement on the old guide Smiling

the version?

I used to have the one where the horde and alliance where separate, now it seems like there was a 'new' one that combines them. Am I correct in thinking that the one on the site now that says updated for 3.3 is already old? I wish that I didn't delete the first version that I had, the one separate of tourguide. Is there a way to get that one back? How soon until the new guide is fully coded, any ETA?

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Hi Drubin. I wish I could

Hi Drubin.

I wish I could give you more answers regarding the "old" addon (the one either using directly or heavily based on Tour Guide). However, I hadn't been involved in that addon's development and support for quite some time prior to it being discontinued. So I can't really help you out there Sad

As far as the new addon, it's still pretty rough but I would expect a more open beta type version available within a month. We hope to have a polished, finished product before Cataclysm hits, but most people project that for late summer or fall so that's a long way off. Regardless, we should have something use-able in a month, at most two.

Alliance Storm Peaks Addon Guide Completed

I have completed/tested and posted a Storm Peaks guide for Alliance.

I would appreciate feedback.


guide of awesomeness :D

thanks for the guide, james! i got my blood elf to 65 in about 5 days, compared to how long it took my mage and druid, thats a major improvement Smiling

I tried your addon James

I tried your addon James thought it was great and I might want to do a comparison of it on my own site check out our comparisons page of listed premium leveling addons..

My Links:

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While more publicity is

While more publicity is always good, you might want to wait to do any write up for us since we have a completely revamped addon guide on the way! It should be complete in time for cataclysm.

I can hardly wait for this

I can hardly wait for this guide. I have used your original guide several times and figuring out new and faster ways to level always makes me happy.

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Just keep going. Do any

Just keep going. Do any quests in Howling Fjord that you haven't done yet. If you keep following the guides and do all of the quests in all of the zones you will be 80 (or close) when you're finished with Grizzly Hills.

Storm Peaks

I havn't quite gotten to the Icecrown area as such yet but noticed there were no guides listed for storm peaks? I know most people are leveled by that point but it's a great area and thought I would at least ask if there were any thoughts to adding a section for it.
Thanks Smiling

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Jame has been away from his

Jame has been away from his guides for some time now. I know he originally planned to write guides for each zone of Northrend, but it is likely that, if and when he returns, he will be concentrating on Cataclysm content. So these guides may never get written by him. However there are a few great guide writers here on WoW-Pro who are trying to fill in the gaps in these guides.

As yet I don't think there is a Storm Peaks guide, however Sad

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I've written a Storm Peaks

I've written a Storm Peaks (Horde) guide for the addon if you want to get it. You can find a link to it here. As far as a paper version goes, I do have an organized list of the quests that I wrote my guide from. It's not really a guide (and way below Jame's quality or I would have posted it here), but if you would like it, send me a PM and I'll get it to you.


The original leveling guides

The original leveling guides in Tourguide contain a decent Storm Peaks guide. It also contains a Sholazar Basin & Icecrown guide which are pretty decent. Maybe those can help you!

I seem to remember that someone on wow-pro added or posted a link to his/her Storm Peaks guide some time ago. Could be wrong though!

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Jame is a bit busy with real

Jame is a bit busy with real life matters, and sadly, I don't think these zones will come as I think jame will be focusing on The Cataclysm expansion.

But Scoot already wrote some nice guides ( I know atleast for the horde ) to a few of the zones. You can find them here.

As for the Gold, you might wanna check out The WoW Millionaire posts. Or the more indepth one; WoW-Pro Gold Making Guide.


Sorry i know this probely is not the correct place to post this and feel free to delete/remove this.

I have followed all the guides as my horde druid up to level 71, but due to a long due hosp viste when i reloaded world of warcraft i have no idea what section of the guide i am up 2!

Any help that anyone can give me will be most gratefully received.

Top notch guides.

Jame's Guide and Addon

I just wanted to say thanks Smiling I have a few 80's already and always found I was stumbling through most of it haphazardly so when I went horde I was even more lost. This guide is FANTASTIC and the addon is the most simple thing I've yet to encounter. Thank you so much for making the game more enjoyable and lowering the frustration level of always tabbing out.

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Battlegrounds instead of grinding

I found usefull and fun, to go into battlegrounds instead of grinding if caught behind exp.wise since patch 3.2 modifications to BGs. Maybe you could recomend this in your guides.


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Very good point! I suppose

Very good point! I suppose it's a type of grinding, but it might want to be mentioned specifically. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Another perk

I found that often when coming out of a BG, you are filled with buffs from other players, very usefull while you continue to quest.

Leveling guide changed?

Has the horde leveling guide changed? The guide i had before, which i downloaded a week ago, has changed and when i just downloaded it again. I clicked the same link as before. Is the old one still around?

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The only thing that may have

The only thing that may have changed is an increase number of coordinates or clarity in objectives. Make sure you are using guides that say "WoW-Pro" in the title, otherwise you're using the default tour guide guides, not ours.

20% more exp from Account Bound items

How should I know which quests to skip when I got this?

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I believe someone is working

I believe someone is working on a guide for this, but at the moment we don't have one. Just skip quests you don't like or ones that are taking a long time, and skip ahead if quests turn gray.

Jame. Best. Guide. Ever.

Jame. Best. Guide. Ever. I've used it religiously before, but you just outdid yourself by adding the in-game addon. My only question is why you haven't added it to Curse yet, but either way, awesome job making the WoW experience even better.

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Thanks for the nice

Noob experience

Jame - yo're a star.

My first character was Horde undead rogue and he hit lvl 80 this week.

I used the Northrend guides from level 70 upwards. I always had rest experience (i only play 2-3 hrs a night), did very few group quests/dungeons, did plenty of the dailies in GH (especially those around the ships - 80k XP for 10 mins work) and finally ran out of guide just after reaching lvl 78. I moved to SB and did the Nessingway quests and then moved to Icecrown and dinged 80 not long after doing the quests from the airship. Lighthearted is a great benefit for questing first timers.

I still have massive areas of Northrend to explore but it will be so much easier as a lvl 80.

The tips i can try and pass on as regards gold making are:
Play the AH - get Auctioneer (but dont always trust it) let it scan the AH over a couple of weeks to get an idea of prices, create yourself a banker (i got mine to lvl 20 so he could DE lots of stuff) and log him at the start and end of your play session. Concentrate on trade goods - weapons/armor etc do not always sell quickly. Do not get greedy - buy at less than 40% of market value (less than 20% ideally - there is enought to make it worthwhile) and do not try to sell at more than 80% (unless current availability dictates otherwise). By doing this i have been able to fund new equipment as i levelled - including mounts.

Thanks again - RW

Thank You from Hugu

I am a new player with a 73 druid on Ysera. I fumbled around even with Questhelper and your guides have made a huge difference in getting the leveling process moving forward in a smooth process. I want to thank you for all your hard work and kudoos to your support in the Wow Community.