Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide

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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range please check out this page.

If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


I got a question

hi and thanks for the great guide, i have 2 questions:

1- theres a gap between lvl 40 and lvl 41, theres noleveling guide between this lvls?

2- i was using the old leveling guide from 40 to 40, if i use the new guide from 41 to 50 it will have the sames quests as the old lvling guide or i will miss some quests becouse i was using the old leveling guide?

Thanks (hope i get a quick response) Smiling


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Yes there is a gap at the

Yes there is a gap at the moment, it will be fixed as soon as possible. For the time being, just follow the guide without paying attention to the level recommended.

Good job with your guide Jame

Good job Jame. I have used this guide for 2 characters. ( 70 warlock and i am using it on lvl 35 shaman ) My friends call me a haxer:D I gaved them the site to this guide and now we are all on lvl 70:D Thank you so much. GL with the next guide, Northrend:D

has anyone ever thought

has anyone ever thought about making an Add-on to incorporate the guide into the game? That would make things 10billion times easier!

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It has been suggested a few

It has been suggested a few times. It does sound nice, but it would mean less people visiting the website, and considering this website provides everything for free and autofinances itself (hosting costs, contest prizes) thanks to ad -revenue, this would just be bad for the website's health.

Good Guide

I love this guide so much I made an account SOLELY for posting a comment. I've been using the ones I found months ago, and noticed that there seemed to be some updates that I thought would work out really well for additions. I was pleased to see James is taking the initiative to update his already awesome guides. And that there are guides for Outlands. =D Thanks so much!

Thank you Jame

Thank you, I see the 30-40 revamp is up and now its time to level my Pally. I love your work!

Warlock trainers

Just to let you know there is a warlock and demon trainer in Ratchet. More convenient for Alliance locks to train while on Kalimdor.

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I was wondering how long with this guide how long roughly it will take me to get to lvl 70 ??? Smiling

Eyecron-_- U rock !!! Laughing out loud


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About 8 days /played,

About 8 days /played, without rested XP bonus.

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Awsome guide!

Hey i just recently started using this guide and i love it! It is really good, i started leveling an alliance mage and then at 30 i was looking around for a guide. Found this one, to see how it is and now im level 53 with 4 days play time!

Althought in chapter 3 i dont get why we need the dungeon 1 bracers or whatever. So i just got the epic warsong gulch ones.

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Yes, you should ignore the

Yes, you should ignore the dungeon 3 bracers. This will be removed from the guide during the revamp.

alliance update

Hi James, just wondering im level 28 should i wait for the updated versions of 30-41 alliance guide when i hit level 30 or shall i use the old versions and then use the updated version,

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The revamped 30-40 guide

The revamped 30-40 guide should be out in a couple of days, so if you don't mind waiting, I recommend it Smiling

Not loading

The 50-60 guide cant be loaded. what's the problem?

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It's loading for me. Anyone

It's loading for me. Anyone else has that problem?


this is an awesome guide... only had to make one change. Instead of grinding at expedition armory in the 60-65 guide, i preferred grinding at legion front, the wrathguards there. They give a tad lower exp (i think 50 or so a mob) but they are MUCH easier to kill (averaged about 8-15 seconds on each mob) more mobs in a single area but still easy to single pull. Plus you dont have to deal with knights charge and the casters bolts..

just a suggestion

keep up the amazing work

Excellent guide, wouldn't use anything else

First off, after leveling up 2 characters to 70 with 2 to 2 and a half months of playtime each, I got extremely tired of leveling and decided to search for a guide. After I saw ths one, I looked no further.

I started a new character which is now my first 70 paladin, completed in only 2 weeks and 4 days of playtime.

Keep up the great work and hopefully you'll create one for Wrath of the Lich King Smiling

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Thank you, and I'll

Thank you, and I'll definitely write one for WotLK Smiling


Jame, let me start by saying that I loved your guide. I used it for all my characters, 2 of which are now both 70. The others, sadly were deleted when I got bored of them, only to recreate another of that same class once I actually started to understand the game mechanics.

I recently got my Paladin to 32, and am waiting for the revamp of the alliance versions. I have been using the horde revamp for my BE hunter (now 25). Any idea when we might start to see the revamped guides going up for Ally?

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The first revamped Alliance

The first revamped Alliance chapter (30-40) should be out in about a week.

Thank you for the update. I

Thank you for the update. I look forward to it. You are awesome Jame.

U rock

I love your guide, great work, I recomend it to all my guildies.

I have a very VERY tiny suggestion though, and it is very specific...towards the beginning of the 41-50 guide, we are told to go to darkshire, then to the Swamp of Sorrows. There is a quest offered by one of the guys in Darkshire that takes you to Nethergarde Keep (It is called Supplies for Nethergarde) which we have to go to anyway at some point after SoS anyways, so why not pick it up? =) Just a tiny suggestion

Looking forward to your 20-30 guide=)

Tygroen, Level 70 Night Elf Druid, Sen'jin
Mephaal, Level 70 Draenei Shaman, Sen'jin
Fargoen, Level 42 Human Warlock, Sen'jin
Tyger, Level 42 Draenei Priest, Sen'jin

Tygroen, Level 70 Night Elf Druid, Sen'jin
Mephaal, Level 70 Draenei Shaman, Sen'jin
Fargoen, Level 42 Human Warlock, Sen'jin
Tyger, Level 42 Draenei Priest, Sen'jin

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Thanks for the nice

Thanks for the nice words.

The quest you suggest is actually already in the guide, towards the later part Smiling

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Hi, and thanks.

Sometime around spring 2006 i discovered your guide. If i recall correctly, there was only a 30-41 part back then. I was unemployed and spent most of the day leveling, and raiding nighttime.

But i hated questing. It got me confused. The day i found your guide, I picked up my warrior that was level 31 and started following the guide. I dinged 38 the same day before i went to bed.

Ever since, I have been using your guide to level approximately 10 characters to level 40+, 1 to 70, 2 to 60 (back then). Every time with astonishing results, having people whisper me about how I level so fast. I recommended your guide. But I never thought about the fact that you had actually made this guide, it was just there. It hit me today as i started doing the quests in blasted lands on my druid.

Thank you man, this is what fan-gaming is all about. Can't wait to see the revamp (my druid got half a level from turning in the uldaman quests on level 40!).


I'm a veteran player; I've been playing wow since the beta and leveling has always been a pain in the butt for me. I've been using your guide ever since level 33 and I got to level 60 in 4days played time. A lot of people have sent me tells asking how I leveled so fast thanks for the guide; you rock Cool

I've also been around with

I've also been around with WoW since the beginning and was fortunate enough to be able to play the hours needed to level without guides at first but i'm talking serious time put in, I have a few online business run from home so I get to play however often as I want. With all the changes over the years i've read some guides and have to say your's is hands down the greatest and proved to be the best for leveling. I haven't played as much lately as I got sucked into the online poker and backgammon world were you can win a few bucks for the time spent playing which is always nice in comparison to playing WoW, while leveling in the game is always a good feeling so is winning a game or hand and getting paid hehe.

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This guide is great!

I decided to level a shaman alt as Enhancement spec, and tested your guide and worked out great. So, shamans, you can do this leveling guide no problem! Currently my shaman is level 62 and was level 60 by 5 days /played , even with a little extra instances and such that slowed me down.

Though I suggest an alternative to the 30-31 part. Grinding is just not my thing at all! Sad For those that do not want to grind can perhaps gather all the quests for Gnomeregan (I know the instance is hard to do, but it can be easy if the party averages level 30+) and do that for some experience.

Oh and I did happen to buy the Patterned Bronze Bracers and not sure if this has been said before but I never ended up using the bracers for anything.

Also while doing the guide I happened to jump 5 levels past where we were somehow. It was probably just the experience buff from 2.3. On the plus side, it made doing the lower level quests a breeze.

70 Ret paladin

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The patterned bronze bracers

The patterned bronze bracers are used at the very end of the 30-41 guide. Here is the quote:

Then go talk to his assistant Lucien Tosselwrench. Get quest [42] Stone is Better than Cloth and complete it, as you should still have the patterned bracers.


I was wondering if you considered it wise to take up professions while following your guides? Either gathering and tradeskill or 2 gathering/2tradeskills or neither. Thanks!

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

you are awesome

searching for a guide one day i came across this guide for free... you did all this for nul profit (well apart from satisfaction of helping people). WooT for jame

21-30 guide

Jame how come you didn't make a 21-30 guide for the alliance? I feel as if you are giving the horde special privleages for being the bad guys instead of the good guys. Just kidding. But why not write a guide for 21-30? Thanks, By the way your guide is awsome!!!!


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Long story short: 2 years

Long story short:

2 years ago I was leveling an alliance reroll, and when I hit STV, I was once again struggling to remember which was the most efficient order to those quests. And then Snowflake suggested I should write it down and make a guide out of it. And that's how it started.

I decided to start at level 30, because before that it's relatively simpler to figure out where to go, and the zones are less complicated. However with hindsight, I realized that the 20-30 levels deserved a guide, so that's why I did one for horde.

In any case, we've got a very good 20-30 alliance guide now thanks to Boston, so it's pointless for me to write one Smiling

i agree

I agree I am doing Boston's guide with my draenei shaman and his guide is awesome I just figured it was worth asking. Thanks.



James this is coming from a heavy hardcore every night raider. I just want to thank you so much. the only time i had to level my alt was during the weekend and i followed this guide every inch to outlands. One suggestion is to go to outlands at 58, theres really just no reason to stay in azoroth. Even if you want money you can just do every quest in hellfire, zangarmarsh, terrokar, nagrand, and some in blades edge and you can get 70 without touching smv or netherstorm.

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You're welcome! About going

You're welcome!

About going to Outland at 58, this is a topic where I totally disagree, I'll explain why:

1. First, I'll remind everyone that when you do quests at level 70, you get extra cash instead of the EXP reward you should get.

2. The old world quests' exp rewards have been increased, they give a lot more exp now. In Felwood you can already find a few quests which give more than 10K xp (that's just as good as Hellfire and Zangarmarsh). Many previously "elite" quests are now normal, yet their rewards are still the same, which means you sometimes get good items for little effort. If they are about as good as Outland quests, why skip them?

3. If you skip, say, all the plaguelands quest, you won't be able to go back there and do them once you hit level 70, they will be grey and it will be a waste of time to do them. This is not the case for the quests in the last three zones of Outland. When you hit level 70, if you still have Blade's Edge Mountain untouched for example, you can go there and get an insane amount of cash.

4. If you go to Outland at 58 (and I've tried it), there will be quests you won't be able to take. For example, a bunch of quests in Hellfire require level 61 before they are available. There's no way you can get from level 58 to 61 with just the Hellfire quests which are available to level 58-60 players, unless you always play with rested bonus, but even so, it might not be enough. This will result in you skipping some quests, or having to go back to HFP once you hit 61 in Zangarmarsh, and that's far from efficient. If you do it my way, you'll complete every quests in very efficient circuits, with little running around.

5. If you go to Outland at 58, you'll most likely have to use a large amount of quests in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley to reach 70. When you know that some quests in those zones gives more than 15000XP, imagine how much more gold you'd be getting if you did them at level 70, instead of level 69?

6. I've tried it, leveled a mage to 70 on a new server, did it my way, and had 6200gold once I had finished all SMV and Netherstorm quests. And that was BEFORE patch 2.3, before the old world quests got a boost. So you can only imagine how good this could be now, and I'm definitely going to try it out as soon as I get some time Smiling

Last but not least, I understand why people want to go to Outland at 58, the gear upgrades you get in the first few quests are great. So if you really feel that you need those upgrades as soon as possible, here is what you should do:

- At level 58, go to Outland, do the first bunch of quests in Hellfire, get those nice upgrades, then go back to where you left my guide in Azeroth, finish the Plaguelands circuits, etc, and then go back to Outland. That way you get it all Sticking out tongue

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Well, thanks a lot for the

Well, thanks a lot everyone for the nice comments, and for proving that my guide is free, yet better Eye

that kopps' guide isn't as good.

hey jame,

Once again great guides, I had a friend use the guide and he practically said this about Kopps guide: it's more a one-class guide, it works for all classes but it wastes time telling hunters what to train etc (does this with all classes).
And it keeps going on like that, yours is better, simpler and alot faster than Kopps' guide and yea his guide costs money ( and anyway I wouldn't trust a guide you had to download (if you pay/download) 99.9% of them are keylogged)

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Your Guide

Though I'm sure you've heard this before, I'd just like to let you know how much i appreciate you, and everyone else who contributes to wow-pro for making these free guides. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, for spending a large amount of time creating this guide and tweaking it to make it perfect. I, as I'm sure others have before me, was accused of powerleveling my character due to the rapid speed at which i was leveling. So, long story short, I hope that karma is real, and in turn you win the lottery or something for doing this Laughing out loud

I may die of medication, but at least i killed the pain.

Just a question

Hello everyone,
Dont get me wrong, Jame's guide is great, i already got a level 70 with it, but i was wondering, i heard a lot of people saying that Brian Kopps Alliance leveling guide is better. Can anyone tell me what the difference is? I really dont know

Thanks, Murdercats

Brian Kopps

Right after I told my friend about this guide, He told me he had downloaded Brian Kopps guide. All it is: Coords. That's all that's in it. It'll say, go to (36,48) get quest. step 2: go to (64,73) kill mobs. step 3: go to (36,48) hand in quest. It's horrid. This one is amazing =D

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

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Well, I've been told by many

Well, I've been told by many people (and by many I mean more than 50 at least) who have tried both my guide and his guide that mine worked alot better for them.

People tend to say "This guide is better" without even having tried mine. They just assume the other guide is better simply because they had to pay for it. I guess I would say that too if I had paid for a guide, because hey, I'd be pissed if I had paid for something I could have gotten for free (and maybe of higher quality ^^)

My guide is free and probably better from what I've heard. I can assure you it's highly efficient, there isn't much you can improve in it. If I were you, I'd pick the free guide Sticking out tongue

It's true

After using Jame's guide, and then taking a look at Brian Kopp's.. it doesn't even compare. Jame's is exponentially better. Brian Kopp's guide is made for hunters, and in some cases, even gives you instructions on what hunter specific spells to use, never for any other class.

His guide has very little detail and it's easy to get confused or so something wrong. Jame's is always easy to read and I've never made a mistake using his guide as he always explains what to do, on the other hand Brian Kopp just says "Get X quest. Go to x,y and do quest X."

Well, I've leveled 6 levels

Well, I've leveled 6 levels in the 4 days I've played. I'm very happy with this guide, and shared it with someone who thought he was done with the game, and instead now he and I have our mounts at 40 and 42 =] Thanks so far. Now I'm ready to go for 60 to get my epic.

-Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

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Glad to hear the guide

Glad to hear the guide worked out well for you and your friend!

Post 70 Guide

Hey Jame,

thanks for the great guide! Keep it up Smiling . I have just hit lvl 70 after completing your lvl 65-70 Alliance Lvling Guide, but I am unsure on how i should approach doing the remaining quests. I think a guide to cover all the remaining quests in Outland would be very useful to folowers of your guides because it will get them the money for their 280% flight mount in a much more fun and time effiecient way.

Also i was wondering if you would do a guide on the talent bulids you would use. I was also wondering about the techniques you use to kill a mob depending on your class and talent build because when you were reffering to 'Kiting' i was lost, and wondered whether i wasnt killing the mobs using the best moves possible.


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I do plan to make a post 70

I do plan to make a post 70 quest guide, not sure when, but it's on the to do list Smiling

About other guides, well I don't know, maybe I'll do some class guides later on, but that's a distant project.

Kiting: it's the act of killing a mob without letting it touch you, through the use of movement impairing skills, such as frostbolt, frostshock, entangling root, etc. and ranged attacks.

Here we go

Well, I found this guide posted in the WoW forums. I have a few characters prime level for this guide, mostly due to starting new toons over and over again. My friend wants me to be his arena partner.... sooo I kind of want my first 70 for a few reasons now. =p Thanks for taking the time and effort. Here goes nothin'.

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

Hmm. Crappy internet + Low RAM = getting owned in every contested area in the game =p

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In the endless thanks for u

In the endless thanks for you jame, here is another one, but written only to encourage you. I've been watching wow-pro evolve since the beginning of 07 and I am proud of the continuous evolution i've seen Eye. You and the rest of wow-pro have had the greatest impact on my wow. I'v leveled a warrior and a hunter, and with the new patch have noticed many odd thing that prior didn't exist(warr started on 12 march 07)ex:mob changes elite->normal, quests made aprox all soloable,etc. I was just wandering if there exists a jame for macros maybe? why? Because although I've done mine by reading and learning from every where, I still feel I'm missing somthing that could further improve my knowledge, so I must pray to you one more time for a bit of wisdom, a hint on where I should be looking. Truly for ever thanking you Smiling

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Not sure if you mean this by

Not sure if you mean this by macros, but here is how I play:

I bind almost everything to a hotkey. Using WASD keys to move and strafe, and right-click mouselook to aim.

I use the most accesible hotkeys for the most important and urgent spells, and harder to reach hotkeys for spells I use less frequently.

Once you know all your keys by heart, you gain a tremendous amount of time compared to people who click. And you also can always keep your eyes on the action, instead of having to look at your bars to aim with your pointer. On top of that, you can cast spells easily while moving and strafing around an opponent, etc etc.