Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide

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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range please check out this page.

If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling



The site is still experiencing some growing pains. I'll be doing my best
to get all the guide re-categorized so you can see them here. In the
meantime, try using the search function to locate your guides. <a href='http://www.ifgames.net/' title='Free Online Games'>Flash Games</a>

Thank you


This is the first time I have played WOW, and find many of the guides perfectly useless for a noob like me. I stumbled on this, and can honestly say that its PERFECT!


Thanks so much for the months of hard work you have put in, and to any other contributors too! It really is a masterpiece and treasure-vault of much-needed info!






cant view list of Alliance guides

Hey all...i cant seem to view the list of the guides for the alliance side...i can only see the ones for Horde....i am looking for the Alliance guide for level 50-60.....would appreciate some guidance...thnx

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Hello! The site is still

Hello! The site is still experiencing some growing pains. I'll be doing my best to get all the guide re-categorized so you can see them here. In the meantime, try using the search function to locate your guides.

Accessing the guides

I can't seem to access the guides. Every link I use sends me to a different page, but I can't seem to find how to navigate to the guide itself (I'm looking for the Alliance guide - I'm trying to find the guide for a level 47 Pally).

Either I'm really screwing it up bad, or I'm a moron (or both!). LOL




why i cant see guide anymore i dont see any guide except low level one

guide francais


Je vois que le site est completement change...

Le guide Francais alliance existe toujours ?? je ne le trouve plus Sad

Je suis occupe a monter mon perso et je suis coince la page a disparu Sad

Je savais que j'aurai du tout imprime ;(

Add on guide not working anymore :(


First, I am really thanks to all of you who are creating this great add on Smiling

I been using your guide since few years back (the offline webpage version) and now i am using Add ON version. But since patch 4.01, the online add on seem didn't work perfectly. Here is some detail:

When I complete a task or even accept a quest, it doesn't automatically auto selects it and if I do it manually it will auto select many other steps in the guide without my knowledge. Tried going back to 1.4 but 1.3 but this is still happening. Erased the folders in WTF and the LUA in saved variables but same thing happens. Please help.

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Yeah, Blizz ninja changed

Yeah, Blizz ninja changed one of the functions I was calling. Luckily one of the other contributors already found the problem and uploaded a fix, I'll be putting it into the download package ASAP. Thanks Gameldar!

Sincere congratulations to the author!!!!

As a new player (for 3 months now), I have been enjoying these guides on 3 characters.
Not yet any on lvl80 (lvl65 Hunter, lvl61 DK, lvl34 Druid), but that's mainly due to my own time restrcition.

Anyhow, I find the guides very clear, inspiring and fun to read and last but not least: accurate.

Apart from some minor changes Blizzard put in via one their patches: the guide is correct.

Therefor, my sincere congratulations to Jame for putting this together!!!

Zul Drak

This is the most complete leveling guide I have ever found on Zul Drak, I am extremely happy with the quality as well. Thank you.

The Forex Robot Queen

One thing that I think could

One thing that I think could prove invaluable in the guide information is the version number of WoW the guide was written for. This would be a nice and easy way to check the validity of a particular guide as quite a lot has changed in WoW over the last 5 years. As well as giving users a steer on the validity of a particular guide for them it could also allow moderators to easily check and maybe mark guides as out of date for us.

Possibly this is more important for class guides than levelling guides but can still prove to be very useful and could be added into the guide selection screen of the addon e.g. Jame's xyz guide (WoW V3.99). A side benefit of this would be keen guide writers could quickly see the most out of date guides and start working on them, keeping all the guides as up to date as possible.

I realise the guides usually (if not always) have a date on them but I think that this is a more valid and sensible way of noting the relevance of the guide than simply providing a date for the users to look at.

They Are Great

I have printed off all of them 1-80. And 1-12 for human, night elf, dwarf, and dranei. Use all of them to start every character no matter which class they are. Helps level a little faster for each guide. Thanks.......


This is a great guide! Showed it to my brother and followed the guide.. He even asked me to print the guides but when he saw the condition (that is he'll miss the latest updates) and how big the guides are, he instantly changed his mind. Smiling

-- Stephanie03
Your Forex Robot enthusiast

I am full of admiration

Jame and co, you have done a stellar job with these guides. I am in the process of leveling 5 toons almost simultaneously (I really really hate STV now) and I have only good things to say about the guides. All toons are at 50, and I've gotta say after bumbling around on my main for, like a year, it is such a joy to scream through the levels - I mean I just (with the help of a couple of instances) went 50 to 53 with out even noticing! Awsome, easy, comprehensive. If I have one thing to say to the folks out there, it's do everything the guide tells you to do; the times I haven't have been the times its all gone Pete Tong.
Thanks again team!

Great Guide. I am glad i

Great Guide. I am glad i found it. Now i hope i can reach some great levels using this guide and also comments seems that people got good results with this guide. However, i am planning to print it ( i know I will miss updates) till i get a hang of this guide. keep up the great work and updation of this guide.

ooze quest - possible with wetlands oozes in ironbeard's tomb

Great guides, thanks so much.
Am getting caught up in the mid-50's and discovered that the ooze quest is doable with the oozes in ironbeard's tomb in the wetlands. And you just have to kill one and then you can fill all 10 bottles. Sure, less total XP, but a quick quest finish to be sure.

Must say that this guide is

Must say that this guide is great. Im at level 54 and stuck because i took up the guide a few levels ago and i had allready been to un goro, and i dont know where too pick up the guide. please shed some light.

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I suggest you track back in

I suggest you track back in the guide and start at the beginning, read through it til you find something you haven't done and do it, skipping the parts you have done of course. That way you'll get back on course with the guide no problem Smiling

Or, you could move onto the next zone in the guide, though you may not have the earlier quests. Though that shouldn't be a problem - the quests are very easy and it's also easy to catch up with the ones you missed and the exp and such.

At 54 I'd look at starting the Plaguelands or Burning steppes and continue from there.

Hope I've helped Smiling

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Random groups

Heya Jame. Sorry if I am commenting something that's done or whatever, but can't be arsed to check through all guides atm. Just started to think about.. have you told people to always sign up for random dungeons? And if not, why? I can't see where it wouldn't be profitable. They get great exp and a blue gear part to go along with the questing (everyone don't have a main with to many emblems ya know Sticking out tongue) And if you think that there are to many instances that are worthless, just say so that you don't recommend those certain instances and that you think questing is quicker. They can always leave if the instance is to long or not profitable.
For an example, gnomeregan is perhaps not profitable, but SM GY is certainly. There is like 20-30min diff.

Just delete this comment if already done or commented before, I am just to lazy, but wanting to be nice and helpful Smiling

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Since random dungeons are

Since random dungeons are still relatively new, and since Jame hasn't been working on his old guides much do to lots of new developments here on WoW-Pro and also work on his new site for SC2, I don't think this has been added. However it is an excellent suggestion. Whether or not the old guides get revised before Cata comes out, I'm almost certain this will be added to the Cata guides.

Yes, the addon is brilliant,

Yes, the addon is brilliant, made me fall in love with WoW once again Smiling

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whats the zone and lvlrange

whats the zone and lvlrange of the guide you are using?


"Around the mountain, on top the mountain, and in both caves."

Well there's yer problem! There are 3 caves, not just 2.

try to target him: /target

try to target him: /target Krom'Grul

Alliance Leveling Guides

Just wanted you to know hubby and I have used the guides to level up 6 toons each and last set used both versions (addon and printed) to compare. We leveled up just as you said very fast! We are on our last set and leveling up to 80. In the quests where at least 2 toons were needed, we breezed thru them. Thanks so much for excellent easy to use guides.

Wow, why didn't I try this earlier

I've peeked at your guide from time to time just to find out what zone to go to. I finally decided to try your addon and grinded out 2 levels just to make sure I hit HFP without doing any of the quest. I have now finished the HFP part at level 64 and I have to say this guide is amazing! I am a casual gamer and I still went from 60 to 64 in a matter of days. The next alt I work on will be on your guide from Day 1, thank you so much for the excellent work!!!

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Thanks for the nice

Thanks for the nice feedback, and I'm glad the guide is useful to you! Smiling

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So kind of lost now....

Well... just completed you Grizzly Hills guide 100% and i've been following your guides since my late 30's (level)... and now im left with nothing. All complete and im at level 78... now what? Sad.... Im so used to how efficient your guides are and now have to level like a regular person >.<

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You can use questhelper, or

You can use questhelper, or there are also some default guides that come with Tour Guide that might help.

Addon not working

I have used and loved this guide but since the new patch it hasn't worked. I tried to re-download it and still didn't work. Where it usually has the check box and the name of the quest there is only the check box and when i try to change what guide im using nothing happens. Any idea what is wrong?


Hey man just saw that picture, did you really get all those chars to 80 with these guides?

Great guide

Just wanted to thank you guys for the great guides in addon format that you created. It used to take me forever to level but following these guides I am levelling from 70 to 80 faster than ever.


Thanks for the guides, Jame and all other guide writers!
Oh, and ding 80! Smiling


Lol nice try

Fake look at realm name it says outland pvp...

Is toon like a regular level or winwaker style?-jiruru of the gamfaqs board

lol and Thanks

Lundhlundh, i followed the link in your comment and saw the picture, either your a crazy WoW player or that's a private server....lol, just sayin.
To get to the real point of why i'm writing this comment....I want to thank everyone (not only jame....but mostly jame) For writing all these guides....your the reason i keep playing world of warcraft as much as i do, so thank you

Whoa! Now that is a

Whoa! Jawdropping!

Now that is a little crazy! Well done on all those level 80s! ^_^

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You beat me to it.....I only have 5 of mine at 80....LOL



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Where is the guids for 77-80??

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Not written yet. Jame has

Not written yet. Jame has decided to prioritize the addon for now, since a lot of people actually get to 80 within the guides he currently has written. He's also been busy with RL of late and hasn't been able to make much progress. But they will be written eventually!

The guides for Northrend should get you almost to 80 though, if you are rested and if you do some instances. I recommend QuestHelper for the last few levels - not as good as the addon, but something!

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Guides got me to 78... so

Guides got me to 78... so guess i'll have to QH the rest. >.<

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Or you can go through the

Or you can go through the original TourGuide's guides. These actually works very well, I've tried the Storm Peaks guide once, that worked out very well : - )

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I didn't think they existed

I didn't think they existed yet either for all zones, but not sure about that.

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The TourGuide quests now have Sholo, Storm Peaks and Icecrown available. Haven't had to dig into them yet, but I hear they are pretty good. Currently working through Jame's guides and am 78 (56% XP Bar) and just heading into Grizzly Hills. I expect to ding 80 here, or come very close to it.

BTW, I have yet to run an instance in Outland OR Northrend, simply because PuG's are seemingly impossible to find on my current server.

Oh, and I have been fully rested since 72 (spending time with my alts)

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Ever heard of wtbblue? Those

Ever heard of wtbblue? Those questing guides level pretty well also.

Comment me on my blog. http://kostada.blogspot.com/

Comment me on my blog. http://kostada.blogspot.com/

Add On

The link to the add-on seems to be broken... Takes me to "page not found"...

Ty Soooo much Jiamby it

Ty Soooo much Jiamby it worked great now i can level Laughing out loud

~ Death Awaitz

~ Death Awaitz

my addons dont work?

I have Curse Client and those addons work fine, but the ones that aren't on there and i download myself don't work for some reason Puzzled . I've been trying to get this addon but it wont go onto my addons page. plz help me Laughing out loud

~ Death Awaitz

~ Death Awaitz

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What operating system are

What operating system are you using?

Be sure you are putting them in the right folder, if Curse normally puts them in the right place for you, this could be the problem.

Also, make sure you have "Load out of date addons" selected in the addon selection screen.