Guida Tailoring Wotlk

Guida Tailoring 375 -> 450

Tutte le pattern della guida sono acquistabili dai trainer o dai vendor (tranne dove specificato)

Lista Math:

7225 Frostweave Cloth
780 Infinite Dust
175 Eternium Thread

WTBBlue’s WOTLK Guide to Tailoring (350-450)


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I'm italian myself and I have to say that this is good written Smiling You can also add some more formatting, but it is actually good and easy to read. Too bad it's the only guide in italian atm, I should take some time and transalte Jame's leveling guides in italian. Big work, I know, but a lot of players will appreciate it I think ^^

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Oh I'm sure they would

Oh I'm sure they would Smiling

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This could use some Text

This could use some Text Formatting, because it's a big wall of text now. Smiling

You could add link to all items to, if you feel like it, would greatly improve this guide Smiling

I know it's a lot of work and a lot of effort, but it will turn out really nice if you do these things Eye

You could take a look at Jame's Writing Guide for a Text Formatting addon for Firefox.


Ty for your suggestions, i

Ty for your suggestions, i wish it will be better now! ^^

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It's already much better. I

It's already much better.

I noticed a little error for your title, the size of the fonts are extremely small. I suppose it's not intended that way Sticking out tongue

I recommend size=18 for titles.

And a question: We don't have a tailoring guide for 375-450 in English at the moment, do you think you could make a good english version of your guide? Or maybe shikamaru could do it if you have difficulties with english?

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Yeah, I could do that if you

Yeah, I could do that if you want to Eye

I'll send a private message to goe2d Smiling