Eternal Farming

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Eternal Farming

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Eternal Fire
  3. Eternal Air
  4. Eternal Life
  5. Eternal Water
  6. Eternal Shadow
  7. Eternal Earth
  8. Transmutes


Eternals are the follow-ups of the Primals.

There are 6 Eternals: Air, Water, Shadow, Fire, Earth and Life.

Eternal Air, average AH price is 50G.

Eternal Water, average AH price is 10G.

Eternal Shadow, average AH price is 10G.

Eternal Fire, average AH price is 50G.

Eternal Earth, average AH price is 5G.

Eternal Life, average AH price is 50G.

Eternals are used in almost every high-end crafting profession, from Alchemy to Enchanting. In most cases it is better to farm Eternals than normal gold grinding, it will give you a higher gold/hour ratio.

As you can see, Eternal Life, Fire, Air are worth far more than Eternal Water, Shadow and Earth. This is based on WoWhead and on my own server economics. Note that the prices may vary per server!


1) You can do Eternal farming alongside Daily circuits or gathering materials for Alchemy as an example.

2) Wintergrasp is a place where almost all Eternals can be farmed, but be careful: Wintergrasp is a PvP area.

3) Example: You need 10x Crystallized Fire to create Eternal Fire.
This applies to any of the Eternals we talked about before.

4) You can only farm in Wintergrasp when your faction is in control!

5) Herbalists can get additional Crystallized Life from herbs, Miners can get additional Crystallized Earth from mining nodes.

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Eternal Fire

There are several places to farm Crystallized Fire

  • Wintergrasp

    Wintergrasp is a good place to go. Flaming Revenants and Raging Flames will be your targets. Look at the map above to find them. I recommend going to the bigger area where the mobs are mixed, this is by far the best place to farm them.

  • The Storm Peaks

    Besides Wintergrasp, The Storm Peaks is a good place to go, too.
    Your targets will be Seething Revenants and Wailing Winds, shown in the map above. The drop rate is lower than in Wintergrasp, but still decent.
    Note: drops Relic of Ulduar. These can be turned in for Airy Pale Ale, Worg Tooth Oatmeal Stout and much more.

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Eternal Air

There are plenty of spots to farm Crystallized Air, but I'll give you the ones that will give you the highest drop rate.

  • Wintergrasp

    And again, we are in Wintergrasp. But not for Fire , for Air this time! You will be hunting on Tempest Revenants and Whispering Winds, shown in the map about. These two have the best drop rate on Crystallized Air out there. They are spread throughout the area marked on the map.

  • Sholazar Basin

    Storm Revenants in Stormwright's Shelf have a decent drop rate, too. There are plenty in the area, as you can see in the map above.
    Note: while you're here, you can farm Crystallized Water, too!

  • The Storm Peaks

    If you don't want your grinding to be interrupted, Howling Hollow is the place to be. Scion of Storms will be your target, as show in the map above. Here you won't get interrupted by other mobs attacking you and they have a ~30% drop rate on Crystallized Air.
    Note: drops Relic of Ulduar.

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Eternal Life

This'll be a bit harder to farm assuming you aren't a Herbalist. This is because Wintergrasp doesn't have Life Revanants - it only has Life Elementals, and they don't have a 100% drop rate, sadly enough. I'll give you two spots to farm Crystallized Life.

  • Wintergrasp

    Yes, we are in Wintergrasp again. As shown in the map above, you target will be Living Lashers. They have a ~30% drop rate on Crystallized Life, but they're tightly packed, so don't worry.

  • Zul'Drak

    In the map above you will see that your targets are Mossy Rampagers this time. I, personally, don't like this spot. The Rampagers are spread out and they are mixed with other mobs, which slows down your Eternal farming. These also have a ~30% drop rate.

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Eternal Water

Crystallized Water is one of the easier Eternals to get your hands on. If your fishing skill is high enough, you can fish them up and Miners can get them from Titanium and Cobalt mining nodes. Below I'll give you 3 spots to farm for Crystallized Water and 2 spots to fish them up.

  • Wintergrasp

    Your targets will be Water Revenants and Glacial Spirits. No further explanation needed. There are much more Glacial Spirits than Water Reverants, though.

  • The Storm Peaks

    Icebound Revenants in The Storm Peaks will be your target as you can see in the map above. They're tightly packed and have a ~25% drop rate.

  • Sholazar Basin

    And we're back in Sholazar Basin again. Your targets will be the Aqueous Spirits wandering around Stormwright's Shelf. As I said before, you can farm Crystallized Air here too.

  • Fishing: Howling Fjord

    There are 2 major spots in Howling Fjord to fish up Crystallized Water, as you can see in the map above.
    Happy fishing!
    Note: Crystallized Water is a random drop while fishing. You will need 385 fishing to cast in Howling Fjord and 450 to prevent fishes/Crystallized Water from getting away.

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Eternal Shadow

I'll be giving you 2 spots to farm Crystallized Shadow.

  • Wintergrasp

    If you look at the map above, you will see that your targets are Shadow Revenants and Wandering Shadows. Shadow Revenants have a drop rate of ~140%, so you'll get atleast 1 Crystallized Shadow per kill. Wandering Shadows' drop rate is around 30%.

  • Dragonblight

    Your targets will be Deathbringer Revenants, as shown in the map above. The drop rate is around ~25%, slightly lower than Wandering Shadows.

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Eternal Earth

In my point of view, it's a waste of time to farm Crystallized Earth. The Eternals go for 5G median on the Auction House, so it's better to use your time farming the other Eternals. But for those that really want to farm them:


Eternal life

There are now Eternal life "Revanants" that have a 100% drop chanse on crystallized life. Just thought you might want to add it.

Wise things get said, but Few get understod

If you..

..Tell us where to find them it'll be very appreciated.

eternal life

They're called Mature Lashers and spawn in the The Steppe of Life to the SW of Wintergrasp with the living lashers, they're just a little bigger.

Thumbs up!

Very good guide with the kind of layout and design others should strive to get, minimal of text and of good pictures instead.

It is said: a picture says more than 1000 words! Eye

Good work! hope to see more soon.


You can get them from mining so if your a miner and you see a node mine it because most give them especially in Wintergrasp there's alot of Saronite nodes and Rich Saronite nodes and a few Titanium nodes

why are Engineering's always left out

you can also farm Eternal's with eng using Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. I know there are gas clouds in boren tundra in the geyser field i average 1 Crystallized air and 2 Crystallized fire. then in Sholazar Basin there are 2 kinds of gas clouds one ive seen everywhere which produces simular as in boren tundra and by the burning tree's there are flame gas that produces 4-5 Crystallized fire. i would let you know more but thats about all ive been to well have fun

Nice guide

Very nice guide. Made quite a bit of money doing this. Not as much as I would have liked seeing as how the price for eternals has plummeted on my realm - Blackhand (US). When I first started farming a month ago I could see 1 eternal fire for 55g and now the price is down to 25g =(

I'm not fully certain

I'm not fully certain whether or not you mentioned it, but the only difference in Wintergrasp if your faction is in control or not, is just whether the revenants spawn or not. When you're in control, you can see them. When you're not, you cannot.

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Very nice guide. There's a

Very nice guide.

There's a cool optical illusion if you go to the section with the pictures of the transmutes, and scroll down at a certain speed, it looks like the pictures are getting larger as you go...

Good job, this look really

Good job, this look really nice. I mean it, looks like a lot of work and it is easy to understand.
I had to suggest something. You mention other gathering for the crystalized fire water ect, but you seem to have forgotten one profession: Engineering. I make a lot of money using my Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. It can be used to farm Eternals. I think this should at least be mentioned. What would be even more awesome is if we could get a map for the location of the clouds. I can't seem to find a map for this anywhere.
Much love. SalHal

Really nice guide

Wow really nice guide i made about 20k gold in just about a month of play time and about 3hrs of farming everyday im only lvl 77 and im set for life once i get to 80 Jawdropping!

"less talk more loot"

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Glad to hear it worked out

Glad to hear it worked out well! Smiling

Minor tip

When farming in wintergrasp I would suggest leaving about 10-15 minutes before battle and don't come back until 15-20 minutes after to decrease the chance that all those angry players of the opposite faction to take revenge on you Sticking out tongue

Wise things get said,
but Few get understood

Good Point

If you do stick around for the Battle, I'd modify your suggestion to read, "Leave once the battle is done, sell junk and repair, then come back in 10-15 minutes; hopefully the other faction has left by then, and won't take their frustrations out on you." If you're focused on generating cash, then you can certainly skip the Battle. If you're not level 80 and at least decently geared, your presence may do more harm than good.

Personally, I participate in Battles whenever possible, because it helps to ensure that Wintergrasp will remain available for future farming, and because the Battles are one of the fastest ways to farm Honor. I find that even outdated PvP gear is helpful for farming, because it makes the enemy think twice before attacking you.

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Great guide lots of detail.. I cant get the upload picture to work, lots of skills and soul putted in. Keep it coming. Maybe you could make a make 5000g in X days by doing X ? Would be awesome, looking for the perfect guide to get my epic flyer.

Awesome Guide!

Hey, i stopped by and had a look at this awsome Eternal Farming Guide, great job, u really put your soul into this. I also got a great spot for farming "Eternal Air", feel free to add it to the guide, i can kill the mobs in about 3 seconds each, there are about 20-30 mobs close to eachother and u are usually the only one there. The droprates are: Crystallized Air x 1 = 50%, Crystallized Air x 2 = 25%. Great spot.

Link to map

Ty again for a great guide!

Stuttbein - Khadgar EU

Nice guide, got a few notes

Nice guide, got a few notes tho.

Wintergrasp farming is always unable unless the battle started. When the battle is running elementals won't respawn and with 3.0.8 I even think they'll let the elementals despawn. Farming in the area when it is owned by your faction allows you to see the revenants and revenants always drop at least 1 'mote' with a chance of 3 max. Fire is a little bit harder since there are very few revenants for fire and doesn't have a single revenant as you said.

The mining part can also have an adition, on my mining alt I've found cobalt nodes give crystallized water!

What I would like to know about is lower lvl dungeons where you might be able to kill some mobs with a high droprate, maybe with a friend or solo.


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Love the name! I don't know

Love the name! I don't know if it's on purpose, but this actually is eternal farming.
Great job Smiling

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hehe, it sure is

hehe, it sure is Sticking out tongue

This is a Awesome guide

This is a Awesome guide don't get me wrong.
but what if I where too low for these areas, should i go to the AH and buy them?
Thank You. Cool

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If you really need them,

If you really need them, you'll have to take them off AH.

I'd wait for level 80 and farm them myself, though Smiling
But that's up to you! Eye

Farm it Yourself

Agreed. It's far more efficient to farm Eternal Air, Fire, and Life yourself; if you have more than you need, you can sell them and buy the other Eternals with the proceeds. I suppose you could survive in Wintergrasp below 80, if you went during off-peak hours and were constantly watching your back for other players. However, you'd go through a lot of food, drinks, and bandages while fighting the level 80 mobs; Revenants have 25,200 health.

Shikamaru, as far as you know, do the Revenants share spawn points with the other elementals of that type (for example, do Tempest Revenants share spawns with Whispering Winds?) Even though the lesser elementals rarely drop anything useful, would it be more efficient to kill them anyway, or to work on a different element while the first group respawns?

Tempest Revenants

In my experience, I've generally found Whispering Winds wandering the snow of Wintergrasp, and Tempest Revenants spawning on the little hills throughout. So if you are looking for Crystalized Air, try looking up!

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Transmutation Section added!

Transmutation Section added! Smiling

What do you think of it?
I need feedback! Laughing out loud

And, if you have any suggestions about adding another section, fire away Smiling

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I like the transmute

I like the transmute section, but it might be a little confusing. To me, the arrow denotes moving towards, so pointing from A to B seems to me like you turn A into B, not that you use B in A. Just my impressions. This guide will be very useful for me later. Sticking out tongue Also, I havn't really looked, but do we get all these transmutes automatically? I know is BC a bunch were rep based. If so, that cound be a great way to expand the section.

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I think it looks great!

I think it looks great!

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This looks awesome Shika! I

This looks awesome Shika! I don't have time to read it in depth at the moment, but the maps are really nice and your table of contents is working great Smiling Ill read it for content later on Smiling

Jiyambi's picture

Alrighty, Shika, read

Alrighty, Shika, read through it. First of all, it looks really nice and I have to say again the maps are beautiful. Great job!

I have a few very minor things:

This'll be a bit harder to farm assuming you aren't a Herbalist. This is because Wintergrasp doesnt't have any Life Revenants, which means you won't get the 100% drop rate on Crystallized Life. Wintergrasp has Life Elementals, though you won't get the 100% drop rate, sadly enough. I'll give you two spots to farm Crystallized Life.

You mentions not getting the 100% drop rate twice here, it sounds a little awkward to me but if you prefer it then by all means leave it. Perhaps instead:

This'll be a bit harder to farm assuming you aren't a Herbalist. This is because Wintergrasp doesn't have Life Revanants - it only has Life Elementals, and they don't have a 100% drop rate, sadly enough. I'll give you two spots to farm Crystallized Life.

Another thing I would do is make the zone names above each map a size bigger and maybe color them. Yes, I should be able to recognize the zone by the map, but for some reason I just wanted to see those zone names stand out a little more. Purely stylistic so again up to you Smiling

Lastly, you mention it in passing but you may want to specifically say: herbalists get crystalized life from herbs, miners get crystalized earth from mining (at least I assume they do), etc.

Great job, plan to use it to farm me some mats/gold!

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Now that's some feedback,

Now that's some feedback, thanks Jiyambi! Greatly appreciate it! Smiling

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Thanks Jiyambi Laughing out loud

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This is great Shika. Makes doing this much easier.

Comment me on my blog.

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Thanks Kostada!

Thanks Kostada! Laughing out loud

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Very nice. Thanks ^_^

Thanks Shikamaru. Very nicely done and very informative. I have only been to Wintergrasp once, but I did not know that we could farm stuff in there. Going to have to remember that next time. Definitely a big help.

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Thanks Working on my

Thanks Smiling

Working on my Auctioneer Advanced Guide at the moment, don't know if you use it, but I hope that'll help too! Smiling

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I do use Auctioneer Advanced

I do use Auctioneer Advanced and i'm looking forward to your guide Smiling

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Awesome and very nice maps !

Awesome and very nice maps ! Thanks for your work.

This will be very useful.

Shikamaru's picture

Thanks Kwaice

Thanks Kwaice Laughing out loud

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Professional map editing.

Professional map editing. Can't get better than this I suppose Sticking out tongue

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Thanks! Smiling

Winterspring Elementals

Puzzled Hi, I may be wrong with this, but as far as I know you can only farm the Elementals in Winterspring when your fraction has the buff, otherwise you don't see them. Might be something worth mentioning if thats true, read it somewhere, can't remember where sorry, haven't tried myself to farm there.

You can can farm when your faction doesnt have the buff

So as most people know, Essence of Wintergrasp is a buff that you get when your faction is in control of Wintergrasp. The buff is given to the entire faction on the continent of Northrend that controls Wintergrasp. For example if alliance guy is in Borean tundra, and the alliance is in control of wintergrasp, then he gets the buff. Now when you are in wintergrasp, and you have the buff, there is a quote in yellow when you mouse over the buff: "The close proximity to the attuned titan relic allows the seeing of greater elemental spirits". These "Elemental Spirits" are revanants. Sound familiar? These "Revenants" (Earth), (Fire), (Shadow), (Water),
(Air). Now all of these will Always give 1-3 of whatever Crystalised element you are killing. In the guide above, however, it shows that there are other things you can farm on for these Crystalised items. You do not need to be in control of wintergrasp to farm these things. They do not always give a 100% drop, but they are generally a fairly high droprate in comparison to other elementals. I hope this cleared some things up, sorry for the length Eye

Shikamaru's picture

Yes, this is true. Didn't

Yes, this is true. Didn't think of it, hehe Smiling

I'll add it, thanks.


Great Guide!
But your wrong I was able to farm for crystallized air when horde was in control of wintergrasp it's just that the drop rate is better it seams like when your faction is in control.
(I'm Alliance by the way Sticking out tongue)

Wise things get said,
but Few get understod

Shikamaru's picture

Where you able to see the

Where you able to see the Revenants?

If so, I'll look into it. Thanks Smiling

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You probably mean

You probably mean Wintergrasp Smiling

Yes I did mean

Laughing out loud Yes I did mean Wintergrasp^^ sry

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It's really impeccable now,

It's really impeccable now, with the table of contents and the "back to the top" links Smiling

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I'm glad you like it

I'm glad you like it Smiling

Ohh, looks sweet. Ill try

Ohh, looks sweet. Ill try them and comment asap!

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Howling Fjord fishing

Fishing for Crystallized Water is different from Pure Water fishing for Motes of Water in the "old world". There are no "pure water" schools in Howling Fjord. The Crystallized Water is a random drop from fishing in any other school of fish in the area. Also, to be able to fish in Howling Fjord you need 380 fishing to cast and 475 to stop getaways.

Just thought you might want to add this, as old Pure Water farmers like me might get confused and search for a specific pool of water, when there is no such thing.

Great guide nonetheless, excellent job!
Have no fear, from this day forward you too can experience the overwhelming amounts of power and superiority that my beloved iWin button can bring you!

You are just one click away.