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PLEASE read my guide =P


heyah guys. You all got nice guides. VEry good. If you could plz give feedback etc on my new (lenthy?)gold guide

Here is an overview

Here is an overview according to the up-to-dateness of the guides (WoW V3.1)
The bold text is the name of the guide and the text after it is a comment if it is up to date or why it is not.

[Alliance] How you can make 6310 gold before 61! [UPDATED] ok
Eternal Farming ok
Uldaman Farming Guide not relevant, because lvl80 Chars can farm more difficult duns ==> more gold
5000g in 7 days !outdated! BC stuff...
Gold Farming With Tommy 100-300 gold a day the easy way not relevant, because lvl80 Chars can farm more difficult duns ==> more gold
How to get the most out of Quest Rewards ok nice guide ^^ btw
Zerinj's Level 77+ Gold Making Guide [Horde] ok
115g in 30 mins - Isle of Quel'Danas dailies !outdated! BC stuff...
2 Methods for Short Burst Gold Farming ok
Easy alliance starters gold (earn a nice amount of gold in your low lvls!) ok
Grinding Guide Part 1: Primal Farming !outdated! BC stuff...
Grinding Guide Part 2: Farming Reputation Items for Aldor and Scryer !outdated! BC stuff...
I'm Poor.. (Making money as a lowbie) ok
Skinning and Leather Working Money Making Guide ok but only until lvl30+!
Have Enough Money to Buy Mount at Level 30! ok
How to turn 1-3g into 7-15g ok
Making Money At Low Levels With One Character, A Guide ok
More on money making (Now, with detail!) ok
Make A Few Bob In Ramparts !outdated! BC stuff...
Benniboi C's Lowbie Gold Making Guide ok
A Basic Gold Making Tip. ok but most of the time ineffective, read the comments for a reference
How to make gold on a new realm with a new character ok
Johanneslars 17. succesful moneymaking tips ok
Reldas's Gold Making Guide ok
Gnome's newb! gold guide ok

If an admin or Mod could sort them according to this reference it would be great ^^

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Wheres my guide? :P

Rate my guide! its the Egg-hunting guide.

Some People Say "Plz" Instead Of "Please" Because It's
Shorter, Well I Say "No" Instead Of "Yes" Because It's Shorter.

Some People Say "Plz" Instead Of "Please" Because It's Shorter, Well I Say "No" Instead Of "Yes" Because It's Shorter.

Tommyhales ftw!

Quote: Gold Farming With Tommy 100-300 gold a day the easy way not relevant, because lvl80 Chars can farm more difficult duns ==> more gold

For level 80s maybe, but it is still a great way for lower levels to make gold for the amount of time invested. I picked up 15 shards in less than an hour of killing the bosses. Sold the shards for 15-25g (bought two that were in the AH for 10g...fools bwahaha) by cornering the market. It took less than 24 hours to sell all 17 (15 plus the 2 I picked up from the auction). While I was questing the messages kept popping up, "A buyer has been found for . . . " The next time I just priced them all at 20-25g and the money kept coming in. I've only used this 3 times since I'm in the mad rush to level 80, but don't discount this gem of a guide.

Thankful DK from Greymane Smiling

PS- I don't drop all the shards into the market at once. I release them in phases like the builders used to do with the subdivisions lol.

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the summary!

This section has been in need of a serious revamp for quite some time. It's on my to-do list, I'll look at it in a bit. Thanks again!

Clean Up

I wonder if there should be a clean up in these guides. Many of them are not that good anymore now that WotLK is out.

Gold guides can be extremely helpful for especially newcomers, and newcomers might not be aware that some of these guides isn't that useful anymore.

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I definitely agree with

I definitely agree with that. If anyone has the time and will to go through them and sort out which are good and which are obsolete, I highly encourage them to do so.

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I'm working on my guide atm

I'm working on my guide atm so, if you'd like I could strip all these down and include any features that are still able to be used well then I'd do that. Maybe?


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To me, that sounds like an

To me, that sounds like an excellent idea! Though it would be nice to give a little note crediting the original guide's author, if you take a lot from that guide.

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Credit where credit is due

Credit where credit is due obviously Smiling

I wouldn't take or use anything that wasn't my own material without consent or giving credit to the origional author.


I chould realy need


I chould realy need a guide for WOTLK gold making,
i mean farming the gold is easy but what i chould
need whould be a gold guide for skills anyways please
somebody make one Smiling


Has anyone

Has anyone found a REALLY good guide to using Auctioneer? One that goes into a GREAT amount of detail on how to optimize it's usage? I can't seem to find one.

Thanks for anyones help Smiling

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AH Gold Making

I will work on a great guide for making gold on the AH, including using Auctioneer and its features. As a Jewelcrafter, I have made a lot of money on the AH. A family member who also plays makes even more with jewelcrafting since the expansion. I am switching to BS to try that out on the AH. I will try to help.

"The Casuals"

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Hmmm, I believe Shikamaru

Hmmm, I believe Shikamaru was also working on such a guide.

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Quote:Guide to Auctioneer

Guide to Auctioneer Advanced - Shikamaru