Wyrmrest Accord Reputation Guide

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This guide will feature the Wyrmrest Accord. It will include but not be limited to the rewards and reputation gains related to it. The goal is to keep it short, sweet, and informative. Any suggestions and feedback in the form of comments is welcome! I will read all comments and give replies where necessary.

Completing a vast majority of quests contributing reputation to the Wyrmrest Accord can be achieved following Jame's Leveling Guides for Borean Tundra and Dragonblight. I suggest you have them completed before you proceed any further, as they will easily get you at an honored status.

However, there are still 3 daily quests that may interest you. The following list will describe where they are, how to do them, and their prequisites. Each daily will earn you 250 reputation towards your favorite dragon squad.

  • Drake Hunt - This quest is given by Raelorasz, which is located in Coldarra in Borean Tundra. Once getting the quest, travel over to the northwest part of the island and use the macro "/tar nexus drake" to easily target a drake. Once you have one in your sights, use your spear and bring him back in to the questgiver.

  • Defending Wyrmrest Temple - There is a 16 part quest chain as a prequisite, starting with A Strange Device and ending with this daily. This quest is given by Lord Afrasastrasz at the Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight. Once you have the quest, go outside and hop onto a dragon. Go over to the blue swirly thingy at 55.5, 66 while killing blue dragons on the way. (Not that hard to kill them... at least compared to the next daily quest!) Travel down to the base of the thing and use your destabilize (#5) ability. Finish killing your remaining dragons and go back to the questgiver. If you finish within 2 minutes of accepting the quest, you get the achievement Rapid Defense! Here's a video of it being done.

  • Aces High! - This quest is given by Corastrasza, who is up on one of the floating islands by the Nexus in Coldarra. You must be at least level 80 to accept this quest. There is a prequisite, but it's at the same questgiver and the objective is identical. Once you got the quest, talk to Corastrasza again to ask for a dragon to ride upon. Once you get on the dragon, fly up to the top of the Nexus and find a blue dragon to slay. Use this rotation to kill those suckers: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 5, 3. (These are the default ability keybinds) Repeat until done, then turn in.
Finally, there's the most effective way of obtaining rep, and that's running heroics with a tabard on.
Note: Smiling = Good pre-Naxx gear.


Honored: Revered: Exalted:

Thanks for reading!

Thanks to WoWWiki for the title image... which I cropped and edited a little bit. Sticking out tongue


nice guide

Nice guide i got to revered in about 2 days just doing heroic that all I wanted to say

have a nice day Eye

Rep stages and quests

To include the stages of rep reached by questing alone would be just a statistical exercise. Using Jame's guides (they are excellent), you will be eligible for the daily "Drake Hunt" well before you get to the Dragonblight quests. Unless you are playing 24 hours a day, you should be doing the "Drake Hunt" for about 1000 to 3000 rep before you get any of the Wrymrest quests in Dragonblight.
You will find yourself quite honoured (honored) by the end of the quests in the guide, as you will have been doing the "Hunt" for many days. At that point you are able to do two quests, and soon you will have three.
Revered is within reach via dailies, but the march to exalted @750REP/day = 28 days. So, you should do some Heroic dungeons wearing the tabard.

One comment on this brief and to the point guide (which I like): Include the pre-requisites for the dailies. "Defending.." is the last of a long quest chain, and "Aces High" requires level 80.

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Okay, will do. Thanks for the comment. Smiling

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i'd like to add, that those plate dps leggings are NOT good.
armor penetration is so bad in fact that blizz wanna buff it coz nobody cares about it.

dont bother paying a fortune for those leggings. get the legs from heroic utgard keep instead.

basicly if you plan to run to exalted with this faction for the leggings you're better off not doing so. Sticking out tongue

the legs in UK have same stats, but instead of the silly armor penetration it has 2 sockets and 2.44% hit ! http://www.wowhead.com/?item=37193

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Okay! Sorry about that. I'll change the description accordingly. Thanks for the heads up. Smiling

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I'm not sure where I heard

I'm not sure where I heard this, but I heard that Armor Penetration is mainly good for PvP to counter resilience. If I am wrong please correct me Smiling.


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Good comment, but please

Good comment, but please don't forget to use proper capitalization in the future!

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Just wanted to drop in and

Just wanted to drop in and say nice guide! Short and sweet. And I <3 the title image!

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Thanks. Made in 15 minutes with GIMP Laughing out loud

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Couple of things...

Couple of things to help out... Maybe in the intro where you say about Jame's guides for Borean Tundra and Dragonblight, maybe provide a link to them. Jut for pure ease of the viewer maybe. Also maybe point where you would be in terms of repping with Wyrmcrest after following those guides, eg: ~20% Revered, 50% Honored, etc...

As for your to-do list and adding icons, the icons can be added with a very simple image file. Just save them from WoWHead or WoWWiki and upload them to your guide.

Apart from that, great job!
Very short n' sweet, but also at the same time very informative and very helpful Smiling


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I'm not sure

I'm not sure if I can do that rep thing (edit: put it in the rep section), but you should be at honored if you did all the Dragonablight quests. As for the icons, maybe next weekend. Sticking out tongue

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Nice guide. Small, but

Nice guide. Small, but useful.



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Thanks. Smiling

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Very nice

Very nice guide, i liked it.
Also i did not know all the bonusses for the rep, thanks for that in the overvieuw.

Do the same for the other reps please ?

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Okay, sure

Okay, sure I'll make more short + sweet rep guides. Perhaps a new one each weekend?

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It might be a good idea to

It might be a good idea to add the prerequisites for the dailies. Other than that, good job. I like what you did with the image at the top of the page too.

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Thank you

Thanks. I will try, but all the perquisites are covered in Jame's guides, with the exception of one. I'll add it in. Smiling

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Lol, where the web address

Lol, where the web address is (top), it says "human leveling guide (1-12) or something Sticking out tongue Might want to change that somehow.

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Changed it Was a problem

Changed it Eye

Was a problem with the automatic alias.

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Thanks, how do I change that

Thanks, how do I change that btw, on my 1-12 Human Leveling guide it says "tester", would like to change that.

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Apparently I wasn't around to catch that. Thanks, though. Sticking out tongue

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Okay guide

Its a fine guide, even as it feels some sort of small. I guess you have all the stuff worth mentioning in it, and its indeed not the most complicated faction to write about.
No need for a Table of Content in my opinion!
Overall, a nice, fast adn functionally guide.

I gave it 4/5. A fast wasy to complete the dailies would make it go 5!

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Thanks for the feedback. I did finish the dailies section, and it took a surprisingly little 7 minutes. ^.^

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Here's my first guide...

I hope it's fine.

I'm not enjoying trying to fiddle with the oversized title image. Sticking out tongue

edit: I think it's a nice size now. Smiling

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