Invisibletaco's Level 19 Twink Rogue Step-By Step Guide (Being Updated for 3.2)

Hello, this is Invisibletaco and this is my first guide. My guide is ALL about the gold, the armor, and the skills to make an incredibly strong and hard to beat level 19 twink rogue. I am experienced with the art of developing twinks and have only used the for one reason... TO COMPLTETLY DEMOLISH THE OTHER FACTION!!

If at any time during this guide you have trouble finding the meaning of a word or ability, I will post a vocabulary/terms section at the end where you can answer your questions.


Rogue - A class in World of Warcraft. He is able to use abilities like Stealth and Backstab.

Twink - A character made by a played used in the 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, or even 79 battleground brackets. They have the best gear possible with enchants as well as skill.

PvP - Abbreviation for Player versus Player. This is where people fight each other for honor and marks.

Enchants - These are added by people who have the proffesion "Enchanting". They improve your armor and skills to help your health and stats.

WSG - Stands for Warsong Gulch. This a battleground in World of Warcraft. In the level 10-19 bracket it is the onloy one you can join. It is capture the flag style PvP between the Horde and the Alliance.

Auction House - Abbreviated as AH this is the main trading spot in WoW. You buy other weapons, items, armor, and consumables here from other players.

Instance - A dungeon zone in WoW that is filled with Elite monsters. These have bosses and monsters that are strong but drop great items.

Clothie - A cloth wearing class. Normally mages, priests, and warlocks. All classes are enabled to wear cloth but it is not particularly acceptable for a leather wearer or mail/plate wearer to wear cloth items do to low armor and stats.

BoA - Bind on Account gear. Refer to the Heirloom section for more information.


If you want to make a 'good' twink, you may need from 500 gold all the way up to 5000. Twinking can become VERY expensive and it is wise to have a level 70 or a level 80 to support the large budget. If you are low on gold and want to make a serious twink, there are several ways to pick up some quick gold.

1. First off, there is the fashion of farming. Anyone can do it, no matter what level. Farming is to spend time and run around killing monsters or gathering items that are valuable to other players. You can grind on different humanoids for cloths or mining ores around Azeroth. There are many greens and blues you can collect while grinding or questing to sell on the AH. I suggest downloading the addon Auctioneer to help with prices and 'playing with the Auction House.
2. There is also gaining gold by questing. In the low levels this method is not worth it and is time consuming. Around the higher levels between 60-80 this can work effectively, but may not be as fast as the farming method. It can work just fine, it just depends on your play style.
3. There is one more method I will bring up, buying it online. I DO NOT recommend this to anyone. Plenty of people do this and it is just not right. This method IS ban-able and is a waste of your money. Not only is this ban-able, but it is illegal and a crime. Buying this gold is pretty much handing over your hard earned cash to a criminal. Please do not use this.


You will need a lot of friends to help run you through the instances, and protect you while trying to get the Arena Grand Master . They can also support your income for armor, weapons, and enchants.

STEP ONE: Choosing your faction and race.

By now, you should have at your stash of gold and are now thinking about races, factions, and names. This part may be fairly simple for most players, but I urge you to consider the racials and effects of this step.


1.Perception - Increases your stealth detection.
2.The Human Spirit - Spirit increased by 3%.
3.Diplomacy - Reputation gains are increased by 10%.
4.Sword Specialization - Swords and Two-Handed swords +3.

Humans are some of the best rogues in the game. Perception is great for rogue vs rogue combat since the first attack can decide the fight. Spirit and Diplomacy are completely useless since PvP items no longer require certain reputations. Swords can improve damage slightly but have no other advantages.

1.Escape Artist - Escape the effects of immobilization and speed effects.
2.Expansive Mind - Intellect is increased by 5%.
3.Arcane Resistance - Reduces chance hit by arcane spells by 2%.
4.Engineering Specialization - Engineering skill +15.

Gnomes are my favorite pick of Alliance rogues, knowing how I play Horde. Escape Artist is just like a PvP trinket and is great for those pesky frost novas, entangling roots, wing clips and hamstrings. Since you are a rogue, Expansive Mind and Arcane Resistance will do you no good. Engineering specialization gives Gnomes an advantage on the battle field with several more engineering explosives and devices.

Night Elf:
1.Shadowmeld - Allows to escape from the shadows.
2.Elusiveness - Reduces chance to be found when stealthed or shadowmelded.
3.Quickness - Reduces chace hit by melee and ranged by 2%.
4.Wisp Spirit - Transform into a wisp, increasing speed by 50%.
5.Nature Resistance - Reduce chance hit by nature spells by 2%.

Night Elves are a great class when it comes to looks, but it is one of the worst classes for a rogue. Shadowmeld is useless unless it can used right as a sort of vanish. Elusiveness can be slightly effective for being stealthed, but unless you are a ambush/backstab,rogue you won't be stealthed much at all. Wisp is COMPLETELY useless since you will not be running around in ghost form all the time in WSG. Quickness and Nature Resistance are okay, but won't drastically change the outcomes of your WSGs.

1.Stoneform - While active, grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects.
2.Gun Specialization - Your chance to critically hit with Guns is increased by 1%.
3.Frost Resistance - Reduces the chance you will be hit by Frost spells by 2%.
4.Find Treasure - Allows the dwarf to sense nearby treasure, making it appear on the minimap. Lasts until cancelled.

If you ask any pro rogue, on either faction they would most likely disagree with Dwarf Rogues. None of their racials will benefit you besides maybe a Stoneform every once in a while. I can not MAKE you decide but if you want racials, roll something else.


1.Blood Fury - Increases attack power by (Level*4)+2 per character level (322 at 80). Lasts 15 sec.
2.Hardiness - Duration of Stun effects reduced by an additional 15%.
3.Command - Damage dealt by Death Knight, Hunter and Warlock pets increased by 5%.
4.Axe Specialization - Expertise with Axes and Two-Handed Axes increased by 5.

Orcs are an impressive rogue race. Blood Fury and Hardiness are great in any bracket and can turn the tide of a WSG. Unless you are using this guide for hunters,Command and Axe Specialization are useless.

1.Berserking - Increases your attack speed by 10% to 30%. At full health the speed increase is 10% with a greater effect up to 30% if you are badly hurt when you activate Berserking. Lasts 10 sec.
2.Regeneration - Health regeneration increased by 10%. 10% of total Health regeneration may continue during combat.
3.Beast Slaying - Damage dealt versus Beasts increased by 5%.
4.Throwing Specialization - Your chance to critically hit with Throwing Weapons is increased by 1%.
5.Bow Specialization - Your chance to critically hit with Bows is increased by 1%.

Trolls have critical abilities in the level 19 bracket. Berserking is jut like another 'Slice and Dice' ability and it does not need combo points either. Regeneration is okay, but if have a serious twink, it won't be neccessary since you should have 225 first aid. Beast Slaying is great for leveling your twink slightly faster and it can be used against those annoying little hunters in WSG. Throwing and bow specialization won't do too much, but they can be used to stop someone from running away.

1.Will of the Forsaken - Removes any Charm, Fear and Sleep effect.
2.Cannibalize - When activated, regenerates 7% of total health every 2 sec for 10 sec. Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yds. Any movement, action, or damage taken while Cannibalizing will cancel the effect.
3.Underwater Breathing - Underwater breath lasts 233% longer than normaling will cancel the effect.
4.Shadow Resistance -Reduces the chance you will be hit by Shadow spells by 2%.

The Undead are one of the favorite races and best rogues in the game. Will of the Forsaken is just like another PvP trinket and you can get out of that clothie warlock's fear and take him down. Cannibalize is effective and fun to rub in the opponents' faces unless you have 225 First Aid. Underwater Breathing is useless in WSG and may really only be used if you go AFK under water for too long. Shadow Resistance isn't that great but it has a slight chance of resisting a fear.

Blood Elf:
1.Arcane Affinity - Enchanting skill increased by 10.
2.Arcane Torrent - Silences all enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec and restores 15 of your Energy.
3.Magic Resistance - Reduces the chance you will be hit by spells by 2%.

Blood Elves are my favorite race, mainly for looks. Their only racial that is actually beneficial for level 19 rogues is Arcane Torrent. It is like another kick when either Gouge or Kick is on cooldown.

STEP TWO: Name Choosing

This is a difficult step for some people, but not everyone. You want a catchy name that refers to being a rogue, being a twink, your race, your faction, or just something randomly hilarious that people can give you props for on the battlefield. My rogue, formerly known as Chicktwink who has been renamed Prô, was named just for being a female Blood Elf twink rogue. After transferring to Ruin during 3.2 I renamed myself Prô - The name shows I can have skill and it can give you pride (or maybe that is just me).

STEP THREE: The First 10 Levels

Now you should have plenty of gold and have your character made and have chosen a name. There is nothing else to say but pure questing. Levels 1-10 are EXTREMELY easy and I recommend using Bind on Account gear for that extra leveling speed. Quest in your starting places non-stop and be quick. This step will not effect in any way your character or armor. There are some other guides you can find on for leveling 1-10 if you need it.

STEP FOUR: Instances

No matter what faction you are, if you want to twink right you need to do many instances. The Alliance have the Deadmines and maybe the Stockades, while Horde have Wailing Caverns and Shadowfang Keep. Around level 10 you should start doing these to gather your armor.

The Deadmines is THE instance for twinks. Both factions can run it, the only thing is that Horde have a harder time getting there. You need to take the Zeppelin to Grom'Gol, and run up the shore of Stranglethorn Vale to Westfall. You need run through or two but you get magnificent drops. Edwin Vancleef is the last boss and he drops Blackened Defias Armor ,which is a the best chest peice you can get, besides maybe a Tunic of Westfall which is from an alliance quest in Westfall. If you are agility based and Alliance, I reccomend this. Two great weapons dropped here are Cruel Barb and Thief's Blade , which are both viable twink weapons.

Jame's The Deadmines Guide:

Wailing Caverns is a Horde-based instance in the middle of the Barrens, to the south-west of the Crossroads. You will need a run through, and this is a particularly long instance. It is also easy to get lost! Some items that drop here are Armor of the Fang , Gloves of the Fang , Footpads of the Fang , and Leggings of the Fang. You may want to pick up a quest called Leaders of the Fang, which gives two good twink items, though they won't be too much use to you.

Jame's Wailing Caverns Guide:

The last instance I am going to cover is called Shadowfang Keep, otherwise known as SFK. It is buried deep inside a Horde territory called Silverpine Forest, and it is a little harder for Alliance to get there than Horde. For Horde there is a quest here called "Arugal Must Die" that gives a great twink ring Seal of Sylvannas . Some pros say the best twink weapon combo for 19s is Shadowfang and Assassin's Blade . These weapons are VERY rare and you are better off spending several hundred, or thousand gold getting them in the Auction House.

Shadowgang Keep Instance Guide:

STEP FIVE: Herbalism

Due to the recent twink nerfs and changes added in patches 3.1/3.2 Herbalism is now a twink must-have. Why? At level 75, 150, and 225 Herbalism you gain access to this so useful ability - Lifelood. With an only 3 minute cool down, this spell can help you so much! Don't question it - just go go herbalism!

Herbalism Leveling Guide:

STEP SIX:First Aid:

First Aid is a useful and valuable skill to have for a twink of any class. This is not expensive and will not cost much more than 50g-100g. You start out making linen, heavy linen, wool, and heavy wool bandages until skill level 150. At 150, to get to 225 First Aid, you need to buy the item Expert First Aid - Under Wraps . Most of the time you will be able to find this book in the Auction House for a price around a gold or two. You then should buy the skill for Silk Bandages, Heavy Silk Bandages, and Mageweave bandages until 225 skill. Once you are at 225, you can get a higher level to make you Heavy Runecloth Bandages . You can buy them off the Auction House for several gold a stack.

First Aid can be used at any time during a WSG. Bandages may be used right in the middle of a fight. If you are on a one vs one situation and are low on health, use Gouge and try to run away and Stealth . Just as they regain control, Sap , unstealth, then use your bandage for a quick heal. Equip your dagger and do a quick backstab. Re-equip your sword and spam your attacks as fast as you can to finish the fight.

STEP SEVEN:Fishing and the Lucky Fishing Hat

Every Sunday morning at 2:00 pm server time a fishing contest begins in Stranglethorn Vale. This contest requires AT LEAST 150 fishing, but 225 is better. You are able to fish around STV for 2 hours and fish for rare fish. You can get the best head item for a level 19 twink. This is the Lucky Fishing Hat . For more info read the guide below from the site

STV Fishing Guide:

STEP EIGHT:The Home Stretch

With all the instances you have done since level 10, you should probably be around level 15 with more than half your gear already. Once all your instances are finished and you think you are done, head to the level 10-20 zones. For Horde these are the Ghostlands and the Barrens. I don't know surely for Alliance but I believe it is Westfall, Darkshore, and maybe Loch Modan. You are just going to be grinding and questing from here on out to 19. Once you are 19, you can finish the final few steps...

STEP NINE:Final Armor

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now reached level 19! Wait just a second though, to be a twink you have to have the top armor and enchants. This step will show all of the gear you should have collected from instances and bought from the Auction House.
1. Green Tinted Goggles (engineering)
2. Lucky Fishing Hat (STV Fishing Contest)

1. Scout's Medallion (PvP Reward)
2. Sentinel's Medallion (PvP Reward)

1. Serpent's Shoulders (Wailing Caverns)

1. Sentry Cloak (Auction House)
2. Glowing Lizardscale Cloak (Wailing Caverns)

1. Blackened Defias Armor (The Deadmines)
2. Armor of the Fang (Wailing Caverns)

1. Forest Leather Bracers (Auction House)
2. Wrangler's Wristbands of the Monley (Auction House)

1. Gloves of the Fang (Wailing Caverns/Auction House)

1. Deviate Scale Belt (Auctionhouse/Leatherworker)
2. Belt of the Fang

1. Leggings of the Fang(Wailing Caverns)

1. Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots (SYV Fishing Contest)
2. Feet of the Lynx ( Auction House)
3. Footpads of the Fang (Wailing Caverns)
4. Bristlebark Boots (Auction House)

1.(Horde Only) Legionnaire's Band (PvP Reward)
2. Blood Ring (Auction House)
3.(Horde Only) Seal of Sylvannas (SFK Quest)
4.(Alliance Only) Protector's Band (PvP Reward)
5.(Alliance Only) Seal of Wrynn (the Deadmines quest)

1. Arena Grand Master
2. Insignia of the Horde
3. Insignia of the Alliance

STEP TEN:Weapons

Main Hand:
1. Shadowfang (SFK or the Auction House)
2. Cruel Barb (the Deadmines)
3. Butcher's Slicer (SFK)
4.(Horde Only) Wingblade (Wailing Caverns quest)

Off Hand:
1. Assassin's Blade (Shadowfang Keep or Auction House)
2. Thief's Blade (the Deadmines)
3. Scout's Blade (PvP Reward)
4. Sentinel's Blade (PvP Reward)


Back: +12 Dodge Rating OR + 3 agility

Chest: +4 stats, +3 stats or +50 health

Wrist: + 9 stamina

Hands: +15 agility is best but +7 agility if necessary.

Feet: Minor Speed Increase, +7 agility, OR +7 stamina

STEP TWELVE:Weapon Enchants

Main Hand:

I would suggest +15 agility on this one. Mats aren't that easy but it is the best. Besides that you can go for Lifestealing or Crusader. Fiery is OK if you can't afford the others.

Off Hand:

Here your BEST bet is +15 agility as well. It depends on your playstyle and well one other option is Lifestealing. Crusader isnt worthy enough for an offhand enchant. Fiery could help a bit if you are a "budget or "cheap" twink.


I personally chose the Good-All Around Arena Build because I tend to do much arena.

Swords: This is a good out-of-stealth build for constant and considerably high damage.

Improved Eviscerate 3/3
Improved Sinister Strike 2/2
Dual Weild Specialization 5/5

Daggers: This is a dagger build based on crits. This is for people who like maximized Ambushes and Backstabs.

Malice 5/5
Puncturing Wounds 3/3
Opportunity 2/2

All Around: This is an optional build, better used with swords. It provides higher crit rates and stronger white damage.

Mailice 5/5
Dual Weild Specialization 5/5

Good All-Around Arena Build: A strong arena build. Great for not being caught off guard unless especially in a rogue vs rogue situation. This also allows much time to gouge and bandage to full health. I advise using dual wielding swords/maces and to use Garrote unless you are fighting someone you think you can one or two-hit.

Master of Deception 3/3
Opportunity 2/2
Dirty Tricks 2/2
Improved Gouge 3/3


Edit: I obliviously left this out at first but it is now here.

Glyphs were added recently since the latest expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King. At level 19 ALL classes are allowed two glyphs; a minor and a major. Depending on what talents you chose, there are better ones than others.

I left out Minor glyphs, mainly because there are no good ones for 19 twinks at this level. The only one you may ever use is Glyph of Blurred Speed which may speed up your time during the Stranglethorn Fishing Contest.

Also to note these are my preferred ones, and they are your best bet for your talent spec. To find more information and to find all of the glyphs available to rogues, visit the page below.

Major: Glyph of Sinister Strike

Alternate Major: Glyph of Evasion

Alternate Major: Glyph of Eviscerate


Major: Glyph of Backstab

Alternate Major: Glyph of Ambush

Rogue Glyphs:

STEP FIFTEEN:The Heirloom Items (BoA)

As of the Wrath of the Lich King, you are now allowed to buy and use Heirloom items. These provide a benefit in low level pvp, though due to the changes in patch 3.1 they are no longer much better than Serpent's Shoulders. This is because the shoulder enchants are not allowed until level 70 and do not work on any characters lower than 70. If you want to use them you can, but I don't.

"Bind to Account equipment:
Shoulders: [Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders] / {Greater Inscription of the Gladiator(30stm, 15res)}
Weapon(Off Hand): [Balanced Heartseeker] {Agility(15agi)}
Ranged: [Charmed Ancient Bone Bow]
Trinket(Alliance): [Inherited Insignia of the Alliance]
Trinket(Horde): [Inherited Insignia of the Horde]"

I personally do not have any experience with these and do not know how or where to get them. I looked up a couple heirloom guides and here are some.

Heirloom Items and How to Get Them:

Heirloom Items Scale:

STEP SIXTEEN:Warsong Gulch Tips and Tricks!

DPS and Farming Honor:

This is the most common and enjoyable thing twinks do. It is the pleasure of killing of others that makes them so popular and fun. I usually spam Sinister Strikes and a Eviscerate for constant damage. Gouge as much as you can for a quick get away, energy regeneration, or first-aid. Stay on top of the clothie casters as well as hunters. NEVER go for any of the pets first, as for while you do that you are getting OWNED by their owner twinks. If you face another rogue twink, try to stealth up to them, sap, garrote, then pop evasion and do your normal cycle with a gouge here and there. I also advise against graveyard camping but if you want to, go ahead.

Killing Hunters:
These are probably the most overplayed low level twink class in the game. As of 3.2, Hunters were allowed to use Aspect of the Cheetah (A +30% run speed aspect, but if hit they are dazed). A smart hunter can know when to switch aspects from Cheetah to Hawk, which can make these overpowered beasts even deadlier than normal. If evasion is ready use it to gain that extra chance to dodge their pets attacks and the nasty Wingclips. If you can learn the jump tricks in Warsong Gulch, getting them out of Line of Sight can be easier. One example is on top of the tunnels. If you can precisely drop down to the bottom part of the top tunnel you can get enough out of Line of Sight for a bandage and stealth to reset the fight or run away. You will usually lose unless the hunter is stupid OR if you have all of your cooldowns ready for use while they don't.

Defending the Flag:

Twinks on defense can sometimes call for a 3 to 0 victory. Your duty here is to stealth in the flag room. When an enemy comes by, use sap. Do your opener (garrote, ambush, etc.) and try to get a quick kill. If they grab the flag before you attack, you can kill them and get a couple honor for returning the flag. If they escape the flag room, call out to your team which way they are going. An example is "The EFC is now leaving the flag room and headed out to [GY, Ramp or tunnel]!" This is a very important role.

STEP SEVENTEEN: You Are Ready!: Killing Time

You are now ready to go to your first battleground as a 19 twink. Your teammates are waiting for you. Come to the the battlefield to kill your opponents. I hope you enjoyed this guide and made a decent twink from the knowledge I gave you.

P.S. - Make sure you turn off your experience!

If you find any mistakes somewhere written in this guide, please say. Thanks!

I am in the Nightfall battlegroup. I have met some of my guide's viewers since this was completed and I feel very proud.

Feel free to contact me in game!

Prô (formerly known as Chicktwink)

Trollbane PvE US
Ruin Battlegroup


Wich Ranged weapon

Wich ranged weapon you need to use?

Ranged Weapon

Try to find a pair of Throat Piercers.

If you can't you can settle with Rough Bronze Darts.

WoTLK 3.1 changes

I think I will be able to update the guide this weekend due to the 3.1 patch nerf changes to many twinks. Laughing out loud

Also, I have a new 19 paladin and may possibly make a guide on gear, healing, flag carrying, and arenas.

Actually rogue twinks are

Actually rogue twinks are very very cheap to make.
Only thing you have to pay for after the next patch after the new enchant system if they nerf what is rumored to be nerfed, and which is live on PTR, is:

-15 agi - wep
-lifesteal - wep
-15 - gloves
-9stm - bracers
-6stats - chest
-minor speed - boots
-Throat Piercers (if you do not get Charmed Ancient Bone Bow)
-Forest Leather Bracers
-Sentry Cloak (but in my opinion Glowing Lizardscale Cloak is better(and free), see my other posts)
-Deviate Scale Belt (or forget this if you go for Belt of the Fang which is about 3 less armor and spirit if i remember right. I know belt of the fang makes you have more of the Fang set, but you only need 3 parts for the expertise bonus, so with Fang legs, gloves and boots you will have 3 parts already. Of course if they do not render 35+ enchants on boots unavailable, then you will need to have fang instead of deviate to have 3 parts as you will have anglin boots and not fang boots for the 35+ enchant which is then still available.
-I did not include Shadowfang and Assassin's Blade as they are probably impossible to get, or if you do find a seller they would probably cost you several thousand gold? too much you say? Yes.
-might have forgotten something, remind me if i did Sticking out tongue

So you could actually start off on a new server, unfunded, and actually achieve nearly a perfect twink with the gear exceptions being 15 agi and Lifesteal to wep, where you would only have Fiery Weapon on your main hand weapon(not offhand as there is almost no point in that). You would go for 100hp to chest instead of 6 stats, and 7 agi to gloves instead of 15 agi. Of course you would have to play the Auction House to get some minor amounts of gold.

Happy "cheap" twinking Sticking out tongue

On my server, it is

On my server, it is expensive if you want to make a better twink than a dual weilding fierys with 1k hp. The nethercleft costed 400g, rough huh? It is possible to buy for 200-300g but I was in a hurry. Weapon enchants costed 100g+. The other enchants costed a bunch more. Yes, some servers are different and prices vary; but through my experience, the prices listed are correct.

If you have info on the next patch with enchanting nerfs or whaterever, please reply. I have no clue about it. Eye

About the start where you

About the start where you talk against gold selling, I suggest that you add the fact that gold sellers are the ones that hack innocent people's sites and accounts, and disrespecting other people's property. Doing this, they also BREAK THE LAW. If you support these people, you SHOULD feel bad, because you help fund HACKERS AND THIEVES.

/end anger!

The guide seems well written, and although I merely skimmed over it because I'm in somewhat of a rush, I'll definitely check this out at a point when my toons have epic flying and spare gold to fund a twink.

Best Regards,

You have two step sixteen

You have two step sixteen Sticking out tongue

lol fixed

I didn't notice! lol. Thanks and a I fixed it. Eye

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I spent about 10 minutes

I spent about 10 minutes trying to think of a joke to answer this with. And I failed.


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Hiya, Good guide. Just


Good guide.

Just wondering, what's your opinion on the viability of heirlooms in twinking?

Also, what do you think of the viability of Heirloom items for twinking? I noticed no mention of them in the guide.

Good luck with fixing your enchants if the twink enchant changes hit next patch Sticking out tongue

EDIT: To wrip some figures off the (Excellent) Heirloom Items Scaler:

Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders
Binds to account
Shoulder Leather
69 Armor
+3 Agility
+6 Stamina
Requires level 1 to 80 (19)
Equip: Improves resilience rating by 4 (0.76%).
Equip: Increases attack power by 8.
Equip: Experience gained from killing monsters increased by 10%.

Which, arguably, is better than any other shoulders at level 19. Any thoughts (obviously, don't equip them for anything with experience Sticking out tongue)?

Heirloom Items

Yes, I did forget them. Last night on 3/14/09 I got OWNED by a premade of alliance with 1.8k hp unbuffed. This used to be barely possible, depending on stats and classes. Almost all of them were wearing the shoulders and weapons. I personally have to admit my main is only level 47 Sad and I can not get these for a while. I have seen many people with them and I obviously advise it if you can. Going to try to post something up. Cool


"Bind to Account equipment:
Shoulders: [Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders] / {Greater Inscription of the Gladiator(30stm, 15res)}
Weapon(Off Hand): [Balanced Heartseeker] {Agility(15agi)}
Ranged: [Charmed Ancient Bone Bow]
Trinket(Alliance): [Inherited Insignia of the Alliance]
Trinket(Horde): [Inherited Insignia of the Horde]"

These are all better than non-heirloom items in the same slot. They will also increase your hit rating, giving you more dps and lesser chance to miss on attacks. As i said earlier, im not going to make a guide (yet), so for the moment I will not unfold some theory behind this yet, unless you really think that you need me to explain it for you.

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Hmm... I think I've grasped

Hmm... I think I've grasped the theory, better items make for better damage. Revolutionary.

Missing less means you hit more. Stunning.

BTW, any word on whether I could put mongoose on Balanced Heartseeker and then pass it down to my twink?

Obviously, I won't be able to in 3.1 (muahaha) but would I be able to for the moment? Can't honestly see why not.

Heirloom items only support

Heirloom items only support pre-tbc enchant, sorry.

Plz dun ban me pl0x

I hope I don't offend you, but I felt that your guide is in some parts wrong and outdated. I might have forgotten something, but this should cover most of the gear related.

As I am not going to make a guide (yet), you will just have to trust me on what I suggest as the best gear without giving you the theory to prove it, or you could make some counter theory of your own. I dont care enough yet to write down the theories stored in my head. When going for the best possible rogue gear you have to decide how you rate agility compared to stamina and strength(2 attack power). You will probably be told that 1:1:2 is balanced when you ask the "pros". This all goes down to personal preference, but I would personally rate agility higher than stamina(at about 1:1.5). This is because I think that rogues benefit more from the extra dodge, crit, armor and attack power from agility than from 10 hp. Therefore I have made a list of gear according to how you personally rate agi/stm/str. Say you go for the 8 agi enchant for your Lucky Fishing hat instead of the 100 hp enchant. Then you already indicate that you rate agi and stm 1:1.25, as 10stm/8agi=1.25 stm for each agi. If you go further and think that 1 agi is worth even more stamina. Then you can go for Glowing Lizardscale Cloak instead of Sentry cloak, resulting in a rate of 1:1.5. Glowing Lizardscale cloak(GLC) has 6 agi and 2 stm. Sentry Cloak(SC) has 4 agi and 5 stm. Some theory: 6agi(GLC)-4agi(SC)=2agi, 5stm(SC)-2stm(GLC)=3stm, now we have Glowing Lizardscale Cloak with 2 agi, and Sentry Cloak with 3 stm. 2agi/3stm= 1.5 stm for each agi. The same goes for Forest Leather Bracers and Wrangler's Wristbands of the Monkey(3/3), Cat's Swiftness(6agi, 8%speed) and Boar's Speed(9stm, 8% Speed), and Dark Leather Pants and Scouting Trousers of the Monkey(5agi/5stm). The point im trying to make is that I dont want to see people running around with Dark Leather pants(1:1.666) while the rest of the gear is only 1:1, or maybe they have all the 1:1.5 gear except for the 8agi enchant to head which is 1:1.25 which should definitely be a part of the gear if they already indicate that they rate agi and stm 1:1.5 by equipping for example Glowing Lizardscale Cloak which is 1:1.5 (higher than 1:1.25). I have also included a list of Bind to Account equipment which were introduced by Wrath of the Lich King. If you have a lvl 80 character and care to obtain the BtA items, then you should definitely switch out the old items with the listed BtA items as they are better than the old items. I included Cruel Barb and Sentinel's Blade(A)/ Scout's Blade(H) as substitutes for Shadowfang and Assassin's Blade as they can be nearly impossible to obtain after SFK's drop rates were highly reduced some while ago. Lifestealing vs Agility on main hand is also a matter of preference, though you might benefit marginally more from Lifestealing, I will not go into theory on this. As of some recent patch it is no longer possible to enchant 12 dodge to a cloak with item level below 35 with, this goes for both dodge recipes (AQ and LC). Most of the current twink enchants might also be removed when the current PTR goes live, so wait and see before you invest too much in leg kits and librams. I hope I didnt lose you with all this theory =) And now the gear:

Balance Set:
Head: [Lucky Fishing Hat] {Lesser Arcanum of Constitution(100hp)}
Neck: [Sentinel's Medallion]
Shoulders: [Serpent Shoulders]
Back: [Sentry Cloak] {Lesser Agility(3agi)}
Chest(Alliance): [Tunic of Westfall] {Greater Stats(4stats)}
Chest(Horde): [Blackened Defias Armor] {Greater Stats(4stats)}
Wrist: [Wrangler's Wristbands of the Monkey(3agi/3stm)] {Superior Stamina(9stm)}
Hands: [Gloves of the Fang] {Superior Agility(15agi)}
Waist: [Deviate Scale Belt]
Legs: [Scouting Trousers of the Monkey(5agi/5stm)] {Nethercleft Leg Armor(40stm, 12agi)}
Feet: [Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots] {Boar's Speed(9stm, 8% Speed)}
Finger1(Alliance): [Seal of Wrynn]
Finger1(Horde): [Seal of Sylvannas]
Finger2(Alliance): [Protector's Band]
Finger2(Horde): [Legionnaire's Band]
Trinket1(Alliance): [Insignia of the Alliance]
Trinket1(Horde): [Insignia of the Horde]
Trinket2: [Arena Grand Master]
Thrown: [Throat Piercers]
Weapon(Main Hand): [Cruel Barb] / [Shadowfang] {Lifestealing}
Weapon(Off Hand): [Thief's Blade] {Agility(15agi)}
Weapon(Main Hand, Stealth): [Sentinel's Blade](A), [Scout's Blade](H) / [Assassin's Blade] {Superior Striking(5dmg)}

Balance Set:
Head: [Lucky Fishing Hat] {Lesser Arcanum of Voracity(8agi)}

Balance Set:
Back: [Glowing Lizardscale Cloak] {Lesser Agility(3agi)}
Wrist: [Forest Leather Bracers] {Superior Stamina(9stm)}
Feet: [Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin Boots] {Cat's Swiftness(6agi, 8%speed)}

Balance Set
Legs: [Dark Leather Pants] {Nethercleft Leg Armor(40stm, 12agi)}

Bind to Account equipment:
Shoulders: [Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders] / {Greater Inscription of the Gladiator(30stm, 15res)}
Weapon(Off Hand): [Balanced Heartseeker] {Agility(15agi)}
Ranged: [Charmed Ancient Bone Bow]
Trinket(Alliance): [Inherited Insignia of the Alliance]
Trinket(Horde): [Inherited Insignia of the Horde]

Good luck with your twinking ^^

Very good advice

I read through it.. the best I can! It seems you are trying to show more mathematical terms, then list a more 'balanced' gear set. That is the gear set MANY rogues have; or at least close to it. I personally focus a lot more on agility than strength or stamina. The Nethercleft Leg Armor I have gives me 400 health. Adding that to all of the gear, stamina enchants, and health enchants gives me all the health I need to survive several noobies or 1 to 2 twinks at a time.

So you were focused on a bit more stamina to survive, but do a bit less damage. It all depends on your playstyle. After getting around 1.4k health I went for a bunch of agility. So everyone, follow his armor guide as it makes a lot of sense. Armory Chicktwink from Arygos to look at my armor and talents. I will post above about the heirloom items as well! Eye

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And as soon as 3.1 hits, no

And as soon as 3.1 hits, no more nethercobra for you Sticking out tongue

Would it be easier to think of this in similar terms to gemming for +hit in end game?

We would find a good amount of stam, then gear for that, and spend the rest of your gear getting str and agi. This (hopefully) avoids the issue of gear being sacrificed to keep the ratio.

TBH, when it gets right down to it, unless we're talking large premades (and this guide doesn't seem massively aimed at premades) then you can't go too far wrong with the items listed.

it is not like you adapt to

it is not like you adapt to the ratio, it is more like the ratio adapts to you. If you lack stamina, then lower the ratio, if you feel that you lack agility then raise the ratio. But my key point is that you pick Libram of Voracity(8agi) instead of Libram of Constitution(100hp) before you pick Glowing Lizardscale Cloak instead of Sentry Cloak, and you do not have to go for all the 1:1.5:3 items, if you feel that the extra agility from Glowing Lizardscale Cloak is sufficient, then there is no one forcing you to get Forest Leather Bracers and Cat's Swiftness aswell.

Just an example: equipping Dark Leather Pants (1.1.25:2.5), Forest Leather Bracers and Glowing Lizardscale Cloak, but not cat's swiftness, would make you indicate that you rate 1agi:1.4166667stm:

1.25 + 1.5 + 1.5 / 3 = 1.4166667

or 1agi:1.375stm if you left out Forest Leather Bracers aswell. (1.25 + 1.5 / 2 = 1.375)

And again, my key point is that you should pick ALL items with a ratio lower than the item with your your highest highest ratio before picking any higher agi:stm ratio item, for example pick 1:1.25:2.5 before you pick 1:1.5:3.

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There's a fundamental flaw

There's a fundamental flaw in what I believe you're saying.

What you're saying is FUNDAMENTALLY wrong, because you are saying that if you think agility is so great, it's worth 5 stamina, then for every 1 agility you should have 5 stamina. So a ratio of 1 agility to 5 stamina to 5 strength.

That is an extremely flawed way of looking at things.

In fact, if you think agility is 5 times more valuable than stamina, you should have FIVE TIMES AS MUCH OF THE FREAKING THING IN YOUR RATIO.

And therefore have a ratio of 1 stamina to 5 agility to 5 strength.

I appreciate you trying to bring some maths to the proceedings, and I can see how it is helpful, but your perspective of the whole thing is, I'm afraid, wrong.


EDIT: Okay, when I think about it, I can see what you're trying to do.

What you're trying to do, is give a rough, general number to what you need to stat for through basic arithmetic.

You're trying to do what it takes EnhSim (shaman DPS calc) a few minutes to do seconds to do. Effectively, what the programme does is work out every foreseeable stat combo, run that through it's DPS calculator, and see which stats tend to get the best DPS, then giving you a value for that stat.

Without a sim doing this, there is no way of doing this that is remotely worthwhile, so I think, in my mind at least, we can reasonably ignore these ratios, as they are nothing but the product of common sense, and common sense seems to indicate that we don't need tons of stamina and little agility anyway. Problem solved.

im saying 1 agi to 1.5 stam

im saying 1 agi to 1.5 stam note the "."

Alright, it is almost like a

Alright, it is almost like a little war going on, lol. Ratios are great, completely DEPENDING ON PLAYSTYLE. If you want 1 agility per 5 stamina, I advise rolling a tank class since you will lack damage and just be a health hog. 5 agility per 1 stamina is advisable, but of course you will be running around with only 700-900 health but HIGH AP. I prefer a more balanced ratio like 3agi:2stam which gives more survivability while having plenty of dodge, crit, and AP.

Sorry for the misunderstanding

none of you guys grasped what i meant with my ratios. erh.. ill have to rethink how i explain this ratio thing, hmm, its actually quite obvious for me, but for you guys all new to it i might need to explain it differently.

when i decide that i rate 1agi as the same as 1.5 stamina, then i mean that an item would need to have 1.5x more stam than there is agi on the other item. If we follow the 1agi = 1.5 stm, lets put 2 stm up against 2 agi, then agi would be superior. If we put 3 stm up against 2 agi, then 2 agi still would be the superior choice, hence i value agility higher than stamina, and then we can say that we would need 1.5stm to outperform 1 agi, or a ratio of 1agi : 1.5stm. Did you grasp it now? i probably got too used to use the ratio terms with other people and forgot that people that are new to it might not grasp it, or they might misunderstand it. But it's my fault and ive explained it improperly with my bad english. There is actually some depth to this ratio thing, though only for the perfectionist.

And btw, by going 3agi : 2 stm, you say that you would pick an item with 2stm before an item with 3 agi, or atleas consider them equal in value. I think i know how you guys thought about this. You probably though that i meant that your twink should have a total of 1.5x more stam than agility, like 100 agi and 150stm total stats, sorry for the misunderstanding. The ratio is meant to be used when to compare item values, how much an item is worth. It's like 2 silver bars is worth more than 3 Copper bars, even though there is more Copper bars than Silver bars. Peace Sticking out tongue

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Finally, I've got what you

Finally, I've got what you mean.

So you're basically saying, 1 strength is worth 1 'twink point' (TP), 1 agility is worth say 3 TP, and one stam is worth 1.5 TP (for example).

Add up the TP on an item, and voila.

I thought you were talking about how much agility you should have per point of stamina or something Sticking out tongue

Yeah, that makes sense. Peace Sticking out tongue

Thanks for the TP idea i

Thanks for the TP idea Sticking out tongue i might use it in my guide for proper understandment of the ratio consept, it's just at five pages at the moment and missing alot. Kinda bussy with school so I haven't had much time to work on it. Im glad this finally made sense to you guys ^^

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Interesting stuff. No, I

Interesting stuff. No, I lie. Mind bogglingly boring.

After reading that, I would suggest keeping the sets, and changing the first paragraph to 'Some rogues suggest a ratio of Strength:Stamina:Agility (or at least I think that's the ratios you wanted, bit hard to tell) in 1:1:2. I prefer, for the purposes of some unspecified activity, for a ratio of 1:1:5. This may be a ratio for raiding, or, presumably, it's a ratio for rogues in WSG. Perhaps you might want a bit more stamina, for flag running, well, if so, go away and make a druid. Cat durid is 4 fite.

Here are some armour sets keeping this ratio:

[Armour sets here].

Remember, don't let large numbers be replaced by worse numbers just to fix your ratios.

[Example of one situation where a worse item could be used to fit a ratio].

In fact, despite many years of WoW playing, no consensus has in fact been reached on good ratios, so you might think that that might mean you could basically do what you wanted. NO!

Here's my brilliant argument:

I can put the word 'pros' in quotation marks!!!'

Alternate text:

'Some people suggest a ratio of 1:1:2 for Strength:Stamina:Agility. Others prefer a 1:1:5. If you're going to be killing stuff midfield WSG, feel free to go with option two. Perhaps, if you wanted more flag running, you might want to take option one.

Remember, don't let ratios get in the way of good items, and the quality of your items is MUCH more important.'

Sorry about that Sticking out tongue

Couldn't resist.

Although I have made fun of you somewhat, I do admit you have a point, and the way you explained it (for anyone that trawled through) was extremely informative. If you do make a guide, I look forward to reading it Smiling

Für teh Nubz

It goes like 1agi:1:stm:2str, 1agi:1.25str:2.5str, 1agi:1.5stm:3str, 1agi:1.666str:3.333str. Or I might explain it in another way: say you have two items, one with 2 agi and one with 3 stm. If you follow the 1agi:1stm:2str rule, then you would pick the 3 stm item. If you on the other hand follow the 1agi:1.5stm:3str rule, you would pick the 2agi instead of the 3 stm. I thought I explained that properly, sorry. Im not sure how to explain this in a more noob-proof way, so those who didnt get a shit out of what i wrote, im sorry. I personally think that 1agi:1.5stm:3str is more beneficial for balanced rogue play, rogues were also not designed to be stamina whores running around as tanks. But obviously you could camp on the 1:1:2 and have somewhat more of a flagrunner but still some dps capability. 1agi:1.5stm:3str is on the other hand not that ideal for flag running, but you would fuck other people more frequently in WSG. But i agree with Brune that if you want to snatch the flag, you shouldnt be a rogue in the first place. Of course im not rejecting the possibility of usable rogue flag runners with a combination of stm, sprint and swift pot, but then you should look for a guide somewhere else which is more stamina friendly instead of a balance guide.

I appreciate the input. It

I appreciate the input. It is somewhat more understandable than the ones above. Also, his statement on rogue flag running is true. I advise if you want to be a OWNAGE PWNAGE flag carrier, roll a druid, warrior, or paladin.

Thanks and errors being fixed

Alright, I already have quite a few views and comments. I understand errors and things I missed while working on it. I understand colors are a bit light in some areas and vocabulary should be put up to the top. Love the input and I am working on it! Laughing out loud

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This is a great guide and is

This is a great guide and is set up really well!
My only advice would be to include Glyphs and possibly poisons to it.
Other than that a brilliant guide!

The grammar and spell checker.

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"Levels 1-10 are EXTREMELY

"Levels 1-10 are EXTREMELY easy and can be done in less than one hour."

Personally, I think this is physically impossible. If not, can someone please tell me how to do this? My best time is about 2hours 10 mins or so, and this was fast. So please, what's the secret if this is actually possible!!!

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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Indeed, it's not possible to

Indeed, it's not possible to do 1-10 in less than one hour. The fastest you can do is probably 1h30min, or something close to that. And that's extremely fast Smiling

Jame, I must point out

Jame, I must point out Recruit A Friend... Free levels anyone?! Laughing out loud

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Yes this is true, but the

Yes this is true, but the guide seems to suggest un-aided solo leveling. Which is what both me and Jame disagree with!

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

At Blizzcon or some event

At Blizzcon or some event blizzard made, they also made a contest of who could level fastest in 1 hour.

The record was lvl 8 and some xp (no rested ofc), so I doubt it can be done in less than an hour Sticking out tongue

I recently finished a sorta

I recently finished a sorta speedrun 1-80 on a shaman, with heirloom items and lots of blues. In the first couple of levels, the monsters died from one or two blows from my axe, so I leveled extremely fast. I didn't bother with screenshots and don't remember exactly, but I think I was level 10 in about an hour. But with normal gear, 1-10 in an hour is pretty much impossible, yeah.

Interesting and educational

Interesting and educational read.

However, you forgot to cover recommended glyphs.

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Can you use glyphs at 19 ?

Can you use glyphs at 19 ?

According to WOWDB, you can

According to WOWDB, you can use a major and a minor Smiling

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Awesome guide. If I ever

Awesome guide. If I ever make a twink (and I plan to eventually), I'm definitely going to make a Rogue and use this guide. The only thing I saw that might need fixing, is that in the vocab section, you don't mention that WSG stands for Warsong Gulch (although you do mention Warsong Gulch elsewhere in the guide).

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Excellent job!

Alright read through it. This is a *really* nice guide and you clearly know your stuff. My only complaint is that in a few places you've forgotten a space between punctuation and words (for example something,something as opposed to something, something). Also there are a couple colors that are a little light, specifically the "gaining gold by questing" at the top of the guide. Oh, and I would move the vocab up to the top rather than having it at the end.

All in all, excellent job! You included all the needed info in a very easy to read and succinct way, plus some fun tips once the rogue is twinked out.

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I've only given this a

I've only given this a cursory glance, but it looks very well put together and easy to follow. I'll look at it more in depth later.

Mostly I wanted to post to let you know I changed the publishing date so this properly shows up on the main page with the other new guides.