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I have been a "silent user" on this page for many years now and it's time for me to step up and contribute a little. I have seen many minor stuff around on guides that is either outdated or not optimal. 

I might be blind or just stupid but I can't understand how to write new revisions or sugestions on changes around on the different articles. Maybe you just write a comment like this and someone else will do the changes if they like the idea?

The forums looks like they are quite dead with last posts being several months old and so on... =0P

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So most of the effort has shifted away from the long guides on the website to the addon and the in-game guides.

So most of the action occurs on the zone specific pages under Guide File Source Code.

Either way, the right thing to do is to post a comment on the guide or source code page about what needs to be fixed. One of us with editing privs will evaluate your suggestion and perhaps make it and you will get some amount of karma for it.

Get enough karma and you can earn editing rights and then you can really go to town!

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Found them

I think I found them all. I also added the Guide to Using the Recorder here. Hope that's ok! Let me know if I missed any guides that should be here.

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Bits is teh awesome!

Bits is teh awesome!

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Looks like the guide writing section has its own section now! WHEE! Love the changes. Always nice to see good clean site with clear elements organized together. Especially amidst the chaos of a programmers and gamers... *needs to clean his office... BAD!*

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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Super snazzy groovy indeed!

Super snazzy groovy indeed! Sticking out tongue

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Are you makin' fun of my out

Are you makin' fun of my out of date lingo? *grin* ... *offers Jame an exploding cookie*

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

Zany guide writing guides

Zany guide writing guides with their own guide section...