[80] Eric's Guide to Naxxramas 10 man

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The guide introduces all the basic tactics of Naxxramas 10 man version. A step to step guide on how to beat the bosses in the instance.

For a normally naxxramas run you will need:
1 Maintank
1 Offtank
2-3 Healers
1 Mage/Hunter
1 ranged DPS
3 random DPS's
And a maximum of 2-3 melee DPS. When the group will reach Kel'thuzad , it will start to be close.

All should have at least full rares (blues) and a few epics is recommended.


The guide is splitted up in 5-6 parts.


Great guide :)

Love the guide so far, hopefully military will come out soon because the only boss(es) I have trouble with are the four horsemen. Laughing out loud

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Something you may want to

Something you may want to note for group composition: If you will be doing the Kel fight, you really want to limit it to 3-4 melee tops. This includes the main tank, and preferably the off tank (though you can have him stand aside for the first half of the fight instead of DPSing). The reason for this limit is the ice tomb, which will bounce to nearby players, so being spread out is a must.

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Added Smiling

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Very good job so far Eric.

Very good job so far Eric. Looking forward to your guides for the other wings Smiling

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Thanks! Military wing will be done within next week Eye