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How to disable a Guide


I can't figure out how to disable a Guide after enabling it by accident.  Can you add instructions to the Troubleshooting  section of this web page?


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How to disable

There are two ways to disable a guide.  One would be to select a different guide or the other would be to disable the addon.  I will add some screenshots to the troubleshooting guide.

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Stormsong Valley Guide - Mildenhall Meadery

Hi, I'm currently following MateausFreitas' guide for Stormsong Valley and I'm working on the Mildenhall Meadery quests. The guide points towards a "Honey Bear" @ 66.48 / 71.17 and the comment says "what the heck is this thing supposed to do?" 

Well nothing, I guess... Unless...

1 Honey Bear - 1 Tiger - 1 Pig - 1 Rabbit - 1 Melancholy Mule and 1 person called Hunter Robin... all camping near a whole lot of honey... =

Winnie the Pooh & his friends !


btw the guides are awesome!

Twilight Highlands Quest - Machines of War

It is now given by Eitrigg in Conquest Hold, no longer Saurfang, as the guide says. Thought you might like to know...

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RE: Twilight Highlands Quest - Machines of War

Thanks, we will update to reflect that.

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A Boralus Triple Threat/Targetting a Turncoat - Rank 3

Although the quest "A Boralus Triple Threat" is flagged as Tier 3 in the Tiragarde Sound guide, the quest targets (Overseer Howling, Hayden The Madshot, Stablemaster Diana) are not.

Similarly, Targeting a Turncoat is flagged as Rank 3 but its target Fernn the Turncoat is not. 

In fact, I'm not sure I see the point of running out, completing Trouble at Greystone Keep, then immediately hearthing back, but I assume the quest is part of achievements.  (Probably exploration.)

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RE: A Boralus Triple Threat

Thanks. I will look at it.

I agree that it seems pointless to go to Graystone Keep without doing them, but as they are not required for the Zone ach. they are set to a dif rank.  It looks like i probably missed setting the targets also to dif rank and I will look at that.

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Who Seeks the Seeker

Quest giver location wrong it's 57.76 92.28 but inside Dazakalor instead of Zuldazar zone.

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Who Seeks the Seeker

Thank you... we also noticed that omission tonight and it has been corrected and will be correct in next release.

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Thank you. I had to get used

Thank you. I had to get used to this addon since I always used Dugi, but I'm starting to like and understand it.I hate the Captcha on this site, because I'm mild dyslectic. 

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Come see us on Discord... NO captcha :)

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unable to use addon

First, thank you for the addon.  It has been great previoulsy.  I am having a problem attempting to use the addon with Battle for Azeroth.  If I download from and and install, the add does not show in my addon list.  I have tried extracting to Interface\Addons\Wowpro as well as Interface\Addons\Wowpro+v8.0.1E.  If i download the addon from twitch and then extract the newest version to the wowpro folder is says i am using a trial version and need to go to to download full version.  Please Help!

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Re: unable to use addon

I think we got your problem resolved on Discord.

Hello. I've been using


I've been using version 8.0.1C while leveling a new character the last couple of days. Each time I began combat, I did notice a short lag-spike at the beginning. I turned off all addons and put them back 1 by 1. In the end, I found out it was the WoW Pro who was behind the lag-spike. I'm not familiar enough with addons programming to find the problem, so maybe someone else knows why this happens.



Frostfire Ridge

Step 186 says to get the quest Slavery and Strife from Guse, which is correct, except that the location is off. See attached screen shot of where Guse is. If I stand right on top of her, my location is 24.36, 37.37.


-- Chuo


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Re: Frostfire Ridge

Thanks for the tweak!

wow pro blocking me from logging on

I checked all of my other addons one by one and wow pro is the only one that i get the error message Error (BLZ51900001) which stops me from loggin onto wow at all. i get to the choose your toon then it freezes and disconnects and i get the error message above.

any suggestions?



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Re: wow pro blocking me from logging on

If you do not get to the point where addons are being loaded, it is very unlikely that it is our addon.

It is more likely that you have a problem with your virus checker.  See:

draenor shadowmoon questline

i have a problem im stuck at well  the  addon says onwards, and underneath it says this end on the shadow trails. Draenor is next.


I get a tomtom arrow pointing to an objective quite often when Wow-Pro is turned off.

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tom tom arrow

Tom tom has a setting for track nearest quest or something like that.  Some quest trackers have tom tom integration.

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Hi, i love this addon and i've been using it for as long as i can remember. But i miss something, you have a quest leveling guide but why not create a quest gold farming guid?

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RE: Suggestion

It's very hard to keep something like that up to date.  If you want to take on the challenge we would be glad to offer helpful suggestions!

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addon issues

So i downloaded the addon and it is telling me i have a trial version but i got it from this website ..HELP?

Ghostlands Coordinates


I have been using your guides for a very long time now and I thank you for your continous efforts to make our game time an easier experience. I have only noticed this since I started leveling toons from lvl 1 after about an year so I am not sure if this has already been logged and if you are already working on it but I thought I should bring this to your attention nevertheless. 

In Ghostlands from the very first quest/waypoint, the co-ordinates are very erratic, it is almost as if all co-ordinates were displaced by about 500 yards to the north or east (sometimes it is north and sometimes it is east). Let me know if you guys plan to work on this update for the next release. 

Cheers & Thanks




who to turn to?

Been using the addons for years now and love it.

But i have recently come across removed quests that still are in the guide. Who do i talk to so that guide might be updated without the quest?



I have been having an issue. Since last update, wow-pro has caused my game to freeze up and even crash. I know its this addon cause i went thru all my addons one by one and disabled them and checked, and this addon was the only one causing my game to freeze up. Hope this helps to fix.



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Re: Guides


Contact me directly and I'll see if we can find out what is going on.


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Game freezes

Ludo has been working on improvements to make the addon more stable.  The newest release should help with this. 

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Game freezing during loading

Hi, since 7.1.5 update I'm experiencing game freezing at loading screen every time, and a force stop is needed. I have updated from 7.0.3 to 7.1.5A all the same. I'm using TW wow64 game client.


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Re: Game freezing during loading

Contact me directly and we can do a live debug session.

Vanilla Realms

With the rise of Vanilla and Nostralius and Elysium realms... are their vanilla compatable versions of the Wow-pro addon for such realms.


love your work all these years,


thank you



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Re: Vanilla Realms


I'm not sure our addon is old enough to have a Vanilla version.

Contact me privately and I'll see if we have something old enought that would work.



I have been a long time user of your guides and I have to say, you all do a fantastic job! I also want you to know that this latest expansion has certainly added a myraid of options to leveling that has a lot of people on the learning curve. I am amazed how you all can write guides for this expansion that will cover all aspects of the options given a player. My hat is off to you all, you do such good work and just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the guides you do. They are such a help to us older players that have trouble figuring things out. I would help you if I could. Waiting patiently for the latest... Reikiangel; Kaz'Goroth

Terokkar guide

I think my post didn't come trough so i try again.

The Terokkar guide says it is for level 60-65 but as level 61 i could only accept the annoying shattra intro quest. After that all quests where grey until i was level 62. Best regards.

WotLK addon

Hello! First of all i'd like to thank your team for such a great job! I've been using your guides for many years and they always help me a lot! But now i want to ask: is there any chance to find this addon for 3.3.5a version of the game?

New map info for Magisters' Terrace

[798][2]={xOffset=304.226013, height=353.555992, yOffset=27.795891, width=530.334015}


Hi all,

First off would like to say that I love the wow-pro addon.

My question is what is the correct way to update the addon. Do you delete the files then download the updated one or

can i just download the updated one and copy it over the already installed files.

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Re: Updating

Myself I:

  1. Download the addon
  2. Delete the addon from interface/Addons
  3. Unzip
  4. Moce the folders into interface/Addons

The guarentees a clean install.

Map coordinates

You discovered new map info for Karazhan: Report this on website:

(799/4) w=520.048828, h=346.699219, xO=2190.024414, yO=11119.599609

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Re: Map coordinates

Thanks for the report.    It saves me alot of trouble, not having to spin up a Goblin to get all the places we missed.

It will be incorporated into today's patch.

Addon Crashing

Started leveling a monk from 90-100, I got to Talador and tried to load the guide. It just crashes my WoW, it freezes up and get the message saying WoW has stopped responding. I'm using the most current version off the front page (6.1.1 I think?)

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Re: Addon Crashing

You need to update to 6.1.1A,  that should take care of your Horde Talador problem.


I was wondering if the waypoints weill be updated soon. I've taken a hiatus from WoW for a few years (right after Cataclysm came out) and just got back into it. I've noticed a few waypoints in Eversong Woods (specifially Fish Heads, Fish Heas waypoint is roughly 168 yards off) and a couple of waypoints in Western Plaguelands as well as Blasted Lands. I didn't think to write down the quest and locations for those. For Fish Heads, Fish Heads... Hathvelion Sungaze is located at 29.97, 58.36. I don't remember if I'm able to fix these at my end or no. Just wondering. Thanks for a wonderful guide. :)

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Re: Waypoints

Hey vachon8449 , thanks for the heads up.

I repair any waypoints as I find them or as people report problems.

The starting zones have been particularly nasty, as Blizzard mucks with them periodically.

If you find one that is off, just drop us a note at the right guide page!

Phishing Email

I have received a phishing email to the unique email address I use for this website.

Can you tell me what data was accessed, is it just email addresses, or did they get further like passwords? What's being done to prevent it from happening again, and has anything been done to warn registered customers to be aware of the phishing attempt?

Can't forward it by email, I

Can't forward it by email, I get
SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:

Tried to message on the site as well, can't there either, I get
Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists.

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Re: Can't forward it by email, I

Put it in a bug/Issue in GitHub:



Issue with Tom-Tom crazy arrow

First off, I love this addon more than any other. For one thing it works and is really accurate.  I am only having one real issue, that is with the crazy arrow. Sometimes it won't come up for the next step and I'll be darned if I can't figure out how to get it to reset.


Also, there are times when the waypoints don't' update after you complete the first waypoint the next does not always kick in. Im not sure if the problem is with Tom-Tom or WoW Pro.

Any suggestions.

I have no problems with the

I have no problems with the Waypoint Arrow. I'm using TomTom v50400-1.0.0 (dated September 2013) and WowPro v2.7.3 - what versions are you using?