[Death Knight] Heroic dungeon drops - DPS

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This is a list with all the gear for a Death Knight, from dungeons on Heroic mode. Including armor, weapons and jewelry. But, don't assume every piece of gear you see here is the best you can get, this is just a list of all the Death Knight gear that can drop in 'Heroics'.

If you are looking for gear to tank, I recommend Zerinj's tank gear guide.


Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom:


The Culling of Stratholme:

Drak'Tharon Keep:


Halls of Lightning:

Halls of Stone:

The Nexus:

The Oculus

The Violet Hold:

Utgarde Keep:

Utgarde Pinnacle:

Emblem of Heroism rewards:

If I have missed anything, please comment or send me a message. Goodluck hunting!


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Needs an update

This guide could definitely use an update, but it's still useful as is so it will be left here for now. When the expansion comes out, it will be moved to the archive section.

I suggest adding DPS to the

I suggest adding DPS to the title, or putting the break a bit further down

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Sigil of Haunted Dreams

There has been done alot of reseach on the sigils, and its documented that the starting sigil adds more DPS than Sigil of Haunted Dreams.
Its fine you listed it, but im thinking of addin a note like ''Not Recommended''?

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Up at the top "If you are

Up at the top "If you are looking for gear to tank, I recommed<-- Zerinj's Tank Guide.

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Fixed it, thanks for

Fixed it, thanks for noticing Smiling