[Death Knight] Gearing for Raids [Tank]

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This is a list of the best pre-raid tank gear available to Death Knights. It include: BoE's, reputation rewards and instance drops. I have also included a Gem List for what gems you should be using as a Death Knight.


These are the only gems you should be using as a Defense-Capped Death Knight: (JC's can use their own Prismatic Gems which are not listed)
















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Needs an update

This guide could definitely use an update, but it's still useful as is so it will be left here for now. When the expansion comes out, it will be moved to the archive section.

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Another tank weapon

I've found that the Teldrassil Protector is useful for a starting dual-wield tank. Pretty easily gotten once you hit 80 at 25 Champion Seals apiece from the Argent Tournament.

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i compared the titansteel

i compared the titansteel destroyer and marrowstrike and i found that marrow strike was beating titansteel destroyer in everything except stam (-4) str (124) and hit (54)

3.2 updates?

Adding the links to the epic versions of the tanking gems might at some point, as well as the availability of conquest, and valor, gear from heroics, will make this guide much more up to date.

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Fully Updated

Guide is now updated to include gear from the new heroics and emblem of conquest gear.

Wrong name

There is no Enchant Bracer - Greater Fortitude, however, the link point to a enchant that does exist, Enchant Bracer - Fortitude.

Tempered Titansteel Treads & Foot enchant

I thought that Tempered Titansteel Treads http://www.wowhead.com/?item=41392
might be a good foot item, and that maybe
Enchant Boots: Tuskarr's Vitality http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=47901 might be another possible choice for a Foot enchant, seeing as it is only a 7 Stam loss for a 8% run speed bonus.

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Wrong wowhead link!

The waist (belt) Waistgaurd of Living Iron: links to Horn Tipped Gauntlets (section above)

A usefull yellow gem.

Thick Autumn's Glow is a great yellow tanking gem. at +16 Defence Rating.

Just thought you would want to add it.

here is the link:

and this is a great guide, very usefull


Also I found that Special Issue Legplates are good leggings if you can't get the drop of of VH.

here is the link to those http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44240
and they require Argent Crusade - Honored.

If you need yellow socket,

If you need yellow socket, you'll want to go with the stam/def one.

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In the gem section I notice how you have a +Stam and +ParryRating gem. As far as I know, parry is lot less 'rewarding' then dodge. So why take these if you can take +Stam and +DodgeRating gems?

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I really only added it for completeness. The DR is far less taxing on Dodge so it's best just to gem for dodge, but after a while you will eventually be better off gemming for parry.

Also, do not forget the fact

Also, do not forget the fact that parry gives you parry haste, which would increase your dps somewhat and thus your threat generating capabilities. This would also make your rune strikes hit faster.

Could we change a name?

Could we change name of the guide? Such as it shows, this guide belongs to DK only?


Does it need to be DK only?

Does it need to be DK only? I reckon it could work for other tank classes removing some exceptions like the runeforging enchant.


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Uh, its in the DK section of the guides, and it would probably work for most tanks up to the weapon area, also in the intro it kind of explains this is for Death Knights.

May be a small thing but...

Of course it is in the DK section so you will understand it is for DK's Smiling But, if you come via link supplied in the front page, you will not recognize this until you open. Actually, it is not a big deal but according to my opinion, even Title should clearly identify the subject.

Second thing, yes, it may be applicaple to somne other tanking classes, such as Warrior and Pladin but not Druid. (At least plate gears). This is the nature of the gear selection, if it is not class specific (there is not much anymore), all gear guides somehow could be used by some other classes. Does it mean no need to write class specific gearing guides or in other words role specific guides will cover all community needs? I don't think so.

Anyway, this was just a 2 cent from me and as I mentioned above it is not a big deal but may improve the quality even a little bit.


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I changed the publishing

I changed the publishing date to today so this would show up on the front page, since I see you just finished it. Thanks!

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If you find better gear just

If you find better gear just post it in the comments, I am also going to start working on a Tanking Guide for Death Knights and have it up soon.