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Addon Update

Good morning and Welcome to Wow-pro.  Recently a number of users reported issues on frames errors, and certain issues with the addon's auto-complete function.

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WoW-Pro Short News

Hey guys, just a quick news post to inform you on what are the short term goals for me and for wow-pro.

I'm going to focus my efforts on the addon for now before I resume my work on the WotLK Leveling Guides. The reason is simple: having a perfect leveling addon from level 1 to 77 will be useful to a much larger portion of the wow population than my last 3 chapters in paper version.

Do not worry, I WILL write those guides in paper version, and then

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Karma Rankings - Big update

The Karma System is now completely integrated in the site, which means that every user can check how many Karma Points they have themselves.

Even better, the rankings are now updated automatically! To access them, all you have to do is to click on "Rankings" on the top menu bar.

And there's more coming! Check my latest blog post to get all the information.

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