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Merry Christmas Everyone!

A very merry christmas to all of you on behalf of wow-pro!

As can be expected, there will be less activity on the website in the coming week, as everyone enjoys their christmas and new year's eve times. But starting January 3rd, we'll be back in action 100% and surprise you with a lot of new wow guides of all sorts! We'll finish optimizing the whole leveling addon, while also releasing the paper version of our leveling guides as fast as we can.

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Congratulations Jahwo! WoW-Pro's 3rd moderator!

February is a great month. Not only did we get our very first moderator, but we now got 3!

Please give your warm congratulations to Jahwo , our 3rd Moderator. He just reached 200 Karma Points this afternoon.

His promotion was long overdue.

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Congratulations Souricette! Our new moderator!

Everyone please give your congratulations to Souricette for reaching the status of Moderator!

Souricette has been there for wow-pro since 2007.

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Congratulations Jiyambi! WoW-Pro's first moderator!

Everyone please give your congratulations to Jiyambi for reaching the status of Moderator!

After months spent writing top quality guides, posting insightful comments and pretty much helping me out with the site in many ways, Jiyambi finally broke the 200 Karma Points barrier and became our very first Moderator!

This means that she'll be able to be even more helpful to the community than

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