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Passing by and some thoughts, Hi again WoW-Pro!

Hey there WoW-Pro members! =)
Just wanted to make a little write-up about how I'm holding up and what my thoughts are these days, so feel free to read this.

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I'm Mike, known as Shikamaru, and I've had a great time writing guides and helping people on this website.
As some of you also may know and others won't, I was 14 when I started writing guides (yes, there are children perfectly capable of writing huge amounts of informative text). I've enjoyed my stay in the World of Warcraft a lot, but I stopped playing about 4 months ago. Why?

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Waiting on Northrend while levelling in Wintergrasp

Not enough info for a guide here yet, but definitely enough now for a post.

I wrote Jame just before WotLK. Some friends finally convinced me to play WoW this year. I consider myself lucky I found quickly. Despite much PvP and profession distraction, I reached level 70 while starting the BEM section of the guides here.

I stopped most of my questing right then so I could resume them for experience when WotLK came out.

Here're my observations:

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