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Starcraft 2 Beta Wings of Liberty

Hello everyone! I'm pretty excited to announce the launch of my new website, which will be a Starcraft 2 Fansite:

Here's what you can expect to find on

SC2 Beta Keys Info after the break
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Starcraft 2 Beta - Jame needs your help

Hey everyone,

I'm posting this news as an urgent plea for help.

The Starcraft 2 Beta started yesterday, and I still don't have access, despite all my attempts. I'm getting a little desperate here. I really thought that after so many years writing guides and running a useful fansite for a blizzard game, it wouldn't be so complicated to get beta access to one of their games. But apparently, everything isn't always fair, even in the wonderful world of blizzard.

My new Starcraft 2 Fansite is about to go live, but there's not much I will be able to do there at this rate. How can I write guides, reviews and news there if I can't play the game myself?

That's why I'm turning to you, my community. If you have a spare beta key you're willing to share with me, it would be a tremendous help.

How you can contact me:

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