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Updated Twilight Highlands Horde File for the Leveling Addon

The Twilight Highlands Horde File for the Leveling Addon was just updated by yours truly.

Once again, it's not perfect, but it's getting there. Eye

If you can't wait for the next addon update and want the latest version of the Twilight Highlands Horde file for the WoW-Pro Leveling addon right now, I've set up a download link for it, click on read more if you want to access this link and also read what's next for Jame!.

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Cataclysm Leveling Guides 1-85

All the guides on wow-pro are FREE, there is no trick, they are just free and will remain free. Enjoy and please contribute!

Click here to access the 1-85 Leveling Guides links

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Revized WoW-Pro Addon

WoW-Pro's team is working on our very own addon! Though the initial use will be primarily for leveling guides, the addon will eventually encompass many of the guides which appear on this site.

This does mean we are no longer supporting or updating the old, Tour Guide based guide. In addition, we will only be providing limited support for the old guide files, since most of them will become obsolete when Cataclysm is released (Outland and possibly Northrend being notable exceptions).

The Guide Window

More details about the new addon and awesome screenshots after the break.

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WoW-Pro Addon - Patch 3.2

Update: The WoW-Pro addon should now work correctly if you follow these steps:

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WoW-Pro Addon: Big decision - Please read

After discussing it with Jahwo and giving it a lot of thinking, we decided to stop working on two addons at the same time. Thus, we'll stop working on the WoW-Pro Custom addon, and will concentrate our efforts only on the TourGuide version from now on.

I apologize to all those who worked hard on Jahwo's addon, it makes me really sad to have to abandon it now, but it's for the best.

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