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How Does FF7 Remake's Gameplay Compare to that of FFXV?

After years of waiting for Final Fantasy 7 Remake to be released, thousands of FF fans recently got the opportunity to play the first part of the upgraded story. Nostalgia aside, every player loved the remake and most people are now looking forward to the release of part 2. The developers of the game did their best to create a game that lives up to the legend of the original. However, there are a number of things that Square did not get right and these are probably food for thought ahead of the development of the continuation of the story.

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FFVII Remake: Scorpion Sentinel NO DAMAGE Guide

Hey everyone!

It's been years since I actually wrote a guide, but I'm getting back into it again ;-)

As I'm eagearly anticipating Final Fantasy 7 Remake launch on April 10th, I played the demo quite a bit and learned a few things to get better at FF7 combat mechanics.

So here's a first video guide to defeat the first boss - Scorpion Sentinel - without taking ANY damage:



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