Cataclysm Leveling Guides 1-85

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All the guides on wow-pro are FREE, there is no trick, they are just free and will remain free. Enjoy and please contribute!

Click here to access the 1-85 Leveling Guides links


Here's how to enjoy the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling

3. If you don't like any of those options, then you should definitely try our in-game addon version of our leveling guides. Simply click the link below:

80-85 Cataclysm Leveling Guides



1-80 Leveling Guides

For guides covering levels from 1-80, please check this link:

1-80 Leveling Guides

Release dates - FAQ

Question- When are the Uldum and Twilight Highlands guides be released?

Answer- A few days after the release of Cataclysm. A few days for Uldum, about a week for Twilight Highlands.

Question- When are the 1-60 guides going to be revamped?

Answer- A lot of them already are finished, and many are currently being revamped. All zones should be covered within a few weeks after the release.

Question- When you release new guides, I'd like to know ASAP. Is there a place where you post those news?

Answer - You can find the latest news about our guides on our home page, but there are even easier ways to follow our progress:

Don't miss out on updates!

Becoming a part of WoW-Pro

Question- Your guides really helped me out and I want to return the favor, what can I do to help?

Answer- Here's how you can contribute:

1. Most important and easiest way to help: Spread the word. Tell people about our guides. Your friends, guildmates, boards you visit. Tell them that they are FREE and that they make you level much faster than other guides or questhelper.

2. When you try our guides, if you find any mistakes, leave a comment.

3. Post useful comments here. When people ask for advices and you know the answer, go for it and help them out. The goal of this community is to make this website the best place to find information and help about wow.

4. And then of course, you can write a guide about an area of the game where you're good. Check my Guide writing guide before you start, it should cover most points Smiling

5. You can also translate guides into other languages, if you are fluent in another laguage. Check our Guides in Other Languages section to see what has already been translated.

6. If you're rich in RL, feel free to donate!


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Check out the

Check out the Cataclysm guide section to see what's already done, then go to the Cataclysm sign-up page to see what's in progress, and to sign up. Pretty much anything that's not already spoken for on those two pages is both available and needed in terms of writing.

In terms of testing, any completed guide in the Cataclysm guide section can use testing. Addon guides are being coded and I'll get a Cataclysm version of the addon package ready shortly. If you'd like to work on coding the current "paper" guides into addon format, that's also a good use of your time Smiling

Thanks and let me know if you have more questions!

Cool Thanks!

I checked your git and there didn't seem to be any Cataclysm stuff but the sign-up page says that someone has definitely started on some of the coding already.

I'll browse through that page and try and cherry pick something that hasn't been started.

I'd also love to help Pretzel test his stuff since he seems to be doing Horde stuff and I haven't played Alliance since early-BC. Smiling

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I think you might have

I think you might have already found this, but there is a Cataclysm branch on the WoW-Pro git repository. That's how we're handling it, currently.

Hope that helps, and thanks a ton for all the coding you've done so far!

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Holding off

There's still a lot of changes going on, even in places you didn't expect it. For instance, the first bunch of quests you get in Northshire Abbey (1-5 human area) have been completely switched to new stuff.

I haven't spent much time with guides lately for that reason... in some cases, total re-writes may be needed, but we won't know for sure till closer to launch.

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Yeah I don't know why they

Yeah I don't know why they changed it all again from the King being there and basically you being recruited into service, I quite liked that little bit at the start.

I do though like the new feature of quest target portraits next to the npc quest giver window (meh that sounds awful!)

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OMG yes. Some of those are

OMG yes. Some of those are just hilarious. The Battle for Booty Bay had a great one.

Poor Bessie.


just got my beta invite! i'll go check the 80-85 leveling experience right after the client is finished downloading. would be my pleasure to help! any cata guide coded for the addon yet? if not maybe i can help code one (is it old school notepad coding like:p?) anyway contact me!!!

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We have a few cataclysm

We have a few cataclysm guides coded already, but none of the level 80-85 guides by Arixan have been coded yet. I'll be providing some information for guide coders shortly, since I just finished added pretty much all the major features which effect guide coding to the addon.

Hopefully soon an in-game guide recorder will be available (I'm working on it but I'm also moving and getting ready to start school). Until then, Notepad++ is the way to go Smiling You *can* code in plain ole notepad, but I wouldn't recommend it. Notepad++ is completely free, and has some really nice auto-formatting for lua, as well as many other nice features.

Addon tester

I would like to join as addon tester. I have a beta key, and I have allready level 2 chars to 85 without any guides.
I am a frequent user of the wow-pro guides, and I have run 2 chars to 80 with the addon on live servers.



Would like to help out

I've used your guides since Burning Crusade when they were still web only and it was so different compared to leveling my first two characters in the "normal" way and I've used them for every character I've leveled since. I'd be interested in helping out with both testing and writing the web guides. Still waiting for a beta key of my own although I've opted-in and try to participate in as many beta key contests as I come across so even if I can't get in, I still hope I can contribute in writing/editing the web guides.

thanks from long time user guide

hi i'm a long time user of your leveling guides (back from it was on web pages only) and it helped me level countless characters. I do enjoy and respect your work, and i registered to let you know as soon i get into beta you can count on me for testing your cata guides inside out.

grats from france
Aruken, cho'gall eu

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Excellent, good to hear!

Excellent, good to hear!

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If I get a key.

Due to Blizzard changing the distribution of beta keys this year (flagging accounts instead of giving keys)I will lend you my account for guide writing, or, I can help guide test (the more comfortable of the options).

You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter.....

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Probably best if you just

Probably best if you just help testing, sharing account info is both dangerous and against the EULA, and can result in a ban.

Offering some donation for a beta key

Hello guys, I'm offering some donation in exchange of a beta key for Cataclysm. I want start working on the guiides but Blizzard has forgetten my account this year. Please if you have one I'm willing to give you some donation my Paypal (as a gift). Just PM me.


P.S. I'm dying to get into beta, please guys/girls help.

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This won't really work

For this beta, Blizzard is not providing "keys". Your account is flagged for beta access or it is not. Even things like the guild contest that Blizzard ran required the winners to submit their e-mail addresses to Blizzard to be activated.

In short, you are not going to find anyone with a key to give you, regardless of what you offer. Keys simply do not exist this time around.

Your best bet is to try entering the various contests that fan site are offering, if you can find any. I know there were several running as of not that long ago.

I did it

I've entered all the contest I could but nothing.

Ok Arixan

Ignore my last answer, I didn't read the last part of your comment. What I can say that it's a beta key for a game, not the access code for the Area 51. And plus I told that I give some money donation for the disturb.

There are beta keys, just

There are beta keys, just check the contests around, it's not only by falling the account, you can use also beta keys. You have to activate as a normal game in the "Add or Upgrade Game" link in your account.

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plus ofc making sure you

plus ofc making sure you have opted into the beta on battlenet too

I did it

I did it.

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Guide tester

I can help test the guides. Got beta access.
Currently playing on Mekkatorque (EU)

Guide tester

I can test the guides I have been using the guides for a little over a year. No Beta key though.

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Got in to the beta

Thanks to winning the Guild Contest I won a beta invite so I will be able to help test out on the beta and may write guide(s).

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Congrats! I entered our

Congrats! I entered our guild but did not win Sad

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will addon format be

will addon format be availible on release? or will it be text only.

i dont mind tho.

"The journey is more important than the end or the start" - Mike Shindoa

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Hopefully the addon will be

Hopefully the addon will be available on release. I'm going to start work on a guide recorder addon that should make it much easier and faster to write guides into the addon, but it's possible we still won't have time to get both completed by the time the expansion is released.

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Blizzard are going to have

Blizzard are going to have to push hard as far as I've seen to have Cata' ready by the end of the year, and I've only spent a couple of days in the beta so far, so we might have more time than we think for developing the addon

Currently 2 of my copied 80's are stuck without a location, one through using a portal in Dalaran, the other trying to leave an instance. Sometimes you can't learn spells that you should be able to, that your spellbook says you should go and learn. Character creation and Zonemaps have a few bugs each.....that was just yesterdays bugs!

There are some 33 pages and counting of bug reports on the Cata' forums

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Worry not...

I can understand why you say this, since you have only been in the beta for a couple days (grats on your invite, by the way! Laughing out loud ).

I've been in since the Alpha phase. sometime around mid-May. Once you are around for a patch or two, you will be thoroughly surprised at how fast Blizzard pulls things together and fixes issues. It may seem bug-filled right now, but I promise it is worlds better than what the Alpha started with. A lot of the bugs you are seeing now are the result of fixing other bugs. It's part of the process, and why we are all there.

Either way, it is better to have everything done with the addon and guides as quickly as possible. If we end up having more time, that's just more time to refine and polish. Eye

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WOOT WOOT! I've just got my

WOOT WOOT! I've just got my beta key, going to start seeing what of the guides need updating and how.

Anything else we need looking out for, gimme shout

Oh and we need dancing bananas Sticking out tongue

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Heh, I appreciated those.

Heh, I appreciated those. Also *hate* still no beta key here.

Active tester willing to help

Hello, as your wotlk guide helped me to get 80 realm first achievement I'd like to take part of this as Guide Tester. Dont have a beta access yet but you can count me in if Im able to get one. Cheers

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Interested In Helping

I don't have beta access currently, but I'd be interested in Addon Writing or Guide testing if I get access.

I'd like to help testing the

I'd like to help testing the addon as well as helping writing,editing the guides

thanks for your time, and great work

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You can download the addon

You can download the addon here:

I'd prefer feedback also be left there on github, but if that's too much of a bother you can leave feedback in comments here or PM me.

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Jiyambi, I just finally got

Jiyambi, I just finally got my beta invite. I'm stoked!

What should I be focusing on? Is there a particular zone or something that you'd like me to start testing?

Jiyambi's picture

Really, EVERYTHING needs

Really, EVERYTHING needs work. Hyjal and Vash'jir already have some people working on them, but pretty much all the old zones that have been revamped need some guide writing done. Alternatively you can work with the Hyjal, Vash'jir, Goblin starter, or Worgen starter authors to do testing, screenshot taking, etc.

The only full, complete guide at the moment is the Hyjal alliance guide. It still needs coords and maps with routes, however.

The troll and goblin 1-5 guides have a quest order but need screenshots, coords, and maps.

Volunteering to help

I would love to volunteer as a Guide Tester/Writer. I am familiar with the code that you guys use for the guides. Unfortunately, I do not have beta access so that might be a problem. I have been anxiously waiting to get my own key with no success so far. If you pick me to be a tester and/or writer I promise I won't let you down Smiling

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Thanks for the offer to

Thanks for the offer to help, Kenley. For now, we don't have any beta keys to give out (even for ourselves Sad ) but you can still sort of work on a guide based on beta content videos and Did you have some idea of what you would like to work on?

Whatever you feel is higher

Whatever you feel is higher priority. I will do what I can.

Beta Keys

ZAM network is giving away keys. Today is Allakhazam:

Jiyambi, note this line:
++ If you're an AddOn author WoWInterface has almost an unlimited number of keys to give away.

Now get a move on! Smiling

Jiyambi's picture

haha, will do, thanks for

haha, will do, thanks for the tip Smiling

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Addon Alpha - Version 0.12.1 - BETA CANDIDATE

Another round of bug fixes later, and it's that time again folks!

This time through, we had mostly bug fixes. The only new feature added is support for multiple profiles for your display settings, courtesy of Ace3 Smiling

Our addon alpha files have moved to github. Everything is still available in zip format for the many folks who aren't familiar with git, but we now to have a git repository available for the programmers out there!

Feel free to make an account over on github (it's free) and leave feedback there via the awesome issue tracker. However, I'll still respond to any feedback sent via WoW-Pro, email, blog, or twitter, just as I have been Smiling

Thanks for the hard work everyone, we are almost there!

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I can help with writing the

I can help with writing the addon guide and testing it

Guides coded to addons by me:

As a long-time user and

As a long-time user and recommender of the guides on this site, I would be more than happy to help test out any new Cata guides since I just got into the beta Smiling

Beta Keys

It's probably too late in the game, but I know that sites that host add-ons for authors are distributing keys. It may be good to look into curse or ace. I know wow interface requires the add-on author to have been a member prior to July 12. Just an idea to get the party rolling a bit quicker for writing and testing guides.

Jiyambi's picture

Thanks for the suggestion! I

Thanks for the suggestion! I was actually thinking about looking into Ace anyways. The only problem is that we don't want our site to loose all the traffic from the addon - not because we need money from advertisers, but because it would mean less people commenting on the site, and from there less people writing guides here. But having the addon on a more mainstream addon site could bring in people, too. It's something we've been wrestling with for a while.


I'm in the beta, and would be more than happy to test both guides and the add on once add ons are cleared for usage.

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Congratulations! If you'd

Congratulations! If you'd like to help contributing, I could need some help myself with the troll starting zone guide ( ). If you have time, you can run through the guide to see if I've missed quests etc. You could also map coordinates where the quests are and take screenshots of about everything you see. If you get any good shots, please upload them to or some similar site and link them to me in a private message. I'll add your name to the guide of course.


Laotseu's picture

I've also go a beta key

I don't intend in playing the whole game in beta but I will certainly check any starting zone guide available.