Cataclysm Leveling Guides 1-85

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All the guides on wow-pro are FREE, there is no trick, they are just free and will remain free. Enjoy and please contribute!

Click here to access the 1-85 Leveling Guides links


Here's how to enjoy the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling

3. If you don't like any of those options, then you should definitely try our in-game addon version of our leveling guides. Simply click the link below:

80-85 Cataclysm Leveling Guides



1-80 Leveling Guides

For guides covering levels from 1-80, please check this link:

1-80 Leveling Guides

Release dates - FAQ

Question- When are the Uldum and Twilight Highlands guides be released?

Answer- A few days after the release of Cataclysm. A few days for Uldum, about a week for Twilight Highlands.

Question- When are the 1-60 guides going to be revamped?

Answer- A lot of them already are finished, and many are currently being revamped. All zones should be covered within a few weeks after the release.

Question- When you release new guides, I'd like to know ASAP. Is there a place where you post those news?

Answer - You can find the latest news about our guides on our home page, but there are even easier ways to follow our progress:

Don't miss out on updates!

Becoming a part of WoW-Pro

Question- Your guides really helped me out and I want to return the favor, what can I do to help?

Answer- Here's how you can contribute:

1. Most important and easiest way to help: Spread the word. Tell people about our guides. Your friends, guildmates, boards you visit. Tell them that they are FREE and that they make you level much faster than other guides or questhelper.

2. When you try our guides, if you find any mistakes, leave a comment.

3. Post useful comments here. When people ask for advices and you know the answer, go for it and help them out. The goal of this community is to make this website the best place to find information and help about wow.

4. And then of course, you can write a guide about an area of the game where you're good. Check my Guide writing guide before you start, it should cover most points Smiling

5. You can also translate guides into other languages, if you are fluent in another laguage. Check our Guides in Other Languages section to see what has already been translated.

6. If you're rich in RL, feel free to donate!


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Cataclysm Addon Update

Hi folks! I've updated the Cataclysm recorder package to include the most recent exploits of both Bitsem and myself. You can download it here.

If you have recorded files, send em in! I'll try to update this package every time a new guide section is completed. Thanks for all the hard work!

Addon Tester

I m ready for addon test Cool

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Here's the current download

Here's the current download link for the Cataclysm addon, along with the guide recorder:

Check out the Using the WoWPro Recorder guide for how to record your Cataclysm questing, it can be a big help for zones we don't yet have guides for!

Ready for testing

I am ready to be both guide tester and addon tester

beta key

im up for testing addons and guides Smiling

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Recorder needs?

Are there certain areas where we need recorder info more than others? I'll probably continue with my troll unless I hear otherwise.

I'm willing to try coding or guide writing, but I'm not sure what's most needed there, and have pretty much no experience with either one and none with git. Sad

I may waste less of everyone's time by just running the recorder. Lol. Please let me know where I can be the most helpful. So nice to see so many great guides coming out! Amazing work, as usual. Eye

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Bitsem - don't worry about

Bitsem - don't worry about git. It's a big pain in the butt to learn, and if you are just working with guide files, you don't really need to learn it.

Where to record - really, anywhere right now! Seriously, whatever's more enjoyable for you.

Other things you can do - well, it would be *REALLY* useful to, when you are done recording, go through the code the recorder spits out and spiff it up. What it barfs out is pretty plain, and sometimes not quite correct.

I will make a guide on this over the weekend, I promise! Laughing out loud

Thanks for helping out Smiling

tester sign up

I will start a new char today and want to use the opportunity to test guides in the meantime while leveling up. Will be horde char.

I just post this comment so I know what have to be done. How and what to note use my results why testing are useful here.



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Troll guide

Think I'll try to test the Troll guide tomorrow. I want to see the Cat Form anyway! Will definitely use the recorder if I can figure it out! Sticking out tongue lol.

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Don't stretch your brother's face like that!"
"Pointed sticks are NOT toys, regular sticks are fine."

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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I tested a troll guide

I tested a troll guide once... it didn't make me very popular in Trade chat though Sad

*boom boom cha*

One liner of the day, bought to you by "Waiting for Youtube to process my dang video!"


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Thanks for my giggle of the day! Laughing out loud

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Don't stretch your brother's face like that!"
"Pointed sticks are NOT toys, regular sticks are fine."

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Much more in depth

Much more in depth documentation for the recorder is on the way, probably will be up tomorrow (really busy today still, sorry!)

To the person who has a missing dependency - unlike the Tour Guide recorder, ours sadly does require the WoW-Pro addon to also be enabled in order to function. I might change that in the future, but for now I really like the functionality it provides (you get to see your guide as you record it).

Also wkjezz, you might be silly. Just maybe.

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I noticed WoWPro_Recorder

I noticed WoWPro_Recorder also depends on WoWPro_Leveling module, not just the base WoWPro. Which makes sense now, but something to keep in mind if future addon guide modules wants to use the Recorder as well.

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Yeah, it definitely needs

Yeah, it definitely needs some work to make it module-independent. Honestly at the moment I think I would need to change some things about both the WoW-Pro main addon and the Leveling module to make a new module work without having both of those enabled.

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Makes sense if you make it

Makes sense if you make it dependant on the main addon, as that would contain the core features, then the modules would just depend on that and have everything else as a part of themselves.

I'm making a new UF addon atm so I'll just give my insight into it...
I have the main addon with it's core structure and functions, the modules are then able to be enabled or disabled independantly. They all depend on the main addon to work as that provides the entire core codebase and functions of the addon while the modules contain only what they need extra to work. Basically, anything that 2 or modules can call a use for, goes into the core addon. If it's something only needed by 1 module, then that goes in there.

This enables all the modules to have their independant uses and functions activated and deactivated in whatever order, and they are all able to interact with each other without crashing anything. I'm probably just talking nonsense here and if you've already done this for the addon then tell me to shut up Sticking out tongue


Recorder: missing dependency

Okay, I found the recorder via the link in one of the comments, and I downloaded it and installed it in my beta install. When I run the beta, WoW sees it but says it's missing a dependency.

When I get into the character, I don't see a button anywhere to save the recording.



PS. The only other add-ons that I have installed are Bartender and AddOn Control Panel.

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I answered above - you need

I answered above - you need our main addon and the leveling module, which should be linked from the front page and are also available on Curse or WoW Interface.

Thanks! I actually


I actually discovered this myself. I tried using the Curse client to install the Recorder. For some reason Curse installed it in all three of my WoW installs: Live, Beta, and PTR.

I found that, while the Recorder still didn't work in the Beta, it was now appearing in my Live install! The Live install had the WoW-Pro addon installed, but the Beta didn't. So the missing dependency had to be the WoW-Pro addon.

I've installed the WoW-Pro addon in my Beta install, so now I should be good to go.

Thanks again for these great guides! I can't wait to try the Cata versions in-game.

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I left the recorder running too long!

Start off in the Kitchen and make your way to the Kettle. Use the switch on the kettle and wait 3-5 minutes. Upon completion of the heated water rotation pour the water from the Kettle in to your Cup (check inventory). When you have full health and mana add the Teabag and Milk and stir with your teaspoon (this skill is learnt at level 7.)

Just kidding Laughing out loud

I love this tool and look forward to using it in the Beta/Expansion, whichever comes first!


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We have leveling guides,

We have leveling guides, profession guides, achievement guides, and now even a 'what to do when you go afk' guide Sticking out tongue


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Awesome guide is Awesome!

Awesome guide is Awesome! Sticking out tongue


Edit: Has to be worth like, a billion Karma for that!

addon tester

i would like to sign up to test the addon
have a beta key

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Excellent! The best thing to

Excellent! The best thing to do right now would be to actually download the guide recorder, record while you quest in the beta, and submit your recorded guides. It's pretty easy to do, and is a huge help!

I'll be putting up some documentation for this today if all goes according to plan.

Where's the Recorder?

I am in the beta and I'd like to help. Where do I download the guide recorder?

I'm relatively new to WoW; I just started playing this past May. Just discovered the WoW-Pro guides and add-on less than two weeks ago. What a difference they make in playing the game!

I love love love these guides and the add-on, and am really looking forward to Cata and the Cata versions.

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Based on your other post, it

Based on your other post, it looks like you were able to find it. I'll be posting more documentation so people can actually USE it, probably tonight or tomorrow.

It's not super user friendly at the moment, and still pretty buggy.

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Recorder info

Is there a certain place that you'd like us to post our Recorder results? Should we PM them? If so, to whom?

Have everything downloaded, now just hafta find some time to play! lol. Helping my daughter with their high school play. Anyone know how to apply Crepe Beards? Puzzled

Anyway, I'll be recording ASAP. Can't wait to see the results of everyone's hard work! Have a great day!


Things I never thought I'd say...

"Don't stretch your brother's face like that!"
"Pointed sticks are NOT toys, regular sticks are fine."

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

Guide Tester

Hey Smiling

Would love to sign up as a guide tester. I have beta and have done 80-85 before so if you could give me a copy of the guide I will be happy to test it and get back to you!


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The guides are already

The guides are already available on the site (check the Cataclysm section of the leveling guides category).

The cataclysm version of the addon will be available shortly.

up for testing

i'm up for testing, horde side:) (metattork eu)

Guide Tester

I'd like to get in on the beta guide. I can spend quite a bit of time on it. Thank you.

Depends what you need

I can do either guide testing, addon writing or addon testing, if you need me just let me know

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Where do I sign up as an

Where do I sign up as an addon developer? Sticking out tongue

Jiyambi's picture

Hah, I really do need to

Hah, I really do need to have a nice place to give credit to the developers - you guys don't really fall under the category of "writer".

I'll see what I can do, this page really needs to be combined with a few of our other pages anyways.

Addon Tester

Hi Guys

I'm a huge fan of your Guides and would love to assist you. I just got accepted to the Beta and would love to help you out by being an addon tester if there's still spots available.

Jiyambi's picture

Testing is always welcome!

Testing is always welcome! There aren't too many guides coded yet for Cataclysm in addon form, I'll hopefully get some more of them going shortly, and get a download package available. What we currently have is available on our github site, but it's pretty hard to get to for those unfamiliar with git.

Basically, unless you are familiar with git, you'll have to wait until I get a download package ready to test any Cataclysm-specific guides. Until then, you are welcome to use the "paper" cataclysm guides (they are in the leveling guides section here on the site) and report any mistakes!

Thanks a ton for the help!

Bitsem's picture


Hi Jiya!

I have no experience with git, so will continue with the paper guides I guess. Smiling

Have been through the Worgen starter area a few times and will probably try out the Goblin area next. Is there anything specific I should be doing as I test, or just bugs/mistakes in the guides? Let me know! Having a ball so far. Love the guides (as always).

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Don't stretch your brother's face like that!"
"Pointed sticks are NOT toys, regular sticks are fine."

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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I'll have a guide recorder

I'll have a guide recorder addon ready tomorrow. Once that's up (and it will be on curse etc so you can get it easily) all you need to do is set it to record, save when you are done, and send me the result - it will actually be a huge help, no matter what section you are actually doing. I'll provide more detailed instructions with the actual recorder addon when I post it.

Malorajan's picture

Guide Recorder

Looking forward to it, I'll definitely use it.

Jiyambi's picture

Guide Recorder is here!

The WoW-Pro Guide Recorder has arrived! You can download it here or from your addon website of choice. It's still a bit buggy and the scroll feature doesn't seem to be fully functional with it yet, but it definitely works!

ANYONE IN THE BETA - it would be a HUGE help if you wanted to run the recorder while you play, pretty much in any zone. If it's a zone which already has a "paper" guide, it would be best if you followed the guide - but even if it doesn't have one or you don't follow it, it's still a really big help to get those guide files started.

When you are ready to quit or reload your UI, make sure you hit the save icon. This will pop up a window with an edit box. Select all, copy, and post the result here on the website. It will then also save the guide in your WTF folder, so you can open it up and work on it again. If copy/pasting the stuff from the edit box doesn't work for you, you can also send the WTF file in.

Thanks in advance, it would be awesome to have an army of WoW-Pro folks recording guides for pretty much every zone in the beta. Looking forward to it!

Malorajan's picture

Troubles with recorder

I'm not sure on how to make it record, it doesn't seem to be recording anything after I bring up the "Create New Guide" menu and fill in info and click register guide. Can you help me with this a little bit? I'd love to make guides but can't at the moment because I'm not clear on how to do this.

Jiyambi's picture

Sorry Malorajan, it's my bad

Sorry Malorajan, it's my bad on the documentation fail. Make sure that when you hit "register guide", your guide window changes and shows a mostly empty guide with one note type step called "First Step".

Because of how Ace3's library works, you have to hit enter for every field in the new guide creation panel, even those that automatically generated (your name and the zone you are in). I'm betting this was your issue.

Let me know if that works, I'll be putting up some documentation ASAP!

Malorajan's picture

Works now

I got it to work after doing what you mentioned, I'll try to go through the low level zones as quickly as possible to put some guides up.

Jiyambi's picture


Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

Bitsem's picture


That sounds fantastic! I'll try it out asap. Smiling

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Don't stretch your brother's face like that!"
"Pointed sticks are NOT toys, regular sticks are fine."

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

I just got my cataclysm

I just got my cataclysm invite. If you need any help woth the guides 80 - 85. Let me know.

Would love to help where I can.

Thraul @ Dath'Remar

Jiyambi's picture

Testing anything and

Testing anything and everything to do with the addon is a great place to start. Any guides you might be interested in writing would also be highly sought after Smiling

How can I help?

Hey guys,

Been a fan/user for years. You guys never cease to amaze me.

I had expected to get into the beta--I've beta'd everything Blizzard has released in the last decade--and jump in and contribute to this massive undertaking you guys are working on. Unfortunately, I have not been selected for beta. I think I could help out a bunch as a tester--I'm a bit of an efficiency nerd in WoW--but without having beta access, that's not an option.

So I have to ask: What can I do to help?

I send every friend/guildmate/random whisper question to Wow-pro and champion your efforts any chance I get. But I would still like to do more. You guys have saved me hours of headaches as an alt-o-holic. Just my way of saying thanks.

Keep it up. I'll keep referring everybody I know to Wow-pro.

**EDIT** Any word of an open beta? Maybe those of us who missed beta proper can still jump in at the end and help test/fine-tune the guides?

Jiyambi's picture

Prymal - thanks for the

Prymal - thanks for the wonderful comment! It's always nice to hear from users such as yourself Smiling

As far as what you can do - just using our addon or "paper" guides and letting us know of any mistakes or bugs is always a great help. You're already doing us a great service by spreading the word about our site and addon as much as you can Smiling

Thanks again and keep it up!

wkjezz's picture


Sadly I did not get a beta status on my WoW account for Cataclysm (Sadface) So, I am unable to really provide much help on the guide writing that I had signed up for. However, I am always happy and keen to help out where I can Smiling

Good luck Team Cataclysm!



Addon Testing and Bug Fixing

I just got my beta invite and I figure that helping make sure the Cataclysm leveling guides would be a nice and selfish use of my beta time. Eye

I'll keep searching around the site, but if someone can point out how I can help I'd love to do what I can.