Cataclysm Leveling Guides 1-85

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All the guides on wow-pro are FREE, there is no trick, they are just free and will remain free. Enjoy and please contribute!

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Here's how to enjoy the guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling

3. If you don't like any of those options, then you should definitely try our in-game addon version of our leveling guides. Simply click the link below:

80-85 Cataclysm Leveling Guides



1-80 Leveling Guides

For guides covering levels from 1-80, please check this link:

1-80 Leveling Guides

Release dates - FAQ

Question- When are the Uldum and Twilight Highlands guides be released?

Answer- A few days after the release of Cataclysm. A few days for Uldum, about a week for Twilight Highlands.

Question- When are the 1-60 guides going to be revamped?

Answer- A lot of them already are finished, and many are currently being revamped. All zones should be covered within a few weeks after the release.

Question- When you release new guides, I'd like to know ASAP. Is there a place where you post those news?

Answer - You can find the latest news about our guides on our home page, but there are even easier ways to follow our progress:

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Becoming a part of WoW-Pro

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1. Most important and easiest way to help: Spread the word. Tell people about our guides. Your friends, guildmates, boards you visit. Tell them that they are FREE and that they make you level much faster than other guides or questhelper.

2. When you try our guides, if you find any mistakes, leave a comment.

3. Post useful comments here. When people ask for advices and you know the answer, go for it and help them out. The goal of this community is to make this website the best place to find information and help about wow.

4. And then of course, you can write a guide about an area of the game where you're good. Check my Guide writing guide before you start, it should cover most points Smiling

5. You can also translate guides into other languages, if you are fluent in another laguage. Check our Guides in Other Languages section to see what has already been translated.

6. If you're rich in RL, feel free to donate!


The addon is really great.

The addon is really great. Thanks for the post. I found it very interesting and also it helped me a lot.

Also the tips a nd the levelling guides are really wonderful.

Truly Amazing

I made this account to show some love for you guys!  With all the hardwork and everything that you've done...I've been using your guides for quite a while and decided to go for a somewhat of a speed run(dungeon'd with the new dungeon system through OL/NR) and turned up some pretty amazing results.  I got a screencap.  I was in the Chest/Head/Back/Helm/Bow BoA's.  No rings/trinks/RaF(Recruit-a-friend).

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2 Days and 2 Hours!?!?

I first saw the link and thought, "there is one of those spammers, gawd knows what would happen if I clicked on that link."

But it looked safe, and it was a screen shot and you really did level up extra fast!  

Congrats and thanks for the love!

awesome addon, thanks for all

awesome addon, thanks for all the guides as well.


love this addon and  your guides!  Thank you!

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So, I've just started using this addon, mainly to gather all the quests for each zone. So far pretty good, though I seem to have missed A LOT of quests, but I'm assuming that's due to cataclysm re-forming them.


If you need a hand with the addon let me know, my LUA knowledge isn't exactly A+ but I figure things out :)

Annoying bug pop up

Hi there, I've been a big fan of Jame's guides for a few years now. However, ever since I started questing in Grizzly Hills, I keep getting this very annoying error that pops up every time I hover over something. Here is a screenshot:

The error pops up so much that it has become quite annoying and I've even considered dropping the guide altogether. I just updated the guide a few days ago, too. Any ideas?

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Grizzly in Grizzly

Thanks for the info, for some unexplainable reason Grizzly hills has been a zone that has caused us an amazing amount of Grief, the more info we get on this zone the better chance we have to fix it.  I can't give you an ETA on when or how we are going to fix it as its been plaguing us for ever, but we appreciate the feedback very much


Leveling speed

Made an account just so i could let you know.... i used your guide from 1 to 85 as soon as cata hit since i hadnt played in forever i knew the zones a little but had no money no herilooms all completely fresh on a new server.i did level with a friend on recruit a friend 1 to 60 so we had triple exp for the times that he would get on which probably was most of 1 to 30 the rest was questing and the random  dungeon finder i also did pause during level 83 to 84 to help a friend that was level 73 do some dungeons. so here is my result on /played to 85.

Great job!

Great job leveling this fast. It amazes me how quick it is now with Cata. This gives me something to shoot for on my rogue. ;)



Okey. I made an account here just to say how dissapointed I am. 

You guy make a post about the fact that you will have a 1-85 guide ready by the time that cataclysm launches. People need to send you guys there beta keys, you need people to help, it seemed like a big undertaking and I was really looking forward to the idea of starting my worgen journey with James guide.


But what turns out? The only thing we get is some guides for the starting zones... Nothing from 20 up to 60... and from 80 to 84. The whole thing not even being one complete package but guides written by all kinds of people in different styles.

Is this why people neede to donate beta-keys? To help you guys out? To help test, to work on the add-on? You guys posted a news item in which you said everything was coming along nicely but that, apparently, was just to keep us going in circles.

Don't get me wrong. The fact that I'm so dissapointed is because I leveled a lot of toons with the original Jame's guide 1-60. I loved it. But I can't help to notice you guys are slacking atm and this site really has lost a lot of it's former glory.

I hope this is gonna change soon tho.

Good luck.


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Besides the fact that, as

Besides the fact that, as several users have pointed out, we DO cover EVERY zone in the game... this post is ludicrous.

NO ONE donated a beta key, by the way - the only keys we got were directly from Blizzard and from the addons sites where our addon was hosted. People did donate lots of time and effort writing guides on the beta, though, and for that I am very grateful.

What I'm NOT grateful for, what I'm getting quite sick and tired of, are people getting high and mighty with feelings of entitlement when what we have working on these guides is a team of VOLUNTEERS.

So if you are dissatisfied with what we have produced, rather than gripe and complain, CONTRIBUTE! Time, money, whatever seems easiest to you - even a *helpful* comment here and there, these all help!

And if you can't be bothered to read the notes on the Curse/WoW Interface page...  AND in the in game addon.. explaining WHY the guides aren't there and WHERE you can get them and that they are still FREE... and you don't bother to stop by our chat room specifically there for people who are confused... well I guess you are rather beyond help!

Sorry for the mini-rant, back to finishing my studying for finals... *grumble grumble*....

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I Agree - It's Free

Being one who has created free stuff for others to use (I have 4 open source projects on SourceForge.Net), I can say that I truly and really appreciate anyone who can provide stuff for free, and keep it rolling for as long as y'all have done here.

I recently considered trying out Zygor, and despite trying 2 browsers and 4 e-mails addresses, I couldn't get an e-mail to authenticate my subscription. So figured I would go over to Dugi, and they use the same authenticatino service, so again, no e-mail. Now that's frustrating!

I've been using these guides for quite some time, and now appreciate them even more than I did before. I always go to the source site for add-on updates, and use their links to update my mods. I do not rely on Curse, WowInterface, or any other download site if I can find the originating development site.

Although I have 3 level 85 (Paly, Druid, DK), and 4 other 40's, I still consider myself a noob. Fortunately though, at least I'm aware I have more insight to appreciate the devotion and willingness y'all have brought to us 'noobs'.

Thank you very much and keep up the great work!!!

Keith D Commiskey

Excuse me?

Unfortunately I have to agree with Ryan.

You say that, "Besides the fact that, as several users have pointed out, we DO cover EVERY zone in the game... this post is ludicrous" But what are you talking about? It's been over 2 weeks now since the Cataclysm launch and lvls 25-60 are not even covered yet.


If this is how you treat the people that make YOUR website go 'round, don't be surprised when your page rank falls off because nobody is coming here anymore.  And people WILL stop coming here when they realize everything is outdated (the 60-80 guides are both severely outdated and neep remaking - I was outleveling them like crazy WITHOUT instances or heirlooms) or just not there at all.. Whether you like it or not, YOU answer to US. Get used to it, and listen to us.

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Hah, apparently I missed this

Hah, apparently I missed this while I was on holiday. Awesome when people try to respond without bothering to read anything.

We have all the new zones, if you are too stupid to download an addon from something other then Curse, or at least ask for help if you are having trouble rather than bad mouthing us without any grounds, then you don't deserve to have the results of our hard work.

Honestly? I do this for fun. I don't give a crap if you personally don't use the addon. I'd like the community here to stay active, but I don't think I'd want someone so internet illiterate to be part of our community anyway.

TL;DR - if you can't be bothered to follow the directions quite clearly listed both here and on our other distributors, don't post. And I don't answer to anyone, as I am not being PAID for anything here, so GTFO, KTHXBAI :D

This is funny.

I find it hilarious that people are actually making an account to complain about something that has been given for free for years. As jiyambi said this is a site that is mostly done by volunteers. Please instead of just griping about, read a little and learn how to help. The addon is very simple to use and editing guides is simple once you know what to look for. I won't mention any names but there are sites that make you pay for this stuff and the addons are just as buggy.

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I just made an account

I just made an account to congratulate you on being an idiotic piece of ****.

You might want to learn to read before going all berserk about something you have no right to judge about.Just quit playing the game, people with attitudes like you ruin it anyway._________Now that I finaly made an account I might aswell just say that I love the addon and I've been using these guides for years. I'm an achievement hunter and these guides really give me what I'm looking for. The week before cataclysm launch I was pretty much on here every day checking on updates for the guides and being all excited about it ;-). Too bad Cataclysm came at a bad time since I'm working my ass of studying at the moment but hey, lots of fun afterwards.Cheers, Dodsangel

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Kleandros wrote:It's been

Kleandros wrote:
It's been over 2 weeks now since the Cataclysm launch and lvls 25-60 are not even covered yet.

As has been mentioned quite a few times IMPORTANT - THE VERSION ON CURSE.COM DOES NOT HAVE ALL THE GUIDES!. You can find it on the addon page under the video. And the paper guides are being slowly done. Those are harder to do than the addon ones.

Kleandros wrote:
everything is outdated (the 60-80 guides are both severely outdated and neep remaking

The fact is the 60-80 guides for the addon ARE being redone (which I currently am working on), which as been mentioned a few times as well. Those were on the back burners for the new stuff.

Kleandros wrote:
I was outleveling them like crazy WITHOUT instances or heirlooms

Speaking of you out leveling the zones, blame Blizzard NOT US! They were the ones that lowered the amount of experience needed, so of course you will out level the zones.

Kleandros wrote:
Whether you like it or not, YOU answer to US. Get used to it, and listen to us.

-shrugs- We can easily just stop making the guides since we are doing this for free. So get off your high horse.

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I'm going to assume you got

I'm going to assume you got the addon via Curse. So I would like to draw your attention to what is wrritten on the Curse page for WoW-Pro Addon: IMPORTANT - THE VERSION ON CURSE.COM DOES NOT HAVE ALL THE GUIDES!

All the guides are available.  You have to download from this site.  The download link is right under the video on the addon page...  So please do a little reading before you jump down throats.  And yes, I am being nice.

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I lol'd.

I lol'd.


I think the guides you have are really great. I leveled my (then) main pally up by myself in Northrend, and deciding I wanted to get my mage up to 80 as well, I used your guide. I saw more of the game and its content with your guide than just questing by myself.

That comes to my suggestion. I'd really rather not print out the whole guide and waste the paper, but it sometimes its difficult to get back on and find your place in the guide from where you left off. You kind of have to guess where you rememeber you were and what quests you have. Is there anyway to index the whole guide, just down the left margin (or somewhere)? That way you could just write down one index number and instantly jump to the appropriate spot and pick up where you left off.


Thanks very much.

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Some pre-cata guides actually

Some pre-cata guides actually did have indexes, while others did not. It was mostly up to the author.

If you have problems getting back to where you left off, it is not really that hard if you consider a few things. Some guides cover a specific zone and you can therefore by checking which quests you have in your quest log, easily find out where you are in the guide by using ctrl+f in your web-browser and writing the quest name. If guides consist of several zones, they are usually split into several sections. In these cases, you can check which zone you are in and then scroll down to the section covering that zone at the level you are at (assuming you're not ahead nor behind of the guide). The trick of using ctrl+f and searching for quests also apply in these guides.

It should not be that hard finding out where you left off if you analyze the situation your toon is in and make simple assumptions based on that. Now, good luck leveling those abandoned alts! ;)

Last 2 guides...

Hey Jame and friends, 2 years ago i got server first 80 on my deathknight due to your amazing guides.

dont know why...

But im going to shoot for server first 85... was curious if you will have the last 2 guides for 80-85 out by xpac?

they really are a dream come true, and the fastest way to level. Let me know whenever you get a chance.



Hi guys,

Can you create an easy place to log bugs?

I came across a few steps that didn't close automatically, but was not sure where to notify you. E.g.

I also have a suggestion: To make it easier, please number the quests in the add-on. So if I find a bug I can report it like: "Westfall step 10 got wrong coordinates. Should be x, y" or "Westfall step 10 doesn't close automatically".

This should make it easier for the reporter and the person fixing it.

Keep up the good work with the guides!! Cannot imagine myself without the add-on.


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Steps are indeed numbered

Steps are indeed numbered within the addon, in a way. If you enable the title-bar, you'll see a step count up next to the zone name.

Ok, I just saw the link to

Ok, I just saw the link to Github.

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Yeah. If you want, you can

Yeah. If you want, you can also post bugs wherever here on WoWPro and I'll post on github. Thanks!

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Southern Barrens - Alliance

Here is the recorder info for Southern Barrens.

Please note the first two quests + cookie crumb from Stonetallon is not included due to an error (Jiyambi is aware of this as we were conversing as I was making this)

Also For the Silithid Quest, I conducted this out side of the Horde town instead of alliance; due to tiredness and being a hordie usually.

It needs a play through and a polish as well as notes; but was very very quick.


WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('wkjezz001', 'Southern Barrens', 'wkjezz', '30', '35', 'wkjezz002', 'Alliance', function()
return [[
A Futile Resistance|QID|25186|M|35.00,9.51|N|From Janice Mattingly.|
C Futile Resistance|QID|25186|M|35.21,7.11|
T Futile Resistance|QID|25186|M|38.79,11.45|N|To Commander Singleton.|
A Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|M|39.03,11.44|N|From Nibb Spindlegear.|
f Honor's Stand|QID|25191|M|38.95,10.94|N|At John Johnson.|
h Honor's Stand|QID|25191|M|39.05,11.07|N|At Logistics Officer Renaldo.|
C Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|NC|M|68.47,48.91|
T Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|M|68.60,48.99|N|To Horton Gimbleheart.|
A The Admiral Won't Back Down|QID|25197|M|68.60,48.99|N|From Horton Gimbleheart.|
T The Admiral Won't Back Down|QID|25197|M|69.22,49.07|N|To Admiral Aubrey.|
A Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|69.22,49.07|N|From Admiral Aubrey.|
C Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|57.43,60.92|Z|Northern Barrens|
T Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|57.47,60.97|Z|Northern Barrens|N|To Captain Fisher.|
A The Guns of Northwatch|QID|24938|M|69.23,49.06|N|From Admiral Aubrey.|
A Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|67.01,46.58|N|From Thomas Paxton.|
C Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|67.61,46.73|
T Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|67.02,46.55|N|To Thomas Paxton.|
A Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|M|67.02,46.55|N|From Thomas Paxton.|
A Back in the Fight|QID|24944|M|66.93,46.78|N|From Tolliver Houndstooth.|
C Back in the Fight|QID|24944|U|52014|M|67.06,44.52|
C Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|M|67.54,44.91|
T Back in the Fight|QID|24944|M|66.90,46.73|N|To Tolliver Houndstooth.|
A Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|66.90,46.73|N|From Tolliver Houndstooth.|
L Level 34|QID|24956|LVL|34|N|You should be around level 34 by this point.|
T Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|M|67.02,46.60|N|To Thomas Paxton.|
A Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|M|67.02,46.59|N|From Thomas Paxton.|
T The Guns of Northwatch|QID|24938|M|68.62,44.50|N|To Cannoneer Smythe.|
A Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|M|68.62,44.50|N|From Cannoneer Smythe.|
C Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|M|68.71,44.58|
T Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|M|68.62,44.53|N|To Cannoneer Smythe.|
C Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|68.06,37.25|
C Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|U|52017|M|67.43,37.33|
T Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|66.92,46.73|N|To Tolliver Houndstooth.|
T Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|M|67.03,46.58|N|To Thomas Paxton.|
A Teegan's Troubles|QID|25036|M|67.03,46.58|N|From Thomas Paxton.|
A Scavenged|QID|25002|M|61.84,42.07|N|From Mangled Body.|
C Scavenged|QID|25002|M|61.66,45.36|
T Scavenged|QID|25002|M|56.16,42.71|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
T Teegan's Troubles|QID|25036|M|56.16,42.71|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
A Make 'em Squeal|QID|25015|M|56.16,42.71|N|From Corporal Teegan.|
A A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|56.16,42.71|N|From Corporal Teegan.|
A Filthy Animals|QID|25008|M|56.20,42.54|N|From Goucho.|
C Make 'em Squeal|QID|25015|M|55.56,46.26|
C Filthy Animals|QID|25008|M|54.87,48.69|
C A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|53.15,46.75|
T Filthy Animals|QID|25008|M|56.05,42.51|N|To Goucho.|
T Make 'em Squeal|QID|25015|M|56.12,42.67|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
T A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|56.16,42.69|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
A You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|M|56.16,42.69|N|From Corporal Teegan.|
A Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|M|56.16,42.69|N|From Hannah Bridgewater.|
C You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|U|52073|M|52.98,49.56|
C Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|M|54.59,44.78|
T You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|M|56.11,42.68|N|To Corporal Teegan.|
A To the Front!|QID|25034|M|56.11,42.68|N|From Corporal Teegan.|
T Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|M|50.38,40.72|N|To Naralex.|
A Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.37,40.66|N|From Naralex.|
A Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.31,40.45|N|From Muyoh.|
A Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.31,40.45|N|From Muyoh.|
C Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|52.46,39.59|
C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|49.87,36.21|
C Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|49.80,35.91|
L Level 35|QID|24571|LVL|35|N|You should be around level 35 by this point.|
T Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.39,40.67|N|To Naralex.|
A To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.39,40.67|N|From Naralex.|
T Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.32,40.49|N|To Muyoh.|
T Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.32,40.49|N|To Muyoh.|
A Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|M|50.32,40.49|N|From Muyoh.|
C To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|49.46,40.43|
C Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|U|49882|M|51.42,39.61|
T To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.38,40.68|N|To Naralex.|
A The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|50.38,40.68|N|From Naralex.|
T Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|M|50.36,40.50|N|To Muyoh.|
A The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|50.42,40.68|N|From Naralex.|
C The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.28,38.59|
T The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.23,38.67|N|To Naralex.|
T To the Front!|QID|25034|M|49.99,49.51|N|To Ambassador Gaines.|
A Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|M|49.95,49.56|N|From Ambassador Gaines.|
A Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|49.92,49.66|N|From General Hawthorne.|
A A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|49.92,49.66|N|From General Hawthorne.|
A Lion's Pride|QID|25041|M|49.77,50.54|N|From Sam Trawley.|
C A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|46.37,47.28|
C Lion's Pride|QID|25041|M|44.47,46.66|
C Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|44.54,46.88|
C Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|U|49782|M|43.03,41.78|
T Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|M|43.04,41.82|N|To Sabersnout.|
T Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|49.91,49.68|N|To General Hawthorne.|
T A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|49.91,49.68|N|To General Hawthorne.|
T Lion's Pride|QID|25041|M|49.77,50.50|N|To Sam Trawley.|
A Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|49.77,50.49|N|From Sam Trawley.|
A Clap 'Em In Irons|QID|25057|M|49.90,49.70|N|From General Hawthorne.|
A The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|M|49.98,49.47|N|From Ambassador Gaines.|
C Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|51.66,53.87|
C The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|M|44.02,51.71|
C Clap 'Em In Irons|QID|25057|U|52271|M|43.40,51.53|
T Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|49.77,50.53|N|To Sam Trawley.|
T Clap 'Em In Irons|QID|25057|M|49.93,49.71|N|To General Hawthorne.|
A Meet Me at Triumph|QID|25074|M|49.93,49.71|N|From General Hawthorne.|
T The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|M|49.98,49.47|N|To Ambassador Gaines.|
f Fort Triumph|QID|25074|M|49.23,67.79|N|At Steve Stevenson.|
T Meet Me at Triumph|QID|25074|M|49.09,66.94|N|To Commander Roberts.|
h Fort Triumph|QID|25074|M|49.06,68.53|N|At Logistics Officer Salista.|
A Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|M|49.09,66.91|N|From Commander Roberts.|
A Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|M|49.48,67.49|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
A Just Close Enough|QID|26983|M|49.47,67.54|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
A Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|M|49.24,67.85|N|From Logan Talonstrike.|
C Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|M|44.63,71.34|
L Level 36|QID|25082|LVL|36|N|You should be around level 36 by this point.|
C Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|NC|M|44.98,67.67|
C Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|U|50128|M|41.64,67.08|
T Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|M|49.22,67.84|N|To Logan Talonstrike.|
A Firestone Point|QID|25086|M|49.22,67.84|N|From Logan Talonstrike.|
T Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|M|49.47,67.54|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
A Powder Play|QID|25079|M|49.47,67.54|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
T Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|M|49.10,66.92|N|To Commander Roberts.|
A Report to Twinbraid|QID|25087|M|49.10,66.92|N|From Commander Roberts.|
C Powder Play|QID|25079|M|45.36,68.14|
T Powder Play|QID|25079|M|49.46,67.52|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
A Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|M|49.46,67.52|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
C Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|M|48.48,72.70|
T Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|M|49.46,67.53|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|
T Report to Twinbraid|QID|25087|M|43.52,78.28|N|To General Twinbraid.|
A Digsite Status|QID|25104|M|43.52,78.28|N|From General Twinbraid.|
A No Bull|QID|25102|M|43.46,78.26|N|From Hurlston Stonesthrow.|
C No Bull|QID|25102|M|43.94,77.52|
T No Bull|QID|25102|M|43.48,78.22|N|To Hurlston Stonesthrow.|
T Firestone Point|QID|25086|M|45.02,85.35|N|To Dorn Redearth.|
A A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|45.03,85.33|N|From Dorn Redearth.|
A The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|45.11,85.35|N|From Tauna Skychaser.|
C The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|48.27,79.24|
A Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|42.35,79.07|
C A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|42.35,82.45|
C Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|42.43,81.36|
T A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|45.04,85.33|N|To Dorn Redearth.|
A Mangletooth|QID|25085|M|45.04,85.33|N|From Dorn Redearth.|
T The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|45.07,85.32|N|To Tauna Skychaser.|
T Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|45.14,85.40|N|To Mahka.|
A Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|45.14,85.40|N|From Mahka.|
C Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|40.47,83.25|
C Mangletooth|QID|25085|M|38.06,81.90|
T Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|45.15,85.40|N|To Mahka.|
L Level 37|QID|24653|LVL|37|N|You should be around level 37 by this point.|
T Mangletooth|QID|25085|M|45.05,85.35|N|To Dorn Redearth.|
T Digsite Status|QID|25104|M|47.14,88.47|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|
A Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|M|47.15,88.49|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
A Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|M|47.15,88.49|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
C Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|M|48.79,88.75|
C Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|M|49.02,89.43|
T Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|M|47.18,88.51|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|
T Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|M|47.18,88.51|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|
A Marley's Final Flight|QID|25120|M|47.18,88.51|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
C Marley's Final Flight|QID|25120|M|49.22,86.62|
T Marley's Final Flight|QID|25120|M|49.25,86.69|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|
A He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|M|49.25,86.69|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
A Bael'dun Rescue|QID|25153|M|49.40,86.88|N|From Bael'dun Survivor.|
A Who Did This?|QID|25163|M|49.62,87.15|N|From Wounded Bael'dun Officer.|
T Who Did This?|QID|25163|M|50.25,87.08|N|To Weezil Slipshadow.|
A Twinbraid Needs to Know|QID|25174|M|50.25,87.08|N|From Weezil Slipshadow.|
C Bael'dun Rescue|QID|25153|M|50.61,85.85|
C He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|M|50.64,86.80|
T Bael'dun Rescue|QID|25153|M|49.43,86.91|N|To Bael'dun Survivor.|
T He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|M|49.28,86.70|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|
A The Bad News|QID|25175|M|49.28,86.70|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|
A Kill 'em All!|QID|25182|M|43.49,78.29|Z|Southern Barrens|N|From General Twinbraid.|
A ...And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|M|43.49,78.29|Z|Southern Barrens|N|From General Twinbraid.|
C Kill 'em All!|QID|25182|M|39.90,76.08|Z|Southern Barrens|
C ...And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|M|40.02,75.24|Z|Southern Barrens|
T ...And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|M|40.39,77.74|Z|Southern Barrens|N|To Frazzlecraz Miner.|
A The Deed Is Done|QID|25185|M|40.39,77.74|Z|Southern Barrens|N|From Frazzlecraz Miner.|
T Kill 'em All!|QID|25182|M|43.50,78.30|Z|Southern Barrens|N|To General Twinbraid.|
T The Deed Is Done|QID|25185|M|43.50,78.30|Z|Southern Barrens|N|To General Twinbraid.|
A Reinforcements From Theramore|QID|26687|M|43.50,78.30|Z|Southern Barrens|N|From General Twinbraid.|



Bitsem's picture

Wow! Excellent! Nice work!

Wow! Excellent! Nice work!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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From what I can tell; No

From what I can tell; No major changes are needed for Duskwallow Marsh (A) - Remove some of the way points for navigation (as a bridge leads right across to theremor) remove cortello's riddle quest info and it SHOULD be pretty much up to date.



I have beta and can be a guide tester.

beta ended today

beta ended today Sad


Very Good Guides you have there!

Less experience needed to level up from 71-80 in patch 4.0.3a

As it was announced here:

Experience required to gain levels 71 through 80 is being reduced by 20%.

So I believe that now many of the 71-80 guides' steps could be removed since less experience is needed to level up.

Jame's picture

It's not necessary at

It's not necessary at all.

Even if less experience is needed to level up, it just means that some quests will be green a little earlier in the WotLK zones, but they will still give full XP while being easier to do.

In any case, if you don't like doing green quests, you can just skip a zone entirely and go to the next, that should do it Eye

Jiyambi's picture

The paper guides will not

The paper guides will not likely be altered.

The addon guides will be updated (when we get to it - the new content has priority right now) so that you can change a setting and skip un-important quests. All of the quests will remain in the addon, however, for those seeking lore-master achievements - they just need to use a higher completion setting Smiling

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Cataclysm Leveling Guides 1-85

Sorry but I can't find the link to see the guide in itself ?? Help Smiling

Great Addon, great guides

I've really appreciated all the work you guys have done. I am currently playing my way through the beta (leveling my main to 85 to get a feel for the fastest way to do it (hoping for server first Mage on Burning Blade). If there's anything I can do to help along the way please let me know. I'll be running the addon as I go and will report any issues I come across as well.

Jiyambi's picture

If you'd like, you can

If you'd like, you can download our Cataclysm package and the guide recorder addon from this guide page:

I'll be uploading a new package there this weekend with about twice as many Cata guides in it.

Basically, each zone you start create a new guide and hit record. It will automatically record your progress. You can then post the recording here, and it will help us get a start on the guide for that zone! Smiling The guide I linked above explains how to do this in more detail.

However, if that's too much work, just letting us know of any bugs or mistakes you find is awesome too Smiling

wisemoon's picture

WowPro Leveling Guides not showing up

Hi guys,

I downloaded what I think is the latest version of the addon (2.03) and installed it, but it is only showing a handful of guides for the new Cataclysm-era content. All I can see in the list are the starting area guides, then it goes up to the DK guides, Outlands and Northrend.

I looked on the page that had the addon with the recorder, but it looked like that was actually an older version than 2.03, so I wasn't sure it would help.

Today I can't even access the addon-specific pages on the site, so I don't know what to do. The info on your site seems to indicate that there are a lot more guides available than are showing up in-game in my addon, but I can't figure out why. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Jiyambi's picture

Very sorry for the

Very sorry for the confusion!

People are writing guides faster than I can get updates in!

There will be an update tonight for the addon, but make sure to get it here on WoW-Pro - otherwise you won't get all the new guides, as we will be releasing them more slowly to Curse and WoW Interface.

Shakazahn's picture

afaik there are more guides

afaik there are more guides done, but not yet added in the latest release.

Jiyambi will add them asap. :)

pro·gram·mer: a device to convert coffee into software

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From what I remember, the new

From what I remember, the new guides haven't been put in just yet. Think the last release or two were bug fixes.


No problemo! Will grab it and run it while doing it.. Only a few quests into Uldum so far so I'll try to record the rest :)

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Step notes

Should every step pretty much have a note? I was thinking when I go through the first time I would just quest the zone and get it done asap, then go back and test a second time but take my time a bit so that I can look for things that would be noteworthy. But my main question is whether or not each step should have a note.

Gylin's picture

Not every step needs notes,

Not every step needs notes, or even mapcords for that matter. To better explain here's a chunk from the gnome starter guide:

T Get Me Explosives Back! |QID|26285| |M|33.12,48.70| |N|To Jessup McCree|
T Missing in Action |QID|26284|
A Finishin' the Job |QID|26318|
R Enter the cave here |NC| |QID|26318| |M|31.98,49.20| |N|Enter the cave and run through it keeping to the left as you go| |C|Mage,Priest,Rogue,Warrior|
R Enter the cave here |NC| |QID|26318| |M|31.98,49.20| |N|Dismiss your Imp, then enter the cave and run through it keeping to the left as you go| |C|Warlock|
K Boss Bruggor |QID|26318| |M|29.12,49.61| |T|Boss Bruggor| |QO|Boss Bruggor slain: 1/1|
C Blow up the tunnel |NC| |QID|26318| |M|29.11,48.50| |QO|Detonate trogg tunnel: 1/1|
T Finishin' the Job |QID|26318| |M|33.12,48.70| |N|To Jessup McCree| |C|Mage,Priest,Rogue,Warrior|
T Finishin' the Job |QID|26318| |M|33.12,48.70| |N|To Jessup McCree, and resummon your Imp| |C|Warlock|

The 2nd & 3rd lines I feel don't need either notes or cords as your already standing at the quest giver. The 2 "R" steps next help the user with where to go once they get in the cave, and in the case of Warlocks help them not to pull sleeping mobs they can just walk past (noisy Imp = aggromagnet). The "K" step a note is not needed as it would only convey the same information as the |QO| tag, eg the kill the named mob, same with the "C" step that follows it. Final 2 "T" steps, separated because Warlock can now safely resummon their Imp, and the note is a reminder to do so, as well as giving the normal npc name to whom we've returned to turn the quest into type note.

Use notes however you feel is needed to help make your guide clearer to use, or that with something the end user might not know about a quest (especially if they're like me and don't read questlog text! Sticking out tongue)

C Dwarven Artifacts |NC||S| |QID|24477| |N|Scattered on the ground, they look like little piles of snow| |QO|Forgotten Dwarven Artifact: 5/5|

This is a good example to show this, as without the note the user might be looking for some little statues or relics of some kind, not little piles of snow (about the size of a snowball) in an area covered in snow.

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The best way to help is by

The best way to help is by recording your questing! This is assuming you are playing in the beta.

Here's a guide on how to do this: Using the WoW-Pro Recorder

Thanks for the interest!

Access denied

I get that msg every page I go to now. I don't know if it's a problem with the new website or something else.


Jiyambi's picture

It was an issue in the

It was an issue in the website update, it's fixed now. Thanks for letting us know!

Addon test

Hi iam ready for addon test.
i have beta Smiling