[42-46] Zul'Farrak Guide

Zul'Farrak Instance Guide

Quest Gathering:

The quest marked in this color are quests you need to have before entering Zul'Farrak

  • Scarab Shells (lvl 45) given by Tran’Rek in Tanaris.

  • Troll Temper (lvl 45) given by Trenton Lighthammer in Tanaris

  • Tiara of the deep (lvl 46) given by Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh

  • The Prophecy of Mosh’aru (lvl 47) given by Yeh’Kinye in Steeemwheedle Port in Tanaris. In order to be able to receive this quest you must first have completed the Screecher Spirit quest given by Yeh’Kinye. This will have you go to Feralas and collect 3 spirits from fallen Screechers.

  • Divino-matic Rod (lvl 47) given by Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle in Tanaris

  • Gahz’rilla (lvl 50) given by Whizzle Brassbolts in Thousand Needles. He is at the racing track in the shimmering flats.

    The Mallet of Zul'Farrak. In order to summon Gahz'rilla, you need the Mallet of Zul'Farrak, and in order to get that, you need to go to the Hinterlands. The instructions can be found on an Ancient Tablet, dropped randomly by anything inside Zul'Farrak. It is not a quest, so you need not have space in your quest log for it, but neither do you get experience for getting it.

    In the Hinterlands, you will be going to two troll temples. First, there's the Pyramid of Zul, one of the priestesses, Qiaga the Keeper, on top of the pyramid will have an item you need -- the Sacred Mallet. Take the Sacred Mallet to the very top of Jintha'Alor, a terraced troll complex at the southeastern end of Hinterlands. The place is huge, full of elites, and is in many ways a lot like Zul'Farrak itself. Trolls inside it range up to the low 50s in level. The altar you need for enchanting the Mallet is near Vile Priestess Hexx -- the same person you'll need to kill to complete the Saving Sharpbeak line, and in the cave behind her is the Ancient Egg, the follow-up for Yeh'kinya's line of quests (which ultimately sends you to the Sunken Temple.) Use the mallet at the altar to enchant it, yielding the Mallet of Zul'Farrak.


  • Nekrum’s Medallion (lvl 47) given by Thadius Grimshade in Blasted Lands.


  • Warrior or protection specced paladin.
  • Priest. Druid simply wont do the trick at the pyramid script imo.
  • Mage. For sheep / aoe dmg.
  • Secondary healer
  • DPS / Random

This is my personal optimal group. Others can do it but this is in my opinion the fastest way to complete the instance.

How to get there:

Zul’Farrak is in Tanaris. In the northwest corner.



Theka the Martyr

Ok your group is ready and you are all in the instance. In front of you, you see several packs of mobs. This first part is straightforward. Have your mage poly 1 and deal with the others as they come. Do this until you get to the first open space. Here you can kiss the right wall and go up the mountains. Don’t go all the way up to the basilisk. Stop when you are out in front of the wall. Pull out your mount and jump from the mountain up on the wall. Run across and pull the guards waiting at the entrance to the next corridor. Be careful not to aggro the patrol here. Take him after you pulled the group.

Note: If you don’t have mounts you need to clear your way here just like before.

Now at the entrance to the corridor you see groups of trolls on both sides. Start pulling these with sheep / sleep or sap. Kiss the left wall and you don’t have to kill the first troll that is standing up against the right wall. Clear the other. Now you should be standing at your first choice on which way to go. Wait for the patrol to pass and the kiss then right wall around the cornor. There are mobs guarding the entrance to the corridor around the corner. Sheep 1 and let warrior tank the others. Be sure to pull them with you into the short corridor so that you don’t aggro the patrols. When this fight is over you kiss the left wall going around the corner once more. You will now be at a long corridor with 2 trolls patrolling it. No big thing really. Kill them.
Continue on while keeping on the right side so you don’t pull the mobs in the side rooms. Stop before you enter the big open space where a lot of scarabs are located. In that room a Theka the Martyr is roaming. He is pretty straightforward. Let your tank run in and take the aggro. Just be sure nobody uses aoe dmg since it will aggro the scarabs. Only trick about him is that when he is near death he becomes immune to melee dmg so have your casters finish him off.
He drops the first tablet of mosh’aru so be sure everyone loots him.
Now its time to kill scarabs. You can do them 1 by 1 but if you have a mage I suggest just aoe’ing the hell out them. Should earn you enough scarabs.


Ok time to kill Antu’sul. He is not a quest but can drop since nice stuff so this part is optional. I would not recommend doing this part without a strong group!
So now turn around and you will see a route going northeast. Start clearing this route. Its guarded by both basilisks and trolls. Have your warrior pull them with ranged weapon and take them out 1 by 1. Be careful not to get to close to the cave! Antu’sul has a huge aggro range and you don’t want to pull him before the entire place is cleared. Have your group stay back and let the warrior do the pulling. Made it without getting him to aggro? Great! Now its time for a tuff fight!
Have your warrior tank Antu’sul. When he is attacked a wave of basilisks will spawn. They are non elite and you should have your mage clear them with aoe. When they are dead more basilisks will come. These are elite mobs. Have your 2nd tank offtank 1 of them. Have the mage sheep 1 and then help the offtank clear the adds. When they are gone all focus on Antu’sul and he should go down smooth.
Made it without being wiped? Congratz…. Happy looting.

Witch Doctor Zum’Rah

Another tuff fight. Go back to where you killed the scarabs. This time continuing northwest. Clear the patrols if there are any left until you come to place with a lot of graves. DONT OPEN THESE. It will spawn you’re an elite skeleton and nearly only gives crappy loot. So leave the graves alone.
You see Zum’rah at his cauldron. Leave him for now. Wait for the patrol coming from the next corridor. Take him out. Now you are rdy to face Zum’rah.
Have your tank run towards Zum’rah with the entire group following him. All should go in that little room Zum’rah is standing in. When he is attacked several elite skeletons will be spawned. Shackle 1 if you wish. Help your tank kill Zum’rah and afterwards assist him on the skeletons.

Hint: Spam demorilizing shout!

Congratz on yet another great victory. He drops extremely nice caster stuff so your priest / mage / warlock will probably beg you to kill him.

Temple Event

A personal favourite of mine. Everything is as usual getting there. Sheep / sleep / sap your way through the mobs and be sure to clear entire space below the pyramid. Rest up before you head up. A boss is waiting on the top. No big fight. Kill him and loot the key he has. Behind him are NPC prisoners in cages. You can open those cages with the key but before that be sure everyone know what is about to happen. Be sure to have your team buffed and rdy!!!!
Position yourself with the tank in front and the casters behind. Be sure to keep the fight on the top of the stairs to avoid “not in line of sight” problems with healing.
Open the cages. The humans will come out and tell you that you are being attacked. A swarm of non-elite and elite troops will run up the stairs and try to kill you. There are different opinions on how this is best done but my personal favourite is to NOT use aoe spells until they are really needed. This will be a long fight and you will be oom in a matter of seconds if you try and aoe through this. So only use aoe when there are a lot of mobs and you might be a bit under pressure. Other than that try and kill the elite units first. The alliance guys are all elite and will help you fight.
Survived the first attack? Great! Hurry up and drink / eat before 2nd round starts. Same as before just keep killing. Survived that also? Amazing! The NPCs will begin walking down the stairs towards the bosses at the ground. Drink fast and follow them so you don’t loose the quest. At the bottom there are 2 bosses. You can sheep 1 of them and then help the humans clear the remaining forces before taking him out.

Survived again???? Excellent. Drink again. Be fast here. Talk to the little guy at the farmost left and ask him to blow open the door. He will run away and open a door. When they team is rdy talk to the commander of the NPCs and tell him that bilgewhizzle wants his divino-matic rod back. He will turn red and you then need to slay them. You can sheep 1 of them.
If you survived then be sure everyone loots the divino-matic rod from the commander. Done with that quest. Also if you are alliance you need to loot the medallion here from a mob.

More drops

If you managed to blow open the door you will see a long corridor leading upward. Go up the corridor clearing the 2 patrols. Inside the next place there are 4 snakes. 2 on each side and 2 bosses. Have your mage sheep 1 of the snakes. The other 3 will aggro as they are linked. Take aggro from him and assist your warrior on his target. Time to kill the bosses. Have your warrior tank 1 of them and your 2nd tank to offtank the other. Help your warrior kill his target and then turn to the other . Not that tuff a fight this one. Looting time again!


Time for the big boss fight. Go back down the corridor. Turn left and follow the corridor clearing the patrols. At the end of the corridor stop. Have your warrior pull mobs into the corridor where you finish them off. There are 2 patrols with 2 trolls and a basilisk. If you get them on you while fighting another group you are most likely wiped. Have your warrior pull around the left side. Clearing the left corner just around the corner from the corridor. Move your group here. Start pulling the mobs and bring them down. Be sure no one runs away and adds more target to you. 1 will be a named target Hydromancer Velratha. Kill him and he will drop the 2nd tablet. Quest complete. And the tiara of the deep. Quest complete. Clear all the way around the pool. When everything is cleared move your group to the south of the poll near the trigger to spawn gahz’rilla. Smash it. Gahz’rilla will spawn from the pool on the north side. Pretty standard fight again. Only thing he smashes people into the air so casters stay at max range all the time. Made it? Congratz. Quest complete.

That was all. Hope you enjoyed this guide. If anything is missing plz let me know