Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Archaeology Profession Window
  3. Basics
  4. Trainers
  5. Leveling Archaeology
  6. Keystones
  7. Addon Suggestion
  8. Where to find Artifact Fragments: race/skill
  9. Rewards


Archaeology, the newest secondary profession to enter into WoW, and not one for the impatient. Archaeology takes a very long time to do. I'll be honest, fishing is more exciting than this profession. If you are a Dwarf though, you do get a racial buff, called Explorer, which allows you to Survey faster and get more fragments when you find them.
But there are some very good perks if you can stick with it. Such as rare pets, rare and epic weapons/armor(that are Bind to Account), a couple of epic mounts, and a random interesting item or three.
As with most gathering professions, when you loot a fragment, you will get experience. You also can gain access to 3 different titles when finding rare artifacts. They are Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor.

Archaeology Profession Window

The Current Artifacts tab, will show you which races you currently have artifacts for. You can then click on whichever race you see, so you can see which artifact you are currently working on.

There is one more tab, and that is the Completed Artifacts tab. Basically what that is, is just shows which artifacts you have completed. You can sort by race, and rarity.


Now onto the basics. After you train (trainers below), you will have two new things under the Professions tab in your spell book. Archaeology, and Survey.
So from now on, you will always have 4 dig sites on each continent, depending on your skill level.From 1 to 300 is Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, 300-375 will be Outlands, 375-450 you will have Northrend availible, and 450+ all the new Cataclysm zones. As your looking at the continent map, you will see small shovels, that is where one of the dig sites is located.


Now, once you have located dig site on the continent map, you can zoom into the zone to see exactly where it is, that way you can fly to the nearest flight point if that is easier.


Once you have landed near the site, and have actually gone to the site, here comes the fun part. We are basically going to be playing the Hot&Cold game now. Once inside the site you use Survey, when you do that, your survey equipment will spawn. You will notice that there is a light, depending on how close you are to the artifact fragments, will dictate on what color the light is.

Red indicates you are far away, while Yellow means you are getting closer. When it becomes Green, you should be within 40 yards of the fragments. Now as you are using Survey, you will want to pay attention to the direction of the telescope. Reason being that it will point you in the proper direction. Then when you get withing 10 yards, the Artifact Fragments will appear, just click on the sparkling item on the ground to pick them up. You will get between 2-5 every time.


Now onto the trainers, if you get lost, just ask a guard. There 12 total that I know of, they are as follows.

NPC Name Location Faction
Dariness the Learned Dalaran - The Legerdemain Lounge Neutral
Boduro the Seeker Shattrath - Lower City southern area Neutral
Harrison Jones Stormwind City - Stormwind Keep Alliance
Hammon the Jaded Darnassus - Temple of the Moon Alliance
Falda Fardelve Borean Tundra - Valiance Keep Alliance
Doktor Professor Ironpants Ironforge - Hall of Explorers Alliance
Diya Exodar - The Vault of Lights Alliance
Otoh Greyhide Thunder Bluff - The Elder Rise Horde
Lindarel Borean Tundra - Warsong Hold Horde
Elynara Silvermoon City - The Royal Exchange Horde
Belloc Brightblade Orgrimmar - The Valley of Strength Horde
Adam Hossack Undercity - The Magic Quarter Horde

Leveling Archaeology

Leveling Archaeology is actually fairly simple, if not long. Up until 50 Archaeology you will level up only by looting the Artifact Fragments. As you are doing this, do not solve the Artifacts unless you reach the cap of 200 fragments for specific race.

Once you reach 50 Archaeology, to level any farther you must solve Artifacts. Every time you solve an Artifact, you will get 5 points to your skill level, solving rare Artifacts will net you 15 skill points. To let you know, you can get the same common artifact more than once. And that is leveling Archaeology in a nutshell.


Now, as you survey and get fragments, now and then you will get a Keystone there are 9 different ones you can get(there is no Keystone for Fossils). Each Keystone you get can add 12 fragments to the current artifact you are solving, making it quicker to solve it. There is a catch though, only certain artifacts will be able to have Keystones added in. Those that can will have between 1-3 Keystone slots. You can tell if your current artifact can have a keystone, by looking under the progress bar, it will have a shaded hexagon(s) there.

Addon Suggestion


Jiyambi wrote:
After downloading several archaeology addons, the one I would recommend above all others is Archy. It's not a triangulation mod (so far those only seem to take MORE time to use, not less).

Archy instead displays a list of your current dig sites with awesome features like being able to click them to view the map, shows what artifacts are available at those dig sites, and has a plug in directly to TomTom to show where the next closest dig site is located. It has a list of in progress artifacts and keystones and allows you to click to complete them. It also marks where artifacts were found on the map so you can check those spots when surveying points you to places close to them. All of the features are customizable. All in all, a VERY nice addon and one I will recommend to anyone seeking to use this profession.

Where to find Artifact Fragments: race/skill

The table below is the primary locations you will find the cultures. Quick Note: Night Elf, Dwarf, Troll and Fossils can be found on both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, just not as much on the opposite continent listed.

Culture Skill Needed Primary Location
Night Elf 1 Kalimdor
Dwarf 1 Eastern Kingdoms
Troll 1 Eastern Kingdoms
Fossil 1 Eastern Kingdoms
Draenei 300 Outland zones
Orc 300 Outland zones
Nerubian 375 Northrend Zones
Vrykul 375 Northrend Zones
Tol'vir 450 Cataclysm zones


To warn you, it is possible to get just common artifacts over and over (including the same ones) for awhile until you get a rare one. With the 4.0.6 update to WoW, all of the common artifacts have had their sell values increased. So if you don't get a rare one, even though you are the right skill level, keep trying. Also, the rare artifacts will only appear once per character.

The below tables are the Rare Artifacts that you can put together. There is a minimum skill level required to be able to even solve them, which is listed as well. Below in the tables when you see, "100 + 3 sockets", that means the project can be built of 100 fragments, but also of 88 fragments and 1 keystone; 76 fragments and 2 keystones; or 64 fragments and 3 keystones.

Note for Alchemists: It is possible when getting the common item Canopic Jar, after you open it, you have a chance to get Recipe: Vial of the Sands.

Dwarf Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Chalice of the Mountain Kings 100 + 3 sockets 150
The Innkeeper's Daughter 150 + 3 sockets 150
Clockwork Gnome 100 + 3 sockets 225
Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan 150 + 3 sockets 450

Fossil Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Fossilized Hatchling 85 75
Ancient Amber 100 ???
Pterrordax Hatchling 150 ???
Fossilized Raptor 100 225
Extinct Turtle Shell 150 450

Night Elf Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Highborne Soul Mirror 100 + 3 sockets 150
Druid and Priest Statue Set 100 + 3 sockets 150
Kaldorei Wind Chimes 98 + 3 sockets 225
Queen Azshara's Dressing Gown 100 + 3 Sockets 225
Bones of Transformation 150 + 3 sockets 450
Wisp Amulet 150 + 3 sockets 450
Tyrande's Favorite Doll 150 + 3 sockets 450

Troll Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Haunted War Drum 100+3 ???
Voodoo Figurine 100+3 100
Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds 150 + 3 sockets 450

Draenei Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Arrival of the Naaru 124 + 3 sockets 300
The Last Relic of Argus 130 + 3 sockets 300

Orc Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Headdress of the First Shaman 130 + 3 sockets 300

Vrykul Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Vrykul Drinking Horn 100 + 3 sockets 375
Nifflevar Bearded Axe 130 + 3 sockets 375

Nerubian Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Blessing of the Old God 140 + 3 sockets 375
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron 140 + 3 sockets 375

Tol'vir Artifact Name Fragments Minumum Skill Needed
Crawling Claw 150 +3 sockets 450
Pendant of the Scarab Storm 150 + 3 sockets 450
Ring of the Boy Emperor 150 + 3 sockets 450
Scepter of Azj'Aqir 150 + 3 sockets 450
Scimitar of the Sirocco 150 + 3 sockets 450
Staff of Ammunae 150 + 3 sockets 450