Addon Troubleshooting Guide

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This guide will hopefully solve any problems you are having with the addon.

For instructions on how to download/install our addon see the How to Install section on this page.

Be sure you always completely close WoW and restart it after modifying your addons and before going any further. If all else fails, try a full computer restart, it can actually clear up a lot of issues. Smiling

*Note, our site only provides support for live realms. If you are playing on a private server, our addon may not work for you.

BEFORE YOU READ FARTHER: Is your version of our addon up to date? Is your version of TomTom up to date? If you answered no, please go update them as a first troubleshooting measure!

Table of Contents

  1. I don't have an arrow.

  2. My frame says No Guide Loaded.

  3. Addon isn't showing up at all, or my guide list is empty.

  4. I'm missing only one guide.

  5. I lost my guide window!

  6. I need to skip just ONE step!

  7. I checked off a step and now I can't go back.

  8. I checked off all of the steps and now I can't select the guide on the guide list.

Problem: I don't have an arrow to guide me.


Problem: When I log in, My addon says "No guide loaded". What should I do?


Problem: I have no guides in the guide list. Or, the addon isn't showing up at all.


Problem: Wait! I'm only missing XXXXXX guide! What now?


Problem: I lost my guide window!!!


Reset your profile. Right click on the panda or open your Interface menu, Addons tab. Under WoW-Pro Guides, click WoW-Pro Profiles, then Reset Profile.

Problem: I need to skip a step, just one, not 100. How?


Right click on the step. If you still have trouble, see the next solution.

Problem: I checked off a step, and now I can't go back!

Solution 1:

Solution 2:

Problem: I clicked off all of the steps and now can't select my guide in the guide list.


Shift click on the guide in the guide list.

If none of the above solutions work for you, feel free to contact us in the Addon Questions Chat.

If possible please copy any lua errors you are receiving or take a screenshot of your issue. Thanks!