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Tozzik's 1-400 "No Fishing" Cooking Guide for Horde

Tozzik's 1-400 No Fishing Cooking Guide

Stage 1: Azeroth

A: Collecting recipes

Train cooking and then re-open trainer window and train spice bread. (May not have to re-open)

Buy Recipe: Bat Bites and Recipe: Crunchy Spider Surprise from Master Chef Mouldier in Tranquillien.

Go to Desolace. Buy Expert Cookbook from Wulan in Shadowprey Village. Buy all cooking recipes from Vendor-Tron 1000 and Super-Seller 680 at North and South-West locations. (see note at end)

Learn Soothing Turtle Bisque from quest given by Christoff Jeffcoat. If you have already done this quest and no longer have the recipe, then substitute Roast Raptor, also purchased from Vendor-Tron 1000.

Purchase Recipe: Charred Bear Kabob and Recipe: Juicy Bear Burger from Bale in Bloodvenom Post.

Learn Smoked Desert Dumplings from Calandrath at Cenarion Hold in Silithus. (Alternatively purchase Recipe: Baked Salmon from Sheena Tallgrass in Camp Mojache if you happen to have high level fishing.)


Starting in Silvermoon

Purchase simple flour and mild spices from cooking vendor and cook spiced bread until reaching 40.

Farm small eggs from dragonhawks outside Silvermoon and make herb baked eggs until reaching 65.

Fly to Ghostlands and farm bats and spiders for Bat Flesh and Crunchy Spider Legs. Cooking the Bat Flesh should get you to 110 and Spider Legs should allow you to reach 120.

Travel to Tarren Mill and hunt bears and turtles along the river to the east until you have 5 big bear meat. Cook 5 Big Bear Steak and reach 125 to learn Hot Lion Chops. Learn expert cooking from Cookbook.

Now go to the two raised areas in alterac just to the west of the alliance entrance to Alterac Valley and farm mountain lions. If they don't respawn fast enough you can also hunt them in Hillsbrad just south of that same area. Farm/cook lion meat until you reach 175.

Now farm turtle meat from snapjaws along the river east of Tarren Mill. Or if you were not able to attain Recipe: Soothing Turtle Bisque, fly to hammerfall and farm raptors outside the town there. Cook Roast Raptor or Turtle Bisque(Preferably the Bisque) until 225.

Now travel to Gadgetzan and get the quest Clamlette Surprise from Dirge Quickcleave.
The Giant Eggs are most easily farmed from owls in Felwood. The Zesty Clam Meat is most easily farmed from turtles on the eastern coast of Hinterlands. If you only want to make one trip, the various owlkin in Hinterlands can also drop Giant Eggs at a lower rate. Once you have the eggs and clam meat, head back to Gadgetzan and run to Caverns of time where you can buy the Alterac Swiss from Provioner Galgrom. Hand in the quest and you are now at Artisan Cooking.

Now continue farming Turtle Meat or Raptor Flesh from the above locations until you can cook enough to reach 250. (The last 15 points of this process are green skill chance, but still better than the alternative.)

Learn Charred Bear Kabob and Juicy Bear Burger and farm bears all through Felwood. Cook any combination of these two items until reaching 285.

Travel to Cenarion Hold in Silithus and Start farming the various worms in Silithus until you have enough Sandworm Meat to reach 300. (Or fish for Raw Whitescale Salmon in Eastern Plaguelands if you have a high fishing skill. You need to achieve about 400 fishing skill with lures to avoid fish getting away.)

Stage 2: Outland.

Travel to Thrallmar and purchase Master Cookbook from Baxter inside the inn. Then Purchase Recipe: Ravager Dogs from Cookie One-Eye near the stables in Thrallmar.

Fly to Falcon Watch and farm ravagers in the quillfang area just to the west of the town. Cook Ravager Dogs until reaching 325.

Fly to Garadar and buy Recipe: Roasted Clefthoof and Recipe: Talbuk Steak from Nula the Butcher who is in the small building on the raised area just to the east of the inn. Farm and cook Clefthoof Meat and Talbuk Venison until reaching 350.

Stage 3: Northrend

Travel to Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra and train grand master cooking and all the new cooking recipes. Exit warsong hold and farm rhinos to the north and northeast of the hold, cooking Rhino Dogs until reaching 400. (The last 18 points of this are green skill chance, but the only alternative is to prepare 18+ feasts which has a very high material requirement and would end up being a much longer farming session.)

Getting to 450 is totally a matter of preference. The only skill of note beyond this point is Fish Feast and this guide is designed to level cooking without fishing. All recipes requiring skill 400 and up require 3 Dalaran Cooking Awards to purchase and Northern Spices cost one award.

Note about Vendor-Tron 1000 and Super-Seller 680:
Both bots are part of the caravan that travels around Desolace. 1000 can be found at 60, 38 just northwest of Kormek's Hut. 680 can be found at 40, 80 just west of the split in the road leading south. The most important note about these vendors is that you must travel the entire road between these two points and locate the caravan, waiting for it to start moving. If you are not following the caravan and it leaves your range of vision it will stop moving.

[WotLK] Cooking

Cooking is a profession that provides flavor to the game, no pun intended. Most mobs labeled as beasts have common drops for cooking. You can also take up fishing which will ease the pain of cooking and make the trip to Grand Master easier. This guide will support several options for everyone, even those with a strong aversion to fishing.

Wrath Cookbook

Table of Contents

  1. Cooking (1 to 300) [No Faction/Fishing/Seasonal]


* Pattern obtained through Trainer.
** Pattern obtained from Vendor.
*** Pattern obtained through Quest.
§ Pattern obtained from Auction House. (Or lucky world drop)
¤ Pattern obtained from Profession only drop.
A Alliance
H Horde

Artisan Cooking Quest

Once you hit 225 skill level and at least level 35 you can head for your respective quest giver to get the opening quest to visit Dirge Quikcleave.

Alliance: Daryl Riknussun Ironforge - The Great Forge (60, 36) I Know A Guy...

Horde: Zamja Orgrimmar - The Drag (57, 53) To Gadgetzan You Go!

Dirge Quikcleave - Tanaris - Gadgetzan (52, 28) Clamlette Surprise

You don't have to travel to far to complete this quest, all of the items can now be found in Tanaris.

Giant Egg - Roc 35% drop rate
Zesty Clam Meat - Surf Glider drop Big Mouth Clam 40% drop rate
Alterac Swiss - Buy from Galgrom in Caverns of Time (63, 57) - 40 silver per 5

By dark_fanboy at 2009-01-17

Cooking (1 to 300)
[No Faction/Fishing/Seasonal]

This portion of the guide will be comprised of cooking items that will only come from drops, it will not contain any items that are faction related or seasonal as well.

Cooking (1 to 300) [No Faction/Fishing/Seasonal]
Skill Level
1 to 40
Spice Bread *
80 Simple Flour
80 Mild Spices
41 to 50
Spiced Wolf Meat *
10 Stringy Wolf Meat
10 Mild Spices
51 to 80
Smoked Bear Meat **
30 Bear Meat
81 to 90
Strider Stew A***/H**
10 Strider Meat
10 Shiny Red Apple
91 to 115
Crab Cake *
25 Crawler Meat
25 Mild Spices
116 to 150
Big Bear Steak **/H***
35 Big Bear Meat
35 Hot Spices
151 to 175
Curiously Tasty Omelet **/A***
25 Raptor Egg
25 Hot Spices
176 to 215
Roast Raptor **
40 Raptor Flesh
40 Hot Spices
216 to 225
Spider Sausage *
20 White Spider Meat
226 to 250
Monster Omelet **
25 Giant Egg
50 Soothing Spices
251 to 285
Charred Bear Kabobs **
35 Bear Flank
286 to 300
Smoked Desert Dumplings ***
15 Sandworm Meat
15 Soothing Spices

Several of the patterns I have mentioned are obtained through quests but have a faction alternate that can be obtained by vendor. If you have finished these quests in the past and have sold or trashed them, you will need to find a way to obtain them through the opposing faction vendor or find an alternative. The only quest that both sides can do is for the Smoked Desert Dumplings.

Desert Dumplings

The quest you need to get this recipe is Desert Dumplings which is given by the Calandrath, the innkeeper of Cenarion Hold. Calandrath will send you out to find a recipe the Twilight's Hammer use to prepare sandworm. The scroll can be found at 37, 45 which will start you on the second portion to return to Calandrath with Sharing the Knowledge. Upon completion you will learn how to make Smoked Desert Dumplings, of which you might want to hang onto at least 10 of these. You can do the quick follow-up Kitchen Assistance for a little gold, rep, and maybe experience if you're not at the cap yet.

Runn Tum Tuber Surprise

As an alternative to Desert Dumplings should you not be able to obtain the recipe for some reason you could try Runn Tum Tuber Surprise. This is an uncommon drop from a boss mob in Dire Maul:

Pusillin: Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise

To engage Pusillin you need to enter through the East sides Northern/Front Entrance [MAP]. Most would recommend if you are familiar with the event that you clear the path all the way to the back entrance to Dire Maul located at the Laris Pavilion just north of Camp Mojache in Feralas. If you are not familiar with the event there are plenty of walk-thrus on how to go about this, but you can simply talk to him and he'll run away to start the event. Clear the path along the top tier till you find him again, if you are below level 70 you will NOT be able to avoid the the Warpwood Crushers even if you try to walk along the courtyard ledge. You may have to make this run once or twice, but this pattern is almost a guaranteed drop.

Once you have obtained this recipe you will be need to farm the Warpwood Pods scattered all about the instance. Be wary, they have a chance to backfire and either spray you with toxic green mist or spawn 3 to 5 Whip Lashers, but you should be able to get enough for that final run to 300.