WoW-Pro Dungeons Addon


Hello all!

I am working on a new module for the WoW-Pro addon called WoW-Pro Dungeons, that should provide the framework for guides and information related to dungeons in World of Warcraft. Right now, the WoW-Pro Dungeons is still in its early alpha stage, but I decided to create this page to explain my own design ideas and to hear feedback from the community (especially those that are in the beta, since I'm not).

That way, if we decide to change something, I won't waste too much programming time. Smiling

Basic Idea

WoW-Pro Dungeons will make use of the WoW-Pro Guide frame, showing steps and information in a similar way, that happens now, with the WoW-Pro Leveling module. Because of this, only one module will be active at a given time, but there should be plenty of options for the player to switch between them, manually or automatically (more on that later).

But there are important differences between leveling and dungeon guides:

  • dungeon guides do not have a fixed format and some players may only be interested in specific information, like a list of quests for a given dungeon or its bosses fights, and not in full walkthrough guides;
  • leveling guides are much more popular, so I would not expect good quality walkthrough guides for all dungeons, at least not initially. Given that, it would be better if we provide ways to accept smaller contributions from the community.

Therefore, unlike WoW-Pro Leveling, WoW-Pro Dungeons should allow access to different types of guides, for each dungeon, from the more basic to the more lenghty. For another hand, the dungeon guides should follow, as much as possible, the format of the WoW-Pro Leveling guides, to not confuse guide writers and players.

Types of Dungeon Guides

The types of guides, for each dungeon, I'm thinking of are the following:

  • Location: At least for some dungeons in Cataclysm, the player has to discover them before using the Dungeon Finder directly. The location "guide" can contain a single coordinate step to map (something that I could include as default) or be more complex, for dungeons that require a lot of running around (or flying) to get to the actual dungeon portal. The location "guide" could also be used by dead players unfamiliar with the dungeon, unsure on how to get back to the dungeon portal.

  • Quest list: Showing the list of all quests that should be completed in the dungeon, marking which ones the player already has; has completed and turned in; have completed but not turned in; whether the quest is too high level; etc. All these will make use of the format defined by the WoW-Pro Leveling steps, like Accept/Turn-in, and also the mapping by TomTom, showing where to get and where to turn in each quest. It will also allow the use of class/level/etc flags.

    EDIT: It seems quests are more easily picked up in cataclysm dungeons, so this guide type may be obsolete.

  • Boss guides: Guides that explain boss/encounter fights. They are meant to be used in dungeons, so some restrictions on mapping will apply. It will also allow the use of class/role/etc flags. The idea is that the guide should be short enough to be read by a player just before fighting the boss, but this can be changed.

  • Walkthrough guides: The pinnacle of dungeon guides, steps that form a complete walkthrough in the dungeon. The idea is that this type of guide should be used mainly (or completely) inside the dungeon, so some restrictions on mapping will apply. WoWPro already has several good of such guides:

    Though probably some (the lower levels?) will need to be updated or re-written for Cataclysm.

  • Achievements guides: Guides for completing achievements related to specific dungeons.

Once I get the addon in a more stable way, I'll provide at least one guide of each type, as an example, and also some instruction on writing dungeon guide for the addon. Again, the format should be quite similar to the Leveling guides, but not completely.

Planned features

  • Option to allow smart auto-load of dungeon guides, based on being in a dungeon, boss fight, etc.
  • A frame to allow guides to show images.
  • Allow sharing guide steps with party members (especially good for boss fights).

Preview of the Dungeon/Guide list frame

  • Dungeon names, levels and progress come from LFG tool.
  • The progress comes from the dungeon achievement, when possible it will show the number of missing/defeated bosses, to mark the dungeon as completed.
  • Level ranges can be by allowed or recommended levels.
  • Dungeon names will likely have colored text, like the LFG tool, but a different highlight than shown in the above image.

Feedback Questions

If you have any suggestion/info on the following topics, please post in this thread.

  • How much the Dungeons module should interact with Leveling Guides? For example, if you skip a quest in a Leveling guide, that is a pre-requisite to a Dungeon quest, would you want the Dungeon guide skip steps related to that skipped leveling quest?
  • Should this addon support guides for raids? If so, what would need to be changed (if any) in the layout discusses above?
  • How to deal with heroics? I think most, if not all, guides that works in the normal mode will work for the heroic versions of the dungeons. So, my idea is to just have a 'heroic'/'normal' tag, that guide writers can use, in specific guide steps. Then, those steps would only be shown if the player is in the heroic/normal version or if the player set an option for that. Or, I could include all the heroic versions in the dungeon list pictured above, with their own guide types icons.

More info and images to come later!