Using the WoW-Pro Recorder

In this guide, I'll go over how to use the WoW-Pro Recorder to help you write leveling guides. The Recorder is awesome both for writing addon guides, AND for writing paper guides - the pseudo-code is very simple and works GREAT for an outline for your paper guide, and has all the information you'll need including coordinates, quest IDs, and NPC names!

Coming Soon: The Recorder will soon have the ability to add notes to quests, add custom steps, and delete steps on the fly, but right now all it can do is record automated steps. I'll post comments on this guide, as well as update the guide, when the new features are added to the recorder.

Table of Contents

  1. Downloading the Recorder
  2. Creating a New Guide
  3. Editing an Existing Guide
  4. Recording
  5. Saving Your Work
  6. Working With the File
  7. Submitting Your Work
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading the Recorder

To get started, you'll need to download the guide recorder. There are versions available on Curse and WoW Interface, but I've got a handy link here that includes:

Download here.

Unzip the file into your beta addons folder. You should have eight separate folders:

Everything should be ready to go - fire up the client and log in!
By default WoWPro_Recorder is disabled, so you need to enable it in your addons list for each character you will use it on.

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Creating a New Guide

If you'd like to append a guide that's already been created, skip to the Editing an Existing Guide section below.

To create a new guide, simply click on the "new" button. It's toward the right side of the Recorder's bar, and it looks like a piece of blank paper.

This will bring up a dialog box asking what type of guide you'd like to create. For now, we only have one type, and that's Leveling! Select it.

This will being up a new window. Now, some of these fields will be automatically filled out. I need to make this very very clear:


I plan to fix this in the future but for now please just hit enter in each field. Sorries!

Note that the stuff you put in these fields isn't really that important, and can always be edited later.

Once all of the fields are filled out, just hit "Register Guide". If you did it correctly, your guide window will change to a mostly blank guide with one step, called "First Step". If it doesn't change, it means you didn't hit enter for every field - try going through them all again.

Now that you have a new guide, you can start recording! Skip to the Recording section below.

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Editing an Existing Guide

If you want to add to one of the guides that's already included in the addon, OR if you have saved a guide using the recorder and would like to edit it, this section will explain how to do that.

All you need to do is open up the guide you want from the guide list, just as you would if you wanted to play it! Don't worry if it's already completed - if the recorder is enabled, the addon doesn't automatically ask if you want to go to the next guide.

Note: Guides saved with the recorder currently aren't displayed on the guide list. Instead, you can access them by clicking the "Open Guide" button (it looks like a folder). This will open a dialog where you can select the guide you want to edit. This list will contain ALL guides, both those in the WoWPro_Leveling folder, and those you've saved using the Recorder.

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First of all - the recorder is set to "REC" or record, by default. You can use the record (circle) and stop (square) buttons to toggle between recording and not recording. This can be useful in several situations. Say for example you take a break to do an instance - you can stop recording during the instance so instance quests aren't tracked. Similarly, if you for example need to abandon and re-accept a quest, you can stop the recorder so the second accept step isn't tracked.

Once you have the guide you want loaded and the recorder is set to "REC", you really don't have to do anything - just play the game! It can be useful, however, to keep in mind the things that the guide recorder records.

If you make a mistake while recording, you can delete the last step recorded by using the minus (-) button.

I recommend recording while in scroll mode. This will allow you to see what you are recording. You'll note that the bottom step will be highlighted - this is the active recorder step. New steps will be placed AFTER this step. This is also the step that will be edited when using the edit or delete buttons.

To change steps, simply left-click on a different step! You can also right-click a step to open a small menu. With this menu, you can move the step up, down, or clone it.

You can add new steps by clicking the "Add Step" button - it looks like a plus (+) sign. You can choose to have the recorder automatically fill in information from one of your quests, or you can fill everything in for a step from scratch.

You can also edit the selected step by clicking the "Edit Step" button - it looks like a pencil.

Now that you know how to record, you need to know what to do with the data you are gathering.

Saving Your Work

Though the recorder does save your work automatically when a new step is added, it's still wise to save it manually, and often! That's because when WoW closes unexpectedly, it doesn't always save it's saved variables, and your data may be lost!

You can save your work at any time by clicking on the save button. It's on the far right of the Recorder's bar, and it looks like a little disk.

Clicking this button does two things.

FIRST: It will save your data in the WTF file. When you quit and log back in, your guide will be loaded and you can select it at the bottom of the guide list. Note that the guide is also automatically saved every time a new step is added.

SECOND: It will open a dialog box which contains the code for your guide. This is how you will submit your guide, and also the best way to manually save to make sure you don't lose your work - just copy/paste the stuff in the box into a text file and save it. You can also use this to work with your guide to fill it out, change the order, and more - we'll cover that later in the Working With the File section. For now, just know that you can safely close this box without doing anything to it if you want to.

Just hit that save button often and you'll be okay, I'll try to get an auto-save feature enabled soon!

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Working With the File

Note that with the advanced features recently added to the recorder, it's no longer necessary to work directly with the file. Reading this section still may give you some insight into how the files work, though, which can be useful.

If you would like to do a bit more advanced work with the guide file, please read this section. No coding knowledge of any sort is needed - the guide files are written in pseudo-code and they are very easy to understand once you have a key.

First of all, open up your favorite simple text editor. I prefer Notepad++, it's a WONDERFUL editor with lots of very nice features.

Open up a new text file. Now, hit the save button on the recorder to bring up the code for your guide. Select all (Ctrl+A for PC users) and copy (Ctrl+C for PC users). Paste your code into your new file.

You should see something that looks similar to this:

A Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|31.42,13.32|N|From Nura Pathfinder.|
f Hunter's Hill|QID|24504|M|39.75,20.18|N|At Unega.|
h Hunter's Hill|QID|24504|M|39.30,20.05|N|At Innkeeper Hurnahet.|
C Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|35.93,15.58|
L Level 30|QID|24504|N|You should be around level 30 by this point|
T Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|37.36,16.70|N|To Tunawa Stillwind.|

First, I'll explain how to read this stuff and what it means. Then, I'll tell you how you can improve your guide file's code to make it even better!

Anatomy of a guide step:
Each step is only ONE LINE of code. A new line means a new step to the addon.

Step Type:

Step Name:


This covers the basics of the pseudo-code. It would be really awesome if people wanted to improve their guide file code before submitting it, since it's pretty bare-bones otherwise. However, some guide code is MUCH better than no guide code, so if you don't feel comfortable doing this, don't worry about it!

If you'd like to learn more about the pseudo-code and how to use it, check out the addon's documentation page!

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Submitting your work

So now you've got some stuff recorded - maybe you even edited the code to make it a bit nicer. What do you do with it?

Well, lucky you, it's really easy to submit your code to the addon! All you have to do is make a comment on this page containing your copy/pasted code! Be sure to disable rich text and set the input format to bbcode so the line break don't get wrapped. I'll look it over, and if it seems sound, I'll put it into the addon!

Remember that not only are we trying to get a lot of addon guides done, we also want to make more "paper" guides - guides here on our website. If you'd like to make a paper guide based on your (or someone else's) recorded guide, go ahead! You already have most of the information you need for your guide at your fingertips - all you need are maps and screenshots. The recorder file makes a very nice outline, as well, with steps that can be easily moved around to make the best questing route.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Register Guide doesn't seem to do anything - I don't see my guide being recorded! Is the addon broken?

My guide won't save, what's going on? I'm getting lua errors when I try to save!

I was testing a guide, and when I got to the end, it started repeating! What happened?

Please let me know if you have any questions about this process, either by PM or by comment!

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