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Complete Guide to Brewfest

Brewfest is a WoW holiday that takes place in late September. It is somewhat similar to the Earthly Oktoberfest, celebrating beer, food, and good times.

In WoW, the Brewfest event includes some silly games, lots of special beer and food, vanity pets, mounts, and a seasonal boss. There is also an hourly event outside the main capital cities for both factions, in which players must defend the Brewfest festivities from the Dark Iron dwarves. In addition, you may be able to get your hands on a special item that will transport you directly to the bar in Blackrock Depths, allowing for all sorts of old world fun.

This guide aims to take you through the events, items, and achievements associated with this fun holiday. Read on for your full Brewfest coverage!

Note: This guide is based on information from Brewfest 2009. It will be updated as information for Brewfest 2010 becomes available. Please leave a comment if you notice any discrepancies.

Table of Contents

  1. Quests
  2. Buff - Brewfest Enthusiast
  3. Mini-Game - Ram Racing
  4. Mini-Game - Barking
  5. Event - Dark Iron Attack
  6. Seasonal Boss - Coren Direbrew
  7. Seasonal Items
  8. Achievements


There are several different quests involved in this holiday, many of which are part of mini games or other events. They will be listed here, but the main description of how to complete them may be further down.

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Buff - Brewfest Enthusiast

At 6:15 AM and 6:15 PM server time, a short ceremony takes place on the Brewfest grounds. Anyone in the area will receive the Brewfest Enthusiast buff, granting a 10% XP increase for 2 hours. While not as easy to aquire as the Midsummer XP boost, this could still be useful for those leveling alts.

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Mini-Game - Ram Racing

One of the main goals of this holiday is to accumulate [Brewfest Prize Tokens]. This is primarily accomplished through the ram racing mini game. These tokens will be used to purchase most of the fun Brewfest gear that are needed for the holiday's achievements.

Since the ram racing mini game is different for the two different factions, I will be discussing the specific routes and quests separately. However, I'll go over the mechanics of the game here.

Overall goal:

    The goal of the mini game is to make as many trips as you can between the questgiver and another NPC some distance away, delivering a keg of beer with each trip, in a time limit of 4 minutes. For each trip you make, the quest time will increase a little bit (30 seconds). Each trip takes around 45 seconds. And each barrel will reward you with two [Brewfest Prize Tokens].

How to do this:

    You'll be riding a ram, using the [Ram Racing Reins] to increase the ram's speed. Additionally, every delivery you make puts more time on the clock. But the ram will get tired, so you'll need to pick up apples for it from the apple baskets along the way. The idea is to maximize your speed vs. the amount of time you spend getting apples to maintain that speed. This guide will teach you the best way to do that.

Using the [Ram Racing Reins]:

    Set the reins to a hotkey, or make a macro like this:
    /use Ram Racing Reins

    Put this macro somewhere easily clickable. You use the reins to increase the ram's speed. Since the route we will be using allows you to keep the ram at top speed at all times, you'll want to spam this hotkey from the very beginning and keep spamming it until the quest timer is up.

Ram speeds and their effects:

    The ram has four speeds: walk, trot, canter, and gallop. It can also enter a fifth state, exhausted. You can increase the speed by using the [Ram Racing Reins]. The ram's speed will gradually decrease over time, so keep spamming the reins to keep the speed high.

    • ...... Walk - Moves at 43% run speed, recovers 4 fatigue per tic.
    • Trot - Moves at 125% run speed, recovers 2 fatigue per tic.
    • Canter - Moves at 200% run speed, costs 1 fatigue per tic.
    • Gallop - Moves at 285% run speed, costs 5 fatigue per tic.
    • Exhausted - Moves at 16% run speed, lasts for 15 seconds.

Ram fatigue, exhaustion, and how to avoid it:

    Rams become fatigued based on their speed, as shown in the ram speed section above. During the Ram Racing mini game, you'll be keeping your ram at the Gallup speed pretty much the whole time. That means your ram's fatigue will be going up very quickly. If you fatigue reaches 100, your ram becomes exhausted, making it quite slow for 15 second. This is where the apple buckets come in.

    Apple buckets will be sprinkled along the path of your delivery. The faction specific guides below will show where these buckets are and which ones you should hit for maximum delivery efficiency.

What's so important about being efficient in ram racing?

    Ram racing is really the only adjustable factor in determining how many prize tokens you can get per day. All the other daily quests are straight numbers. By maximizing the number of times per day you do this quest and the amount of deliveries you make, hence the amount of tokens you receive, you make it easier to buy the expensive items needed to get the brewfest achievements and get one step closer to the coveted violet proto-drake.

    Of course, if you don't care about all that, just relax and have fun with the ram racing!

General efficiency tips:

    • Turn with the mouse, not the keyboard. Really this applies to all of WoW, but *especially* something like this. A specific trick to try: once you get your ram running in the direction you want, you can change your view to the next direction you'll need using the left mouse button. Then, when you are ready to turn, just hit the right mouse button and you'll be instantly turned in the correct direction. You can practice this using auto-run - check your keybindings to find out how to use this.
    • Strafing. Strafing can be useful to avoid objects and complete the course more efficiently. I wouldn't suggest trying to use it here for the first time, though - practice ahead of time. Like mouse-turning as opposed to keyboard-turning, strafing is a useful skill for general WoW as well as events like these, so learning to use it has lots of benefits.
    • Make sure you got the apple/barrel. Before you get too far away from the apple, barrel, or turn-in NPC, make sure whatever effect you were hoping for happened. It's worth it to run back for apples if you miss one - an exhausted ram drastically reduces the amount of runs you can make.
    • Jumping helps. You can jump if you are about to switch from Gallop to Canter and get a few more seconds out of Gallop. More importantly, keep your thumb on the space bar and be ready to jump over any obstructing scenery.
    • Seconds count. Any tiny bit of time you can shave off your runs can and will help you.
    • Don't sweat it. You are going to screw up, especially if you are just now learning. It's okay, just keep trying to get as many tickets as you can.

    For more tips and strategy, check out WoWiki's Ram Racing Tips.


    Opening up the ram racing quests:

      To open up the repeatable ram racing quest, you first need to complete Now This is Ram Racing... Almost.. Talk to Neill Ramstein outside Ironforge to get this. He'll also give you There and Back Again, which is the first actual race, and you only need to deliver 3 barrels during this. Then he will offer you a gossip option to race again afterward and every 12 or 18 hours after that, the repeatable version of the quest. There is no way to know how long you have before the reset - you just need to check with the guy after 12 hours have passed. If he doesn't offer the gossip option, you got an 18 hour reset.

      The opening quest is very simple and simply requires that you use the [Ram Racing Reins] to get your ram to move at each of the different speeds for a few seconds each.

    Alliance players should be able to get around 16 deliveries, for a total of 32 extra tokens each race.

    Based on comments on Wowhead and WoWWiki, the best route for Alliance players appears to be as follows:

    Route and strategy:

      Keep the ram at a full gallop at all times. You will be skipping the first and last barrels, using only the two middle ones.

      From the start, head directly to the barrel by the west side of the road by the small house. Go straight through here and run directly up the hill behind it.

      At the top of the hill aim for the base of the barrel thrower. He has a huge range, so be ready to use the camera tricks described above to reverse directions fast. Head back to the house on the west side of the road and the barrel there.

      After you are refreshed by that barrel, turn northeast. Aim for the left side of the sign post for the barrel on the east side of the road. Once refreshed, head towards the barrel catcher. Use the camera tricks to quickly reverse directions once you have delivered the barrel, which should happen right as you pass the tall flag in front of the tent.

      You won't be heading back to the signpost barrel, instead continue just like you did at the beginning and head to the barrel by the house. After that, simply repeat the course.

    For more detailed information and other possible strategies, check out WoWiki's Ram Racing Tips.


    Opening up the ram racing quests:
      To open up the repeatable ram racing quest, you first need to complete Now This is Ram Racing... Almost.. Talk to Ram Master Ray outside Orgrimmar to get this. He'll also give you There and Back Again, which is the first actual race, and you only need to deliver 3 barrels during this. Then he will offer you a gossip option to race again afterward and every 12 or 18 hours after that, the repeatable version of the quest. There is no way to know how long you have before the reset - you just need to check with the guy after 12 hours have passed. If he doesn't offer the gossip option, you got an 18 hour reset.

      The opening quest is very simple and simply requires that you use the [Ram Racing Reins] to get your ram to move at each of the different speeds for a few seconds each.

    Horde players should be able to get 10-12 deliveries, for a total of 20-24 extra tokens each race.

    Based on comments on Wowhead and WoWWiki, the best route for Horde players appears to be as follows:

    Route and strategy:

      First of all, ignore the road. You are going to head straight for the second apple basket, which is located right at the entrance to the ravine between a tall rock and the ravine wall. You'll travel between the tree and the graveyard to get there.

      After you hit that basket, keep going until you get the keg thrown to you (you'll see the chat message when he throws it, rely on this if there are multiple people running the race since you can't always tell who he throws to). Use the camera tricks described above to turn quickly (IGNORE the basket behind the thrower). Run back to the basket between the rock and wall.

      Once you're fatigue resets, continue on off-road to the keg thrower. I usually have to run right on top of him to get the keg to throw - you'll know when it throws because you'll receive two tokens. Take a sharp right turn, head straight through the tent and hit the apple barrel right behind it. Turn right again and jump over the fence (not always necessary but it doesn't hurt to do it and it keeps you from getting hung up on a post).

      You should now be back where you began, just repeat this and you can easily get 10 and possibly as many as 12 or 13 runs.

    For more detailed information and other possible strategies, check out WoWiki's Ram Racing Tips.

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Mini-Game - Barking

The second mini-game for the Brewfest holiday also involves rams, but it's significantly easier than the ram racing game. For the barking daily quest, you need to ride your ram around the capitol city and visit each of four different specific areas. When you enter that area, your character will automatically yell advertisements for the brewery you are barking for.

Each completion of this daily quest will reward 15 , which can be turned in for prizes. See the Seasonal Items section below to see what you can buy.

Ram Mechanics:


    The areas that you need to visit are pointed out on the maps below. Try to keep you ram at a canter the whole time. If your ram reaches 85 fatigue, allow it to slow to a trot until the fatigue is down to 75. This should allow you to complete the quest within the time limit. Once you complete the fourth barking objective, you can dismiss your ram and mount your normal mount to get back to the questgivers quickly.

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Event - Dark Iron Attack

Every half hour, Dark Iron dwarves will show up and attack the festivities outside Orgrimmar and Ironforge. Successfully defending against these attacks (by throwing beer mugs) will allow you to pick up (and turn in) a daily quest which awards 10 . This is also the objective of the Down With The Dark Iron achievement.

Group Event:

    The waves of Dark Irons is too high and the rate of drinking beer too slow for one player to complete this by himself. Get help, make it a guild event, or advertise in trade when you want to complete this. Since the tokens are needed for achievements, there will probably be many people completing this daily at peak hours.


    Pick up a complimentary mug off the table and set it to a hotkey.

How to damage the Dark Irons:

    You damage the Dark Irons by throwing downing the beer and throwing the empty mug at them. Simply select a Dark Iron and hit your hotkey. The mug will randomly hit or miss, and this does not seem to be based on level or gear or anything else. Once you throw the mug, just pick one up off a table. You can stand right next to the table to do this, no need to run around.

Super Brew Steins:

    Occasionally during the even, the NPCs will place one of these giant mugs on the ground. Drink from it to gain a whirlwind buff that damages Dark Irons near you.

Completing the Event:

    Once the Dark Irons stop coming, you should be able to click on the gear they came in on to complete a daily quest and receive your tokens.

Tip! Turning off the "Full Screen Glow" effect in your video options should stave off the blurriness from being drunk, allowing you to see and navigate much better.

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Seasonal Boss - Coren Direbrew

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT have to do the pre-quest in order to summon Coren, and you also don't have to do it to pick up the keg he drops.

Coren Direbrew has been upgraded and tuned for level 80 players for the 2009 Brewfest. The items he drops have also been improved, and those will be added here when they become known. In addition to dropping some useful gear, he also drops two fun trinkets involving brewmaidens, a remote control that will take you to the Blackrock Depths bar at any time, any where, and two seasonal mounts, the Brewfest Kodo and the Brewfest Ram.

Like most seasonal bosses, Coren Direbrew can be summoned once per day by each person in the party. The quest chain to summon him is as follows:

Getting there:

    Fly to Thorium Point in the Eastern Kingdoms and head southwest to Blackrock Mountain. Once inside, head along the path to where some rubble has fallen and a chain is stretched across the chasm. Run along the chain. There is a summoning stone here that works for level 80s since it is a raid stone. Descend down through the tomb and around the path. You will come to another chain, follow it across the lava. You'll now be close to the level of the lava. Enter the cave and head north, and go through the portal into Blackrock Depths. Directly to your right will be some rubbly ground and some Mole Machine Consoles. Click on the console to be transported the Grim Guzzler, where Coren awaits.


    Coren is no harder than other level 80 non-heroic bosses. For fresh 80s he may be challenging, but for anyone who has gone through Naxx, he should be dead in only a few seconds with a full group. He can reportedly be duo'd with a tank and a healer, though at least one DPS is of course preferable. My guild does not use a healer at all for this boss, since he does zero damage to our tanks and only rarely damages the DPS. We are ToC ten-man geared, for reference.


  • Disarm: 4 second cast. 7 yard range. Deals 300% of his normal melee damage. Similar to whirlwind, disarms all players in range for 4 seconds.
  • Tauntable: Coren is tauntable.
  • Adds - Brewmaidens: Two special adds appear occasionally - Ilsa Direbrew and Ursula Direbrew.
    • Ilsa Direbrew - throws [Dark Brewmaiden's Brew] into a players inventory. If not throw immediately, the brew will stun the player.
    • Ursula Direbrew - occasionally "barrels" the highest player on her threat list. Barreled players are blinded and cannot do anything.
  • Adds - Minions: Occassionally, Coren will summon a wave of weak minions which can be AoE'd down.
  • Mole Machines: These machines will pop up periodically and more adds will come out.


    First, before starting the fight, have everyone make and hotkey the following macro:
    /use Dark Brewmaiden's Brew

    This will allow people to quickly get rid of the brew when one of the Brewmaidens uses it on them, preventing them from being stunned.

    Focus on Coren, for the most part. Make sure everyone stays out of his melee range to avoid the disarm effect.

    As long as everyone is careful about removing the brew when they get it, Isla and be safely ignored when she pops up.

    Ursula needs to be dealt with in one of two ways. The easiest way is to have the DPS burn her down rapidly. Alternatively, a hunter or warlock pet can off tank her. Since she will only barrel the highest thing on her threat list, this will keep the tank from getting barreled. Regardless, the tank should not touch Ursula.

    The smaller adds should be AoEd down when they appear, until Coren is below 30%. After that they spawn fast enough that it is more effective just to burn Coren and ignore the adds.


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Seasonal Items

Brewfest has lots of special seasonal items. Many are just consumables in the spirit of the holiday, such as beer or sausage. Others are more valuable and long-lasting, such as the vanity pet or mount. This section contains a list of all seasonal items and how to get them.

Collecting [Brewfest Prize Tokens]

    Brewfest Tokens are needed to buy many of the special items for this holiday. These tokens may be obtained in several ways.

    Note: If you want to complete all the achievements associated with this holiday in one year, you'll need to collect a total of 350 tokens, or 550 if you plan on keeping the clothes.

    You can receive tokens in the following ways:

    • 40 - Seasonal Boss - Coren Direbrew - For killing Diren Corebrew and handing in the quest. (Once only)
    • 40 - Pink Elekks On Parade - (Once only)
    • 10 - Chug and Chuck! - (Once only)
    • 10 - There and Back Again - (Once only)
    • 20-30 - Mini-Game - Ram Racing - 2 Tokens per delivery (up to twice daily, around 10 runs for Horde, 16 for Alliance, 12-18 hour cooldown since you started your last race.)
    • 15 - Mini-Game - Barking - Tokens for barking either brew within the city on the ram (daily, ride ram to 4 areas.)
    • 10 - Event - Dark Iron Attack - For defending against the Dark Iron attacks (daily, every 30 minutes the Dark Iron appear with their machines and attempt to steal the booze, you pick up the mugs on the tables and chuck it at them, if you successfully defend the beer, an item spawns in the middle that looks like a gear and you take the quest.)

    All of these are described in more detail in their specific sections above.

Item List

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Like all world events, Brewfest has quite a few achievements associated with it. The meta achievement, Brewmaster, is part of the overall world event achievement, What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been, which awards a 310% speed violet proto drake. Consequently, completing these achievements is something many players are looking to do.

Note on Brewfest Tokens: To complete all Brewfest achievements from scratch, you will need to earn 350 , or 550 if you plan on keeping the clothes. Theoretically you can earn up to and over 1000, so this shouldn't be too difficult, as long as you log on regularly to complete the dailies and do decently well with the ram racing. 100 are earned through initial quests. For Horde, around 65 are likely per day if you ram race twice and are pretty good at it. Alliance might earn 105 a day based on the same criteria.

Strange Brew

The Brewfest Diet

Brew of the Month

      Join the Brew of the Month club.

    How To:

      To join the Brew of the Month club, you need to buy the ["Brew of the Month" Club Membership Form] for 200 - the Seasonal Items about explains the different ways to earn these. You can then accept and turn in the quest which will activate this achievement. Each month from now on, you will receive a special drink in the mail that could do all sorts of fun things.

Drunken Stupor

      Fall 65 yards without dying while completely smashed during the Brewfest Holiday.

    How To:

      This is identical to the Going Down?, only you need to be completely smashed. Good places to jump off include the Scryer terrace in Shattrath and the lift for Thunder Bluff. You can also use potions of slow fall, paladin bubbles, and similar things.


Down With The Dark Iron

      Defend the Brewfest camp from the Dark Iron attack and complete the quest, "This One Time, When I Was Drunk..."

    How To:

Disturbing the Peace

      While wearing 3 pieces of Brewfest clothing, get completely smashed and dance in Dalaran.

    How To:

      First, you'll need 350 - the Seasonal Items about explains the different ways to earn these. Once you have them, head to the Brewfest token exchanger and purchase a hat, chest-piece, and footwear of your liking. Equip them, head to Dalaran, and /dance!

      IMPORTANT NOTE: you can sell the clothes back to the vendor within 2 hours for a full refund. So as long as you don't care about keeping the clothes, you can spend these tokens on other items such as the Brew of the Month Club, pet, or keg.

Does Your Wolpertinger Linger?

Have Keg, Will Travel

      Obtain a Brewfest mount, or transform yours into one using Brewfest Hops.

    How To:

      For this achievement, I recommend farming Coren Direbrew for as long as you have patience (see Seasonal Boss - Coren Direbrew for details), since he drops the two epic mounts. However, keep 2 handy in order to buy some hops if, at the end of the holiday, you've been unable to obtain a permanent mount. Just make sure to use them before they expire!

Brew of the Year

    PLEASE NOTE: This achievement is NOT required for the Brewmaster meta achievement.
      Sample 12 beers featured in the Brew of the Month club.

    How To:

      Become a member of the Brew of the Month Club as described in the Brew of the Month achievement above. Then, each month, log on and check your mailbox to receive your brew. Drink each brew to complete this achievement. That's right, it takes a whole year!

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Horde Guide to Lunar Festival Coins of Ancestry and Achievements

Horde Coins of Ancestry Guide

Hello all, and welcome to my Coins of Ancestry guide for the Lunar Festival. The purpose of this guide is to give detailed instructions on the location of every Elder required for the Lunar Festival achievements, while also trying to keep the maximum distance traveled and time spent traveling at a minimum. The guide will be split up into three parts: Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and Northrend.
In each section the elders found on that particular continent will be included, as well as the elders found in dungeons on that continent, and elders found in capital cities on that continent. Note that this guide is written for Horde players as I do not have an extensive knowledge of Alliance flight paths and such. An Alliance player could theoretically follow this if they simply substituted their own flight paths in place of the Horde ones.
All elders are friendly to all players. This means that horde players will be entering alliance territory and vice versa. Obviously, this means that it will be easier to complete these achievements on a PvE server, but it is possible on a PvP server. Because it is required to enter alliance towns/cities, I recommend anyone who follows this guide to be level 80. I wrote the guide as if a level 80 were doing it, and some of the elders might be impossible to get to at other levels. I have tried to include the coordinates and general geographic location of every elder in the guide, but at times it is not possible to include both.
I HIGHLY recommend installing a coordinate addon if you do not have one already as it will make your life easier. My personal favorite is “Koordinator” and can be downloaded at
I use a color code during the guide, which is as follows:
• Cities/Towns are in Red
• Elders are in Dark Blue
• Coordinates are in Teal
Anyways, enough talk. On with the guide!

***The Northrend section of the guide has been released!***


1. Start in Orgrimmar and set your Hearthstone here. Find Elder Darkhorn in the Valley of Wisdom, to the right of the building Thrall is in.

2. Take the flight path to Valormok, Azshara. Find Elder Skygleam near the Ravencrest Monument. (72,85)

3. Ride back to Valormok and fly to Everlook, Winterspring. Elder Stonespire will be located outside the bank.(61,37)

4. Mount up and take a ride to the Ruins of Kel’Teril. Find Elder Brightspear at 55,43.

5. Ride back to Everlook and fly to Bloodvenom Post, Felwood. Mount up and ride south to Jaedenar. Elder Nightwind is located at 37,52.

6. Ride back to Bloodvenom Post and fly to Zoram’Gar Outpost, Ashenvale. Ride east to the Alliance town of Astranaar, and find Elder Riversong in a gazebo in the center of town. (35,48)

7. Head west then north, following the path, until you enter Darkshore. Continue heading north until you find Auberdine. Locate Elder Starweave south of the gryphon master at 36,46. (He is on the beach, not in the town proper.)

8. When you’re ready, enter Auberdine. Yes, it is an alliance town, but it is also the only way to reach Teldrassil. Go to the docks of Auberdine, and go to the pier that is to your right as you are running down the docks. You will be attacked by guards, but they are low level and you should be fine. Wait for the boat (it usually takes forever) and board it. DO NOT attack the guards on the boat, as they will not attack you unless you attack them. If you are lucky, there won’t be any alliance on the boat and, if you’re even luckier, they won’t attack.

9. Take the boat until it drops you off in Rut’Theran Village. Make a mad dash to the purple portal on the rise. You should make it through without dying, and you will be in Darnassus. Head north, while trying to stay in the water, to the Cenarion Enclave. Find Elder Bladeswift at 33,14. If you die, it’s ok. Just rez right near your body and run to the elder. See following map.

10. Head east until you exit the city, trying to avoid the elite guards and giants. You will now be in Teldrassil proper. Head east down the road until you reach Dolanaar. Find Elder Bladeleaf at 56,60. If you are trying to get the explorer achievements, I would recommend exploring the rest of Teldrassil now to prevent the hassle of returning again.

11. Hearthstone to Orgrimmar. Exit Orgrimmar and head south to Razor Hill. Find Elder Runetotem at 54,44.

12. Go west from Razor Hill, entering The Barrens (enjoy Barrens chat during your stay!), and keep going west until you reach The Crossroads. Find Elder Moonwarden near the flight path at 51,30.

13. Fly to Ratchet, The Barrens. Find Elder Windtotem at 63,37.

14. Fly to Camp Taurajo, The Barrens. Find Elder High Mountain across from the Inn, at 45,57.

15. Mount up and ride west to Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore. You will find Elder Bloodhoof at 48,53 right next to Ahab Wheathoof and the bridge.

16. Ride north to Thunderbluff. Go to Elder Rise and find Elder Proudhorn.

17. Take the flight path to Shadowprey Village, Desolace. Set your hearthstone here. Head north to the Valley of Spears, and enter Maraudon. FindElder Splitrock using the map below. Hearth to Shadowprey Village when you are done.

18. Fly to Camp Mojache, Feralas. Head north to the Lariss Pavilion and find Elder Grimtotem at 76,37.

19. Go south back to Camp Mojache and then head west to Dire Maul. Go inside the building (not the instance) to the Dire Maul Arena. Find Elder Mistwalker at 43,67.

20. Ride east back to Camp Mojache and fly to Cenarion Hold, Silithus. Go to the moonwell right near the flight path and find Elder Bladesing. Go north west of Cenarion Hold to The Crystal Vale, and find Elder Primestone at 23,11.

21. Go back to Cenarion Hold, and fly to Marshal’s Refuge, Un’goro Crater. Ride south to the Slithering Scar and find Elder Thunderhorn at 50,76.

22. Ride east until you find the slope going up to Tanaris. Ride further east to The Valley of Watchers near Uldum. Find Elder Ragetotem at 36,80.

23. Ride north to Gadgetzan, Tanaris[/]. Find Elder Dreamseer in Gadgetzan.

24. Ride west to Zul’Farrak. Zone into Zul’Farrak and head to the pool where Ghaz’rilla spawns. Find Elder Wildmane there. See following map.

25. Exit Zul’Farrak and ride back to Gadgetzan. Head north from Gadgetzan and enter Shimmering Flats, Thousand Needles. Go to the Mirage Raceway and find Elder Morningdew at 79,77 near the start/finish line.

26. Ride west to Freewind Post and find Elder Skyseer at 45,48.

27. Congratulations on Elders of Kalimdor! Fly to Orgrimmar and take the zeppelin to The Undercity.

Eastern Kingdoms

1. In The Undercity, find Elder Darkcore at 66,38. Fly to The Sepulchur, Silverpine Forest. Find Elder Obsidian at 45,41. Fly back to The Undercity.

2. Exit The Undcercity, and ride north to Brill. Find Elder Graveborn near the Inn, at 61,53.

3. Ride east and enter Western Plaguelands. Continue following the road east until you see Darrowmere Lake to the south. Cross the lake to Caer Darrow (the island) and continue up the path to Scholomance. Stand in front of the door that leads to the instance portal, and turn around. Go through that entry way, and continue all the way to the roof where you will find Elder Moonstike. (52,26)

4. Cross back over Darrowmere Lake, and continue north until The Weeping Cave. At 65,47 you will find Elder Meadowrun.

5. Continue heading east along the road until you reach Crow Guard Tower. There you will find Elder Windrun. (39,75)

6. Head even further east until you reach Light’s Hope Chapel. There you will find Elder Snowcrown. (81,60)

7. Go north from Light’s Hope Chapel, then west until you reach Stratholme. Enter Live Stratholme, head to King’s Square, then east. You should be in Festival Lane, and you should see Elder Farwhisper. See following map. If you do not have The Key to the City, you will not be able to go through the gate on the below map. head west instead, and around the path, careful to not enter the area of Stratholme with scarlet crusade mobs.

8. Exit Stratholme, using the Service Gate (if you have The Key to the City; if not, kill Magistrate Barthilas located at point B on the above map. He will drop the key that you can use at the service gate, marked A on the above map.) ride back to Light’s Hope Chapel, and fly to Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands. Head north from the village, until you find the path leading up. Head west across The Hinterlands and slightly south to get to The Creeping Ruins. Find Elder Highspeak at 50,48.

9. Ride back to Revantusk Village, and fly to Kragath, Badlands. Set your hearthstone here.

10. Mount up and ride east, then north until you enter Loch Modan. Head north, staying on the west side of the loch, until you reach Thelsamar. Find Elder Silvervein on the hill overlooking the graveyard. (33,46)

11. Head west from Thelsamar, and go through The Northern Gate Outpost to enter Dun Morough. Head west, then south until you reach Kharanos. Find Elder Goldwell at 46,51.

12. Head north from Kharanos until you reach Ironforge. Now, this part will be difficult. You are going to need to enter Ironforge and run to the Mystic Ward to find Elder Bronzebeard at 29,17. I would recommend taking off all your gear, then making a series of suicide runs into the city. See following map. Hearthstone to Kargath. If your hearthstone is not up, walk back to Kargath.

13. Fly to Thorium Point, Searing Gorge. Ride south until you find Blackrock Mountain, then west and up into the mountains. Find Elder Ironband in Blackchar Cave (you can see the cave icon on your map) at 21,78.

14. Ride east back to Blackrock Mountain, and enter it. Climb onto the chain to your left, and follow it to the large suspended rock in the center. Follow the stairs downward and out onto a ledge. Follow the ramp down some more, down another chain, and through an archway near a blood elf. Follow this path as it zigzags a bit and you will be in a large open area. Traverse this and enter Blackrock Depths. (I will be adding a map here shortly.)

15. Proceed east then north to the Ring of Law and find Elder Morndeep. Talking to him will start the Ring of Law event, so get ready to run out. See following map.

16. Exit Blackrock Depths the way you came. Go back to the chain we used to come down (the first one), and climb back up it. At the top, jump down. Head right from where you are and you should be going up an incline. At the top of the incline, you will see a balcony that you can jump on. Find the instance portal to Blackrock Spire in here. After you enter the instance, proceed forward, up the ramp. Head across the room until you encounter two small stairways. Take the one on your right, as you are facing the stairs. Make an immediate right at the top of the stairs, and jump down off the ledge. Hug the wall to the left and enter a passage which zigzags until you enter Hordemar City. Hug this left wall until you see a wooden bridge. Cross it to find Elder Stonefort.

17. Exit Blackrock Spire, go back down the chain, and proceed down the ramps of Blackrock Mountain to enter The Burning Steppes.

18. Head east to Dreadmaul Rock and find Elder Rumblerock at 82,46.

19. Head to Flame Crest (65,24) and find Elder Dawnstrider. Fly to Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows. Set your hearthstone here.

20. Ride west of Stonard, then south to enter The Blasted Lands. Follow the road south to The Dark Portal and find Elder Bellowrage at 57,54.

21. Ride back to The Swamp of Sorrows. Time for a bit of traveling. Mount up and ride west, through Deadwind Pass and Duskwood (avoiding the alliance town of Darkshire.) Enter Westfall and head south west to Sentinel Hill. Enter the large tower, and walk to the top to find Elder Skychaser at 56,47.

22. Jump down from the tower (or walk back down if don’t like your chances) and head north east to enter Elwynn Forest. Head east and enter the town of Goldshire. Find Elder Stormbrow at 40,63 behind the blacksmith shop.

23. Head north until you come upon Stormwind. You will need to go to the section of Stormwind called The Park. There, at 35,65, you will find Elder Hammershout. Once again, I recommend a series of corpse runs. See following map. Once you have talked to the elder, hearthstone to Stonard.

24. Head east of Stonard until you reach the lake, then swim across it until you reach The Temple of Atal’Hakkar. Proceed through it to get to the instance portal. Once in Sunken Temple, head left up the spiral staircase and go left around the circle to the first alcove on your left. Find Elder Starsong there. Proceed back to Stonard. Fly to Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale.

25. Jump off the balcony where the horde flight path is onto the roof of the bank. There you will find Elder Winterhoof at 27,74.

26. Exit Booty Bay, and proceed north until you reach Zul’Gurub. Proceed up the stair to the instance portal. At 53,18 you should find Elder Starglade.

27. Head west to Grom’Gol Base Camp, and take the zeppelin to The Undercity.

28. Once in The Undercity, take the zeppelin to Howling Fjord in Northrend.

At this point you should have the following Lunar Festival Achievements:
A Coin of Ancestry
10 Coins of Ancestry
25 Coins of Ancestry
Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms
Elders of Kalimdor
Elders of the Alliance
Elders of the Horde


There are still some Elders remaining in Northrend dungeons. I would recommend trying to find some people in your guild to hit up each dungeon with an elder in it, or look in general channel for a group for the dungeon when we are in the zone the dungeon is located. All the elders can be found in normal versions of their dungeons except Elder Ohanzee in Gundrak. I will remind when we are in a zone with a dungeon elder. Also since this is Northrend, and you can use your flying mount, we will be flying everywhere on our mounts as opposed to taking flight paths. If you do not have epic flying, or are just too lazy to manually fly everywhere, simply use flight paths instead. One more thing; none of the elders that are located in alliance/horde towns are actually in the towns…they are standing on a cliff overlooking the town or standing just outside the perimeter of the town.

1. Look for a group for Elder Jarten in Utgarde Keep and Elder Chogan’gada in Utgarde Pinnacle. To get to Elder Jarten, go through the tunnel in Utgarde Keep with the undead in it (past Prince Kelseth’s room) and up the staircase. He should be in an alcove on your left. Elder Chogan’gada is in the room after Skadi, at the bottom of the stairs. He is hiding behind a wooden wall, but you should be able to see his moon beam light through the floor above.

2. Fly north to Grizzly Hills. Keep flying north until you reach Camp Oneqwah and find Elder Whurain. (65,46)

While you’re in Grizzly Hills, try to find a group for Drak’Tharon keep. You will find Elder Kilias inside the same pen as the third boss of the instance, King Dred.

3. Fly east to The Ruins of Telthys, a few islands on the ocean, and find Elder Lunaro at 78,35.

4. Fly west and slightly north to Westfall Brigade Encampment and find Elder Beldak at 60,27.

5. Fly north and enter Zul’Drak. Fly to Zim’Torga and find Elder Tauros at 59,56.

While you’re in Zul’Drak, find a group for Gundrak. Elder Ohanzee can only be accessed in heroic mode, meaning that you MUST be 80 to obtain this elder. That being said, find Elder Ohanzee in the same chamber as Eck, the frog boss who is located behind the secret door that opens after Moorabi is defeated.

6. Fly slightly north west and enter The Storm Peaks. Fly north east to Camp Taunka’lo and find Elder Muraco at 64,51.

While in The Storm Peaks, find a group for Halls of Stone. Find Elder Yurauk on the path heading towards Krystallus.

7. Head far west, to the other side of the zone, and find Elder Stonebeard inside Bouldercrag’s Refuge. (31,37)

8. Fly south to Frosthold and find Elder Fargal at 28,73.

9. Fly south to K3 and find Elder Greymane at 41,84.

10. Fly south through Crystalsong Forest, stop at Dalaran and set your hearthstone here, (I forgot to do this, went to hearth after an instance, and found myself in Stonard Smiling and then fly south to Dragonblight.

11. Fly south all the way to the ocean and Moa’ki Harbor. Find Elder Thoim at 48,79 right behind the dockmaster.

While in Dragonblight, find a group for Azjol’Nerub. Find Elder Nurgen at the bottom of the pit you fall into after the second boss. He will be standing on the rim of the pool.

12. Fly north west to Agmar’s Hammer and find Elder Skywarden at 35,48.

13. Fly west to Star’s Rest and find Elder Morthi at 29,55.

14. Fly west, entering Boring (oh, sorry, Borean) Tundra. Keep flying west until you reach the DEHTA Camp and Elder Arp at 57,43.

While in Borean Tundra, find a group for The Nexus. You will find Elder Igasho in the area right near Ormorock.

15. Fly south to Valiance Keep and find Elder Sardis standing on a rocky outcrop on the outside of the keep. (59,65)

16. Fly slightly north west to Warsong Hold and find Elder Pamuya standing on a ledge above the quarry. (42,49)

17. Head further north west and find the Transistus Shield and Elder Northal at 33,34.

18. Fly north east and enter Sholazar Basin. Keep flying north east to River’s Heart and find Elder Sandrine at Lakeside Landing. (49,63)

19. Keep flying north east to Rainspeaker Rapids and find Elder Wanikaya standing behind the Avatar of Freya. (63,49)

20. Hearth to Dalaran. If you’re lucky, Horde will have control of Wintergrasp and you can take the portal there and find Elder Bluehoof in the fortress. If Horde does not have Wintergrasp, log off and bake cookies or something until they do. Maybe Read War and Peace. Your choice.

***Thanks for reading the guide everyone! This was the first time I've written a guide, and I hoped it helped a few of you out. I would LOVE comments/suggestions...anything to help me improve the guide. If you think I need to add more maps, remove some of the color coded words (ahhhh, my eyes!), or just give more detailed instructions...simply add a comment. Also, if you find that some of the coordinates or locations are wrong, leave a comment. I'll be following my own guide when The Lunar Festival commences, and will of course be checking for mistakes, but I am only human and I might miss some.***

Special thanks to Jame for his awesome leveling guides and his even more awesome "How to write a guide" guide.


Midsummer Fire Festival - Tour Guide - Horde Only

The Midsummer Fire Festival is a great time for both leveling players and those at the level cap. Not only are the achievements fun and great for completists, these quests also provide a ton of gold. This guide for Horde players will get you every fire honor/desecration available. A paper version of the guide may be forthcoming, but for now you can download the guide in addon form.

Here is the full link:

As with other WoW-Pro Tour Guide files, you will need Tour Guide and TomTom or Cartographer to run this addon. The addon itself is self-contained and does not require the other WoW-Pro addons to run.

For more information about our addons, check out the Main Info Page for the addon. You can also find links to the supporting addons there.

Please post feedback here. The Northrend section in particular has not been playtested, so if you notice any mistakes, please post a comment.

Midsummer Fire Festival - Alliance Walkthrough - Part 1 - Kalimdor

One thing to remember while doing this is that, if you're desecrating a Horde fire, you will get flagged PvP. Just thought I'd warn you before you start.

Mages: you need alter some parts of this guide, after you've got the fire at Blood Watch, teleport to Darnassus, then get the Dolanaar fire, teleport back to Darnassus again, then go to Auberdine and on to Winterspring. Towards the end of the guide, if you know it, rather than flying from Thalanaar to Theramore, teleport instead.

Druids: i don't have a high enough level druid to test this, but Teleport Moonglade might speed up to travel from Blood Watch to Darnassus, then after Dolanaar, the time to get to Auberdine and Winterspring.

Ok. Lets start in Dalaran, portal to Exodar and head up the ramp and out of the city, then follow the path east until you find the fire just west of Azure Watch (44,53) now head back towards Exodar, and fly to Blood Watch, then head south out of town to the fire (55,69) go back to Blood Watch and fly back to Exodar, then head west and follow path to dock and hop on a boat to Auberdine.

When you get to Auberdine, head along the dock and through the inn. The fire is next to the platform that the flightmaster is on (37,46). Grab it then fly to Ruthe'ran Village and head into Darnassus. From the portal head east through the city and out into Teldrassil.

The easiest route is to follow path (or cut across country for those adventurous types ) to Dolanaar. The fire can be seen from the road, next to the inn (55,60). Get it then head back to the flightpath at Ruthe'ran Village and fly to Winterspring.

The 2 Winterspring fires are just north of the flightmasters, one for Alliance (northeast of town 62,35) one for Horde (northwest of town 59,35). With those 2 done, jump on a flight down to Forest Song, then head westwards towards Astranaar.

As you go past the Horde camp at Splintertree Post, desecrate their fire, it's right next to the path (70,69) then carry on to Astranaar. Just before you get to town you find the fire (37,54) again right next to the road. Head into Astranaar and fly to Stonetalon Peak.

Ok the next bit is quite time consuming due to the amount of running you now have to do, so mount up and head south, go around lake and continue south to Sun Rock Retreat. The fire is on the path between the hills before you get to the town (50,60) now go back north to the lake and take the path west and then southwards through Charred Vale and into Desolace then head east towards Nijel's Point, the fire is near base of ramp up to town (65,17). Turn and go southwest to the coast in the southwest corner of the map, southwest of the area where Maruadon is, is the Horde town of Shadowprey Village, and south of there, on the waters edge is the fire (26,76). Mount up again and this time go southeast, around the big crater and into Feralas.

Keep going south, on path and then head for dock and take boat (or swim, waterwalk etc) to Feathermoon Stronghold, the fire here is west of the town (28,43). Grab a flight to Cenarion Hold in Silithus, once there follow the paths east and west out of town to grab both the fires, again Alliance one to the east (57,34), Horde to the west (46,44). Once done fly to Gadgetzan, and get your walking boots on again as we now only have one flight left to take. Go east of town to the Alliance fire (52,29) then to the Horde fire to the west of town (49,27). Then go north into Shimmering Flats and onto 1000 Needles. Follow the path towards Freewind Post. Ok now look at picture below, go under this bridge, just before you get to Freewind Post lifts (you can see them to the right of picture) then turn right and grab the fire (42,53). Continue heading northwest through 1000 Needles, until you get to Feralas again.

Once you get to the border of the 2 areas, look left, there's the little camp of Thalanaar, you'll be coming back to there shortly, but 1st carry on into Feralas and follow the path to Camp Mojache. Now depending on your level, you can either charge through town, or go around it to the north, the guards are level 65. The fire is on the west side of town (72,47). If your a mage, teleport to Theramore from here.

Now head back to Thalanaar and fly to Theramore and head northwards along the path out of town, the fire is again right next to the path (62,40) and congratulations you've now done all the Alliance fires in Kalimdor, and have 6 Horde ones left including Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar, now you have no choice but to run.

Continue to follow the path as it heads north, when it turns and heads south you'll come over a bridge, followed by 2 tents on your left, at the 2nd of these tents, turn and go directly west through the marshes, until you find Brackenwall Village, again level 65 guards here, so go around/through, the fire is just west of town (33,30). Then follow the path south and head out of Dustwallow Marsh and into The Barrens.

Once in the Barrens go north along path until you find one that goes west, then follow that into Mulgore, and on to Bloodhoof Village, again the fire is right next to the path (51,60), so can't be missed, get that one and carry on following the path, we are now going to Thunder Bluff.

The next part is easier to explain with pictures, so look at those below. Once you get to Thunder Bluff lifts, take the second one as you come up to them, then jump from lift platform, behind tents to the left You can see lift platform on the right, and the building we need to go through, with the guards (level 75) outside to the left of the picture, inside this building, there's a ramp on the left side, up to the bridge (seen in the second picture) across to Spirit Rise, if you aggro any guards they will lose interest by the time you get across this bridge. The fire is just up the top of the ramp from other end (20,26) as you can see in the 2nd picture, on the left side.

Now you need to get back to The Barrens, for speed, just jump off, yes you will die, that's the idea! (Hey! I am a suicidal 'lock after all!) res at Bloodhoof GY (it's about 1000yds away) then follow same path you came into Mulgore, back into The Barrens and go north again to Crossroads, the fire is on north side of town (52,28). Then carry on going north, and take the next path you see that goes east. Follow it across river to Razor Hill, the fire is south of the town (52,47). Ok that leaves us just one fire in Kalimdor - Orgrimmar.

Orgrimmar is the busiest of the Horde cities so, that's why, as you are more likely to die here more than anywhere else, mainly due to how far into the city the fire is, I've left it until last. From where you'll be going in, it's about 600yds, in a straight line, but we can't go straight, our path to it is "S" shaped.

From Razor Hill head northwest across country, until you find the river again, cross it, then follow it north, you'll soon see a bridge over the river into Orgrimmar, this is where you're going in, ok, you are going to aggro guards (again lvl75) here, unless you can stealth past them, what you don't want is to be stopping and fighting them, just run, get them off you as much as possible and try to steer away from collecting many more as dying here is annoying due to the corpse run being best part of 2000yds.

There might be a point where the path turns to the left, that you can get out of combat, heal as fast as possible and carry on following this path, past a bridge on your right, at the 2nd fire you come to on your left, there's a path around the back of a building opposite, go up it (there is a guard that patrols this path) the fire is in front of the building your behind (47,38) next to it is a tent.

Is this good? You ask. Well, you can jump onto this tent from the path behind the building, without aggro'ing anything around the fire. The only things you need to worry about from here are ranged killing you, or Deathkinghts pulling you off before you loot the fire. They say pictures paint a 1000 words, so to better explain some of these locations look at the following pictures.

Once you've got the flame, HS back to Dalaran (if you got killed, res at GY, then HS), well done you've got all the fires done in Kalimdor including the 2 Horde city ones...wasn't too bad was it

Midsummer Fire Festival - Alliance Walkthrough - Part 2 - Eastern Kingdoms

I've split this guide into 3 parts at the end of each you'll hearthstone to Dalaran, these parts can be done in any order you like

Mages: Remember to use your teleports to your advantage, and adjust the guide as required


Part 1: From Dalaran, portal yourself to Stormwind, and head out of the city south to Goldshire, the fire is next to the inn (43,65), then head back to Stormwind and take a flight to Nethergarde Keep. Go out of town and head towards Swamp of Sorrows, the Nethergarde fire is just outside the town (58,17). Carry on north into Swamp and then head east, the fire at Stonard is just north of the town (47,47) Now run back to Nethergarde again, and fly to Duskwood. Once there take the road southwards out of town to find fire (74,51) then return to the flightmaster, and fly to Westfall.

The Westfall fire is right next to you when you land (56,54) grab it then fly on to Booty Bay. The 2 fires here are on the beach to the east of Booty Bay (behind the town). When you land, head out of town and turn right and head towards the beach, you’ll find them both next to each other (34,75) (33,75). Now go back into Booty Bay and fly to Redridge. The Lakeshire fire is just west of the flightmaster (24,59) get it then fly to Burning Steppes, head down the ramp out of town, the fire is at the bottom (80,62) then carry on heading northwest (about 1 minute run on epic ground mount) until you see the northern mountains of the area, the Horde fire is at the base of these mountains (62,29) in the area of Flame Crest. Once done go back to Morgan’s Vigil and take a flight to Thorium Point.

From where you land follow the mountains east, until you get to here.

Then turn south, and go along path until you find these 3 trees.

Turn east again up the path into Badlands, then north to the fire, which is just on the southern side of Kargath (4,49) and now hearthstone to Dalaran.


Part 2: From Dalaran portal to Ironforge and head out of the city down to Kharanos, you’ll see the fire just before you get to town (46,46) return to Ironforge and fly to Thelsamar in Loch Modan, the fire is just north along the path (32,40) now take another flight to Wetlands. Run out of town northeast across the bridge, the fire is just the other side (13,47) then head back and fly to Refuge Point in Arathi Highlands.

Take the northern path out of town, the fire is next to it (50,44) from here go east, across country until you find a path, follow this east to the Hammerfall fire (74,41) then go back to Refuge Point, and fly to Aerie Peak. Hinterlands is annoying due to how far you have to run, and at this point make sure your hearthstone is off cooldown or under 5 minutes, as you’ll be using soon, from the flight path run down the ramp and keep going in that direction to the fire (14,50) then head east and south to Jintha’alor, go past this area on the east side and down the ramp to the coast (Overlook Cliffs). Once at the bottom go south until you find the Revantusk Village fire (76,74) now hearthstone to Dalaran.


Part 3: From Dalaran portal to Ironforge, then fly to Hillsbrad, and head north for the Southshore fire (50,46) and further north following the paths for the Tarren Mill fire (58,25). Now you need to do a big loop through Hillsbrad, Silverpine Forest, Tirisfal Glades, ending up at Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands. Start by going west through Hillsbrad, following the path into Silverpine, past where Dalaran used to be. In Silverpine the path goes north, just stay on it, go past Shadowfang Keep, and Ambermill, then start looking for the fire on a path heading east from the main one you’re on towards The Sepulcher (49,38). Continue north into Tirisfal Glades and around to the front of Undercity.

Now you can do the Brill and Undercity fires in either order as both will flag you PvP. For the Brill fire head north, the fire is just to the west of the town. To get Undercity’s fire, go up the path leading into the city, the fire is just to your left as you enter the courtyard, there are no guards to worry about either. Once both of those are done follow the main path east until you get to Western Plaguelands, then head southeast to Chillwind Camp and the last Alliance fire (44,82).

From Chillwind Camp take a flight to Zul’Aman and go west on the path just to the north of where you land. Follow this path until you get to a T junction where you can go north or south, pick north. This path leads you to Tranquillen, and the fire is just north of the town (46,26) once you have it, carry on going north along the path. Keep following this path going north at any junctions you come to, in the end you’ll find the Northern Sanctum fire right next it (46,50). Congratulations you’ve now extinguished all the Horde fires in the Eastern Kingdoms. From here go east to the entrance to Silvermoon City.

As you enter Silvermoon go straight up the road in front of you and turn right at the end, any guards you have aggro’d will reset by the time you get there, and then go through Murder Row to the archway at the end. The fire is just through this archway on the left, as well as 4 guards (circled in the 3rd picture). If you need to lose them, run up and around the upper level of the fountain, then come back, grab the flame and hearthstone to Dalaran.


If you haven't heard of it, Reddit's a bit like digg. I was browsing the other day and saw a post about wow pro. I figured I'd get people to head over there and give it some upvotes and some good comments. Apparently someone's already donated after seeing it, so gogogo.

Winter Veil Achievements!

Winter Veil Achievements

Winter Veil, its the holiday event in December. Hallows End (Halloween) comes before it in October. The Lunar Festival comes after it in January. Doing all the below achievements gives you the title Merrymaker. Doing ALL of the world event achivement's rewards you with a Violet Proto-Drake. The achievement's for this event is not nearly as bad as stuff like Hallows end, which require many, many rare drops and lots of luck. So here we go!

On Metzen: These quests start with the smokeywood pastures goblins in Ironforge or Orgirmmar. You can either rescue this guy in a stable located in Lost rigger Cove (Tanaris). He can also be found in Searing gorge near the Loch Modan entrance.

With a little helper from my Friends: This one was much easier then I expected. You need to get 50 Honorable kills while your transformed into a gnome from the winter wondervolt machines outside of IF,Org, UC, Gadgetzan, and other places. The disguise fades upon death, so you need to be really cautious and stay with the biggest group of your faction to ensure survival. I reccomend this to be done in Battlegrounds, particularly strand of the ancients.

Scrooge (Alliance Version) *Inspected by Professor Earl Z. Mode* You need to throw a Snowball at the Tauren faction leader (Horde), or Dwarf faction leader (Alliance). Buy the snowballs for 5 copper from the smokeywood pastures vendors.

Tis the season One of 3 of the more difficult achievement. You need to eat a fruitcake while wearing full winter garb. You can the fruitcake from the mail after you do the quest treats for great father winter. You need to bake gingerbread cookies(Cooking level one), you need 5 small eggs and 5 holiday spices. Farm the eggs outside of Silvermoon or Westfall. Silvermoon is much better for droprates. Now you need to be able to find a friendly tailor and friendly leatherworker. You need the tailors to make you Green winter clothes(Horde) or Red winter clothes(Alliance). You can get the recipies for the other faction but they are very difficult to acquire. The leather workers need to make Winter boots (Both factions). This gives you two out of three then right? So now you need a red or green winter hat. It does not matter what color hat you have!

The simplest way to get the hat is to do normal Nexus. You simply need to get in, do a couple blue dragonflight pulls, and keep going right. After that you will notice that there is a giant corridor of frozen soldiers of the opposite faction as you. Make sure that you sneak you take the largest space between soldiers as possible! They only unfreeze and agro if you get close to melee range. Now after you get through them there will be a sorceer chick with two of the mage hound things. Kill those, and then you have breathing room. The four mobs lined up facing the wall can be sneaked past. Just face the wall and slowly inch your way across. Now you have four mob pull to the mage herself. This is a tough pull, and if you do it, you should be able to do the boss no problem. The boss then. Burn her down really fast, but try to pop your cooldowns after the first gravity well (It throws you around and damages your a little bit). Then burn down the three adds, frost first, then arcane, then fire. Afterwards she turns normal, burn her down and loot! The hat is a uncommon and drops 100% of the time. I did this with a 75 Restoration Shamman and level 80 Death Knight. It was really easy, and I think it could easily be duo'd by a tank and a healer. We had the Druid stealth past the more stealthy parts because of his lower level.

Crashin' and Thrashin' and He Knows if You've Been Naughty
Both of these are quite easy. Go to your factions Capitol city (Stormwind or Ironforge). Then find huge tree that great father winter is right next to. Open all of the presents, all of them are quests. When you open the first one you get He knows if You've been naughty.

Now the second one takes a tad more time. One of the presents you will get is a Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller. Right click it and your actionbars are swapped with one that has one button on it. When you use it it rams into another targeted racer. Now you need to hit another one 25 times. You cannot let another person blow up yours, it does not count if you do. Now the easiest way to find another person is just to look around the tree. Plenty of people will be trying to get this thing just like you.

Simply Abomidable So for this you need to recover some stolen treats. Get the quest from the Smokeywood pasture Goblin's at your Major Capitol. Now head to Arathi highlands, this length of time this takes varies by faction. Its a quick trip for Hordies from Undercity to Tauren mill and longer for alliance going from Southshore. Once there find the yellow ?, its the yellow dot on the map.

Turn the quest in and get the follow up, then use the following macro to find and tag the Abomidable Grench (Found on Wowhead):
/tar The A
/stopmacro [noexists] , [dead]
/cast Arcane shot(Rank 1)
/run RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidBossEmoteFrame,"THERE IT IS! KILL IT!", ChatTypeInfo["RAID_WARNING"])
This macro clears your target, targets the greench, but not if he is dead, then casts a spell (Arcane shot in this case) Then in raid warning says THERE IT IS! KILL IT! Its a fun macro, for you non hunters just replace arcane shot with another ability, but be sure to put the rank in too.

A Frosty Shake So after you turn in the quest, around 24 hours after that you get a snowman disguise kit. It requires a snowball that you can buy for 5 copper. You need to /dance with another snowman in Dalaran. Just find another one with the disguise kit and /dance. You can even do this with someone of another faction

The Winter Veil Gourmet: Another of the three more difficult achivements. For this one you need to cook three different recipes. The three are Gingerbread cookie, egg nog, and hot apple Cider. This seems pretty easy, until you realize that you need 325 cooking for the hot apple cider! Luckily a guide requiring no fishing was just put on wow pro! I personally got to 325 by only fishing when I was on a step of a cooking guide where the drops were crappy. I used the wowwiki guide however, instead of the one on this site. Wowwiki guide. Now then everything but the small eggs you require can be found from the smokeywood pastures vendors. The locations of small eggs are described above. All three recipes are bought from the Smokeywood pastures vendors.

Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la The final of the three most difficult achievement's of winter veil. You need to complete the quest Bomb Them Again while mounted on a flying reindeer. This means you need A.) A flying mount and B.) The Ogri'la quests unlocked. Most people should have flying mounts at this point, and since this is in Blades Edge mountains, you done even need to have cold weather flying. Start the chain a little east of the ring of blood. You need to kill 5 elite sons of Gruul. This is rather difficult, though people have reported being able to solo most of them. It is impossible to solo the 4th one. You need 3 at the very least to summon him. To summon him you all need to stand in a Pentagram, Pictured below.

(Image from a Thottbot screenshot)
Now it shows them using five people. However you do not need five, I have done it with four, and some report doing it with three. You see when you stand in the Penagram, and someone else is to, a red beam comes between you and the other person. The more people you have, the more crisscrosy the beam's are. When you leave one of the circles, the beam of red stays there for a short time. You need to have everyone stand still, except the one or two people who are going to move. Both the people need to be on Epic ground. Once the others are assembled, you need to quickly move to the open circle next to you. If you do it quick enough, then he will be summoned. After killing all five sons of Gruul, you need to go to Ogri'la.

Then find 5 Apexis shards. For some reason these drop the most from etherals and elementals in Bash'ir Landing, which is at the top of the zone. After you find five shards head back in turn in. Don't get the follow up, get Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger. Find 10 more shards, then go to the Northern Forge camp. Find the evil forge thing, buy one Unstable Flask of the Beast from it. Turn in, and get The Skyguard Outpost. Turn in, get the Bombing run, just drop bombs on the marked objects. Turn in, use some Preserved or Fresh Holly (Get from saving Saving Metzen or a method below) on your flyer, and get the daily bomb them again. Do it as normal, but on the Reindeer. Turn in and you are all set!

Let it SnowYou need to throw a Handful of Snowflakes at a:
Orc Death Knight
Tauren Shaman
Undead Rogue
Gnome Mage
Blood Elf Warlock
Human Warrior
Night Elf Druid
Troll Hunter
Dwarf Paladin
Draenei Priest
This takes ten Handful's of Snowflakes. You can only get these by targeting a winter reveler's and /kissing them. You can only do this once per hour per character. Level 30 and above characters usually dont get these, they get some type of Holly. Because of this I think you should get on some of your characters under level 30 near a city. The snowflakes are not Bind on Pickup so you can mail them to your main character easily.

For actually finding these people, all of them that are horde can probably be found in Orgrimmar while the Alliance ones can be found in Stormwind or Ironforge. Now then since you may have trouble getting in to the opposing factions cities, you should go to Dalaran or the battlegrounds. Wintergrasp is also a good option.

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's(Horde) This difficulty of this varies by faction. First of you need mistletoe, you can find it from /kiss on winter revelers (Still). Sadly this is bind on pickup so you need a healthy dose of luck to get it. I think that it comes from some of the other holiday quests as well. The alliance has a great guide to get all of the brothers, get to it by clicking on the link of the achievement above. The horde, on the other hand has a easier time in terms of people, but a harder time in terms of locations. First go to Undercity and find Brother Malach. He is standing near the "Fight Club" in the war quarter. Then take the Zepplin to Orgrimmar, then take the zepplin to Warsong hold. Once there find Durkot Wolfsbrother. He is the stable master of Warsong hold. Then you need to go to a Icecrown airship. You need to be level 77 to fly to the airship, and can't be summoned to it, but clever Wowhead users have figured out a way anyways. Click on the Horde link, and look at the comments. Note that this brother is a Blood elf, and he patrols around the airship.

Enjoy your new title, Merrymaker!

Image from Thotbott
On Metzen information from wowinsider
All links from wowhead or wowwiki
Thanks to Wowhead commentors for the awsome macro!