Arixan's Alliance Leveling Guide - Deepholm (82-83)

This guide will cover the Alliance quests in Deepholm. I will cover 100% of the quests in the zone. Please note that this is based on a play through of the BETA version of the zone. Things can and probably will change. I will do my best to maintain the accuracy of the quests and objectives until finalized in the live version.

Everything in this guide can be done solo unless I specifically state otherwise. All of the level 80+ zones in Cataclysm make very heavy use of phasing as you progress through the zone. Be aware of this if you are trying to get a group for anything, as they may not be in the same phase as you are.

You will need to be able to use a flying mount in this zone. You have been warned.

I highly suggest you make use of the built-in quest tracking on the world map. I will describe as best I can where the NPCs and quest objectives are, but the objective tracking on the in game map will show you precisely where to go in most cases.

Please post and feedback, errors, or suggestions as comments.

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Table of Contents

  1. Getting to Deepholm
  2. The First Fragment
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
    3. Part 3
  3. The Second Fragment
  4. The Third Fragment
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
    3. Part 3
  5. Gateway to Uldum

Getting to Deepholm

1. If you completed Mt Hyjal, you will have the quest The Battle Is Won, The War Goes On. If so you can skip this step and go straight to Naraat the Earthspeaker.

Find the Hero’s Call Board in the center of the Trade District in Stormwind. Click it to accept the quest quest Hero’s Call: Deepholm!. (63, 71.7)

2. Find Naraat the Earthspeaker in the portal area to the northwest. It is a small island in the middle of a lake near the farms outside the northwest walls of Stormwind. (74.5, 19)

Speak to Naraat the Earthspeaker to turn in your quest.

3. Accept the followup, The Maelstrom. Naraat will open a portal to the Maelstrom. Enter the portal.

4. You will find yourself on a ridge overlooking The Maelstrom. Approach Thrall directly ahead of you. Don’t fall off.

5. Turn in The Maelstrom. Accept the follow-up Deepholm, Realm of Earth.

6. Turn around and hop on the Wyvern behind you. There will be a very cool event where you fly into the Maelstrom. You’ll wind up in Deepholm, landing at the Temple of Earth.

The First Fragment

1. Directly in front of you, turn in Deepholm, Realm of Earth to Maruut Stonebinder. Accept the followup in Gunship Down.

2. Get both quests from Seer Kormo, Elemental Energy and The Earth Claims All.

3. Head out of the temple. In the area just in front of the exit of the temple, use the Depleted Totem and kill the Energized Geodes and Lodestone Elementals near it. Repeat as necessary to complete Elemental Energy. You can find more of the required enemies to the east of the temple.

4. Fly to the Storm’s Fury wreckage at (55, 74). While in this area, kill 5 Deepstone Elementals for The Earth Claims All.

5. The ship is split in two. Fly inside the back half and find the corpse of Captain Skullshatter at (35.5, 73.7). Click on him to get the First Clue.

6. Next to him, click on the Captain’s Log to get the quest Captain’s Log.

7. The Second Clue is the Slain Cannoneer at (56.1, 74.2)

8. Find the Third Clue at (56.7, 76.4), on the ground just outside the front half of the wreckage.

9. Make sure you have finished killing 5 Deepstone Elementals.

10. Turn in Gunship Down and Captain’s Log to Maruut Stonebinder.

11. Turn in The Earth Claims All and Elemental Energy to Seer Kormo, right next to Maruut.

12. Accept Diplomacy First from Maruut Stonebinder.

13. Fly up to the Alliance Gunship. It patrols in the air along the east side of the Temple. You will find Stormcaller Mylra on the platform at the back of the ship.

14. Turn in Diplomacy First. Accept both of the follow-ups, All Our Friends Are Dead and The Admiral’s Cabin.

15. Find Slain Crew Members all around the ship. Use the Spirit Totem on them. They will either attack or simply tell you the information you are after. Do this a total of six times.

16. Head into the main cabin of the ship, directly under where Mylra was standing. You will find First Mate Moody to your left as you enter the cabin. Turn in The Admiral’s Cabin.

17. Accept Without a Captain or Crew.

Make sure you have completed All Our Friends Are Dead.

18. Go back up to Stormcaller Mylra. Turn in All Our Friends Are Dead. Accept the two follow-ups, Take No Prisoners and On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner.

19. The Coil of Rope is located near the front of the ship, above deck. Get it and then take the stairs in the center of the ship down.

20. The Bottle of Whiskey is on a table straight in front of you as you come down the stairs. Pick it up to complete Without a Captain or Crew.

30. Kill 6 Twilight Saboteurs while heading toward the front of the ship.

31. Sill on the lower level, at the front end of the airship, you will find Mor’norokk the Hateful. Attack him until he “surrenders”. As soon as you try to talk to him he grabs you threatens to drop you from the ship. Mylra will come rescue you. When you can move again, head back to the main deck of the ship. I suggest using your flying mount just to be safe.

32. Go back into the cabin, and turn in Without a Captain or Crew.

33. Head up to the upper deck and turn in Take No Prisoners and On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner to Stormcaller Mylra. Accept Some Spraining to Do.

34. Hop on Stormbeak, the gryphon next to Mylra. Watch the short event. When you are back on the ship, turn in Some Spraining to Do. Accept Return to the Temple of Earth.

35. Fly back to the Temple of Earth. Turn in Accept Return to the Temple of Earth to Maruut Stonebinder. Accept Deathwing’s Fall.

36. From Seer Kormo, accept Blood of the Earthwarder

37. Leave the temple and go to The Blood Trail, around (53.4, 59.4). All along the chain of small lava pools you will find Living Blood. Kill them until you have collected 5 Blood of Neltharion.

1. When you have finished, mount up and follow The Blood Trail until you reach Deathwing’s Fall. You will get the quest complete message at about (59, 58.5). Click on the notification to turn in the quest Deathwing’s Fall. Accept the next quest, Bleed the Bloodshaper.

2. Find and kill a Twilight Bloodshaper in the area around Deathwing’s Fall. He should drop the Twilight Orders. Loot them and click the quest complete notification to turn in Bleed the Bloodshaper.

3. Accept the quest that is offered to you, Question the Slaves.

4. The key you need is in a small tent at (62.8, 59.6). Collect it from the chest here.

5. Mount up and fly to quarry just to the southeast. Free 6 Enslaved Miners to complete Question the Slaves. Turn in the quest using the notification box.

6. Accept The Forgemaster’s Log.

7. Fine the Forgemaster’s Log at the top of a tower at (63.8, 55.4)[i]. Pick it up , then turn in the quest. Accept Silvermarsh Rendevous.

8. Fly up and to the southwest to Upper Silvermarsh at [i](70, 59).

9. Turn in Silvermarsh Rendevous and accept Quicksilver Submersion.

10. Find and kill a Mercurial Ooze. It will drop Maziel’s Research. Use this to begin the quest Twilight Research.

From now on kill any Mercurial Ooze you see until you get 4 Twilight Research Notes.

11. Head toward (71.7, 64.2), killing oozes along the way if you still need them. Loot a Trogg Crate from the ground here. A trogg will come out and attack you but shouldn’t pose a problem.

12. Use the Trogg Crate to put it on your head, then head to about (75.5, 64.7). You should be in the mercury pond. You need to get close to the Forgemaster’s camp, but not too close. Watch the conversation that happens. Swim away once you get the quest complete message.

Click on the notification box to turn in Quicksilver Submersion and accept The Twilight Overlook.

13. If you haven’t already, finish collecting Twilight Research Notes. Click the notification box to turn in Twilight Research. Accept the follow-up, Maziel’s Revelation.

14. Fly to Lower Silvermarsh. Find Maziel’s Journal at (67.2, 70.2). Click it to turn in Maziel’s Revelation. Accept Maziel’s Ascendancy.

15. Maziel is inside the cave just east of where the journal was located. Enter the cave and take the left fork when the path spits. Maziel is located on an island in the middle of a small pond. Kill him to complete Maziel’s Ascendancy. Use the notification box to turn it in.

1. Fly south and a bit west, to (64.5, 82), where you will find Stormcaller Mylra waiting for you. Turn in The Twilight Overlook.

2. Two quests will open up. Accept both Big Game, Big Bait and To Catch a Dragon.

3. Head east to the Alabaster Shelf. Kill 5 Jadecrest Basilisk and use Mylra’s Knife on their corpses. Do this 5 times to completeBig Game, Big Bait.

4. While collecting basilisk meat, find and kill Twilight Dragonstalkers until you get a Twilight Snare.

Return to Stormcaller Mylra once you have completed both quests.

5. Turn in Big Game, Big Bait and To Catch a Dragon.

Accept Testing the Trap.

6. Fly far west, to the Matriarch’s Feeding Grounds at (50.9, 85.3). Use the Trapped basilisk Meat in the center of the feeding ground to bring the Stonescale Matriarch down.

She is a level 82 elite, and can hit quite hard. The trick to beating her is to rotate around her while doing damage, only staying in one spot as long as is necessary. This is simple if you are playing a melee class. Casters should only cast 2 or 3 spells before moving to a different position.

Once she is dead, return to Stonecaller Mylra.

7. Turn in Testing the Trap.

Accept Abyssion’s Minions.

8. From Seer Galekk, accept Block the Gates.

9. Fly northwest to Abyssion’s Lair

10. While you are in this area, kill any of the cultists or dragonspawn until you complete Abyssion’s Minions.

11. Fly to the Twilight Gate at (68.7, 75.1) and use the Stormstone to seal it.

12. Next, fly to the Elemental Gate at (71, 75) and seal it with the Stormstone.

13. Make sure you have completed Abyssion’s Minions, then fly back to Stormcaller Mylra.

14. Turn in both quests. From Stormcaller Mylra accept The World Pillar Fragment.

15. Fly to the center of Abyssion’s Lair (70,77). Use the Earthen Ring Banner there to summon Abyssion. You will fight him the same way that you fought the Stonescale Matriarch. You will also have some NPCs there to help you out. When you see the warning that Abyssion is casting a powerful shadow nova, run away, preferably behind the pillar. It hits for about 20k, which could kill you if you are low.

Once he is dead, loot the First World Pillar Fragment from the ground.

16. Return to the Temple of Earth and turn in Blood of the Earthwarder to Seer Kormo.

17. Turn in The World Pillar Fragment to Maruut Stonebinder.

The Second Fragment

1. From Earthcaller Yevaa get Where’s Goldmine?.

2. Leave the Temple and start going to the west around the outside. Find Initiate Goldmine at (46.5, 57.3). Turn in Where’s Goldmine?.

3. Pick up the two follow up quests he has, Explosive Bonding Compound and Something that Burns.

4. Kill Rockslice Flayers in the area to the west until you have 5 White Stone Resin.

5. Fly east, to about (54, 59), where you will find The Blood Trail. Use Goldmine’s Fire Totem in any of the lava pools here to summon Magmatooth.

Kill him and loot The Burning Heart to complete Something that Burns.

6. Return to Initiate Goldmine. Turn in Explosive Bonding Compound and Something that Burns.

Accept the followup, Apply and Flash Dry.

7. Use the Explosive Bonding Compound on Flint Oremantle, who is lying on the ground next to Goldmine. Turn in Apply and Flash Dry.

8. Accept Take Him to the Earthcaller. Return to the Temple of Earth. Flint Oremantle will follow you.

9. Turn in Take Him to the Earthcaller to Earthcaller Yevaa. Accept To Stone Hearth’s Aid.

10. Fly to Stonehearth. Find Crag Rockcrusher(27.9, 68.7). Turn in To Stone Hearth’s Aid.

Accept the follow-up The Quaking Fields.

11. Go to Slate Quicksand at (30.6, 77.7). Turn in The Quaking Fields.

12. Accept both the quests that are now available. The Axe of Earthly Sundering and Elemental Ore.

13. Kill Jade Ragers in the area until you get 6 Elemental Ore.

14. Find an Emerald Colossus and use The Axe of Earthly Sundering. It will turn into a Sundered Emerald Colossus, which if far easier to kill. Do this 5 times.

15. Return to Slate Quicksand and turn in both quests. Accept One With the Ground.

16. Talk to Slate and tell him you are ready to complete the ritual. You will go tunneling through the ground into Avalanchion’s Vault.

You’ll pop out of the ground right in front of Avalanchion.

17. Click the notification box to turn in One With the Ground. Accept the followup, Bring Down the Avalanche.

18. Kill Avalanchion. Once he is dead, leave the cave and return to Crag Rockcrusher at Stonehearth.

19. Turn Bring Down the Avalanche. Accept Stonefather’s Boon.

20. Up on a hill to the right of Crag Rockcrusher you will find Earthbreaker Dolomite. Speak to him to accept the quest We’re Surrounded.

21. Go to where the Earthen are fighting the troggs, just southwest of where Dolomite is. Use the Stonefather’s Banner near any Stonehearth Defenders and kill any Stone Trogg Ambushers until you complete both of the quests you have.

22. Return to Earthbreaker Dolomite and turn in We’re Surrounded. Accept Thunder Stones.

23. Turn in Stonefather’s Boon at Crag Rockcrusher. Accept Sealing the Way.

24. While completing Sealing the Way, collect 12 Thunder Stones.

25. Just northwest from Crag, you will find the first Earthen Geomancer (27.3, 67.7). Kill any troggs that are attacking him, then use the Rockslide Reagent on him to seal the building. You will repeat this at the other 3 Earthen Geomancers.

26. The second Earthen Geomancer is at (26, 68.7).

27. The third Geomancer can be found at (26.2, 69.9).

28. The final Geomancer is located at (27.3, 70.1).

29. When you have completed both quests, fly to Gravel Longslab at (24.5, 62.4). Turn in Sealing the Way.

30. Accept Shatter Them!.

31. Turn in Thunder Stones to Clay Mudaxle, who is just northeast of Gravel.

32. Accept Fixer Upper.

32. Earthmender Deepvein should now have a quest available. Accept Accept Battlefront Triage.

33. Kill 12 Stone Troggs while completing the other two quests. It does not matter which kind, although you may want to avoid the Needlerock Riders. They ride on the back of basilisks and you will have to kill both.

34. Collect 6 Catapult Parts. They are on the ground all over the battlefield.

35. Find and Injured Earthen and use Deepvein’s Patch Kit on him to revive him. Do this 10 times.

36. Return to Earthmender Deepvein. Turn in Battlefront Triage.

37. Turn in Fixer Upper to Clay Mudaxle.Turn in Shatter Them! to Gravel Longslab.

38. Finally, turn in Shatter Them! to Gravel Longslab.

Accept the follow-up, Troggzor the Earthinator.

39. Troggzor is located on a small rise at (22.6, 56.9). Kill him ant loot The Earthinator’s Cudgel.

Return to Gravel Longslab.

40. Turn in Troggzor the Earthinator.

41. From Clay Mudaxle, accept Rush Delivery.

42. You will find Peak Grindstone next to the busted catapult at (20.7, 61.5). Turn in Rush Delivery.

43. Accept the follow-up, Close Escort. Talk to Peak and let him know you are ready.

This is a standard escort quest. Just follow the catapult as it works its way to your destination. You will be attacked by 3 packs of troggs along the way. The catapult will help take them out, and none of them are at all difficult.

44. Turn in Close Escort to Pyrium Lodestone. Accept Keep Them off the Front.

45. Hop in one of the catapults to the left of Pyrium. Kill anything that moves until the quest is complete. When you are finished, turn in the quest.

46. Accept Reactivate the Construct from Pyrium and Mystic Masters from Flint Oremantle, right next to Pyrium.

47. Get on your flying mount and head into the area just north of the front, past where all the troggs and Fungal Terrors spawn. (24, 48).

48. In this area, you need to kill 5 Needlerock Mystics and reactivate 5 Deactivated War Constructs. This is done simply by clicking on them.

49. Return to the battlefront and turn in both quests. Accept Down Into the Chasm from Pyrium Lodestone.

50. Mount up and fly to (27.6, 44.7) where you will find Slate Quicksand. Turn in Down Into the Chasm and accept the two follow-ups, Sprout No More and Fungal Monstrosities.

51. Click the War Guardian next to Slate to get one to follow you. Head north, into the lower part of Needlerock Chasm.

52. Kill 5 Fungal Monstrosities. While doing that, find 5 Giant Mushrooms and click on them to destroy them. Your War Guardian will tank for you if you let him hit things for a few seconds before you start attacking.

When you have finished both quests, return to Slate Quicksand and turn both of them in.

53. Accept and A Slight Problem. Fly back to Pyrium Lodestone at the battlefront near Needlerock Slag.

54. Turn in A Slight Problem and accept Rescue the Stonefather…and Flint.

55. You will find Flint Oremantle fighting Bouldergut in the upper part of Needlerock Chasm, at approximately (24, 31). Land and help Flint kill the Stone Trogg Chieftan. After he is dead, the the Stonefather freed, return to Pyrium Lodestone at Needlerock Slag.

56. Turn in Rescue the Stonefather…and Flint. Accept The Hero Returns.

57. Fly back to Stonehearth, where Crag Rockcrusher is. You will now find Stonefather Oremantle and Flint Oremantle there. Turn in The Hero Returns.

58. Accept The Middle Fragment. Click on the vault door behind the Stonefather to retrieve the fragment.

Fly back to the Temple of Earth. Turn in The Middle Fragment to Earthcaller Yevaa.

The Third Fragment

1. Speak to Maruut Stonebinder. Accept The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet.

2. Leave the temple and hear around to the northwest side, where you will find Earthcaller Torunscar. Turn in The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet. (46.1, 45.7)

3. Accept both the quests now available from him, Crumbling Defenses and On Even Ground.

4. Accept Core of Our Troubles from Earthmender Norsala, right behind Torunscar.

5. Kill Irestone Rumblers until you have 6 Irestone Cores.

6. Use the Elementium Grapple Line on a Servant of Therazane then run away from it to knock it down. Once it has toppled, finish killing it.

Do this 3 times for On Even Ground.

7. Go to the three shaman and help them finish off whatever they are fighting. They will move around slightly, so the coordinates below are approximate. Any that you have not relieved yet will be marked by a large blue arrow.

Hargoth Dimblaze is near (48, 43)

Stormcaller Mylra is near (44, 44)

Tawn Winterbluff is near (44, 41)

8. Return to Earthcaller Torunscar. Turn in Crumbling Defenses and On Even Ground.

9. Turn in Core of Our Troubles to Earthmender Norsala. Accept the follow-up, Imposing Confrontation.

10. You will find Boden the Imposing walking around near (49, 40). Make sure you are at or near full health. Land somewhat close to him and use the Earthen Ring Proclamation.

After he pretty much laughs in your face, return to Earthmender Norsala and turn in the quest.

11. Accept Rocky Relations.

12. Fly to Diamant the Patient.(56.5, 42.7)

Turn in Rocky Relations.

13. Accept both quests he offers you, Hatred Runs Deep and Unsolid Ground.

14. Get the quest Loose Stones from the Quartz Stonetender, who is standing in the same area as Diamant. (56.5, 41.2)

15. Go into Lorthuna’s Gate, which is the Twilight’s Hammer area just east of Diamant.

16. Kill any 12 of the cultists in the area.

17. While doing that, collect 6 Jade Crystal Clusters.

18. Also, use the Delicate Chain Smasher to free 6 Quartz Rocklings.

19. Once you have finished the steps above, go to (60.2, 39.5) and kill Dragul Giantbutcher.

20. Go to an open area of the camp. Use the 6 Jade Crystal Clusters you collected to turn them into a Jade Crystal Composite. Then use the Jade Crystal Composite to summon an Aggitated Tunneler. Mount up as soon as you get the quest complete message. You don’t want to be nearby when the rockworm emerges.

21. Return to the Quartz Stonetender and turn in Loose Stones.

22. Turn in the other two completed quests to Diamant the Patient.

Accept Violent Gale.

23. Fly northwest to the Scoured Reach. You will find Felsen the Enduring there, at about (52, 32). Get close enough that he starts talking to you.

24. Follow his instructions by flying northeast to the entrance of the Crumbling Depths (58, 25.7). As soon as you get close enough to the entrance, Violent Gale will auto-complete. Click the notification box to turn it in.

Accept the follow-up you are offered, Depth of the Depths.

25. Head into the Crumbling Depths. I wish I had a map of this place as it would make things much easier.

Follow the main path until you reach a fork. Stay back a bit from the path that goes left and right from the main tunnel. You actually can’t go left, because it is blocked. Wait for the Colossal Gyreworm to go by then start running down the right fork. Follow this around until you reach a small branch to you right. Duck into this and wait for the elite to path by again, then continue up the tunnel, following the elite. Take the next right.

You will find yourself in a large chamber. Hug the wall to your right until you enter a short tunnel. Follow this to another chamber. Keep hugging the right wall and enter the first tunnel you come to. This will lead to the chamber with the stone you are looking for.

Click on the stone in the center of the chamber to turn in Depth of the Depths. You will be offered a follow-up, A Rock Amongst Many.

26. Don’t go back the way you came. Take the exit directly in front of you, into another tunnel. Keep the wall on your right side as you follow this tunnel. At the end of it, you will drop down into the large central chamber. To your left is the circular tunnel that the Colossal Gyreworm paths around. Wait for him to go by, then follow him down the right fork. There will be some stones blocking the way, but they can be hopped over. Take the first right you can, and follow this tunnel all the way to the exit.

Once you are out of the Crumbling Depths, mount up and fly back to Diamant, near Lorthuna’s Gate.

27. Turn in A Rock Amongst Many. Accept Entrenched.

1. Fly across the zone, to (34.4, 34.4), where you will find Kor the Immovable. Turn in Entrenched.

2. Accept both quests that are now available, Intervention and Making Things Crystal Clear.

3. Accept Putting the Pieces Together from Berracite, right next to Kor.

4. Head into the area west of Kor. Kill 12 Jaspertip flayers in the area.

5. While doing that, click on the remains of Dormant Stonebound Elementals to reform them. You need to do this 6 times.

6. Also, collect any Chalky Crystal Formations you see on the ground until you have 8. You can also sometimes loot them from the flayers you have killed.

One all three quests are complete, return to Kor.

7. Turn in Putting the Pieces Together to Berracite.

8. Turn both remaining quests to Kor. Get the quest Pebble.

9. Look around. There should be a small earth elemental named Pebble standing near you. Talk to him to turn in the quest and accept his follow-up, Clingy.

10. Mount up and fly to the large green crystal formation to the south. Don’t worry about Pebble, he may run off. Land at about (30, 46.7). Land and wait for Pebble to show up. Pebble will begin “harvesting” the crystal. This will attract a group of flayers. Once you have killed all of them, you should get the quest completed message. Speak to Pebble to turn in Clingy.

Accept the follow-up, So Big, So Round….

11. Fly back to Kor the Immovable]. Turn in So Big, So Round….

12. Accept the two quests now available from Kor, Petrified Delicacies and Rock Bottom.

13. Head to the shelf to the northeast. Loot any Petrified Bats off the ground. The basilisks in the area can also drop them. Once you have collect 12 Petrified bats, turn in Petrified Delicacies to Pebble, who should still be following you around.

14. Find Gorgonite, a large basilisk, at (47.5, 27). Kill him to complete Rock Bottom. A Son of Kor will show up to help out. Try to dodge the boulders he chucks. If you get the message that Gorgonite’s eyes begin to glow, you must quickly break line-of-sight with him or you will be stunned for several seconds.

15. Fly back to Kor to turn in the quest. Take both quests he offers you, Steady Hand and Rocky Upheaval.

16. Fly up to the Pale Roost. You will find Terrath the Steady at the center of the area. (40, 19.5)

17. Turn in Steady Hand. Accept Don’t. Stop. Moving..

18. You need to do this on a ground mount. Speak to Terrath and tell him you are ready. A group of Opalescent Guardians will spawn. This group will follow you and you need to get 5 across the eastern section of the Pale Roost, past all the stone dragons. The best way I have found is to run northwest to about (42.5, 13.7), then head directly east to the stone circle at (50.6, 13.7).

If you don’t get 5 safely to the circle, go back to Terrath and he will give you more to escort. Just keep doing it until you get 5 across.

19. Once you have completed the quest, return to Terrath and turn in Don’t. Stop. Moving..

20. Pick up both available quests, Hard Falls and Fragile Values.

21. Go west, out into the Pale Roost. You will see Stone Dragons falling to the ground. Attack them before they manage to take off again. They should be at half health, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Kill 6 to complete Hard Falls.

22. Search the area until you find two stone troggs with a basilisk in a net. Kill the two troggs and loot them to get a Stonework Mallet.

23. Return to Terrath the Steady. Turn in both quests. Accept Resonating Blows.

Fly west to the Pale Resonating Crystal (32.6, 24.3). Use the Stonework Mallet on the crystal to summon the Aeosera, The Stone Dragon Brood Mother. Terrath will come and toss you up onto some floating rocks. Jump from rock to rock until you reach a cluster of rocks all on the same level.

You will attack Aeosera from these rocks. When she targets the platform you are standing on, jump to another and continue to attack. Continue attacking and jumping from rock to rock until she surrenders.

24. Return to to Terrath the Steady and turn in Resonating Blows.

1. Fly to (72.3, 54.1) where you will find Gorsik the Tumultuous. Turn in Rocky Upheaval.

2. Gorsik will now have three quests available for you. Accept Doomshrooms, Gone Soft, and Familiar Intruders.

3. While completing the next steps, kill Fungal Behemoths and Doomshrooms.

4. Go north until you find [=#4169e1Windspeaker Lorvarius[/color] (71.8, 47.6)[i]. Speak to him to turn in Familiar Intruders.

5. Accept the follow-up quest, A Head Full of Wind. You will have a little tornado following you around for a bit.

6. Wander around the Crimson Expanse, killing mushrooms and Behemoths, until you find a cloud of red mist floating around. Run into it to let the tornado pick it up. You will get a debuff that will cause some minor damage, but it is nothing to worry about.

7. Return to [=#4169e1Windspeaker Lorvarius[/color]. Turn in A Head Full of Wind.

8. If you have not already done so, finish killing Fungal Behemoths[/b[ and [b]Doomshrooms until both [bDoomshrooms[/b] and Gone Soft are complete.

9. Go back to Gorsik the Tumultuous. Turn in all your quests.

10. Accept Shaken and Stirred and Corruption Destruction.

11. Find Ruberik at [i](68.5, 26.3). Accept Wrath of the Fungalmancer.

12. Right behind Ruberick, you may have notice there are troggs raining from the sky. Kill 8 of these Verlock Pillartumblers to complete Shaken and Stirred.

13. Go in the direction Ruberick is facing, until you enter Fungal Deep. Follow the cave down until you run into Earthmender Norsala. If you reach a point where the path splits off in different directions, it means someone else is doing the event. Wait a couple minutes and she should re-appear.

14. Speak to Norsala and let her know you are ready to start the event. She will run forward and confront Fungalmancer Glop. He will start whining and run off. Follow him, attacking when you can.

He’ll lead you on a merry chase through his cave, stopping a couple times. Be sure to watch out for the mushrooms he throws each time he stops. They will start small and begin growing, eventually exploding for a moderate amount of damage that hits everyone within 5 yards or so. You can stop this by attacking the mushrooms.

Once Glop makes his last stand and is finished off, take the path to your left, then turn right to head out of the cave.

15. Turn in Accept Wrath of the Fungalmancer to Ruberik.

16. Fly up and east, to the area around (73, 27). Find 8 of the Verlok Miracle-Grow, which will be on the ground and in crates all over this area.

17. Return to Gorsik the Tumultuous. Turn in Shaken and Stirred and Corruption Destruction.

18. Accept At the Stonemother’s Call.

19. Fly far to the north, to Therazane’s Throne(56.3, 12.2). Speak with Therazane and turn in At the Stonemother’s Call. Accept the follow-up, Audience with the Stonemother. Watch the mini-event that takes place.

20. Turn in Audience with the Stonemother to Earthcaller Torunscar. He is off to the side and toward the back of Therazane’s Throne.

Accept Rallying the Earthen Ring.

21. Return to the Temple of Earth. Go into either of the two rooms near the back and talk to members of the Earthen Ring to get them to head off to the fight. You need to talk to 5 total to complete the quest.

When you are finished, turn in Rallying the Earthen Ring to Maruut Stonebinder.

22. Accept Our Part of the Bargain. It’s time to fight the Twilight Hammer again, except this time we have some help. Fly to the Halcyon Egress and fine Therazane at (63.3, 25).

23. Turn in Our Part of the Bargain. Accept both quests now offered to you, The Stone March and Therazane’s Mercy.

24. Find Boden the Imposing just to the south. Accept The Twilight Flight.

25. While completing the other two quests, kill any 15 Twilight Cultists.

26. Go south to the tower near (62.5, 31). At the very top of the towner, you will find High Priestess Lorthuna. She does not hit hard at all, but will periodically cast a voidzone-like spell that you should move out off before it goes off.

When her health gets low, she will run off. Don’t worry, you’ll run into her again soon.

27. Once you are finished with her, head west, killing cultists as you go, until you find Boldrich Stonerender. Kill him to complet Therazane’s Mercy.

28. After you finish off Boldrich, hed south and a little east to where Zoltrik Drakebane is holed up. (63.2, 38)

He’ll fight like normal until his health gets down to around 75%. At that point, he will slow you then run away, to a waiting dragon. Luckily, one of the Stone Dragons shows up to give you a way to chase him.

You don’t have to steer, and in fact will not be on your dragon for very long. Almost as soon as you take off after him, you will be prompted to use the one “vehicle” ability you have to leap over to Zoltrik’s dragon. Do so and continue to fight Zoltrik.

It is possible to kill him while still on the dragon, but if you cannot he will eventually force you both onto a floating boulder. At this point, it is just a straight-forward fight until he dies. He is an elite, so he has a lot of health, but doesn’t hit any harder than an average mob.

Once he is dead, mount up and fly back to where you started the fight.

29. Terath the Steady will be standing near Zoltrik’s hut. Turn in The Twilight Flight.

30. Make sure you have finished killing 15 Twilight Cultist, is you have not done so already.

31. Fly north, back to Therazane. Turn in your two remaining quests , The Stone March and Therazane’s Mercy.

32. Accept Word in Stone. Congradulations, you have secured the third world pillar fragment. All that is left is to complete the ritual to repair the world pillar.

33. Fly back to the Temple of Earth. Speak to Maruut Stonebinder one last time and turn in Word in Stone.

34. Of course, the Twilight Cultists will try to stop the ritual. Accept Undying Twilight.

35. This quest will require you to kill 12 of the Twilight Cultists invading the temple, as well as Desicrated Earthrager they brought as backup. They will come from portals located in the back rooms of the Temple.

36. There are plenty of NPCs around that will help out, especially with the Earthrager, which is an elite. Once you have killed the requisite number of enemies, a Quest Complete notification will appear. Click it to turn in Undying Twilight.

37. You will be automatically offered the follow-up, where we get to finish off High Priestess Lorthuna. Accept the quest and return to the main chamber of the Temple.

38. When you have arrived, you will see that everything is a bit chaotic. Find High Priestess Lorthuna and start beating her down. She will occasionally teleport around the room, and periodically will go to the top of one of the nearby broken pillars and begin casting a powerful spell. When she does this, run behind the pillar she is standing on, so she is not facing you.

At about 70% health, she will turn herself into a giant elemental. Nothing really changes about the fight other than her appearance. Keep pounding away.

Near 25%, Therazane will show up and help out, as long as you keep Lorthuna near the front of the Temple. With the Stonemother helping, Lorthuna goes down fast.

Once she dies, you will get a short scene showing the completion of the ritual to repair the world pillar.

39. When you have control of your character again, speak to Earthcaller Torunscar to turn in The Binding.

40. Speak to Therazane and accept the quest The Stone Throne. She also has the quest Wayward Child, which sends you into Stonecore, the 5-man dungeon in this zone. Feel free to pick up this quest so that you can do it when you run the instance, however that will not be covered here.

41. The Stone Throne will open up the Daily Quest hub in Deepholm. So fly back to Therazane’s Throne and turn it in. You can do this now, or at a later time. It is not required to continue. The next section starts at the Temple of Earth, so make sure you go back if you choose to do either of these optional quests.

Gateway to Uldum

1. From Earthcaller Yevaa get The Explorers.

2. Still inside the temple, head northwest into the Chamber of Respite. Turn in The Explorers to from Explorer Mowi.

Get the followup from in The Twilight Plot.

3. Right next to her, get in Fly Over from Prospector Brewer.

4. Mount up and fly to the Twilight Terrace (41, 69).

5. Land and kill any of the Twilight cultists in the area until you get the Twilight Terrace Plans.

6. Fly to the Titan Waygate at (39.1, 73.9) to complete Fly Over.

7. Fly back to the Temple. Find Explorer Mowi and Prospector Brewer in the Chamber of Respite. Turn in The Twilight Plot to Mowi and Fly Over to Brewer.

8. Accept in Fight Fire and Water and Air With… and Decryption Made Easy.

9. Fly back up to the Twilight Terrace. Look for the One-Time Decryption Engines. Use them to decrypt the Twilight Plans. Do this 6 times.

10. While you are doing that, go to (40.8, 66.3) and kill the Bound Water Elemental.

11. Next go to (36.1,67.4) and kill the Bound Fire Elemental

12. Finally, go to (40.5, 72.4) and kill the Bound Air Elemental.

13. You should have complete Decryption Made Easy by this point. Click the Quest Complete notification that came up to turn it in. Accept The Wrong Sequence.

14. You should be right next to the Titan Waygate. If not, go there now and use the Waygate Contoller located directly in front of the Waygate to destroy it.

15. Now, having killed the three Bound Elementals, you are basically immune to almost everything Haethen Kaul can do to you. He is located on a small floating platform above the Twilight Terrace, at (40, 62.2).

16. Fly up there and attack Kaul. The only thing he has that can hurt you is his earth magic, and that does not hit hard at all. Kill Kaul to complete Fight Fire and Water and Air With….

17. Fly back to the Temple of Earth. Return to Explorer Mowi and Prospector Brewer.

18. Turn in Fight Fire and Water and Air With… to Prospector Brewer.

19. Finally, turn in The Wrong Sequence to Explorer Mowi. Accept That’s No Pyramid!.

20. Go back into the main chamber of the Temple and take the portal in the southwest alcove to return to Stormwind.

This is the end of my leveling guide for Deepholm. You have the breadcrumb quest that will lead you to the next zone, Uldum.

I hope this guide was helpful to you, and that you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below.