Kurich's Alliance Cataclysm Guide - Duskwood


Welcome to my Duskwood Guide!

Since experience bonuses can vary greatly I'm just going to list the circuits without level assumptions. If I tell you to train when you have no skills to learn please disregard.

If my directions seem vague please consult your in-game map. Between it showing you where the objectives are and the sparkly lootables I don't think you'll have any trouble.

I like to train skills in Goldshire, because the trainers are much closer to the flightpath. If you like to check out the Auction House or just like running around through Stormwind please feel free to do so.

Please post and feedback, errors, or suggestions as comments.

If you're coming from my Redridge Mountains Guide you should be have just crossed the border South ofThree Corners and have one quest completed in your log:

  • Hero's Call: Duskwood!

On we go!

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The Guide

Ride to Darkshire

1. Ride to Darkshire.

2. Turn in Hero's Call: Duskwood! to Commander Althea Ebonlocke, get Wolves at Our Heels.

3. In the Inn talk to Chef Grual, get Seasoned Wolf Kabobs and Dusky Crab Cakes.

4. Set Hearthstone.

5. Get Worgen in the Woods from Calor.

6. Get Flightpath.

7. Talk to Tobias Mistmantle, get The Legend of Stalvan.

8. Turn in The Legend of Stalvan to Clerk Daltry, get The Stolen Letters.

9. Head towards the Slashed Bundle of Letters While killing any wolves, spiders of worgen on the way.

10. Keep killing Nightbane Worgens until you have killed 8, Dire Wolves until you have killed 12 and have 5 Wolf Skirtsteaks and spiders until you have 6 Dusky Lumps.

11. Ride back to town.

12. Turn in Seasoned Wolf Kabobs and Dusky Crab Cakes to Chef Grual.

13. Turn in Wolves at Our Heels to Commander Althea Ebonlocke, get The Hermit and The Night Watch.

14. Turn in The Stolen Letters to Clerk Daltry, get In A Dark Corner.

15. Turn in Worgen in the Woods to Calor, get The Rotting Orchard.

16. Talk to Viktori Prism'Antras, get Look To The Stars.

17. Head out the East road to Beggar's Haunt.

18. Turn in The Hermit to Abercrombie, get Supplies from Darkshire.

19. Turn in Supplies from Darkshire to Madame Eva, get Ghost Hair Thread.

20. Sell junk, restock, repair, on to the second circuit!

Into the Woods

1. Head down to Blind Mary's Haunt and kill 8 Rotting Horrors.

2. Turn in Ghost Hair Thread and Look To The Stars to Blind Mary, get return the Comb and The Insane Ghoul.

3. Ride to The Rotting Orchard, kill 10 Nightbane Shadow Weavers and pick up the Torn Journal in the barn to the South.

4. Head back to town, turn in The Rotting Orchard to Calor, get Vile and Tainted.

5. Turn in The Night Watch to Commander Althea Ebonlocke, get Bones That Walk.

6. Turn in In A Dark Corner to Clerk Daltry, get Roland's Doom.

7. Turn in Return the Comb to Madame Eva, get Deliver the Thread.

8. head back to Beggar's Haunt, turn in Deliver the Thread to Abercrombie, get Zombie Juice.

9. Go back to the Inn, turn in Zombie Juice to Tavernkeeper Smitts, get Gather Rot Blossoms.

10. Sell junk, repair, restock, third circuit coming up!

Tranquil Gardens Cemetery

1. Ride down to Tranquil Gardens Cemetery, kill 5 Skeletal Mages and 5 Skeletal Warriors. Also collect 5 Rot Blossoms.

2. In the Mausoleum is the Insane Ghoul. Kill it and loot Mary's Looking Glass.

3. Ride West over the hill and you'll see a lot of Nightbane Tainted Ones fighting Nightbane Vile Fangs. Kill 8 Vile Fangs.

4. Head into the mine killing Tainted Ones as you go, at the back of the mine you'll find Muddy Journal Pages. Take 'em.

5. When you have killed enough Worgen ride back up the hill towards Tranquil Gardens Cemetery and you can ride the ridge right back tot he road without pulling mobs from either side. If yo unlike to grind feel free to go through the Rotting Orchard instead.

6. Back in town turn in Vile and Tainted to Calor, get Worgen in the Woods.

7. Turn in Worgen in the Woods to Johnathan Carevin just inside.

8. Turn in Bones That Walk to Commander Althea Ebonlocke.

9. Turn in Roland's Doom to Clerk Daltry, get The Fate of Stalvan Mistmantle.

10. Turn in Juice Delivery to Tavernkeeper Smitts, get Juice Delivery.

11. Turn in The Insane Ghoul to Viktori Prism'Antras, get Classy Glass.

12. Turn in Quests to NPCs, get Quests.

13. Turn in The Fate of Stalvan Mistmantle to Tobias Mistmantle, get Clawing at the Truth.

14. Turn in Juice Delivery to Abercrombie, get Ogre Thieves.

15. Turn in Clawing at the Truth to Madame Eva, get Mistmantle's Revenge.

16. Sell junk, repair, restock, off we go again!

Ogre Slaying Time!

1. Follow the road to the Southern Crossroads, Talk to Watcher Dodds, get Vulgar Vul'Gor.

2. Head West into the Vul'Gor Ogre Mound.

3. Kill Splinter Fist Ogres on your way to the cave.

4. Just outside the cave loot Abercrombie's Crate.

5. At the back of the cave kill Zzarc'Vul loot the Ogre's Monocle.

6. Hearth back to Darkshire

7. Turn in Classy Glass to Viktori Prism'Antras.

8. Turn in Ogre Thieves to Abercrombie, get Ghoulish Effigy.

9. Behind Beggars Haunt is a trail that leads to Manor Mistmantle. Kill Fetid Corpses until you have 7 Ghoul Ribs.

10. Go in to the house,use the Mistmantle Family Ring, kill Stalvan Mistmantle.

11. Ride back to Abercrombie, turn in Ghoulish Effigy and get Note to the Mayor.

12. Turn in Mistmantle's Revenge to Tobias Mistmantle, get Part of the Pack.

13. Turn in Note to the Mayor to Lord Ello Ebonlocke, get The Embalmer's Revenge.

14. Step outside, kill Stitches, go back in and turn in The Embalmer's Revenge.

15. Sell junk, repair, restock, time to hit the road!

To Raven Hill

1. Ride back to Watcher Dodd, turn in Vulgar Vul'Gor.

2. Turn in Part of the Pack to Apprentice Fess, get A Deadly Vine and The Yorgen Worgen.

3. Head downhill into The Yorgen Farmstead, kill 5 Corpseweeds.

4. You'll find a mound of loose dirt between the house and barn, investigate it.

5. Head back to Apprentice Fess, Turn in A Deadly Vine and The Yorgen Worgen, get Delivery to Master Harris.

6. Ride West to Raven Hill, turn in Delivery to Master Harris to Master Harris, get A Curse We Cannot Lift.

7. Talk to Jitters, get The Jitters-Bugs.

8. Get Soothing Spirits and Rebels Without a Cluefrom Sister Elsington.

9. Get Flightpath.

Into Addle's Stead

1. Head South into Addle's Stead and use the Holy Censer on 5 Forlorn Spirits.

2. The Lurking Worgen is in the barn, attack until he is weakened, then use Harris's Ampule. Damage over time spells will kill him if you're not quick.

3. Just East of Raven Hill you'll find lots of Black Widows. Kill them until you have 8 Widow Venom Sacs.

4. Return to Sister Elsington and turn in Soothing Spirits.

5. Turn in The Jitters-Bugs to Jitters, get Bear In Mind.

6. Turn in A Curse We Cannot Lift to Oliver Harris, get Cry For the Moon.

7. Turn in Cry For the Moon.

8. Talk to Sven Yorgen, get The Fate of Morbent Fel.

9. Get The Cries of the Dead from Sister Elsington.

Forlorn Rowe

1. Head West to the Hushed Bank and kill Coalpelt Bears until you collect 8 Black Bear Brains.

[b]2. In the Northwest corner of Raven Hill Cemetery you'll find Forlorn Rowe. Upstairs in the back room you'll see the Remains of Morbent Fel. Click on it.

3. Go back outside and head North to A Weathered Grave. Get The Weathered Grave.

4. Keep killing Ghouls until you have slain 20.

5. Hearthstone to Darkshire. Sell junk, repair, restock.

6. Turn in The Weathered Grave to Sirra Von'Indi, get Morgan Ladimore.

7. Turn in Morgan Ladimore to Commander Althea Ebonlocke, get Mor'Ladim.

8. Fly to Raven Hill.

9. Turn in Bear in Mind to Jitters.

10. Turn in The Fate of Morbent Fel to Sven Yorgen, get The Lurking Lich.

11. Turn in Cries of the Dead and The Lurking Lich to Sister Elsington, get Guided byt he Light.

Once More Into The Cemetery

1. Head to the Northeast corner of Raven Hill Cemetery you'll find a Lightforged Arch where you can turn in Guided by the Light and get The Halls of the Dead.

2. Descend into the Dawning Wood Catacombs, work your way to the back where you'll find another Lightforged Arch. Turn in The Halls of the Dead, get Buried Below.

3. Follow the tunnel to the Lightforged Crest. Turn in Buried Below and get Morbent's Bane.

4. Keep following the tunnel until you come out into the room where Morbent Fel is. Use Morbent's Bane on him and kill him.

5. Head up top and find & kill Mor'Ladim

6. Ride back to Sven Yorgen, turn in Morbent's Bane

7. Fly to Darkshire.

8. Turn in Mor'Ladim to Commander Althea Ebonlocke, get The Daughter Who Lived.

9. Turn in The Daughter Who Lived to Watcher Ladimore and d get A Daughter's Love.

10. Head back to Morgan Ladimore's Grave. I like to fly to Goldshire and run South, but if you'd prefer to fly to Raven Hill and run North both work.

11. Turn in A Daughter's Love at The Weathered Grave.

This concludes my Duskwood Leveling Guide

You should have discovered the whole zone except for Twilight Grove, and done a whole lotto quests. I've totally lost count.
My Paladin finished this zone at lvl 26. Next time I write a guide I'm going to use a Hunter, I've about had it with this Paladin.
I will be certain to edit this part out before I publish the guide for realz.

Head down to the Rebel Camp in Northern Stranglethorn, turn in Rebels Without a Clue and follow somebody else's guide, I'm done!