[Feral Bear] Pre-Raid Gear Guide


After recently coming back to the game after nearly a years break, I struggled finding gear for my Druid Tank. My aim here is to draw from my 'eventful' experiance and hopefully make it easier for you to reach Mid to End Game Raids. Currently my Druid has a gearscore of 2571, based on Wow-Heroes, which puts him in range of ICC10. To start this guide off, I will assume that you have recently hit 80, and therefore split it into 4 parts:

I should note here that there are 3 possible gems you could use for sockets;

To Come:
Possible Raid Upgrades.

Table Of Contents

Basic Heroic Gear

Aim to have iLevel 187 gear to start tanking Heroics, you could always go as DPS rather than tank, but this takes a bit longer to get groups. Alot of this gear can be crafted by leatherworkers, which is explained in the last section of this guide, including a couple of great epics that you wont really need to replace for a while.


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Rings Don't worry too much about these, as they will get replaced pretty fast.

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Trinkets Like the rings, don't worry too much about these, not a massive leap in stats just yet.

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Again, don't worry about this as we will be aiming for a better one soon enough.

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Raid Ready Gear
This is a fairly simple task, farm, farm, farm heroics for Emblems of Triumph, and make sure you do the daily Random Heroic and Weekly Raids for the Emblems of Frost.
Theres only a few Drops that we actually need from dungeons;

The rest will be aimed at full T9 - Rank 1 (iLevel 232) here which will set you back 210 Emblems of Triumph

*I should note here that for an extra 20 Emblems of Triumph, you can pick up TWO iLevel 245 items from the Triumph Vendor in Dalaran:

Both of these Items have a Horde equivalent.

For our rings, we are going to get iLevel 245 by spending another 70 Emblems of Triumph.

We also need 25 Emblems of Valor for our Idol: Idol of Mutilation These can be gained by exchanging your Emblems at the money trader near the Sewer Inn in Dalaran.

Now we can Tank in practically all the Raids. This is the exact gear I currently have on my Druid, Shiggsy.

I'll point out here, that if you have all the top gear I've outlined in this guide you should be 2 items away from the EPIC achievement. Back and Trinket. You can upgrade your back to Platinum Mesh Cloak for 25 Emblems of Valor. (I'll be purchasing this in the next couple of days)

So, what am I planning on using Emblems of Frost for? Well, the first 60 I collect (at time of writing currently have 53) will be used to replace The Black Heart with Corroded Skeleton Key

You could also save up another 50 Emblems of Frost and purchase Sentinel's Winter Cloak.
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Crafted Gear

Eviscerator Set [8] - iLevel 187
This first set I used as my starting point to start tanking Heroics, each pattern costs 3 Heavy Borean Leather [24 for all 8 patterns] to buy from the Fur Trader in Dalaran, located just outside the Leatherworking Shop, with Leatherworking skill of 425. Luckily my Leatherworker had them all already. The set contains the following items:

Total Cost - Heavy Borean Leather x84, Eternal Air x8

Raid Ready Gear - iLevel 200+
The following items will take you right up until your ready to raid, with the Trollwoven Girdle being the first to replace, the final item is an ultimate Crafted item which I brought on my Server (Emerald Dream - Alliance) for about 2200g. Both Factions have their own version with identical stats and materials required, and with an iLevel at 245 you won't find any better for a while.

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Enchants / Enhancemets
Now you have all your gear, you can think about making it even better with Enchants / Enhancements. The following list is what I have on my Druid, and in my opinion is a good combination.

Your shopping list for these Enchants / Enhancements will look something like this:

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Hopefully this guide will have helped find gear for tanking, and how to improve the gear with Enchants / Enhancements. You will probably find most upgrades for this gear in Trial of the Crusader 25. Happy Hunting!

*NOTE If your Alliance on the Emerald Dream Server, my Druid 'Shiggsy' can do all the above Enchantments, my hunter can even make you the Leg Armor just bring the mats Smiling