Ðariens' Fishing 1-450 (Horde)

Ðariens' Fishing 1-450

The following guide is meant to help you level your Fishing trade skills from 1-450.
NOTE : This is my first attempt at a guide, please go easy with me ^_^

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Fishing is a trade skill that I find is one of the easiest to raise. Time consuming, yes, but easy none the less.

By the end of this guide, expect to have caught roughly 3,000 fish give or take.

To start, simply visit a trainer in any of the cities (or one of the few outside), buy a pole and get to work!

You can level from 1 all the way to 450 in any fish-able water, meaning it is possible to stand in Orgrimar all day and fish the same pool. The only problem with that method is that after level 75, you only earn credit for the successful catch of actual fish and not the junk.

Another thing to note is that the higher your skill level, the more fish you will need to catch in order to obtain the next level in your skill. Usually 10 or more. A rough equation to figure this out would be;

(Current Skill Level-75)/25=X

X being equal to the number of successful catches needed

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You can learn fishing or train the next levels (Journeyman, Expert and Artisan) from the following trainers.

For those of you with lowbie's who want to start fishing sooner and don't feel like running from the start zone to a major city, you can visit the following trainers to get you new skill.

When you are ready to learn Grand Master fishing and cap off that skill limit, you can visit;

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You might think all you need is a fishing pole and some time to kill to start raising your fishing skills, but that is not entirely true. At least not if you want to speed the process up. To do that, you should look into some of the following gear to help maximize your time spent down by the water.


Either bought from vendors, rewarded through quests, or found randomly throughout the world, a fishing pool is the most basic, yet most important of tools.

And there you have it, a list of your basic fishing poles. They get the job done and for the most part, are quite easy to obtain. Well maybe not the Darkwood or Big Iron poles, but you get the point.

For those of you who want something more, here are some Unique, Rare and Epic rods you can try to snag while you have some time to kill.

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On top of your handy fishing pole, your going to want to snag a few lures from the fishing vendors. Especially when you are first starting out. Lures are items you can use on your pole to temporarily buff the pole itself, which in turn will increase your fishing skill for a short duration of time (usually ten minutes).

What is the bonus to this? You can start fishing in waters above your skill level! What more could you possibly want? Not to mention that it helps you catch more fish and less junk, which after obtaining a skill level of 75 is extremely important. Let's work our way through the list.

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Tips 1-300

So you just learned fishing, what to do next? Well fish of course. Starting at level 1, find any pond of water and start fishing with your shiny new fishing pole equipped. I would recommend staying close to the Trainer when you first start and train Journeyman once you reach 50.

At level 75 (or 50 if you bought some Nightcrawlers) you can head out to the Barrens and fish just outside of WC (Wailing Caverns). Some people might suggest you head inside the caverns themselves, but I would advise you not do that. Heading inside the caverns would mean having to fight through numerous mobs before reaching the fishing hole, and having to fend them off once they respawn. While that doesn't seem like a big deal, it can be frustrating at best. Especially when you are kind of zoned out and not expecting to have to quick swap to your weapons before you wipe.

If you feel like it, you can simply fish these waters until you reach 300. It may be monotonous, but you will come out of it with stacks of Deviate Fish which sell rather well on the AH. If you are one of the lucky few who have the recipe for Savory Deviate Delight, you can cook up a few and make even more of a profit at auction.

Remember to visit your trainer at 75, 150 and 225 to further your skills along and not hit the limit cap. If you do that, then your just wasting your time out there in the waters.

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Tips 300-450

Congratulations, you are ready to master the art of fishing. To begin, visit the Grand Master Fishing Trainer in the Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra or Dalaran and learn the next level in the skill.

Before heading out, first make sure that you at least have your Strong Fishing Pole and a stack of Bright Baubles. Of course I am only assuming you are leveling using vendor quality items only. If not, bring something else as this is only the basic setup you will need.

Head out along the coasts of the Howling Fjord and get to work. At first you are going to fish up alot of junk (just like when we first started) but as your skill goes up, the amount of junk collected will go down.

To catch all fish and no junk, you need a collective skill of 475 or better, so don't be too disappointed. When I say a collective skill, I mean your natural skill abilities, PLUS you buffs meaning the additional increase given by your pole, and the attachments of lures to your pole.

If your character is at level 80, I would recommend heading to Wintergrasp to fish instead of the Borean Tundra. The fishing will be the same as far as the fish to junk ratio is concerned, but the keepers sell better on the AH.

Don't forget to visit your trainer again at 375 to obtain the Grand Master skill.