Midsummer Fire Festival - Tour Guide - Horde Only

The Midsummer Fire Festival is a great time for both leveling players and those at the level cap. Not only are the achievements fun and great for completists, these quests also provide a ton of gold. This guide for Horde players will get you every fire honor/desecration available. A paper version of the guide may be forthcoming, but for now you can download the guide in addon form.

Here is the full link:


As with other WoW-Pro Tour Guide files, you will need Tour Guide and TomTom or Cartographer to run this addon. The addon itself is self-contained and does not require the other WoW-Pro addons to run.

For more information about our addons, check out the Main Info Page for the addon. You can also find links to the supporting addons there.

Please post feedback here. The Northrend section in particular has not been playtested, so if you notice any mistakes, please post a comment.